tagNonHumanVampire Ch. 03

Vampire Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Meeting Another

The hardest was the first few months after I had disposed of my Maker, mostly because I knew nothing of our vampire culture.

I started out on my own making it to another city and becoming a whore there. I would walk the street early on in the night enjoying my freedom from serving others, ironically dressed as I was, I did it for me. Depending on my mood I would kill on the street going down a back alley and coming out alone; or I would bring them back to my apartments and fuck them to my orgasm, biting down on their neck at my peak. I had meager apartments compared to the rooms I had at home, and no maids but I liked that independence. I no longer had to worry what anyone thought of me or the responsibility of taking care of them.

I moved often to different cities for necessity of fresh meals and to explore what I had been shut off from. But as I moved I glimpsed those that were like me, they had a different feeling than the humans around us. The first few I saw I stayed away from hoping that I wasn't intruding on their hunting grounds, but as time went on I found myself wanting to know more about them and our kind. I had just thrown a murderer in the river after feeding upon him and felt him behind me. Turning I poised myself for a fight but heard him laughing.

"I have no fight with you miss," he said with a chuckle, "just wanting to converse with another one of us."

I let myself relax, but looked at him with my ability and found he was curious and friendly. "I must admit you startled me."

At that he raised his eyebrow but said, "If you would like my residence is but a block from here, then we can talk in comfort, or we could take a walk if you rather."

I thought about it, "We can go to your home." I followed him into a modest house with a lush garden filled with moonflowers, bright and open at night for him to enjoy. He brought me to his library and we sat in cozy chairs before a fire.

"I would offer you drinks but I do believe that you did just had some."

I giggled, "I do believe you are correct, I hope I did not interfere with your hunting."

"No I tend not to hunt so closely to my home, but do not worry about your meal, as I have a feeling that the river will take him far from here. I must admit that I rarely see vampires as young as yourself out alone nor doing as well as you seem to be doing."

If I still had the ability to blush I know I would be, "Thank you, I was a fast learner and found I wanted my freedom than to learn more from him."

"Ahhh that would make sense because if I had been your maker I wouldn't have let you out of my sight, but as it is I have never been in his place. Could never see bringing another into this cursed life," he glances at me, "I am sorry, when you have lived as long as I have you will find that one becomes jagged."

"You need not to worry, I do understand. I do not want to bring this upon another, but I must say that I am enjoying it as long as I am what I am now. So I must ask how old you are as you seem not a day older than 25?"

"I was only 24 when I was turned, my family having just died from the plague and I sick with it when he came. He asked if I wished to be cured and be his companion and in my fevered disillusion I had said that I would do anything to live. I still remember the fire in my veins burning out the disease bringing back from the edge of death, but I was alone in my survival. We stayed companions for almost a decade touring Europe and finding comfort in each other, but after that we started getting into fights and finally I left and started on my own way. That was almost three centuries ago."

Stunned I looked at his library instead of his loneliness and found that all the wall space had been built into book shelves and covered with all types of books. He followed my eyes and said, "I became an avid researcher in my free time and find salience in the information they bring. One of the many topics is the stories of vampire's beginnings, but it is tough to find anything that isn't fictional."

"What do you know of vampires, as I know so very little?"

"I know that there have been vampires before the written history, there seems to be a lot of stories of a single or a couple that started the infection but from there it is uncertain. I am sure that you know that we do not parish as some humans think nor do we have aversions to crosses or garlic. However I still enjoy the stories and research that keeps me busy, one has to past the years somehow. Now what of you, what have you been up to in your youth?"

"I've been mostly getting by, hunting and getting ... to shows or such. Mainly moving from city to city seeing what each is like." I was hoping that he wouldn't notice that I hesitated almost admitting that I was using the men for my sexual needs, but I had no such luck.

"You were going to say something else; I cannot help but see that you have become a whore to trick your prey. Now I wonder if you have been using it to also gain other necessities." A small sly smile forms on his face and I find that I am feeling a bunch of emotions: anger, humiliation, and lust.

Lust won out, "In that you would be right, I have needs that have to be addressed. Of course I don't use every man but if the right one happens by I might be interested to enjoy myself." Fluttering my eyelashes and shot him my most seductive smile, "Would you happen to be that one?"

"If you would like I could show you my bed and you might just see how right I am." He rose and took my head gently in mine, leading the way to his bedroom. We enter his room and as he is closing the door asks, "How do you like it?"

Turning I pin him to the door kissing him passionately on the lips, my hand reaching down and caressing his hardness, then I whisper into his ear, "I need your pure unadulterated passion."

Growling in lust he starts to undress me nearly ripping off my clothes, once I was undressed he tosses me onto the bed and strips himself. Fully undressed I see that he is nearly hard already and curl a finger for him to join me on the bed. He gets on top of me the full length of his body pressed against mine I feel my hardened nipples rubbing against his chest as he pulls me into a deep kiss. Our tongues playing with the others, our hands exploring each other's body as we rub against each other.

My whole body feels a flame with lust and I pull back from him, "Put it in me!" but he gently nibbles my neck and breasts first. "Damn it, I need you in me now!" I feel him push into me until our bodies met again, moaning I enjoy every inch of him. He starts thrusting into me and I rise to meet him, then he rises to a kneeling position and brings my legs over his arms. I feel my orgasm starting at this new position, he was hitting all the right spots, oh too soon my body started tensing.

Yet he kept thrusting into me and when I started to come down from it, he turned me on my side straightening my one leg beneath him and the other wrapped around his leg. Pounding into my still quivering cunt, I raked my nails along his legs getting a gasping groan from him enjoying the feeling. Soon I was coming again, harder than before my body tensing and my breath short, but still he was not done.

Positioning so that I was on my knees and leaned forward on my forearms he pounds into my dripping cunt. He runs his hands over my ass and down to my breasts, playing with my nipples making me gasp. I feel an orgasm starting, it begins in my heels and spreads quickly throughout my body but keeps building my breath so short, my moans high, he leans over me and bites into my neck and sends me into the highest of the high. My body thrushes in convulsions, my eyes roll up, my breath stops short in a silent scream of joy. Finally my breath catches again and my body collapses, my breath so short and harsh sounding, my body so sensitive and still pulsing in pleasure.

I feel him lay down beside me and as I start to settle down I turn to him and give him a kiss and lay in his embrace. Being that it was nearly dawn, we both fell asleep in each others arms.

At dusk we stirred awake, as he stroked my hair I could feel his hardness pressing into my leg. Pushing him back I kissed him deeply and straddled him, feeling him entering me I moaned in pleasure. Starting a slow pace I leaned down and kissed him deeply, grinding my clit into him. Leaning back my hands stroking his harden chest I let my nails rake across them, my cunt riding up his length and back down. With his hands on my hips I take them and raise them above his head pinning them there, the pace getting quicker. He is watching his hardness disappear into my cunt and returning covered in wetness. Getting closer to my orgasm I lean down again and give him a passion kiss and kiss down his neck, feeling the tingling spreading in my body, I bite into him. The blood rushes into my body, hot and full of imagines; him as young man with his red haired wife, the vampire that was his Maker, and a blonde human that was denied his immortal blood.

I collapsed next to him panting and watched as his neck healed the small wound, my hands gently stroking his chest. Turning to me he looks at me, "Tell me what you saw, and don't be coy, I know you have the ability of sight."

I was a little taken aback but answered, "Your past wife, Maker and a blonde human, who was she?"

"Ahhh of course the important loves." He said to himself and answered me more loudly, "She was one that I fell for but found that I loved her too much to bring her into this life, so she lived hers out and passed on quite a bit ago. Still I do not regret my decision, although she never forgave me for it."

"So when you bite into me, do you see pictures too?"

He gave me a faint smile, "No, I sense feelings but that is all. My ability is being able to change into a bat, something that took many years to master. I have a feeling that you will be able to search for images in time and truly master yours as well."

I thought about what he said, "I will make sure to try to practice this more often." Rising and stretching, "Well it is time for me to go and hunt, thank you for the fantastic day."

He gave me a startled look, "You do not mean to leave do you? I mean we have just met and you have much to learn from me." In a smaller voice, "I need you too, I am so very lonely."

I looked him in the eye, "I need freedom more than anything else, but thank you for the great fucking and the information. As for you, I might be back here some day, it's a nice city and you are a great vampire."

Stunned he just gave me a saddened look as I put on my clothing and as I turned to leave he grabbed my arm. "Please do not leave, you do not understand."

Just as quickly with my free hand I grabbed my dagger and stepped free from his grip, "I do not think you understand, I do not need anyone. Not my Maker, not my family, not you. If you want to stand in my way I will cut you down like I did to James, but I have no wish for you to die. I did enjoy yesterday but do not think that it makes me yours!"

He backed into his bed and I left the room without a word from him. Leaving his house I went back to my apartment and packed, then catching a night train I left for a new city. "Why do they always think that a hot day will make me into their love slave?"

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