Valentine Fantasy Contest


Dominica laid there with outstretched arms and a naked Bob crawled up onto the bed and covered her petite body with his large frame. Bob reached up and pulled the dress from her other shoulder and slipping down her body pulled the dress off her tiny body in one motion.

Automatically Dominica spread her legs and smiled up at Bob. She was laying there her raven hair pooled around her beautiful face like a dark halo. Her legs were in constant motion trying to scratch the itch between her thighs, dressed only in a tiny pair of lace panties and thigh high black stockings.

Bob went right for her panties, pulling them off and he licked his lips as he stared at the black pelt between her legs. It was now matted down with her juices that flowed freely from her cunt, but it was nearly hidden due to the large patch of hair covering her cunt. Bob was pleasantly surprised as most women he knew were bare, or just had a tiny landing strip. Throwing her tiny petite legs over his shoulders he slid down and resting his belly on the mattress began working his tongue through the dark forest covering her dripping pussy.

Bob all of a sudden felt Brianna slip onto the bed and rolled Bob onto his side and once again began licking his cock. He lifted his head from Dominica's pussy and their eyes met, Brianna smiled; "I just can't get enough of this big cock, please promise me you'll fuck me before the night is over."

He chuckled; "Oh don't you worry Brianna, before the night is over you'll be begging me to stop."

"No way Bob, no way I'll take as much as you can give me!" She resumed sucking his cock.

Dominica turned his head back towards her pussy and groaned out; "Bob, how about a little less talking and a little more munching. My cunt needs your tongue and then I want you to ride me till my eyes roll back in my head."

He laughed; "No problem Dominica, on either count!" He once again began eating her pussy through the thick forest of black hair which was now saturated with her juices and his saliva giving him easier access to her cunt. The room was sounding more and more like a cheap porno as Brianna and Bob were sucking and slurping at their respective partners, the moans got louder and louder as Bob lapped away at Dominica.

She arched her back, shook like crazy through her first orgasm and Bob kept up the sucking, capturing her tiny pink pearl of a clit, she began panting like a dog in heat. She let out a groan of frustration when he stopped sucking and slid up her body. In doing this his cock popped out of Brianna's mouth which caused her to protest too.

Both were quickly silenced when Bob directed Brianna to Dominica's foaming pussy and she took over where Bob had left off.

Bob straddled Dominica's ample chest and with some difficulty, seeing her tits were smaller and very firm, wrapped his cock around those magnificent orbs of flesh and began tit fucking her. With each upward thrust his huge cock bumped into her chin. After the second thrust Dominica lowered her chin and his cock slid into her mouth. His cock was already dripping with Brianna's saliva, but Dominica added to the mix and he felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

As he fucked away at her tits he looked back over his shoulder and what a sight to see. Dominica's slim dark thighs were spread out as far as possible and her entire cunt was covered by Brianna's shiny golden locks. They spilled over her thighs and all he could hear was the constant slurping of her lips and tongue on Dominica's sopping pussy.

Bob couldn't take it any longer and needed to fuck one of these gorgeous women and seeing Dominica's pussy was occupied he lifted himself off of her and climbed up behind Brianna. Her ass was sticking up in the air as she ate Dominica. Gripping her hips he positioned himself behind her and rubbing the head of his cock back and forth across her tight lipped cunt he pushed forward, she let out a loud groan as his head slipped into her tight, but very wet and hot cunt.

Rising up from Dominica's cunt she pushed back against Bob's invading cock and another couple inches slipped in. She grunted like a stuffed pig; "Oh my fucking god, are you ever big. Fuck me deeper Bob. Dominica you're going to love fucking this cock. I just hope you can take him in your tiny pussy. I'm larger then you and he's tearing me in two. Yes, yes Bob, shove it in deeper, oh fuck I'm going to cum already, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can fuck, fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming, ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!!"

Bob turned her face towards his and gripped her tangled golden locks in his fists he crushed his mouth to hers and he tasted Dominica's juices on her tongue. Their mouths worked on each other's frantically as he plunged deeper into her cunt.

Brianna felt another orgasm coming as he continued to plow away in her steamy cunt. She went over the top when Dominica reached up and began sucking on her huge dangling tits. Between Bob fucking her cunt relentlessly, his mouth making love to her mouth, Dominica sucking on her swaying tits and also fingering her stiff clit she shook violently and began squirting all over his cock and Dominica's hand.

Brianna now covered in sweat collapsed against Dominica and Bob popped out of her spasming pussy. His cock was covered in her thick white creamy juices. He was going insane and needed to cum and cum soon. Rolling the panting Brianna off of Dominica he scurried between her still open legs.

Dominica's eyes went wide as she stared at the angry looking cock poised between her legs, but was too turned on to think of anything but getting that monster in her cunt. She wrapped her tiny hand around his cock, but her fingers could not meet. It was covered with Brianna's spunk and this turned Dominica on even more. Rubbing it up and down her sopping pussy she lodged it in the opening. Removing her hand she looked up at Bob with a scared, but determined look. Licking her full red lips she nodded and said; "Okay Bob, put it in, but please take it slow. I never had a cock this large before, but I surely want it. Oh yessss, yesssssssss, just like that, oh fuck you're tearing me in two. No, no don't stop I love the pleasure more then the pain! Yes, just like that a little more, more oh fuck Bob you're hitting placed in my cunt I never knew I had before!"

Bob leaned over and covered her mouth with his; this silenced her babbling, but not her moaning and groaning which she did without stopping. Bob was nearly all the way in and with one last push his balls were now resting on her tight ass cheeks, his pubic hair meshed with hers and he could feel her creamy juices covering his thighs. Totally buried in her cunt he held it there and started rotating his hips causing his cock to jump and lurch in her overstuffed pussy. This drove Dominica over the top, tearing her mouth from his she let out a loud scream and came all over his cock. He held her there while her spasms slowly waned and when she opened her eyes he could see the look of a totally satisfied woman. What she didn't know is that Bob had just begun to fuck her.

Brianna was slowly recuperating from the fantastic orgasm Bob had given her and now she started getting turned on by the couple right next to her. She slid up and leaning over took one of Dominica's rock hard nipples in between her lips and licked at it like her favorite ice cream cone.

Dominica let out a groan and ran her fingers through Brianna's blonde locks and crushed her face harder against her firm breast.

Bob liked how that looked and as he started pulling out of her cunt a little he leaned over and took the other nipple into his mouth.

Dominica was in heaven, the biggest cock she had ever encountered in her pussy and two warm wet mouths on her breasts, she arched her back shoving her tits further into their mouths and his cock deeper into her cunt and she rushed towards her second quaking orgasm. "Oh Fuck me harder Bob, I'm cumming again, oh my god yes, yes I'm cumming!"

She pulled Brianna's mouth from her wet tit and their lips met and they kissed feverously all the way through Dominica's second orgasm. Falling back onto the bed, Brianna followed her and continued to kiss her running her long fingers through Dominica's damp glossy raven hair.

Breaking the kiss Dominica looked up at her through sleepy satisfied eyes as Bob continued to fuck her slowly.

"Oh Brianna, don't you just love how Bob's cock feels when he's fucking you. Fuck I just can't get enough of his cock!"

Bob smiled knowing he was satisfying this bundle of sex beneath him. He slipped his hands under her waist causing him to go deeper in her pussy. She let out a groan and suddenly she let out a loud yelp as he rolled her over and she was now sitting astride his hips, his cock buried to the hilt.

"Oh fuck Brianna, he's buried in my cervix, what an incredible feeling, oh no, no, not again, oh fuck too soon, too fucking soon, shit I'm cumming again. She dropped her head and her long hair covered his face and chest. In one quick motion she threw her head back and her hair flowed down her tanned tapered back ending nearly at her ass cheeks. When she did this it caused her to drive Bob even deeper in her quaking pussy and she shuttered as another wave coursed through her tiny body.

Resting for a few moments she now began rolling her hips back and forth like a belly dancer, impaling herself further on Bob's cock.

His body was now dripping with sweat as he drove his hips upward to match her movements. Suddenly his face was covered with Brianna as she straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his face.

Brianna was facing Dominica and they embraced and began playing with each other's tits and kissing wildly. She let out a loud groan when she felt his tongue slide from her dripping pussy to her puckered asshole. Leaning back she arched her back and gripped the headboard and worked her ass harder against Bob's invading tongue. With her eyes closed and her mouth open she tried to catch her breath and suddenly she screamed out.

Seeing Dominica has such a tiny body, she continued to ride Bob's cock, but also slipped down and was now eating at Brianna's tight lipped cunt.

Two tongues were attacking her ass and cunt at the same time and within seconds she, just like Dominica was cumming. Her cum flowed down her pussy and into the crack of her ass and ultimately into Bob's mouth.

Feeling her juices flow across his lips and into his mouth and Dominica driving her never tiring pussy down on his cock he let out a loud muffled groan and started cumming filling Dominica's cervix with his potent baby making juice.

This triggered another mind blowing orgasm in Dominica. She shot straight up, her long flowing hair now sticking to her glistening body as she came around his cock bathing his entire crotch with her sweet nectar. She finally slowed to a stop and flopped off his cock and lying next to him his cum flowed slowly out of her gaping pussy.

Brianna fell off of Bob's face and attached Dominica's pussy licking the cum as fast as it poured out causing another tiny orgasm to wrack Dominica's body.

The three of them laid there breathing heavily as they all came down from one of the most satisfying sexual bouts of their lives.

Back in Robin's room she was in my arms, her head rested on my shoulder as my hands slowly roamed her bare back and tight ass that was hidden by her silver lamay dress. I slid lower and found the open slit on her floor length dress. Dipping my hands in, I slid across her nylon covered thigh until I encountered bare flesh above the stocking tops.

Robin sucked in her breath and let out tiny groan when I slipped around to the back and cupped her naked ass cheeks.

It was my turn to let out a moan when I realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

She took her head off my shoulders and looking into my eyes with those dark sparkling pools she smiled' "Happy Valentine's Day John, now please take me to bed and make love to me!" Her lips covered mine and the kiss intensified and we were soon panting like two dogs in heat.

Dipping down I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I walked her over to the bed and laid her down gently in the middle of the large bed that was already turned down. I gently pushed her back and she was now laying flat on the bed. Her large tits were rising and falling fast as her breathing was labored. Her long gorgeous dark auburn hair framed her face like a halo and she surely looked like an angel. It was now my job to transform her into a fallen angel and I was going to enjoy doing so.

I was at the foot of the bed and one at a time I pulled her high heeled shoes, caressing them before I placed them back on the bed. Placing both hands on her feet I slowly slid them upwards. They disappeared under her long gown and when I came to the tops of her stockings I placed my fingers under the tops and slid them down her long tapered legs.

Her breathing was increasing and she rocked her hips back and forth in anticipation of what was to come next.

I once again slid up her now bare legs kneading the supple flesh I came to her knees and her dress began to fall to the side seeing the slits helped me along the way. When I neared her pussy, which I could now see and the womanly aroma was intoxicating, I slid my hands to the outside and gripping her ample hips flipped her over quickly.

She let out a yelp and tossed her head back causing her long auburn hair to flow down her bare back. She slid her knees up and arched her back giving me a great view of her gorgeous ass.

I pushed her hair aside and finding the zipper on the back of dress, drew it down slowly until it hit the end of the track right above her butt.

I slid higher and hooking my fingers in the two thin silver straps at her shoulders I slid them off her tanned arms and Robin lifted up slightly allowing me to pull the dress down to her waist. Letting go of the straps I gripped the silver material bunched around her waist and with her butt still up I drew it off her gorgeous ass and down her long beautiful legs. I tossed the crumpled dress to the floor and knelt there just staring at the vision before me.

My cock was as stiff as a board already as took in the tiny nuances' of her body. The finely toned back, with her long auburn hair splayed across it. Looking lower, her waist tapered in and gave way to her wide hips made for fucking, just below that her gorgeous twin globes stared back at me. I got harder just thinking about spreading those fleshy cheeks and slipping my cock into her puckered hole. My eyes were then drawn to her magnificent pussy. I have seen my share of pussies in my life, but none with lips as thick and long as hers. They had to hang down at least three to four inches and they were dew covered and as I played with her ass cheeks the lips became more engorged with blood and began to tighten and curl slightly. They were getting glossier as her pussy seeped its delectable nectar. Her legs were sliding back and forth with anticipation of what was to come, they were firm and very shapely as were her calves and I couldn't wait to have them wrapped around my waist while I pounded her pussy.

She looked back at me and smiled; "Well are you just going to look, or are you doing to do something?"

I laughed back; "Oh don't you worry Robin, it's going to be a long night of lovemaking, I was just taking in your beauty. Please roll over so I can get another look at you."

She blushed and laughed nervously, rolling over she had her legs closed, her hair once against surrounded her making her look like a vixen waiting to be ravished.

With Robin now on her back, her huge tits were amazing, crowned with aureoles nearly the size of silver dollars. The large beet red nipples were surrounded by tens of tiny pimples that were a bright pink and just begging to be caressed. Her belly had a cute tiny swell and was rising and falling quickly with her breathing. Looking down again at her pussy I licked my lips; "Robin, please spread your legs so I can look at your gorgeous pussy!"

She put one finger to her full red lips drawing her finger into mouth, her eyes never leaving mine, she slowly drew her feet up until they were flat on the bed, her knees were drawn up and now she with excruciating slowness she began to spread them.

Her pussy once again came into view, a thick patch of auburn hair lay atop her slit, but the rest was shaved bare. Her thick winged pussy lips were now fully engorged with blood and now a lot thicker and drawn in, but still at least two or three inches long.

Licking my lips and stroking my steel hard cock said; "Robin spread your pussy lips and let me see it. Okay now slowly play with your clit!"

She spread her winged lips out and her inner lips were a dark pink that just oozed her musky juices. When I told her to play with her clit she dipped two fingers deep into her pussy and drawing them out they were coated with her thick creamy goo. Still attached to her fingers she rubbed it all over her clit and her jaw dropped open as she stared at my hard cock.

I reached out and ran first then a second finger along her meaty lips. Coating my fingers with her juices she watched me as I rubbed it around my cockhead and stroked it to make it even harder, if that was possible.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as I fingered her again and her chest was heaving and those huge globes of flesh rolled about her chest.

With the light fingering and her playing with her clit she shuttered briefly and let out a long sigh and she came for the first time tonight. Her juices coated her hand and her lips were gleaming with their thick fluids.

I kissed my way up her body, planting a passionate kiss on her lips. Our mouths locked together and our tongues dueled with one another's.

Robin sucked feverously on my tongue like a slippery cock, her tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

My god I loved kissing this woman, but I had bigger fish to fry and reluctantly pulled my mouth from hers. Running my fingers through her thick long auburn hair I cupped her face and rained kisses all over her face. Moving to her slender neck I licked, kissed and sucked on the tender flesh of her nape.

She let out a groan as I continued to orally adore her, moving to her shoulders I kissed them and moved lower to her upper chest.

She arched her back, anticipating my next move to her heaving breasts and I didn't disappoint her.

Cupping the two huge orbs from beneath I raised them up for me to feast upon. I started on one, kissing and licking the entire breast, making sure I avoided her nipple and aureole. This was driving her mad as she tried to position her ripe red tip to my mouth. I finally took the flat of my tongue and ran it closer and closer to the stiff nipple. I could feel the tiny bumps on her aureole jump up from my tonguing and once again Robin let out a low moan.

Using just my lips I slowly surrounded one stiff nipple and began tugging on it lightly just long enough to put pressure on the nipple and then I let go. I did this several times and I applied more pressure on the blood red nipple with each pass.

Robin was going out of her mind and she wrapped her long slender legs around me. I could feel the juices flowing out of her fat lipped pussy, coating my outer thighs.

I moved to the other breast and repeated my admiration on her straining tit. When I pulled away both tits were shining and dripping from my saliva and when I looked up into her eyes, they were smoking with lust and I knew as soon as I touched her pussy she would be cumming again.

Robin licked her full swollen lips; the red lipstick shined brightly and made her look even more wanton. She ran her fingers through my dark hair and tried to guide me back to her tits, but I had more interesting spots on her body to explore.

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