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Unexpected Bonus


Nikki wondered about her sexuality – she knew she liked having sex with men, but why was she so fascinated with women's breasts. Her own were nice & she wasn't envious.

She had chatted with Mark, having met him online. Even met him in a hotel once when he was in town on business. She got horny just thinking about it. Mark was very outspoken about what he wanted. When they were making arrangements to meet he asked her to bring some of her toys and some lube with her – I want to fuck you with them. He kept his word Nikki was happy to say.

Months later they hooked up online again. He was coming back into town. He had a friend he had told about Nikki & this friend was really interested in meeting her. He asked her if she wanted to meet him again & be part of his threesome. Without knowing it, Mark had offered her a way to experiment without potentially embarrassing herself. She agreed. They made all the arrangements for the following weekend.

All week Nikki had trouble concentrating. She didn't see Mark online again – she figured that he might be avoiding her so that she couldn't chicken out. Smart guy. He hadn't made any requests for this time, so she didn't know if he wanted her to bring anything special. Nikki figured she would bring what she wanted.

The day is here! To quiet the butterflies in her stomach, Nikki pays close attention to getting ready. She chooses a black satin corset with laces up the back, and hooks closing the front. Her all-over black lace panties enhance, rather than hide, anything. Lastly garters holding up her sheer black stockings.

Nikki had a couple of 'slut' shoes, but her favourite pair she called her 'come fuck me' shoes. They were an open sandal with a cross over the foot & a strap around the ankle. The shoe sat on a base of a ½ inch platform, with the heels an additional four inches. They really showed her calves off, and the ankle strap is what really did it for Nikki. These would be perfect for today.

Now all she needed was something to wear. She debated just going as she was with a trench coat over it – that thought made her so wet! She opted to go for a little more, knowing how much Mark liked to watch her take it off. Nikki chose a red leather mini-skirt and a see-thorough black blouse. Nikki put her hair up so that they could access her neck – she loved that. Just a touch of shadow, mascara and eye liner, she was almost ready to go. She touched her lips with gloss before tossing that in her bag. Looking at herself in the mirror, Nikki fought the urge to shove her hands up her skirt and rub herself off! God damn she was hot!

The hotel was an hour drive away, but Nikki didn't notice the time. When she walked across the parking lot she knew she looked good and reveled in the stares. Walking past the front desk she looked over at one of the attendants and winked. She chuckled to herself as she got onto the elevator – she was so glad she decided to go through with it.

She got to the hotel room & knocked. Mark opened the door, inviting her in. He introduced Nikki to his friend Terry. Terry looked at Nikki as if she wanted to devour her. Mark looked at Nikki as if he wanted to worship her. Nikki's look was just hungry as her gaze locked on Terry's chest.

"What's in the bag?" Terry asks

"Some odds and ends, in case we are interested" replied Nikki.

Nikki put the bag on the bed with a feeling of deja-vu – the room was set up exactly like the last hotel room where she screwed with Mark. Opening the bag, she took out some lube, some oils and a vibrator.

"I doubt you'll be needing that" Terry remarked when she saw the toy.

"It's just in case" Nikki said.

Turning once more to the bag, Nikki took out a book. This time Mark spoke up.

"Do you think you'll have time to read?" he asks.

Nikki walks up to him and kisses him on the lips.

"It's for all of us to enjoy." She tells him.

Handing the book to Mark, she turns to Terry and smiles. Walking across the room to the couch Nikki takes off her blouse. She sits in the middle of the couch & pats the spaces on either side.

Mark & Terry move to sit on either side of her. Mark kisses her shoulder.

"Mmmmm. This outfit is so much better than the last one. This is more you." He tells her.

Terry takes the book from Mark and puts it in Nikki's lap, resting her hand on Nikki's knee.

"Read to us." She tells Nikki.

Nikki opens the book and they all begin to enjoy the pictures. It is a very erotic book filled with pictures – actual photos as well as sketches – of people engaged in various types of sexual acts. Each of them make remarks on the merits of some of the pictures and soon the remarks turn to a more personal nature.

"We are going to do that to you, Nikki" Terry tells her kissing her lips.

It's not what Nikki expected. Terry's lips were firm against hers, knowing where to press and by how much. She could feel Terry's hand sliding up the inside of her thigh and she opened her legs to allow her access. Other hands caress her neck and chest, slipping under the top edge of the corset. Lips and teeth nibble at her neck.

Nikki begins to explore her playmates' bodies, her left hand finding Mark's stiff cock, her right Terry's breast. Breaking free of the kiss, Terry looks down into Nikki's face and orders Mark to strip and lay on the bed. He readily compies.

Terry strips down to her own corset. It is a deep read and stops below her breasts, cupping them and pushing them up into prominence. Nikki is entranced and takes a nipple in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm chocolate" Nikki smiles as she tastes the teat. Terry had put something on it, an oil perhaps, that tasted of chocolate – it was delicious.

Mark watched Terry and Nikki move across the room caressing one another. When they reached the end of the bed Terry turned Nikki to face the bed and came up behind her. Nikki could feel those marvelous breasts pushing into her back above her own corset.

"Watch him. See how his cock twitches as he watches me undress you. It can't wait for you to take it in your mouth." Terry's words were like fire to Nikki's mind.

Terry reached around Nikki unhooking the garters in the front, before releasing the ones in the back. Her long fingers began to unhook the front of Nikki's corset. She kissed and nibbled on Nikki neck and earlobes. Nikki was moaning. When all the hooks were open, Terry tossed the corset out of the way. She kissed her way down Nikki's spine, slowly sliding her hands down Nikki sides to her hips. Terry hooked her fingers in Nikki's lace underwear and slowly pulled them down her legs. As she ran her hands up the back of Nikki's legs she said

"We'll keep these lovely stockings on. Shoes too." And she kissed each globe of Nikki's ass before standing up.

"Go kneel on the bed and take him in your mouth." Terry ordered.

Nikki hadn't known what to expect going into this, so she was more than happy to let Terry take the lead.

Mark spread his legs to make room for Nikki between them. Nikki knelt between his legs and enthusiastically began her task. Nikki really liked to suck on cocks – especially the head. It was always so soft and smooth, not to mention sensitive. As she knelt there, she could feel Terry's hands begin to explore her pussy from behind.

"Good girl Nikki. You are very wet – I like that."

Nikki almost smiled as she felt something like a penis at the entrance to her moist hole. Wouldn't need that vibrator, huh? Nikki figured it was just too much for Terry to resist and Nikki wasn't going to complain. The only thing she liked better than a cock in her mouth, was one in her pussy.

It was then that Nikki became aware of the feeling of a warm body between her legs. The body was attached to the cock that was now buried between her legs! There must have been a strap-on somewhere. No wonder Terry didn't think the vibrator was needed. Nikki had always had a fantasy of two guys at once, so she didn't mind the extra cock. With a little bit of a thrust the cock from behind completely filled her hole.

"Yes! That's it. All the way in." Terry said.

Nikki lifted up her head to look back – there was Terry behind her. The corset was gone and those beautiful breasts were free of any restraint or support. They truly were beautiful with deep pink aureoles and harden teats. Nikki turned her head to look at Mark.

"You look so sexy, Nikki. Please don't stop." He begged.

Nikki decided that she didn't care what they did to her. This was what she wanted. Nikki once again sucked Mark's cock and began to play with his balls. The cock inside her continued to thrust in and out with a delicious rhythm. Mark and Terry watched each other over the bent form of Nikki.

In a matter of minutes everyone was cumming. Mark spurted into Nikki's mouth and on her face. Nikki shuddered through her orgasm moments before the cock was pulled out of her and jets of warm spunk coated her ass and back. Where did that come from?

"Let me see you." Nikki demanded.

Terry got up and walked to the side of the bed as Mark reached down and pulled Nikki up to lay beside him. Looking over at Terry, Nikki went still. For a full minute there was not a sound in the room. Then Nikki looked Terry in the eye and said,

"You are perfect."

Terry's face filled with relief. Mark smiled. Terry walked into the bathroom and got a towel to wipe everyone off. This simple cleaning act got everyone stirred up again.

"We'll do it different this time." Nikki told them.

Nikki instructed Mark to kneel behind her and take her from behind, while Terry laid on the bed in front of Nikki, legs spread. Without waiting for Mark, Nikki opened her mouth and took Terry's cock into her mouth. Nikki couldn't help thinking – gorgeous woman on top, and gorgeous man on the bottom … the best of both worlds to satisfy Nikki's sexual cravings.

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