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Unconditional Love


As usual, when she heard his car pull into the drive ... her heart began to race. She hurridly undressed in preparation of the evenings routine. She smiled as the brandy flowed into a snifter, the amber liquid moved across the glass as she carried it to his chair and placed it on a coaster beside where his hand would come to rest.

Waiting patiently in the darkness, she took a match quietly from the box and held it poised to strike. She watched his face as he came into the room. He looked tired and that made her heart swell with love for him. The glow of firelight illuminated his favorite chair and the glass of brandy.

As he sat in the chair, she stepped forward and waited until he had chosen the cigar he wanted. The sharp snap of the cutter closing on the tip of the cigar seemed loud in the room. But, no more than the scratch of the match across the striker and the hissing flare of the flame. Her eyes couldn't seem to pull away from his lips as they drew the flame across the tip of the cigar.

As it began to glow she waved the flame out and tossed the match stick into the fire. Silently she moved between his legs and knelt down, waiting. His strong fingers lifted the snifter and a shiver ran across her naked skin. Closing her eyes, she bent her head and waited. She knew that soon he would acknowledge her presence and she could prove once again that she was worthy to belong solely to him.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Your slave." she answered.

"Who am I?"

"You are my Master."

"Why am I your Master?"

Joyfully she answered, "Because you have taken me, taken my heart, taken my soul for your own."

His hand moved beneath her chin and tilted it up with two fingers. Her eyes were trained on the ceiling and her body displayed clearly for his eyes. She could feel his eyes move over her skin. It seemed to flush under his gaze and her nipples became engorged, darkening to a deep rose hue.


She did so, quickly, her eyes closed and upon reopening they were trained on the floor.

"Sit on my lap."

A bit confused at this sudden change in the nightly routine, she quickly complied. His hand lifted and tangled in the long red curls. Grasping the thick mass of hair, he pulled her back across his lap. His eyes, dark in the firelite room, moved slowly over her bare skin. Laying the burning cigar aside, he brought his hand to her shoulder and began an agonizingly slow movement down along her body. The softness of his touch, little more than the brush of a butterfly's wing on her body. She shivered and her heart began to pound.

As his fingers gently moved between her legs, she bit her lip to trap the moan that threatened to spill from her throat. He smiled as her heavy, full breasts rose and fell with each shallow breath. Separating the lips of her pussy with two fingers, he dragged the tip of his longest finger over her clit. She jerked helplessly at the touch and it made him smile.

"Good." he said.

She looked at him silently, the glow of devotion in her soft green eyes. Lifting his finger he showed her the wetness that glistened there. She blushed with embarassment at her lack of self control with his most simple of touches.

He looked down at this woman who had given him everything she was, everything she had. He looked at the love and trust shining in her eyes. He felt her surrender on his fingertips.

He bend his head and covered her lips with his, almost drawing the breath from her body. Distracted by the kiss, she didn't see his hand move to the inner pocket of his suit coat.

The sudden feel of something cold and foreign pressed to her clit caused her to tense and her eyes locked with his. He leaned back in the chair and smiled down at her.

"I have a little gift for my slave." he said.

She forced herself to relax and trust him. She knew this was only another test of her devotion to her Master. He kept his eyes on her face and she never looked away or finched at the cold thing moved over the swollen lips of her pussy. First up along one, then down the other. A sudden shiver made her gasp as the thing reached the entrance to her vagina and pushed inside.

"shhhhh." he whispered.

A sudden low hum began as his fingers found the control to the vibrator. The pulsating began slowly, almost gently inside her. She began to relax and softly smiled up at him. He quirked one brow and the speed changed, the throbbing grew stronger. She clinched her hands into fists to keep from whimpering. Slowly he turned off the vibrator and withdrew it from her body.

"Go, stand on the rug." he said.

She sat up slowly and fought to catch her breath. His eyes seemed to grow darker and she could not look away from them. Slowly and very carefully she backed to the small diamond-shaped cotton rug in the center of the room. Waiting for his instruction, she began to regain control of her breathing and her heart rate slowed to something close to normal again.

He stood up and moved across to stand in front of her, just out of arms reach. He began to speak softly to her. The slow deliberateness of his speech, almost hypnotic in its patterns, began to curl around her mind. She felt her pulse quicken and her heart began to pound, harder than before.

He spoke of his love for her and how her devotion to him and his needs, pleased him. She trembled but couldn't take her eyes off his. A sudden raging need swept through her as she felt the rush of wetness drip slowly down the inside of her thighs.

He turned and slowly began to circle her as she stood quietly on the rug. The only sounds in the room were his words whispering into her brain. That, and the soft panting that came from her barely opened lips. As he moved out of her vision, she did not turn ... but instead, closed her eyes. Nothing interfered with the sound of his voice in her ear now. Nothing distracted her from the words that came from his lips.

She pressed her hands to the hot skin of her thighs, her nails digging into them and leaving red half-moon shaped cuts behind. She never flinched or even acknowledged the stinging pain that she surely felt. His words were all that her world consisted of at that moment. The words, the sound of his voice and how they made her body throb with need. Each step he took brought him in an ever tightening circle around her body.

He stopped just behind her right shoulder and leaned closer, whispering into her ear. His words, whispered words, of the pleasure her love and devotion gave him ... left her gasping. Somewhere in the back of her mind the realization of an impending orgasm registered. But, because he never stopped whispering to her, she was afraid to shift her concentration from his voice.

The need to hear his words was stronger then the spasms that were rapidly approaching. He looked down at her hands and watched with satisfaction as they curled into fists, little drops of blood seeped from the palms. Looking further he saw that her knees were shaking weakly. Leaning in closer, until his lips almost touched her delicate earlobes, softly he whispered one word ...

"cum, pet, cum for your Master."

Helplessly she sank crying to her knees and he watched as a gush of clear liquid ran down her thighs and onto the rug. As she collapsed onto the floor, he turned and walked back to his chair. He was pleased at her response and settled back into his favorite chair.

He picked up the cigar and puffed it back into glowing life. She lay gasping, her cheek resting on her extended arm. Her face turned toward this man who controlled her in every conceivable way. Her body shook with the slowly fading spasms, but her eyes glowed with devotion. He watched her by the light of the dying embers.

"come kiss me."

She lifted herself up onto her hands and knees and crawled, trembling, to his chair. When she raised up to kiss him, he pulled her up onto his lap and cradled her in his arms.

"you please me." were the only words he spoke.

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