tagNonHumanVampire's Lust Ch. 02

Vampire's Lust Ch. 02


The Lesson

Three weeks had past since Avery and Christopher's last sexual encounter. They were intimate with one another from time to time after that event. Things did not settle right with Christopher, however. Avery became more and more defiant with every fuck he gave her. She assumed she held the dominant role on more than two different occasions and he decided if they were to have any type of romantic encounter again, she would have to be put in her place the next time she acted out. Training and setting her mind, is what he liked to call it.

6A.M Christopher wakes up and waltz up to the first floor flat only to find Avery plopped down in front of the t.v, eating a plate full of sugar glazed strawberries. He paid her no mind, seeing as he was more than able to make his own breakfast. He plucked a ripe orange from the bowl on the table and began to peel with his finger nails, which were exceptionally long and sharp.

"Good morning, my sweet." He said to her, perching himself on the Ottoman next to the couch. He studied her for awhile, searching for any sign she may ignore his presence.

She smiled a beautiful grin, the whiteness of her teeth seemed to illuminate.

"Good morning, my Lord." She replied, licking sugar off of one of her strawberries.

He smiled seeming nothing was amiss as of yet and placed a dainty kiss on her cheek. He left her to her strawberries and CNN news and went upstairs to his studies. As soon as he crossed the threshold into his studies he noticed something was wrong. Someone had entered his private space. No one but him was allowed to be in this room. He stood quietly and listened to the aura the room gave off. The faint smell of blood and candy perfumes lingered. Avery. She violated the sanctity of his study. He was sure this was no accident, Avery obviously would not have any devious agendas. However if this was an act of defiance, he would put an end to it immediately.

Downstairs he met Avery still watching CNN, but he plate of strawberries was finished and laid empty on the floor. He gazed at her with the full intent of his rage.

"Avery. Turn off the television." He said in a voice that held the authority of his five thousand years.

"Wait wait, just give me one moment. They have this story about dangers of weight loss." She shushed him. He knew not why she watched this mindless dribble, her body was perfection. Curves in all the right places. This was not important however, this was her second act of defiance for the day.

"Avery. Turn it off. NOW!" He yelled, with enough force to control and army.

She obeyed and turned off the television.

"Stand and face me." He demanded. His voice was cold like ice and Avery knew she was dancing on a fine line.

"Have you lost your mind? What gives you the right to think this is your house? That this is your abode? You will listen to me and not question my authority. How silly of you to do anything other wise. I AM your master. You ARE my slave. Your plates are to be washed. Your chores are to be done. Your leisurely time comes after. You LIVE to serve me. I could have let your father strike you down and abuse you countless time but I didn't." He grabbed her face in his hands. "I can kill you Avery. Let my rage get the better of me again by going in my study and I will end you."

Her gazed never left his face, though he could see the fear in her eyes. He turned to leave, but caught her faintest of whispers. "Do not ever go through my stuff again...".

He all but lite of fire. His rage burned through his skin and you could practically see the blaze emitting from his skin. He rushed toward Avery and grabbed her by the throat. He would teach her never to defy him. To coward in his presence and only feel the slightest of comfort IF he allowed her to. Just because he had sex with her didn't mean she could treat him like a mortal. He was a vampire. One of the most powerful and oldest creatures in existence. No mere mortal would treat him like anything less than a god. He racked his hand across her tanned face, leaving scratch marks. Tossing her against the wall, he straddled her and pushed aside her head in one swift movement. His teeth elongated at the sound of her quickening pulse. Sinking her teeth into her flesh released a soft scream from her throat and animal-like grunt from his. She pushed at his chest but it was no use. He was made of steel. Strength personified. He drunk deeply, filling himself with her precious rubies. Her heart grew faint, and she passed out. Feeling plump like a tick, he tore her cloths from her body. The sight of her perfectly tanned skin only enraged him more. He swiped at her bare breast, leaving gashes on them as well. So blinded with fury, he knew not what marks he bestowed upon her body. He bite into her wrists and thighs. Blood soaked her body along with his clothes. Only after she looked of a serial killers sweet dreams did he close her wounds. Her heart was very faint with the lack of blood. He couldn't have his slave dying on him. Nicking his wrist he drew his own blood and allowed it to slide down the females throat, which was also marked with claw marks and bites. Her heart beat instantly picked up. She stirred in her unconscious state. With this cue, he picked her up and brought her to the basement. Here she would learn not to disobey him ever again

Laying her down on a table, he bound her with leather straps. Her arms were high above her head and her legs straddled. Entirely exposed to her master she was. Sitting in the dimly lit basement he waited for her to awake. When he grew tired of the sticky feel of blood on his skin, he decided to leave her to shower. The steam calmed his rage. Looking into the fogged up mirror, he saw the face of a monster. Why couldn't Avery be taught obedience in a less painful way? He smashed the mirror with his powerful fist. "This is the only way," he thought to himself "She must never take me for granted."

He changed into loose fitting black jeans and a silky black top and walked back down to the basement where Avery lay wide awake.

"Christopher! My Lord release me this instant!" She yelled at him.

"You dare raise your voice at me wench?" He slapped her. Hard. "You need to be taught manners. You act like a child."

"I am not child my Lord. You have seen what I can do for you." She replied, adding a bit of seduction into her voice.

"Sex with you means little to nothing if you cannot share my intellect."

"I apologize my Lord, but you had no right to go into my private things."

He slapped her again. "You tell me not what I can and cannot do retch!" He barked.

"I will not be spoken to in such a way!"

Words would not break through to her. His eyes gazed at her body. She was still drenched in blood but he could see every aspect of her perfect figure. She realized what he had and began to blush.

"I..I am not decent. Please allowed me to cover my shame. I will not disobey you."

His fangs shown through a grin. He knew how he could make this less painful for her, but still get his message across. "I must make sure you are true to your words, sweet Avery."

He reached toward Avery and left a small cut on her left breast with his fingers. She let out a soft moan.

"My Lord.."

"Hush child."

Another cut, another moan. He rubbed the nubs on her breast and made more cuts haphazardly around. Slicker her secret orifice became and he continued. His jeans, like the first time, became too small for him. He would compel her. He would make her pleasure so great, yet deprive her of the one thing she wanted. He would compel her not to release until she swore a life's oath to never disobey him again.

He left trails of claw marks down her belly and hips. Her gazed deeply into her eyes, channeling the power of his years.

"You are not to reach any type of sexually climax until I order you." He whispered, dreamily.

"I will not reach any type of sexual climax until you order me." She repeated in a monotone voice.

Kissing her hard on the mouth he rubbed his hands on her clit. He felt her excitement grow as they continued to kiss. Her tongue found its way into his mouth and Christopher bit down. He lapped the blood from her mouth as they kissed. He bite her bottom lip, a sigh escaped her mouth as he left a trail of soft kisses past her chest down her belly and rest on the mound of her secret places. His tongue played around the opening. The slick folds intoxicating him. Her womanly scent drove him mad with anticipating, the space in his jeans nearly down to zero. He lapped her wetness, indulging himself deeper into the woman. Soft moans escaping her lips occasionally, begging him for release. His tongue dove deeper and deeper, his strong hands massaging the inner sanctity of her legs. He could no longer contain himself. He needed to feel her against him. He wriggled his way from the barrier which were his jeans and climbed onto Avery. His hands brushed her face as he held her gaze. He enjoyed watching her emotions play out as he entered her. Unknowing, to pain, to pleasure. Slowly, he worked his way in and out of her secret, angling himself in such a way that would trigger her sweetest spots at all times. He filled his grip with her firm chest and pushed harder into the woman. Her gasps rang out strong as he satisfied his own sexual needs. Her moans filled him with such energy. Harder and faster we went until he knew she was vying for relief. He would not allow her to get off so easy though. Her lesson had not been learned. Slicing the at her bonds with his nails, he released the woman and pulled her to the end of the table, bending her over and grabbing a hand full of her hair for leverage. He entered her only slightly, then rammed into her with such force, it summoned up an odd squeak in the woman, rather than a pleasured moan. He did this again and again. He knew she liked it because not once did she ask him to stop. This is what it felt like to be Alpha. Her moaning shrieks rungs throughout the house. The Himalayan cat they owned, Arcane, came to see what was the matter, but quickly scurried off at the sight. When Alpha predators were ravishing themselves with women of the pride, lesser beings knew to stay away.

"Scream it Avery! Let me know you understand!" Christopher grunted out as her entered her over and over. Harder and more aggressive every time.

"Admit what my Lord? Anything! Just allow me to...ugh~!" She moaned out, unable to finish her sentence. Christopher let the beast take control of his will and thrusted into the woman, nearly breaking her hips in the process.

"Tell me you will obey me!!" He screamed in her ears.

"I will my Lord I will! Please! Lift the compulsion!" She begged.

With one final thrust he allowed himself and the girl to release. She collapsed on the ground, her breathing ragged. He knelt beside her, gripping her chin in his hands. She looked to him like a god. This is exactly what he wanted.

"I am your master." He said, in a dark tone.

"You are, my Lord."

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