Valerie Ch. 10


"Thank you, Ms. Burbon. I'm sorry I had to track you down this way, but you'd moved without leaving a forwarding address. The DA figured you'd be here to pick Ms. Traline up. If I may say, my condolences on the hardships you have endured these last two weeks."

"Thank you. And thank you for your quick action in front of the hospital. You saved our lives," Sally responded.

The three ladies left, heading back to the house that was their new home. They drove in silence, stunned by the violence that entered their lives once again. The high spirits they'd been experiencing mere hours ago had been snuffed out. Sadness overwhelmed them. Would they ever be permitted to experience happiness? The hope that Valerie and Sally had was hanging on by a thread. Nearly losing one another had hit them hard. Francine, who had been unable to feel hope for weeks, was hanging on by a thread, the belief that she could feel hope again cracked, nearly destroyed. Only Valerie's sacrifice kept her from total collapse.

At the house, the women collapsed on the couch in the living room. Sally unlocked the collar and cuffs from Valerie's neck and limbs. The .22 caliber slug was embedded in the name plate, the 'f' in 'of' blotted out. It seemed stuck. Valerie's eyes watered, looking at the once beautiful gift. She croaked out a word, "Ruined."

Francine looked at her. "No, it's not. It's even more beautiful. It'll always remind me of your willingness to give your life for me. Just like those scars remind me that you refused to stop loving and forgiving me in the midst of my betrayal of your trust. It'll remind me every day that I have a reason to go on."

Sally added her perspective. "Val, I look at that collar and see a miracle. You live now because I forgot a key. If I'd remembered, that bullet would be in your throat, not your collar. If Master wants it repaired, so be it, but I love it just the way it is."

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the men from Lowe's to install the new hot water heater. Sally showed them where to install it. During the two hours the men were working, the three worked on getting the rest of the furniture arranged in the house. They even set up the third bedroom, upstairs, with Sally's bed from her apartment, anticipating the occasional times when they might be commanded to deny themselves each other.

After the men left, it was almost 7:00 at night. Francine said, "Val, Sally. I'm beat. I'm going to turn in. I've been sleeping a lot, almost eleven hours a day. Helen says it's my depression. You two should go out and enjoy yourselves, maybe play at Mephisto's. You're going to be doing a lot for other people's expectations tomorrow; you should take some time for yourself."

"Are you sure you'll be all right?" Sally asked.

"Yes. I won't hurt myself. You've given me reason to stay alive, even if the reason to live isn't there yet." All three understood the difference between the two concepts.

"What do you think, Val? You feel like playing tonight?"

Valerie nodded, and then pointed to her throat.

"Yes. You can't talk. You know, you could take me without having to talk."

Val put her hand to her chin, pretending to consider it. She nodded, a big smile on her face.

"That's a scary smile. I love it. Can you smell my juices?"

Francine called out from the bedroom, "Don't forget to ask Master for permission."

"Thanks." Sally called Charles.


"Master, this is Sally."

"Yes, Sally. What can I do for you and Valerie?"

"Master, we would like to ask for permission to play with each other tonight."

"I see. What do you have planned?"

"We hadn't made any plans. We thought we should get permission first."

"Very good. Yes, you have permission. Valerie can't violate any of her medical orders from Dr. Waston."

"I understand, Master."

"And I expect a full report of your activities before you retire for the night, from both of you."

"Yes, Master."

She hung the phone up, turning to smile at Valerie. Valerie raised her hand and with a crooked finger bending, summoned Sally into the bedroom. There, she grabbed hold of Sally's arms, pinning them to her sides and shook her head.

"Yes, Mistress, I won't move."

Valerie packed a bag with a variety of bondage equipment, dildos and vibrators, as well as the strap-on she had used on Sally earlier in the week. She placed a collar on Sally's neck and cuffs on her ankles and wrists. Then she stripped Sally of her clothes, leaving a naked submissive standing in her bedroom. Reaching down to her cunt, Valerie found that Sally was already becoming aroused by the prospect of being dominated.

Valerie inserted three fingers into her pussy, rotating and wriggling them. When Sally moaned in pleasure, Val put a finger to her lips, indicating the need for silence. Sally stood there, her cunt being pleasured, trying to stay quiet in her arousal. Valerie changed hands, bringing the sopped one up and smearing Sally's juices over her face. Sally was beginning to tremble, the arousal and need to stay quiet taking its toll on her. When Valerie's other hand was as soaked as the first, she stopped stimulating Sally and wiped her hand on Sally's chest, coating her breasts liberally, pinching then a couple of times to see if Sally would make any noise.

Val pointed to Sally and to the floor to indicate that she should not move. Val went to the closet they shared and picked out some clothes for Sally. Bringing them back, Val indicated that Sally should put them on. The leather skirt barely came down enough to hide her bare pussy and the matching leather halter left everything below her breasts visible. A pair of stockings held up with garter straps came barely above her knees. Sally's pair of three inch high-heel boots that laced directly against her legs was the crowning touch. The feel of the straps was like mini-bondage on her legs.

Indicating that Sally should remain still again, Valerie dressed herself. The shelf bra that she'd worn when she was with Rachael started things out. Over this she put on a translucent blouse she had. She skipped panties and donned a pair of slacks that matched the blouse. Her uncovered feet were slipped into a pair of open top sandals. She added the lace gloves from the Rachael episode and was ready.

Taking a leash, she clipped it to Sally's collar. Pulling down on the leash, Val forced Sally onto her knees. Valerie wriggled her toes and Sally, understanding what was wanted, kissed Valerie's feet, licking them and laving a sheen of wetness from toes to ankle. That task completed, Valerie pulled Sally back up and led her out to the car, placing her into the passenger seat. Valerie drove them to Mephisto's.

Sally was in heaven, able to submit to her lover. She understood that this would happen less often than the reverse, but she was savoring that it was happening. She felt delightfully decadent in all that she wasn't wearing. She could smell herself all over her face and the wetness that had been on her breasts was not drying, trapped in the leather halter. Sally could tell that Valerie had something wicked planned for the night. Her imagination tried to conjure up what Valerie would do that didn't involve inflicting pain of any sort. So used to pain as an integral part of any play, Sally found her imagination not up to the task.

She got her first hint when Valerie parked in Mephisto's parking lot. Valerie turned to Sally and stuck three fingers into her own cunt, coating her hand with juice. Each time she extracted her fingers, she wiped the fluid off on an exposed part of Sally's body; belly, face again, back, legs. When she finally climbed out and pulled Sally out by her leash, Sally's entire body glistened with pussy juice. She was a walking aroma billboard for sex. Sally could feel embarrassment and humiliation growing; as she was led into the club looking like she had already been well used by a multitude of people.

Inside, Valerie asked for a room with a curt, "Room," to save her voice. Key and bag in hand, she led Sally through the club, taking a long indirect route to get there. On the way, they encountered Steven and Surmi. Surmi saw them first, pointing them out to Steven.

Steven led Surmi to the pair by her own leash. "Valerie, Sally. What have we here? Are you dominating Sally, Val?"

Valerie nodded, saying to Sally, "Speak."

Sally picked up on the curt answer. "Yes, I'm submitting to Mistress Valerie. That sounds so wonderful, 'Mistress Valerie.' She can't speak, her vocal cords are bruised."

"What is that drying all over your body?"

"That's Mistress's juices. She painted me with them in the car. I can't get her smell out of my nose, not that I want to."

"So, Val, have you overcome your aversion to whipping?"

Surmi flashed Valerie a knowing smile while Val shook her head.

"Oh, this I have to hear about. Dominating Sally without pain. Please let me in on all the details later, will you?"

Val had a thought and pointed at Steven and Surmi, then at her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

"Would we like to watch? How about we play together, a pair of dominants with their submissives?"

Valerie nodded her head with a smile at Surmi, making a bite motion with her mouth. Surmi smiled and shuddered; pleasantly surprised that Valerie would offer that joy for her again. The two couples finished the walk to the room Valerie had been rented. To Sally's ears, the sound of the door closing was like a cage shutting, trapping her in a room with a tormentor that she knew not the intensions of.

The room had several hooks on the walls and ceiling, a St. Andrew's cross and stocks. Valerie led Sally to the stocks, bending her over and locking her in. Unlike the stocks at Charles' basement, this one had no leg restraints. The spreader bar that had been packed came out and Sally's legs were forced four feet apart. In the bent over position, Sally's skirt covered nothing, being simply a piece of leather wrapped around her waist.

Steven had secured Surmi to the ceiling, her hands pulled up enough that she had to lift her heels off the floor. He was explaining to her, while Valerie was still securing Sally, how the game they were going to play worked.

"Surmi, I'm going to put clamps on your nipples, your pussy lips and your clit. Then I'm going to whip you 25 strokes. If you cry out at all, we'll restart at one. If you take those strokes without a sound, I'll take a clip off. Then we start over to let you earn a second clip removal. The clip on your clit comes off last. So you'll have to take 125 strokes silently, to get that one off. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

Steven started putting the clips on Surmi, taking his time and making sure each nipple was fully erect before placing a clip on it. While that was going on, Valerie had bent down in front of Sally's face. Looking into her eyes, lust radiating from her face, she said one word, deep and almost with a growl, "Mine."

Sally shuddered, seeing that intense might be an understatement, loving every second of her helplessness at the hands of her lover. She whispered back, "Yours, totally and without mercy or reservation"

Valerie couldn't believe how she felt. The rush from the power and trust was almost orgasmic in and of itself. She actually found that she was a little frightened of how she felt. She placed a blindfold over Sally's eyes and inserted a vibrator into her pussy. The vibrations providing the base of what was to be inflicted on Sally, Valerie walked about her, caressing an occasional part of her body. Val took her time, not rushing. Sometimes she would let a minute or two go by between touches. The slap of the whip on Surmi was an erotic counterpoint to the minimalism that Valerie was employing. Sally didn't realize it, but she was experiencing a small preview of her gift.

All Sally knew was that this was excruciating. Valerie's caresses were so infrequent that her anticipation made them almost painful when they occurred. The constant low-level stimulation in her cunt was driving her wild. It was enough to keep her aroused, but not enough by itself to give her an orgasm. She needed Valerie to be more aggressive in her touches, yet Valerie wouldn't be so. Sally was twitching between Valerie's caresses, and jumping at them.

While Valerie went around torturing Sally with anticipation, Surmi was stoically taking the lashes. On the 24th stroke, she deliberately said "Ow." She was choosing to take a chance that she could keep quiet much later, when she was in much more pain, to get more than the 125 that Steven had planned as a minimum. At first, she had been able to pay attention to what Valerie was doing, smiling to herself as she saw a version of what was planned for tomorrow. Soon, she was lost in her own world, soaking up the pain, deciding how much she could take before the vocalizations would be impossible to keep in.

After half an hour, Surmi had only one clip removed from one of her breasts. Sally was writhing almost constantly, trying to find Valerie and get just a little more touch. Sally's juices were dripping down her legs and she was breathing raggedly. Valerie was finding herself hot, incredibly in need of a fucking. She took her blouse off and whipped it against Sally's back. The light fabric was incapable of causing pain, but so unexpected was it, that Sally screamed. Val took it and draped it over Sally's head, letting her smell the perspiration that Valerie had left on it. Then she walked away from Sally, leaving her moaning in the ongoing frustration of unreleased arousal.

Going over to where Steven was whipping Surmi, she watched as he whipped her, counting out loud (since Surmi was supposed to not make any sound). "Slap…21…Slap…22…Slap…23…Slap…24…Slap…25."

Steven walked up and pulled the clip out, stretching Surmi's nipple before pinching the end, letting it release and causing Surmi's tit to collapse back into itself. As he backed up, he bumped into Valerie who reached around and fondling his erect cock and rubbing her still clad pussy against his leg. When he reached down and felt between her legs, feeling the completely soaked crotch of her pants. She whispered to him, "Fuck me."

Steven needed no more invitation. He spun around and pulled Valerie's pants off. With them still wrapped around her legs, he lifted her bodily off the floor and shoved his cock into her cunt. Valerie groaned in pleasure, almost a growl as Steven lifted her up and slammed her down onto his cock over and over again. Surmi and Sally, bound and waiting for more of what they craved, groaned as they were forced to listen to others pleasuring themselves while they suffered.

The brutal fuck that the two engaged in was to be short lived. Both were so aroused that little was needed to send them over the edge. Valerie came first. As she felt it hit, she planted her mouth over Steven's and crushed his head against hers. Her cries were trapped in his mouth and her cunt spasmed against his cock, drawing his own orgasm out of him; splattering cum inside and onto her pussy, as he kept thrusting into her while he came.

When he let her down, she led him to Sally (after kicking her pants off the rest of the way), placing his cock at her mouth to be cleaned off. Sally greedily gobbled him up, slurping every drop of cum and pussy juice off of him, reveling in the touch of someone on her somewhere. In the background, Surmi was begging, "Master, please whip me more. I want to earn release for my clit. Please Master, pay attention to your pain slut."

When his cock was cleaned, he went back over to Surmi and began the next 25. So worked up was the maiden of pain, that she had to restart four times at one before she could control herself. Valerie placed her pussy into Sally's face, making her spend the next 20 minutes moaning into Valerie's pussy as Sally cleaned every drop of cum from the outside and inside. Valerie made her keep at it until she had another orgasm. Now Valerie was ready for stage two of her plan, formed in the last few minutes.

She pulled the vibrator from Sally's pussy and walked around to have her clean this off as well. While she licked it off, she begged herself, "Mistress, please let me cum, I need a cum so badly. Please, it's so hard, I can't take it anymore. May I cum, please?" Valerie said nothing, pulling the vibrator out of her mouth and kissing Sally deeply, holding her mouth captive for minutes, tasting the cum and pussy all over her face.

Valerie then moved to Sally's pussy, knelt down and began to slowly and gently lick at the outer folds of her lips. Sally bucked at the blessed contact, moaning, "Yes. Yes. Thank you, Mistress, thank you."

Slowly, Val used her tongue to bring Sally closer and closer to orgasm. When she felt the familiar feelings of Sally's imminent release, she stopped, backing away.

"Nooooo! Mistress, please, don't stop, please let me cum."

Valerie listened to the ongoing pleading, running her hands along Sally's back, running her fingers through the sweat that was accumulating on her body. Surmi had managed to get another clip off, this one coming off of one of her pussy lips. Sally's pleading had reduced to a whimpering of tears, the submissive now realizing what Valerie intended to do. Valerie took Sally's face in her hands and licked her cheeks, consuming the salty tears that flowed from her eyes.

"Please, Mistress, can I cum? I so need to cum."

Valerie leaned her mouth next to Sally's ear and whispered, "No." Sally sobbed in the realization that she would end the night as she had left Valerie on many occasions, aroused and frustrated. While desperate to cum, willing to undergo anything to get one, her heart leapt at the knowledge that her lover was capable of such domination. She steeled herself to give Valerie as much in denial as Valerie had ever given her.

Valerie was back at Sally's pussy, bending her mouth to its pleasant task once again. She noted that Surmi had to restart the latest round of whippings at 13, two clips still on. She licked at Sally's pussy, letting her tongue delve into her cunt with each stroke, timing the laps with the strokes that Steven was inflicting on Surmi.

Over the next half hour, Surmi had managed to get the second to the last clip off and Valerie had taken Sally to the brink another three times. Sally had been reduced to tears; her body tense with desire for release, knowing it would never come. Surmi had restarted the last batch of strokes 5 times, unable to hold back the cries. Valerie, bending next to Sally's head asked, "Limit?" Sally shook her head, biting her lip. "Close?" She nodded. Sally's face was streaked with tears, her legs covered in her own juices. Her breasts, still encased in her halter were aching, having never once been touched, the erect nipples poking painfully into the leather that bound them.

"Be back," she whispered, before she walked over to where Steven was announcing that they had to restart again. She saw that Surmi was on the edge, unable to stop the pain by keeping quiet anymore. She took Steven's arms and made a pantomime motion of herself kissing Surmi, acting as a living gag. He nodded, and helped her quietly place a stool in front of the suspended woman and climb on it.

He whispered in her ear, "These will be the hardest I can do and your arms will be on the receiving end as well." Valerie nodded. As Valerie saw Steven rear back for the first stroke, she grabbed the shocked Surmi, planted her mouth over the tear streaked one and held on. For 25 strokes, Valerie consumed Surmi's cries, keeping her quiet when she couldn't. In the distance, Sally was crying out, begging for her Mistress's return and touch.

At the finish, Steven asked Valerie, "Would you do the honors?"

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