tagGay MaleVampires and Lovers Ch. 07

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 07


7 Forest of Fear

Pelaam© October 2009

Five heads turned as Seamus entered the living room.

"We have a mission," he announced. "We will be travelling into the jungles of South America," Seamus added.

"Where?" Delfin asked ingenuously.

"I will show you, Petal," Seamus smiled. His Dryad knew nothing of the world outside of the forest in which he had been born and raised.

"What do we know?" Gabriel asked pragmatically.

"There have been some stories over the last several months of a strange presence in the jungle; something neither seen nor heard that the local tribe have named ch'in bida suwa, a literal translation would be 'silent life thief'. Trees died, sucked dry of their sap, then small animals, again sucked dry. They stopped finding bodies, but there are fewer living things around. The village has a Chief, but the real power lies with its Shaman, he is quite a powerful medicine man, but not a full-blood spell-caster. He is known and respected amongst our kind and has sent a call for help."

"Because of a few dead plants and animals?" queried David, an elegant eyebrow arching in disbelief.

"It's progressed beyond that I'm afraid," Seamus said looking over at the smaller blond. "A party of anthropology and archaeology students plus their teachers came to study. They wanted to examine village life and there was also a dig where the remains of a more ancient civilisation had been unearthed. The dig was a few miles from the village and the students came over weekly. One week they never came. The Shaman and some warriors went to find them."

"And?" asked Wyl as Seamus hesitated. He instinctively huddled closer to Vincent, the older Vampire's arms holding him protectively to a broad chest.

"Gone. Vanished. Disappeared without a trace," Seamus sighed. "Six students, two teachers and a member of the tribe sent to keep an eye of them. Nothing was found. No blood, no bodies. Nothing. Not even any disruption in the camp."

"Why us?" asked Vincent. "Isn't there a Family closer that could go in?"

"It was thought that a Dryad might have an advantage, an affinity with the jungle that might help shed some light on what happened," Seamus said looking apologetically at his young lover.

"I'll do whatever I can, Seamus," Delfin said. He smiled reassuringly at the older man. "I'm grateful that it is felt I have a talent that can be useful."

The smile melted Seamus' heart. He had expected to be the one offering assurances.

"We need to start as soon as possible," Seamus sighed.


Turning a slow pirouette Delfin looked around again at the jungle in which they walked. He was used to tall trees, but not like these or the riot of additional flora. Despite the heat and humidity, his body acclimatised without difficulty. He glanced at the others. The Vampires seemed unaffected by the environment however Gabriel looked hot. It seemed the Lycan would have preferred a cooler place. Delfin was unable to keep a smile of pleasure from his lips. He would live anywhere to be with his beloved Seamus, the Vampire was his home now. But this place was more to his taste than the forest of concrete and steel where he now lived.

They were heading to the village and the Shaman, Kuyani, who waited for them. Delfin knew his life had changed drastically since becoming Seamus' Chosen, but he never realised just how immense the world truly was. His people interacted little with anyone or anything outside their own forest. To find there were so many humans and denizens of their own, more secretive, world had stunned the young Dryad. However, he was determined to do all he could to ensure his lover was proud of him and prove himself worthy in his new family's eyes.

"You okay, Petal?" Seamus asked smiling at his Chosen. Everything was such a wonder to the Dryad that the Vampire found himself looking at even the smallest of things with new eyes. He laughed as he caught the lithe body and swung Delfin in his arms.

"It's magnificent here. I never knew just how different it could be beyond my own forest."

"There are many beautiful places, Petal," Seamus replied kissing his beloved nymph. "We will ensure you see them."

"You seem unaffected by the heat, Delfin," Gabriel growled.

"It doesn't seem to trouble me," the Dryad grinned.

"Lucky you," Gabriel grumbled.

"I'll find a way to cool you down later," David purred seductively. The feral grin from his mate made the blond shiver deliciously.

"I'll hold you to that," Gabriel returned the purr, a much deeper sound vibrating from the Lycan's chest.


Kuyani smiled as he saw the group heading to his village. He had been told they were a good Family both in terms of their bond between them and in dealing effectively with threats to the mortal world. He only wished he had something more to offer them in regards to what was happening in his jungle. He gave a wave of greeting to the group as Vincent and Seamus approached.

"Thank you for coming," he said, his English accented but easily understandable. "I am Kuyani, Shaman of the Village. On behalf of our Chief, Wamani, I welcome you."

"Permit me to introduce my Family," Seamus said. "This is Delfin, my Chosen, Vincent and Wyl, Gabriel and David. We are all Bonded pairs."

"You are all most welcome here and I hope you will solve this mystery of ch'in bida suwa."

Kuyani led them to the village. They were welcomed and then the villagers drifted away as if the danger was of no concern.

"Aren't they concerned?" asked Gabriel. "They seem to have no interest."

"They are concerned and frightened, my friend," Kuyani said sombrely. "However, they also have faith, in me, and in you, to find this silent killer and destroy it. For them, if they are needed to take up arms and fight, they will do so. Otherwise they will leave things in my hands and are content that I will care for them."

"A great responsibility," Vincent observed.

"No more so than you or Seamus caring for your Family," Kuyani smiled. "Although I would normally say that it is a far less dangerous undertaking."

"Your jungle is beautiful," Delfin enthused. "It's so different from my own forest."

"I'm glad you like it," Kuyani smiled. "I just wish I could show it to you under more favourable circumstances."

"Is there any more you can tell us other than what was in the reports sent to us?" asked Seamus.

"Mana. No, my friends," Kuyani shook his head. "There was a man many months ago," he added, his face suddenly thoughtful. "I felt bad magic about him, but he kept away from my people and I saw and felt nothing more. I thought he had left, but...perhaps not."

"Do you feel anything, Wyl" asked Vincent.

The brunette Vampire stood, closed his eyes, and performed a slow pirouette focusing on his power as a Sensitive to seek for any pocket of coldness. There was nothing he could pinpoint in that respect. However, there was something that felt out of place, but it was more of a vague sensation of unease than anything the young Vampire could define.

"I'm sorry, Vincent," he said shaking his head. "Something doesn't seem quite right, but I can't feel any coldness that I can focus on."

Rising to stand beside his Chosen, Vincent hugged the lithe frame and kissed him tenderly.

"It's enough, my Own," he assured. "It tells us that Kuyani was right to be concerned enough to call for help."

"Is there anything you can pick up, Petal?" asked Seamus.

Delfin returned the reassuring smile from his mate and looked around at the tall trees. He picked one with a large bole and slipped inside. He tried to make contact with the ancient, living creature, but it was difficult. The tree had slept for many years and its responses were confused and difficult to understand. The Dryad wondered if he might have more success with a tree closer to the campsite.

"This one is too deeply sleeping," Delfin said as he stepped back outside to join his family. "I might have more success with trees closer to where the humans vanished," he added. He smiled as Seamus enveloped him as lovingly as Vincent had Wyl, nestling happily in the strong arms.

They began to head towards the village, however as they approached, Seamus smiled at Kuyani.

"If you will excuse us for a while, we would like a little privacy for discussion and to patrol the vicinity of the village. We'll join you soon."

"It is getting late to begin anything today," Kuyani said. "There is food for you," he said smiling at the Lycan "And we have gathered a selection of vegetables and berries for you," he added looking at the young Dryad. "I was told the rest of you may eat and drink but sparsely?"

"We sometimes indulge," Seamus nodded. "We would be happy to participate if the village have made a special effort on our behalf."

Kuyani beamed his pleasure.


The three couples waited for him to vanish and exchanged knowing looks.

"Everything feels safe here," Wyl said softly.

"Good. I have a promise from my mate that I intend to collect," Gabriel rumbled, his eyes glittering. He extended his hand. Clasping it, the small blond flowed sinuously towards the big Lycan, his turquoise eyes fixed on the rapidly darkening ones of his lover. They moved away from the others and, as his hand was released, David smiled widely.

"You may collect it if you can catch me," he purred. He feinted right and dived left, his feet swift and nimble as he ran into the dark jungle.

David cried out laughingly when two hundred-plus pounds of aroused Lycan suddenly landed on top of him. His breath was stolen as a hot, wet mouth latched hungrily, powerfully, onto his own. He shuddered as his mate kissed him hard, almost bestially. He moaned as Gabriel's tongue thrust into his mouth to taste, to stroke, and to drive him wild with want. He gave up on any other thoughts but giving himself to his lover.

Gabriel shuddered and growled at the delicious taste of the blond Vampire beneath him. He wanted this, needed this. David was his and his alone, and Gabriel was taking his mate now. He gave a feral grin at the sight of desire-darkened eyes. His mate wanted this as much as he did and it sent bolts of love and lust like lightening along his veins. He held the beautiful blond's head with one hand, kissing the beloved visage. The other expertly undid fastenings on the material that covered his lover's lower body. Then the hand slipped beneath the smaller man's underwear and gripped the hot, throbbing erection firmly in his hand, pulling and stroking.

David moaned and bucked beneath his lover at the hot, knowing touch to his inflamed flesh. He writhed and twisted against the older man, wanting more of Gabriel's touch as he kissed back hungrily. He pulled the Lycan closer, his hips already thrusting up into the large fist that had wrapped around his length. He angled his throat to bare the fragile flesh to his dominant mate.

The Lycan growled in approval at this submission, relishing the taste of his lover as he licked the marmoreal column offered so trustingly. He grinned widely to see that David had managed to kick off the sneakers he wore. The bigger male pulled the pants down his lover's lithe legs and then off altogether, casting them carelessly aside. His attention was then on the flimsy shirt David wore. However, before he could tear the delicate fabric, the blond was already shrugging out of it.

"Need you naked, too, lover," he purred as he lay back enticingly on the jungle floor.

Too impatient, and almost too incoherent to think beyond getting inside the tight, beckoning heat of his mate's body, Gabriel rapidly pulled off his own clothes. He stood, rampantly erect, looming over his lover's diminutive form. His gaze raked possessively and proudly over the nude, pale Vampire lying passively and yet so wantonly. He knew that David matched him in strength and the Vampire's willing submission to him never failed to inflame the Lycan's desire, and soul-deep love, for his mate.

He dropped to kneel between smooth, silken thighs. Hooking David's legs over his elbows, Gabriel stared avariciously at the tiny opening that already leaked its welcoming juices. His nostrils flared, absorbing the scent of arousal. He purred his approval and took David's mouth in a searing kiss. His fingers toyed at the periphery of furled flesh, spreading the slick, viscous fluid teasingly as David's body tried to take the fingers into his needy channel.

David cried out and twisted to incite a much desired invasion where no one but his mate had ever been. He moaned approvingly as Gabriel moved settling more of his weight over him and kissed him thoroughly. However, his mate's weight made it more difficult to arch his back as the tantalising digits slipped inside him, moving in and out, stretching him. The fingers left him as did Gabriel's mouth; the Lycan moving hungry lips to nibble at dainty, peaked nipples, while his hand stroked David's engorged length. As the fingers returned, David welcomed them, hitching his hips, spreading his legs wider. As Gabriel brushed against his hidden nub, David's hips bucked and his head rocked back and forth on the jungle floor as desperate moans spilt from his kiss-swollen lips.

A low, reverberating growl rent the air as Gabriel could wait no longer. He ensured his shaft was liberally coated with the pre-come that dripped copiously from the slit of his shaft, needing to slick his throbbing flesh. He flipped David onto his stomach, drawing his lover's hips up and back. The younger man's knees immediately spreading wide as he braced himself on his forearms. He gripped the silken cheeks, easing them apart, ready to slide into the tight sheath.

"I love you," he growled raggedly.

"I love you, too. Take me, my love," David replied, rotating his hips to incite Gabriel to join their bodies. David groaned Gabriel's name, digging his fingers into the dirt and vegetation of the jungle floor, as he felt himself filled. His body relaxed effortlessly around the invading flesh. He braced himself to accept rapid, hungry thrusts from the excited Lycan. He lifted his hips higher, wriggling against Gabriel in an effort to take him deeper. He was rewarded by the Lycan sliding a hand under his hips to enfold his erection and stroke firmly.

With each pounding movement, wild, guttural sounds broke free of Gabriel's throat. He lunged down, tempering the snapping of his jaws at the last second to leave just a small, tell-tale bruise of his passion. It almost seemed that within the primal jungle, something within both Lycan and Vampire had been ignited; something primitive, dark and yet deliciously addictive. Despite which they remained making love, never once dissolving into mere mindless rutting, each trying to please the other.

Recognising the signs in the smaller male, Gabriel was ready when his lover's orgasm hit. He listened with relish to the softly ululating wail that accompanied the smaller man's semen pulsing over his pumping hand. He growled gutturally at the scent of his lover's ejaculate. He felt the tight, hot channel convulse and tighten around him rhythmically. Shuddering hard, he gripped David's hip with one hand, pounding harder and faster, until finally he stilled his movement, his body shuddering as a hoarse, primal roar rent the air. As his orgasm erupted, his hips jerked frantically and he emptied his seed into David's willing body.

Finally sated, Gabriel rolled to drape the languorous blond body over his still heaving chest.

"Feed from me," he growled. He gave a soft sound of additional pleasure as sharp teeth pricked at his throat and he felt the sensation of his beloved mate accepting his offering. As a dainty tongue licked the tiny wounds closed, the Lycan wrapped his arms around the slender body as David nuzzled into the junction of neck and shoulder.

"Love you, Gabriel," the Vampire said, giving a sigh of satiation.

"I love you, angel." The Lycan glanced around. This would be a good place to sleep rather than within the village itself. His family would be close by. He smiled at his lover in his arms, his only slightly-softened shaft keeping them intimately joined. He was happy to remain just where he was until they needed to return to the village.


Vincent selected a space within the thick roots of a large tree. He rapidly gathered leaves and moss to make it a little more comfortable and now the couple lay naked and entwined in one another's arms.

"I love you, Vincent."

"I love you, my precious Own,"

They kissed again. Their tongues slid and danced, their hands stroking and caressing, each showing with touch their love for the other. It was several minutes before Vincent spoke again.

"Turn over, my love."

The soft, throaty voice sent shivers of pleasure through his body. Wyl felt Vincent's erection slide smoothly along the crease between his cheeks and the moist, almost kiss-like caress of its head against his already freely-lubricating entrance. He wriggled back, pressing his cheeks against his lover. He felt the pressure increase erotically, the promise of being filled by his husband sending sweet shards of arousal through his already stimulated frame. He brushed his fingers along his thickening length only to have Vincent's bigger hand displace him. He leant back against the older man. Their loving had long since resumed its tenderness and Wyl's heart almost ached with love for Vincent.

"I love you so much," he moaned softly.

"I love you. I always have and always will, my Own, my Chosen. You feel so good." Vincent sucked gently on his mate's ear lobe and his fingers moved to tease Wyl's nipple, knowing it would send delicate tendrils of sensation down to his lover's groin.

"So do you," Wyl groaned.

His lover holding his hip, Wyl felt Vincent begin to press more forcefully against his entrance. Wyl pushed back, relaxing himself to accept his mate. The blunt head of Vincent's flesh pushed inside him to a groan from them both. Wyl released a sigh of joy and thrust back, taking more of his lover's hardness inside himself. He moaned Vincent's name, his breath coming in shallow pants. It felt good and then perfect as Vincent thrust a tiny bit further and came to rest, his heavy sac pressed up against the curve of Wyl's cheeks, his arm around Wyl's waist.

"Oh, Vincent," Wyl breathed.

"My love," the older Vampire murmured licking and nibbling at his Chosen's throat. He was simply content for the moment to enjoy the erotic rippling of his lover's sheath around his solid shaft.

With a sigh Wyl relaxed even further. There was something tender as well as erotic in the way Vincent's long fingers cradled and caressed his intimate flesh. His lover's thumb gently stroked over the sensitive head, probing the slit to encourage pre-come. He watched enraptured as Vincent massaged his swelling flesh, teasing it to complete fullness. Wyl reached down and entwined his fingers with Vincent's, ensuring his dominant mate continued to control the movements. He felt almost dizzy with something far more profound than arousal and he knew Vincent felt it too. For the moment nothing else existed outside their joined bodies and the love they shared.

The slow caresses continued as Vincent remained unmoving inside Wyl and it left the younger vampire incredibly aroused. He could feel the pleasure permeating his body, centring in the gentle touches to his rampantly-hard sex and radiating outwards, enveloping all in its path. His release was inexorably building, the orbs becoming high and hard in his sac and yet Vincent remained unmoving except for the slow, gentle motion of his hand. Wyl whimpered as he recognised the insistent throb in his achingly hard flesh. With a cry of fulfilment, his sex erupted white, wet heat which coated Vincent's still-stroking hand and Wyl's trembling stomach. The movements of his mate's hand only ceased when Wyl was fully drained and he had softened.

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