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Valentine Fantasy Contest


I nearly fell out of my chair when I was watching Headline News this morning. I was once again, as always staring at the gorgeous figure and face of Robin Meade. As she spoke I sat up and quickly took down all the information.

"Ladies and gentlemen I want to announce our Robin in the Morning Valentine's Day Fantasy Contest. In 50 words or less e-mail me why you should be chosen to join Bob Van Dillon, Jennifer Westhoven and myself to a three day shopping spree and show extravaganza in New York City. We will dine at some of the greatest restaurants in the city, shop till you drop and have first row seats at the Radio City Rockettes Show. You'll be on the CNN morning show and be treated like royalty. So hurry up and send in your e-mail, deadline is next Friday."

The wheels in my head started turning, I just had to win that contest, even though I knew it was going to be a long shot. I knew I had to dazzle her and the morning crew. So I fired off my first e-mail to Robin Meade.

"Dear Robin, I never miss one of your shows and my day is gloomy when you are off and I have to watch someone else. I want to win the contest because being in New York City on Valentine's Day with you WOULD be the ultimate fantasy. I've seen the Rockettes once before when they visited my city. I would love to sit in the front row and compare the Rockettes legs with your legs. I know without seeing them side by side that you would win hands down. I know if the four of us were in New York, we would have a time that none of us would ever forget."

I sent off the e-mail and thought of several more and some tamer, some racier trying to find a hook to catch her eye.

The day before the announcement of the winner I received a call from Atlanta; it was a producer from Headline News. My heart was up in my throat when the voice on the other end said; "Please hold for Robin Meade."

All of a sudden a cheery voice came on the line; "Hi John, this is Robin Meade, how are you?"

I stammered; "Oh my god, don't tell me, is this a joke? I told everyone at work I was entering the contest and if this is someone playing a joke on my I'll die!"

She laughed out loud; "No John, this isn't a joke. I'll be announcing tomorrow on the morning show that you are the winner of the Valentine's Day Fantasy Contest. I just wanted to verify that you are at least 21 years old and are still interested in going with Bob, Jennifer and me to New York City. I take by your reaction that you are still interested." She laughed and I nearly came in my pants.

"Listen Robin, wild horses couldn't keep me from going, thank you, thank you, thank you! Could you tell me which e-mail you picked that made up your mind?"

"Ah well that may be a problem. Officially we will announce the one about my legs comparing them to the Rockettes legs. By the way thank you for the complement."

"No problem Robin, I really meant it! What do you mean that's the problem?"

"Well John, one of the racier e-mails really caught my eye and in confidence it really turned me on and after reading it I just had to make you the pick, but that is where the problem arose. I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted another e-mail from you that I knew I could use as the winner. So you see John, you peaked my curiosity and I hope you perform and can hold up to what you said in your e-mail, otherwise I'll be very disappointed."

I was now worried' "Ah well which e-mail are you referring to. I sent you nearly a dozen, some racy, some tame and then some raunchy, which one are you referring to?"

She giggled in the phone; "The raunchy one of course, here I'll read it to you. Hell I read it so many times and to be honest, came several times reading it over and over again, here it is.

"Dear Robin, first let me say that I am no pervert or stalker, just a fan that has very, very strong sexual feeling for you. On your morning show you have a segment called the Morning Express Challenge. I was on the verge of sending you a video of me watching you and imagining me making slow passionate love to you, but I knew it would cross the line. The following is my submission to your Valentine Day Fantasy Contest. I would love to share the Rockettes Spectacular with you. I can see us in the front row, you wearing that sexy short black dress you wore last week, a gold chain around your waist, it was so short that you wore black tights and nearly knee length black patent leather boots. At the Rockettes you would have the same outfit on, but instead of wearing tights it would be stockings without panties on. While the show continued I would slowly lift your short skirt and play with your bare pussy until you came."

"Well John, reading that, along with the several other sexy e-mails you sent me sealed the deal, so tomorrow I'll be announcing on air that you are the winner. Will you be able to attend?"

"Robin, are you kidding?? There is no way in hell I would ever miss the chance and thank you, thank you for choosing me! So now what, what do I do, where do I go?"

"Woo John, slow down; I'll have the network contact you with the details, and one other thing John."

"Yes Robin, what is it?"

"You better rest up and the things you said in your e-mails?"

"Yes Robin?"

"I'm holding you to them and you better be ready to act them out!" She hung up before I could reply.

The following morning I was watching Headline News to make sure I wasn't dreaming and the time came for the announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Valentine Day's Fantasy Contest, a trip for three day with Bob, Jennifer and I is John Boston living in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Later that week I was contacted by the network and was given my itinerary. I was to fly to Atlanta and fly to New York with Bob and Robin. Jennifer who already lived in New York would meet us there. I would be able to visit the studio and meet with Heidi Collins, Kiran Chetry and Alana Cho.

The magical day finally arrived and I was as nervous as a schoolboy on his first day of school. I touched down at Atlanta and was greeted by a liaison from the network. I was led to the concourse where I was to board the plane to New York. When I got on the plane Bob and Robin were already onboard. Sitting in first class, Bob was dressed in a casual sport jacket and dress shirt. I was dumbfounded as I came face to face with Robin. Once again she was wearing knee high boots over skintight black jeans. Her every curve was evident and when she rose to greet me her ample ass was captivating. Her face lit up with her infectious smile, her long gorgeous auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and covered half her breasts. They were even larger in person and wearing a tailored pale blue dress shirt, unbuttoned to the top of her breasts were amazing. I couldn't take my eyes of her face, it was gorgeous, her full red lips were glossy and very sexy, and her dark eyes twinkled and were dark pools a man could loose themselves in. I was wondering how they would light up and smolder during sex. Again the most gorgeous feature about her head was her luxurious hair. I never seen hair so thick and full, the waves cascaded down her back and I could just imagine running my hands through its gorgeous length.

Robin leaned in and hugging me tightly gave me a friendly peck on the cheek. I could feel the full firm breasts against my arm. Pulling back she smiled again; "Good morning John, glad to meet you, as you know I'm Robin Meade and this is Bob Van Dillon, please have a seat."

I shook Bob's hand and was seated next to Robin and Bob took the aisle seat across from us. We talked aimlessly about the trip, New York and what we were going to do and see. Before I knew it we were touching down in New York and a limo was waiting to take us to our Manhattan Hotel. Our rooms were all together and overlooked Central Park and the view was amazing.

After we were settled in, there was a light knock on my door, opening it I was staring at Robin who wanted to know if I wanted to head downstairs and get a bite to eat, telling me Bob headed out to the studio to check on some details for later in the week.

We rode down in silence on the elevator to the lobby. I could tell there was some sexual tension in the elevator and when the door opened I led her out to the lobby and she jumped slightly when my hand touched her hip.

Once we were seating in the restaurant she looked across the table and smiled; "Sorry John, I guess I'm a little nervous about your e-mails and they were running wild in my head. I didn't mean to jump like that when you touched me."

"Nothing to worry about Robin, let's have a nice lunch, talk and get to know one another, no pressure, no commitments, and we can let things progress at our pace, okay?"

She let out a long breath and smiled weakly; "Thanks for understanding and putting me at ease, let's eat."

We had a leisurely lunch and were talking and laughing by the end of the meal. Neither of us wanted it to end, but finally we both decided to go back up to our rooms.

We headed back to our room as we entered the elevator we were the only ones in there. I stepped closer to Robin and turned towards her; "Robin I don't want to seem forward, but ever since I've seen you the first time on TV, I wanted to do something, may I?"

She looked up at me with those large doe eyes, licking her lips she whispered out; "Yes!"

I came even closer and raising my hands I slowly slipped them through her long thick auburn locks and combed through it as if my hands were two large combs.

She closed her eyes and let out a tiny sigh. She swayed back and forth as I continued my combing of her lush locks and now a tiny moan escaped her lips. She wet them again and opening her eyes she leaned forward and pressed them against mine. It was a long tender kiss as her large breasts crushed against my chest.

When she broke the kiss she rested her chin on my chest and looking up at me with those large dark eyes, smiled and whispered; "Somehow I knew it would be tender and sensual. Don't ask me how I knew, but I was right.

I lowered my mouth to hers as I played with her hair and just then the elevator door opened and we needed to get off, huh in more ways then one I guess!

We walked hand in hand to her room and she kissed me lightly on the lips; "I guess I'll see you for dinner. Remember it's sort of formal seeing we are going to The Tavern on the Green, okay?"

I nodded and kissed her on the top of her head and she entered her room. My god I had such a hard-on, luckily I was able to hide it from her, at least for the time being.

I stood at the window of my room looking down at the skaters in Central Park, all of a sudden my phone rang, and it was Robin.

"Hi John, I was just watching the skaters down below."

I cut her off; "Are you kidding me, so was I!"

She laughed her patented husky laugh; "You're kidding me right? I was wondering if you wanted to go ice skating. I haven't been skating since I left Ohio years ago."

"I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to bother you, you know coming on too strong."

"No, no way John, come on bundle up and we'll head on down. Pick me up in five, okay?"

"Okay, see you in five." I hung up and changed to Levis and a warm turtleneck and luckily I bought a heavy down jacket with me. Finding my gloves I stuffed them in my pocket and headed out to her room.

She answered it on the first knock; she was beaming; "What took you so long!" She giggled and took my hand and like a little girl we hurried to the elevator.

She was still in her tight black jeans, but on top she had a bulky knit turtleneck sweater, it really looked sexy on her. Over that she had a light nylon parka and a large fuzzy scarf. Her smile lit up the room and she wound her arm in mine and blurted out; "Come on John, let's go skate."

In the elevator on the way down she snuggled against me and I kissed her on the top of her head. She raised her face to mine and just as our lips met the door opened in the lobby.

We hurried across the busy street and into the park. When we reached the skating rink I went and got us both a pair of skates. I placed her legs across mine and took off her boots and caressed her feet. She let out a moan and I slipped the skates on, one by one and laced them up. By the time I had my skates on she was already out on the rink trying to stand up.

"My god John, I forgot how to skate."

"Nonsense Robin, it's just like riding a bike, once you do it you never forget how. It may take a couple of revolutions around the rink, but by the time we get around you'll be skating like a pro again."

After about five minutes we were both gliding around laughing and joking like a couple of kids. We must have been out there over an hour when I noticed she was looking a little cold; "Come on Robin, lets get these skates off, I have an idea."

Robin got her boots back on and hooked her arm in mine and I led her across the park to a nearby pub. I opened the door and sat her at a table and went to the bar. Moments later I placed a steamy mug of hot chocolate in front of her and she let out a tiny squeal and took a sip; "Mmmmm. Sure is tasty, especially with the peppermint schnapps added. If this doesn't warm me up, I think the next recourse will have to be you to warm me up."

I scooted in next to Robin and unzipped her coat, slipped it off her shoulders and pulled her warm and fuzzy sweater covered body closer to me. She snuggled up to me and took another sip of her hot chocolate and licking the foam from her lips rested her head on my shoulder. Looking into my eyes she smiled; "I am so glad I picked you for the contest winner, for more reasons then the obvious. You're kind, considerate, and bright and seem to anticipate exactly what I want next."

I placed my finger under her chin, raised her lips to mine and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Moving back slightly she smiled; "See what I mean, exactly what I want next."

I stood and finished my chocolate, reaching down with outstretched hand, she took my hand; "Come on Robin, its getting late and if I remember correctly we have a dinner we need to be at six."

"Oh shit, you're right, again my knight in shining armor looking out for me, come on Sir Lancelot, take me back to my chamber so we can get ready for an evening you'll never forget."

"Robin, evening only, how about the night?"

She laughed with her patented roar, "We'll have to see John, we'll have to see."

I left her at her door with a light kiss on the cheek and headed to my room to shower, shave and change. About quarter to six I was ready and paced back and forth nervous as a cat waiting till six. Just before six I slipped my tuxedo jacket on, checked my tie in the mirror and opened my door and moved over to her room. Knocking lightly it opened and I was floored, there, standing before me was the most beautiful woman in the world and I told her as much. She blushed and whispered a soft; "Thank you!"

Her long auburn hair flowed down her bare shoulders in long waves that were exquisite. One eye was partly covered with a long swooping bang, her mesmerizing dark eyes were made up perfectly and her full lips shined beautifully with a dark red lip-gloss. My gaze moved downward and I gawked at her huge breasts that threatened to burst free from her fashionable dress. It was a floor length silver lamay dress with two tiny silver straps holding the dress from falling about her feet. She turned slowly and the dress was backless with the material starting at the base of her back. Her well muscled tapered back was a sight to see. The dress hugged her hips and ass perfectly showing her rounded curves without looking slutty but showing just the right amount of her. As she turned again a slit from ankle to mid-thigh ran up one side of the dress. Beneath the dress I caught a glimpse of her tapered leg, encased in matching silver stockings. Her feet were fitted in matching silver high heeled shoes.

Robin reached back and picked up a long black velour cape.

I took it from her and coming up behind her placed it gently on her shoulders; "My god Robin, you look exquisite and it's a crime to cover such a vision with this cape. The only thing saving you is that I know once we get to the restaurant, I'll be able to remove it and once again take in the sight of your gorgeous figure."

She laughed and kissed me lightly on the cheek; "Once again John, you know exactly what to say, thank you, thank you very much. Come on lets go before I loose my strength to withstand your charms and if that happens, we'll never make it out of this room."

It was my turn to laugh; "Robin, there isn't anything I would like better then to take off your cape and ravish your gorgeous body, but right now we need to go, for two reasons. First I'm starving, even though we could order room service, but most of all because I would like nothing better right now then being seen in the largest city in the world, New York City, with the most beautiful woman in the world, you Robin Meade."

She nearly started crying; "Come on John, let's paint the city red, oh by the way, Bob called, Jennifer Westhoven won't be there tonight, her husband found out about the dinner and put his foot down. Bob scrambled and found two for the price of one.

"That sounds interesting, two you say?"

Robin laughed again; "Don't worry about Bob, he's what you guys call a cunt hound, anyways aren't I enough for you?"

"Oh Robin, don't worry. You'll have my total undivided attention. Just wondering, who's accompanying Bob?"

She slapped me playfully; "You are interested!"

"No, no Robin, just curious, forget it I don't need to know."

"Don't worry; I was just pulling your leg. You know he's a meteorologist and they all stick together. He shot over to Fox and talked the new kid on the block to come with him, she's Dominica Davis."

My eyes lit up; "Oh yeah, I've seen her on the week-ends when I watch Fox. I'd watch your station, but the anchors are sort of stiff and don't interest me, at least like you do."

Robin laughed again; "Nice save, but you know I do need some time off to be bubbly for you on Mondays. After he got back to CNN, Brianna Keilar cornered him, she found out that Jennifer couldn't make it and sort of invited herself to join us."

I gave her a puzzled look as if I didn't know who she was, even though I saw her several times on CNN reporting from the White House."

She smiled; "Oh so there is a woman on CNN that you don't know huh? I think when you meet her, you'll remember her. Come on let's go or we'll be late."

She reached for her long velour black cape. I took it from her and let out a sigh.

"What was that for John?"

As I placed the cape on her shoulders, she buttoned it and I replied; "I just hate hiding that sexy body of yours with this long cape."

She turned and kissed me lightly on the lips; "Don't you worry John, if the dinner is anything like the rest of the day has been you'll be seeing a lot more then you have seen so far."

Before I could react she was out the door and I followed after her, her cape flowing about her like a caped crusader. Once in the elevator she snuggled up again me and I wound my arm around her waist. When the door opened I ushered her out to the limo that was waiting for us. Within minutes we were at The Tavern on the Green. A doorman led us in and we had our coats checked and we were directed to our table where Bob, Brianna and Dominica were already seated.

Bob stood and let out a low whistle; "Wow Robin, you look amazing." Turning to me he introduced me to Dominica and Brianna.

I shook both of their hands and took in their beauty.

They were alike in a couple of ways, they both had that "Next Door Girl" quality and it was obvious they both wanted to fuck Bob that is where the similarities ended. Dominica was very petite, not weighting more then 90 pounds, where as Brianna was a larger woman, not fat by any means, but just a large framed woman. Brianna must be around five foot nine and weighs about one thirty. She has a peaches and cream complexion and apples cheeks that you just want to squeeze. Her radiant smile makes her bright blue eyes twinkle. I can just imagine those eyes staring up at you while she sucks your cock. She has full red lips that just beg to be kissed. She has light blonde hair that brushes her shoulders and its waves frame her face beautifully.

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