tagExhibitionist & VoyeurValentines Day Remembered

Valentines Day Remembered


It is a normal day, even though most would say it is not. Valentines Day; it's a day for lovers, right? You have to work, as usual though so no big date, no flowers and teddy bears, just a normal day. The good news is that neither of us needs a special day to enjoy some devilish fun together. Somehow we seem to be able to find time in any day to do that; to fantasize, to watch porno movies, to enjoy toys, to enjoy each others bodies. Lucky for us, we have Valentines Day each day we get to see one another.

This particular Valentines Day, I remember you worked exceptionally late. We talked on the phone on and off during your work day. We teased one another each time we spoke, as usual. Reminiscing about the last time we were together or fantasizing about the next time we may be able to be. The vivid images that we both seem to be so good at creating would leave anyone listening just as excited as we both are. As it continues to get later, I become impatient and want to see you even though Valentine's Day may be a silly holiday. I tell you that I want to come see you when you are done working. "It will be late" you remind me but with the conversations of the evening, you are actually glad I suggest it.

Happy for something else to focus on, I start to get ready. It is literally 3:00 am and I am getting ready to go out for the evening. I decide that I am going to make it worth both of our time that we are meeting so late. I select my apparel carefully and consider your reaction as I do so.

After I shower, I put lotion on my skin so it is soft and smells fresh. I put on little make up and brush my long, blonde hair so it is soft and natural. I then put on a black, fishnet body stocking. It is crotch less and otherwise, covers my entire body. The top has spaghetti straps at the shoulders and the fishnet goes all the way to my toes. I finish off the outfit with black sparkly pumps. As I look in the mirror to decide if this will work, my nipples poke out between the fishnet. I imagine your reaction to this outfit and know that this is perfect.

Although we do live in a warmer climate, it is a little chilly out. I decide to put on a jacket that is dark green and goes past my ass at the last minute and it is a perfect addition to my devilish attire. I go to my car and start on my way. I feel so naughty driving down the road, past other cars in this outfit. The thought of your reaction makes me wet and eliminates any reservations I may have about it. It takes me about 30 minutes to get close to you and when I do, I call to assure you are on your way also. You have no clue what I am up to, but can tell I am up to something by the mere sound of my voice. It is amazing you know me that well.

Turns out you are already waiting for me and you watch my car drive up while we are on the phone. I don't park right next to you which is not what you expected. I look over at you and smile at you in your vehicle. Your vehicle is higher than mine and I want you to get the full effect of what I am up to up close. You walk over to my car and lean in the window to kiss me. Even though my coat is still on, you notice immediately that I have on fishnet. You have the gift of attention to detail that has served me well for a while now, so I can't really complain. "Hello hon..." you start to say and then you stop immediately and look down at my legs. When I realize you have already figured it out, I slowly open up my coat to show you that I have nothing else on except the fishnet. You take a long moment to take it in and merely say "WOW".

Without another word, you get back in your vehicle and lead me to another location that is more secluded. I get out of my car and slowly remove my coat as I tease you. I know you are sitting in your vehicle, waiting for me patiently as I strip down to a black, fishnet body suit and pumps letting you take in every inch of this image. I finally stop torturing us both and climb in next to you, immediately thankful that your vehicle is so roomy. The first thought that crosses my mind is that I want your nice hard cock in my mouth. I reach over and feel the reaction to my selected outfit by the bulge in your pants. You know how much that turns me on and in this light, can even see it by my nice hard nipples. "Beautiful" you say and just the sound of your voice makes them even harder.

I begin to unbuckle your pants very impatiently and you move my hands, forcing me to slow down. You know how impatient I get and want to assure I savor the moment. (You making me slow down right then is the only reason I can recall this Valentines Day so clearly, in fact.) As your pants are opened, your very hard cock comes into view and I can feel my pussy get even wetter, as if that were possible. I lean over and slowly slide your cock between my lips. The release of tension from your body and the deep sigh of your breath as I do so drives me crazy. I feel your hands on the back of my head and listen to the sounds coming from deep inside you as I suck your cock. We are in a very dark parking lot, very late at night/early in the morning, like a couple of teenagers and it is hot as hell.

You have your window down which allows a cool breeze across our bodies periodically, coupling what is extremely hot with a refreshing breeze at the same moment in time. It also moves the smell of incredibly wet pussy across the entire vehicle which drives you completely crazy. You reach around and slide your fingers into my slippery wet pussy, finger fucking me as I enjoy your cock in my mouth. As silly as it seems, the moment is perfect. A mixture of lust, desire and passion all together in the perfect combination. Sounds like the perfect recipe for Valentines Day.

As if the fact that I have your cock in my mouth and you are finger fucking me is not enough, you start to talk dirty to me. You know how much I like that. Something about being told what a good little cock sucker I am that somehow makes me even better at it. "You like that nice hard cock, don't you?" you ask me. "You are a good little cock sucker and you know it" you also say. My mouth is full of cock, so I don't answer with words but with moans and more intense face fucking. "You pussy is so wet and I love the way it feels on my fingers" is another one I recall. I remember now wanting nothing more than a mouth full of cum at that exact moment. It wasn't that moment, but within a few more I got my wish. You grabbed my head and pulled me into you as your cock began to twitch and throb, letting me know that you couldn't wait another second.

The explosion was wonderful and I managed to get most of your cum in my mouth. The force of your orgasm is so great that I lost just a little of it but it is quite sexy to see just a small trail of cum escaping the sides of my mouth. I sit back in the passenger seat and spread my legs to finger myself while you watch. You see the look of desire of my face, the moans escaping my lips and can even hear the wet of my pussy as I use my fingers to please myself. As usual, you take this show for a very short amount of time before you reach across the seat and slide your fingers in. The feel of your fingers is amazing and it never fails to surprise me that you can be better at pleasing me with your fingers than I am. After all, it is my pussy that I keep with me all the time. You would think I would have that one mastered.

My head is thrown back, my body reacting to your touch when I feel another motion in the vehicle. I open my eyes to look at you and see that you are using your free hand to jerk your cock which is still hard. I absolutely love to watch this and I move slightly so I can see this in the moonlight. You never loose momentum with the fingers in my pussy and I love the look on your face as you watch it. I, in turn, am watching your nice strong hand stroke your cock toward another orgasm. "Cum for me baby" I practically beg. "Let me watch you cum this time". My pussy starts to throb around your fingers as you moan and stroke even faster. At that exact moment, you start to cum again, just moments after you did by my mouth. That is amazing in itself, which I have told you in the past. Men don't generally cum like that and stay hard over and over and over.

We finally both stop to catch our breath. It takes a moment to be able to start to pull ourselves together. Once we do, you pull a bag out from behind your seat and hand it to me. It has a card it in and kissing teddy bears. The first Valentines Day present you have ever given me and I am very surprised. In fact, I think it may be the first gift you have ever given me and it is one of my favorites. The kissing teddy's still sit on the dresser in my bedroom today as I reminisce about this incredibly hot Valentine's Day we had together, stolen away in a dark parking lot, very late in the night, with my black, fishnet body stocking and black pumps.

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