tagNonHumanVampire Micheal Ch. 02

Vampire Micheal Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Alexis and Hailey

Hello, there again. It is me, Mr. Jay. I believe though, that I should stop right here and tell you a brief bit about myself. I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me. I am 24 years old and my real name is Michael. Yes, I am a vampire but I am also an incubus. An incubus is a male demon who thrives on sexual activity and we sure love virgins most of all. It was the night after my little episode with Brianna and I had been waiting for her to show up. I found that she didn't disappoint me either. She showed up at my house shortly before 9 PM and she wasn't alone. She had two friends with her and I recognized them both immediately. They were two of the girls on the high school cheer-leading squad. I had seen them dancing and cheering on Friday Nights at the football games. The two girl's names were Alexis and Hailey.

Alexis was 19 years old and her body filled out quite well. She had a bust which made you stare with an eye popping gaze no matter who you were. She also had quite an ass on her and you could tell she was used to working out. Her hair was that long blonde color which most cheerleaders are known to have and was straight without a single sign of imperfection; set up under a bang cut hairstyle. Currently her hair was also tied up in pigtails like she was some naughty school girl. Yet, to be honest, I wouldn't mind it if she were. It was clear by her looks that this girl had come to play and my eyes held her body while she stood in the doorway behind Brianna. Her eyes were ocean blue and her lips a deep rose red. Her clothing consisted of a short miniskirt with fish net stockings. Her skirt barely reaching half way down her thighs and I could see that she had very smooth, soft and nice legs. I already wanted to run my hand across those perfect legs. She was also tall and had a slender waist almost like a gymnast but she was a cheerleader; therefore, that probably explained her workout

Hailey was standing to Alexis' right and she was just a few months over 18. She had curly, strawberry, shoulder-length blonde hair that waved in the wind whenever it blew. She was probably one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. There just was something about her which I couldn't yet place. Hailey had ocean blue, bedroom set eyes that were simply irresistible. She had those triangular perky tits which just seemed to always stick upright and an ass that begged to be worked on. She had no problem getting people to notice her and most of the time she was fighting off people "Hitting" on her. It was something she hated because she was the shy type that never got into trouble. In fact, this little trip out here to Michael's house was unlike her usual behavior but she had been too bored to stay at home; therefore, she had reluctantly agreed to come with Brianna. Tonight she was wearing skin tight shorts that revealed her curvy ass and an equally tight t-shirt that resulted in an unimaginable view of her hard nipples poking at her shirt. She was simply incredibly sexy

I could tell that my vampire poison was working on Brianna still, because her eyes were full of lust and desire. She wore a black pair of jeans and a gothic style T-Shirt. I led all three girls to the bedroom. I then opened the door to let them inside and watched them walk through as I made sure to get a good look at each of their asses as they walked by. I entered the room after them and shut the door. They were standing by the bed but both of the girls except Brianna seemed to be nervous. I smiled upon them and sat down on the bed as I studied their fine petite bodies.

"You girls look so hot but I think you could do something hotter." He told them and then smirked as he commanded them to make out. The girls looked a each other before they wrapped each other up while kissing each other. Michael watches as they held Hailey in between them. Hailey seemed to be the most shy of the three and Michael began to wonder if she was a virgin? I watched as Brianna takes a hold of Hailey and pushes her lightly up against the wall. It was clear that Brianna's vampire powers were taking over already and she could smell Hailey's sweet lust.

Both Alexis and Brianna now were kissing and licking Hailey's neck on either side of her. They had their bodies pressed with hers and were grinding against her. Alexis actually wrapped her thighs around Hailey's leg as she dipped down to the floor. She came back up and made sure to brush her fingertips over the soft, smooth skin of Hailey's legs. Hailey was clearly enjoying this and had her eyes closed and her breath had quickened. Alexis then settled her lips against Hailey's neck and moaned into her as Hailey's fingers explored her body just under her skirt.

Hailey had her back arched as she leaned against the wall and moaned in soft but a frequent rhythm of pleasure. The two girls had their hands all over Hailey and were totally enjoying feeling her up. They had their hands on either side of her legs and were moving their hands in circular motion up over her thighs. Alexis was on the left side of Hailey, while Brianna was on the right side. Brianna kisses Hailey right on the lips and slipped her tongue inside her mouth to lock and play with her tongue. Alexis' hand moved p to Hailey's breasts and she pinched Hailey's nipples through her tight T-Shirt. Hailey held her hands flat against the wall as she moaned even more. "Yes, oh that feels so good." She whispered and opened her eyes to look at the two girls in front of her.

Alexis' hand stop right over the front of Hailey's skin tight shorts. She moved her fingers up under her as she attempted to located her pussy and it wasn't long before she succeeded. Alexis presses her fingers against the young girl's wet pussy and rubbed on her as she stared into her eyes. Alexis slid her hands up to the waistband of Hailey's shorts and slowly slides them down her legs. Michael watches all of this and was enjoying himself and liked how they were treating each other.

Alexis looked over at Brianna as she whispered, "This is her first time and so we should be gentle with her."

"Aww, but we knew she was a virgin. How sweet but all the more to be devoured," said Brianna as she knelt down beside Alexis and pressed her lips against Hailey's leg. She purred against the female's skin before moving her lips up along Hailey's leg and settling her mouth on the girl's pussy. She buried her tongue inside her. Hailey had become considerably wet by now and Brianna began to lick and eat her as she sucked on her clit before twisting and thrusting her tongue into Alexis warm and wet pussy. She licked up all of her as she felt the female tighten around her tongue and wetten more but Brianna continued to lick up her virgin oil . Brianna unknowingly releases shock waves into Hailey's body that drove upward to her mind. The waves of pleasure opened Hailey up and she poured out everything she had as she felt herself come in a deep orgasm. She slumped to the floor tiredly and stared up at the two girls still kneeling in front of her.

Now that Hailey was through, it was Alexis turn. Brianna turned to her and shoves her onto the bed and climbs on top of her. She reaches under the girl's skirt and ran her hands over the girl's panties before slipping her hand inside the panties and rubbing on her. Alexis moaned into Brianna's mouth as the two girls kiss each other while laying on the bed. Brianna pulls the girl's panties off and tosses them onto the floor. She moves her hands up over her breasts and presses down with her palms cupped around Alexi's breasts. She then moved her hands down to the bottom of Alexis' shirt and pushes her shirt over her head. She throws it onto the floor beside the girl's panties before stopping and lowered her lips to the girl's neck. She fiddled with the belt on the girl's denim skirt and finally slid it off her and tosses the skirt aside with the rest of the clothing already on the floor.

Brianna then lifted her head and stared at the ceiling before she bent back down and sank her newly formed fangs into the girl's neck. She drank from her deeply and felt the girl react by crying out a little from the bite. Alexis then relaxes and gives into Brianna as she kisses her with blood stained lips. Brianna grinned down at Alexis as she whispered, "Welcome to the family and your new home."

Alexis felt her body change after the bite and she loved it. She felt more alive than ever and her body was tingling with new sensations. She knew that the body only had five senses but all of these seemed to be strengthened after Brianna's bite but it seemed she even had more senses. She also found that she now had a great deal of power and so she pushes her hands up to roll Brianna over and pin her under her own body. Alexis put her hands on Brianna's pants and quickly removed them and then did the same with her shirt. Brianna was wearing a black mesh cami with a low cut front underneath that and a matching black lacy pair of panties. She moved down Brianna's body and pulled the panties off before taking her fingers and sticking them up into Brianna. She rubbed and thrust into her and smiled as Brianna's body heated up and she began to moan with pleasurable sounds.

Alexis quickened the motion and thrust faster until she was rewarded with Brianna's organism. She bent low and licked her all up before giggling and licking the rest off her lips. "You taste really good." She told Brianna who merely nodded and answered, "It is true but I bet that Hailey taste's better. She hasn't been turned yet." Alexis turned her head and stared right at Hailey as she replied, "You are right. We haven't turned her into a vampire yet. I think we should go ahead and do it before she freaks out even more." Brianna nodded and the two girls got up off the bed and moved towards Hailey. Hailey inched away from them as she thought the "Vampire" thing was a bit much for her. She turned around to make an escape but Alexis caught her around the waist and tilted her head back; sinking her fangs into the girl's neck and drinking deeply from her. She let go and Hailey fell to the floor as she stared up with wide eyes at the two vampire girls above her. Yet, it wasn't long before she too started to feel her body change. Her eyes turned darker and her complexion became clearer and more defined. She was even more beautiful as a vampire than she already was as a human. She walks over and joins the two girls as they wrapped each other up in more kisses. The three girls then turned to Michael as they waited for him to do or say something.

"You girls know what to do. I want you to carry that task out and report back to me with the progress." He told them and they nodded with a look that would melt any male or female with seduction. The girls soon left and Michael was alone again and thinking of everything that had just happened. He now had three teenage girls who were of his own bloodlines. It wouldn't be long before they had a large enough group to take over the town. He smiled to himself because he knew that there was still fresh meat out there. Yep, there was plenty of girls that still needed to be turned. He already couldn't wait to have some more fun but he had to wait because it wasn't yet his time to rise to power. He would soon be able to come out and lend his vampire girls a helping hand personally.

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