tagGroup SexUltimate Football Championship Game Ch. 02

Ultimate Football Championship Game Ch. 02


Thank you for all the positive comments on the first story, and requests for this Super Bowl sequel. You might find it helpful to read Ultimate Football Championship Game first. Fair warning, since this is the Super Bowl, things ramp up. The sequel includes anal and group sex scenarios. If you prefer stories without, feel free to pass on this sequel rather than leave negative comments. However, if you want to read how Eric and Brittany's relationship goes to the next level in their epic football rivalry, enjoy...



It was a long two weeks between the Broncos win over the Patriots and the Super Bowl, especially for Brittany. To most people's surprise, the Broncos upset the Patriots to win the AFC Championship. No one was as surprised or paid for it more than Brittany. Eric had taken full advantage of savoring his prize all night long. Truthfully, Brittany enjoyed it too, except that it came at the devastating loss of her Patriots not making it to the Super Bowl.

Brittany's zealous overconfidence during the game boldly dared Eric to wager the loser's submission to the winner for an entire week, including at work. Brittany never imagined there was a chance her Patriots would lose. Eric enjoyed the unusual new relationship with his colleague. Before the playoffs, Brittany would have been the last person at work he would have expected to enter into such a bet with the conservative way she normally dressed and her prudish demeanor in the office. To his good fortune, he had met the real Brittany behind the standoffish façade. There was now no going back.

"This is going to be fun owning you at office," Eric whispered into her ear as he enjoyed one more passionate post-game fuck in the shower Monday morning before he'd have to hurry back to his condo to change for work. Thick soapy lather covered her 5'8" frame, flowing down her large tits, abs, tight ass and long perfect legs. Eric had claimed his prize all night long from her. The pounding hot water felt good on her sore body, but so did Eric's thick ten inches penetrating her from behind with her ample tits pressed against the glass shower wall. Brittany feverishly stroked her labia and clit with her long fingers as the warm water poured over her.

"Please Eric," Brittany pleaded. "I'm nervous about taking this to work. I've worked hard to earn my reputation there. Don't make me do anything that will jeopardize that," she pleaded.

"Hey, extending the bet into the week was your idea," Eric toyed. "You said that if..."

"I know, and I will," she interrupted. "I'll keep my word and do anything you ask, as I've already shown you." Brittany paused with a smile, remembering the night before. "I just ask that we keep this as discreet as possible," she added.

"You do everything I ask," Eric answered playfully, "and your reputation will probably be safe. But if not, then who knows what I might have you do."

"You're enjoying this too much," she teased. "Gawd I can't wait for the Super Bowl to get here so I can exact my revenge." She had quickly challenged Eric to a rematch the night before when she heard the Panthers would be playing the Broncos in the big game. The Broncos got lucky against her Patriots, but there was no way they would have a chance against the tough young historic Panthers team.

"We'll see about that," he said just as his body tensed up with the arrival of his cum launching deep into her pussy. Eric grabbed her waist and pulled her ass against his body as he continued to fill her from behind.

Brittany's body convulsed with the feel of him filling her just as she brought herself to sweet pleasure. The two kissed passionately under the rain of the warm shower.

Eric hurried to dry himself off, realizing he still had to stop by his place to change his clothes before rushing to get to work on time. He pulled his jersey over his head as he watched Brittany pull a lacy white thong up her long legs. Seeing she had an audience, she did it as seductively as possible.

"I'm looking forward to taking you in our rematch in two weeks," she said as she pulled the strings of her thong high on her hip.

"I'm still enjoying my win," he said. "In fact, take those off," he added as he walked toward her door. "I've decided it's no panties day at work," he said.

"You're kidding, right?" she asked, knowing better. "I can't..."

"What do you think?" he interrupted in a hurry toward the door. "I'll be checking all day. No one will know but you and me. It will be our little secret. Welcome to your week of submission," he added as the door closed behind him.

Brittany looked at her beautiful form in the mirror, wearing only the white lacy thong she had just put on. She took the tiny strings in her long fingers and pushed them back down her long legs. She knew it was only the beginning of what he would require of her. She had always taken such care to dress conservatively at work. The thought that she would be going without panties all day went against her inclinations, but also strangely aroused her.

For the others in the office, the workday looked pretty normal with Eric and Brittany. No one knew the incredible secret they shared. They blushed each time they passed one another, or had reason for conversation. Twice during the day, Eric whispered to her it was 'inspection time.' Brittany followed him to a back room where she quickly exposed herself to show she was not wearing any panties. The inspection was more for their mutual suspenseful play than to confirm what they both knew. They used the opportunities to steal passionate kisses.

Eric's Tuesday instruction for Brittany was to take it a step further and not wear a bra. Brittany struggled to find a dress in her closet that would support her ample breasts without exposing her at all. She decided her best option was a thin floral dress with tiny shoulder straps that provided strong support. The only hesitation was the length of the dress stopped a few inches above the knees, a length she had never worn to work. More concerning was how thin and tight the fabric of the bodice was. Any arousal would cause her nipples to instantly give her away. It was a dress she only wore out in the evening, never for work. She found it ironic that the risk of wearing this dress made her more aroused, which further heightened the risk of wearing it. Eric found more reasons to meet her in the back room when no one else was looking.

"I am going to enjoy my revenge when I win the Super Bowl," she said again. "I'm planning my ways of tormenting you all week long," she added devilishly.

"I'm sure you will," Eric said. "That reminds me of the toys in your sex box," he said. "How about tomorrow you wear your nipple clamps you love so much."

"All day?" she asked. "Eric, that will be torture!" she whispered.

Eric smiled. "We'll see," he said. "I think you used the word 'torment.'"

"Gawd, you're going to pay for this," she said as she exited the small room.

As Brittany got up for work the next morning, she dutifully pulled out her nipple clamps. She stood in front of the mirror naked, rolling the small torture devices in her hand. She had never worn them out of her apartment. The thought of it made gave her cold chills from arousal and fear of being discovered. Her thimble like nipples grew as if offering themselves up for the assignment. She winced as she tightened the first one on her captured nipple. She quickly attached the second. Brittany could feel the moistening between her legs. She searched through her closet for a dress that would hide the fact she was wearing them. She pulled out one of her favorite dark blue work dresses. It covered her shoulders and chest, and was her usual preferred length of mid-thigh for the office. It was her best option, even though the tightness of the dress pressed against her clamps and rubbed against her tender extended nipples. Brittany nervously walked the few blocks to work.

Around 10:30, Brittany saw an email from Eric come in on her computer. "How's your morning?" it simply asked.

"Dealing with two very sensitive clients you gave me," she wrote, realizing she would need to be cryptic using company email. Her nipples were being mercilessly tenderized by the tightness of the clamps and rubbing friction of the dress with every movement. Her thong was soaked from constant distraction and suspense of their secret sexual dare. "Any chance you could give me some relief by taking them from me?" she added before hitting the send button.

Eric laughed out loud when he read her email. "Very clever," he thought, admiring her cryptic language.

"I know those clients," he wrote back. "That's a lot to ask," he said. "Check back with me in an hour and we might be able to work something out."

"Damn," Brittany whispered under her breath. She looked up at the clock. It was 10:45. She didn't know if she could last another hour. Time moved slowly. At 11:45 she hit send on her well-crafted email. Her nipples throbbed.

"Eric, thank you for your offer to work something out to help these two very sensitive clients. They are more eager than ever for solutions you can provide. ~Brittany"

Eric smiled as he replied. "Brittany, Like I said, that is a lot to ask, although we might be able to work something out. I am also dealing with a hard client needing attention. I am willing to meet so you can give me a stripped down version of everything you have while also taking on the load from my big client. ~Eric"

"Eric, Are you serious?" Brittany shot back with an email. She couldn't believe Eric was actually proposing to have her strip naked and give him a blowjob at work. "Can we meet to talk about this? ~Brittany"

"Brittany, I won't be able to meet before 5:00 unless you are able to reveal everything you have of your clients and take the load from mine. Let me know if it's worth it for you to meet. It's your call. ~Eric"

"Damn," she whispered again under her breath. Brittany looked up at the clock. It was almost noon. Brittany secretly couldn't deny the battle within her. Her nipples throbbed for relief and release; yet the ache was a constant arousing reminder of her unexpected submission to Eric. She wrote back.

"Eric, My clients won't last until 5:00," she confessed. "Can we meet over lunch? ~Brittany"

"Brittany. Sounds urgent," he joked. "I'll cancel my appointment and rearrange my schedule. Meet me at 12:15. The conference room we met at yesterday should be free."

Brittany walked down the hall to the stock room, every step causing her dress to further torment her tender nipples. She was glad to see most of the people in the office were leaving the building for lunch. She closed the door to the windowless room behind her and waited for Eric. She shuttered at the thought of being caught naked in the stock room giving Eric a blowjob.

Eric opened the door to their familiar secret meeting place right at 12:15.

"You play hardball," she said, desperate for relief. Her nipples throbbed. She had never worn the clamps this long before.

"Just giving you the options you asked for," he said.

"What if we get caught?" she asked. "What about being discreet?" she whispered.

"You have to decide if it's worth the risk," Eric answered.

"My tits are screaming," she said. "Please Eric."

"You can either keep wearing them or take your dress off and give me the best blowjob you've ever given," he said.

Brittany knew she would not last another five hours of nipple abuse. She unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it off her shoulders. The dress dropped to her feet. "You realize you are raising the stakes for what I am going to make you do when I win the Super Bowl," she said.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," he complemented, admiring her beautiful almost-naked body. Brittany couldn't help blushing. Eric knew Brittany wasn't kidding about her threat. If the Panthers win the Super Bowl, there would be glorious hell to pay. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," he said. "You continue to underestimate the Broncos."

"I just live in the real world."

"And in the future," he added. "I personally like to live in the moment."

Brittany started to pull her lace thong down her legs. Her heart was beating like a bass drum in her chest in fear of someone opening the door.

"That's OK," Eric said. "I'll let you leave those on." Eric admired her beautiful body again, as she stood before him wearing only her three-inch blue heels, her white thong and two nipple clamps. Her nipples looked swollen against the small metal fasteners. Eric unzipped his pants and manhandled his hard ten inches out in front of her.

"Mmmmmm, you don't look so bad yourself," she complemented. She knelt down on her knees and wrapped her lips around his dick to begin her masterful work. "I've missed this," she confessed before swallowing his entire length until her lips kissed his stomach.

Eric moaned at the sight and feel of her thick licks consuming his length. He looked admiringly at her beautiful naked tits with the clasps imprisoning her erect purple nipples. He would never have imagined he would ever be alone in a back room with this vision giving him a blowjob at work. By the skill of her action, he knew it wasn't going to be long for her to take him. "We can't leave any evidence of being here. You'll need to swallow every drop," he said.

Brittany only moaned pleasurably at the thought of drinking him down. She could feel his dick thickening between her lips in preparation.

Suddenly the door handle of the office supply room rattled from the outside. Brittany panicked; her eyes grew as big as saucers. "Damn," came the voice on the other side of the door. "I forgot my keys."

Brittany's heartbeat was like thundering horses. She started to stand up.

"You have to finish," Eric said. "No stopping now. You better hurry," he added.

"But, they're coming back."

"Which is why you better hurry," he said. "This was your choice."

Brittany dropped back to her knees and took him ravenously in her mouth. Eric couldn't remember a better mouth fuck with the sudden urgency in Brittany's technique.

"Oh yes!" Eric encouraged. "Oh gawd!

Brittany's thick lips and skilled tongue worked feverously.

"Take it!" Eric's pelvis bucked, pushing his long shaft deep into her, while thick cum poured down her throat. Eric held the back of her head in his hands, pulling her toward him as he continued to fuck her mouth. Brittany gagged from the sheer volume of cream, trying desperately to swallow it all. Some escaped the corners of her mouth as she worked to finish him off.

Eric let go of her head, allowing Brittany to pull her thick lips off of his dick. She gulped what felt like a pint of cum down her throat, filling her empty stomach as her lunch. "Mmmm," she said as she hurriedly pulled her dress up her legs. "Hurry, zip me up," she said.

They suddenly heard the sound of a key inserted into the locked door from the outside. "Hurry!" she whispered. Eric pulled the zipper up and turned around, pretending to pull some paper off of the shelf as the door opened. He reached down with his other hand, pushing his dick into his pants and quickly zipping it closed. He relished how close they were to being caught.

Brittany moved to another part of the storage room in the attempt to make it look like she was in there on her own, rather than a secret rendezvous with Eric. One of the interns walked in, surprised to see two people already there. The air in the small room was thick with passion.

"Hi. I'm looking for some pens," the young intern said awkwardly.

"Right over there," Eric said, pointing over to the part of the room where Brittany was standing.

"Hey thanks," he said. The intern quickly grabbed a box of pens from the wire shelf before making eye contact with Brittany. He offered an awkward smile before saying "Hi."

Brittany smiled back. "Hi," she said as the intern turned and left the small room.

"Damn that was close," Brittany said. Her heart continued to pound.

"Dangerously close," Eric added as he pointed to the corner of his mouth. "By the way, you have something right there," he said.

Brittany reached up with her index finger to the corner of her mouth, and wiped a small glob of cum. "Oh damn," she said, shocked with embarrassment before licking her finger clean.

She unzipped her dress again to quickly remove the vice grips on her nipples before zipping her dress back up. "Mmmmm," she said, "that feels better. It will be wise to remember this moment in a week and a half when I get you back," she threatened again.

"Until then, why don't you pick out a short sexy dress to wear to work tomorrow with real nice heels. If it's not sexy enough, I'll send you home to try again."

"I can't do that," Brittany protested. "I have my reputation to ..."

"You can pick the dress, or you can let me," Eric interrupted.

Brittany found the most conservative short dress she had, but even then, the tight fit exhibited her perfect body in a way she had never allowed at work. To her surprise, she received endless complements during the day, which flattered and aroused her. She was concerned they were coming at the cost of her hard-earned reputation. A bell chimed on her computer informing her of a new email.

"Have time for a quick video conference?" the short unexpected email from Eric asked.

"Yes," she wrote back. The two logged in on the office intranet. "What do you need?" she asked, assuming he was contacting her for something related to work.

"I thought it would be fun to watch you finger yourself to orgasm," he said bluntly.

"You can't be serious," she said, surprised. The risk of the suggestion secretly brought a rush in her body, and moisture between her legs.

Eric smiled back through the screen. "I am," he said.

"Do I have a choice?"

"No. But I think even if you did, you couldn't resist the dare."

Brittany blushed, unable to deny it. The entire week of her submission to Eric was playing with her mind. She also couldn't deny she was beginning to have some feelings for Eric. She struggled to push the feelings away. She always committed to never mixing her personal life with her work life. Yet, Eric was seducing her past her own boundaries. Her submission was strangely intoxicating. She reached her fingers down between her legs while looking at Eric on her screen. She could hear the usual office sounds of people talking just beyond her cubical partition. Adrenaline surged through her body as her fingers reached beneath her thong to the soft folds of her labia. She was already moist. She gasped as she pushed her long fingers inside, further lubricating them for her masturbation. Brittany relished Eric watching her.

"Mmmmm, yes," Eric encouraged. "That's it."

Brittany felt like a little slut, taking herself while being watched through her work computer. She worried someone would come around the corner of her cubical and catch her in the act. Her pussy buzzed from the attention.

"Oh gawd Eric," she whispered. She closed her eyes as the orgasm approached, putting herself in danger of not seeing someone walk up. Her breathing became shallow and fast. "Yes, oh yes!" she said, trying her best to keep it quiet.

"Fuck yes," Eric said. "Gawd you are hot."

Brittany suddenly let out a deep breath as her body convulsed in her chair.

"Don't stop," he ordered.

Brittany had no desire to. She could feel her pussy drenching her fingers and chair. "Oh gawd!" she cried in euphoria.

Brittany opened her eyes with a broad smile. Eric stared back at her through the screen with his own look of satisfaction.

Just then, Candace, one of the secretaries came around the corner. "Hi Brittany, you OK? I was walking past and heard..."

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