tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVocational College for Girls Ch. 02

Vocational College for Girls Ch. 02


Adjusting to life at the Vocational College for Girls was difficult for Lisa, as it was for most of the new girls. There are numerous stories detailing the many facets of VCG life that the girls have trouble accepting. The VCG girls are well aware that the institution is an alternative to prison. The girls also understand that they have to perform community service as part of their punishment. However, the girls have trouble coping with the fact that the small town profits from the presence of the VCG girls because they’re forced to wear skimpy little outfits in public while they work. This inspires men from miles around to visit the small town and the money these men spend accounts for most of the town’s revenue. The main attraction for these men is watching the VCG girls perform their community service in various states of undress. In return, the businesses give kickbacks to the teachers and staff of the VCG, which of coarse is not reported to the state.

There are stories of how the girls are treated in their dormitory. They don’t have any privacy because the doors were removed from the shower room and bedrooms. The girls can’t understand why the guards have to be men and why these men only seem to be present when there’s a chance of catching the girls without any clothes on. The men could wait outside of the shower room, but they always have to wander in when the girls are naked. This also includes the janitor. He constantly cleans the shower room while the girls are bathing or changing their clothes. The girls feel as if they’re always being watched.

There are also stories describing how the girls are treated while attending their academic classes. Both the male and female teachers are sadistic. They love to punish the girls for poor academic performance by making them disrobe in front of everyone, including visitors. The teachers have a tendency to pick on a particular student and ask her questions that she couldn’t possibly know. Sometimes the punishment can go as far as a bare ass spanking. The female teachers are the worst offenders. They invite their boyfriends, high-ranking officials or even high school boys to visit their class. Then the female teachers will try to impress their guests by finding creative ways to make the girls take their clothes off, solely for the visitors’ entertainment.

Then there are the stories of the VCG girls being forced to participate in local sporting events. These events are another example of the shameful treatment the girls are subjected to. The school officials must think they have to justify the high price of admission by disgracing the girls in front of everybody. There is something about a gymnasium full of spectators that inspires the administrators to dress the girls in flimsy little uniforms. However, what really fills the stands isn’t the uniforms. It’s the anticipation of the girls loosing pieces of their uniform during the contest. Often the girls are lucky to have any of their uniform left when the game is over. Penalties take on a whole new meaning in these games.

The school officials even dictate how the girls spend their leisure time. There are many stories about the VCG girls being taken to restaurants, dance clubs or shopping centers and before the day ends, the girls loose some or all of their clothing. This usually happens at the most inopportune time for the girls. Often the VCG girls are taken to surrounding cities to generate interest in the town’s biggest attraction…the girls and their lack of clothing. If the girls go on a road trip, they can forget about having any shred of dignity left when they return to the school.

Those may sound like captivating stories, but the work details that the girls are assigned to usually provide the most tales of humiliation. Lisa was given her first assignment when she was sent out with another new VCG girl to work on the road crew. This story is a small example of how the girls are treated when they perform their community service.

Lisa and Debbie, who is also eighteen, were dressed in their normal school uniforms. These uniforms consist of lacey white bras, matching see-through panties, thin white blouses and plaid pleated skirts. The blouses are sleeveless with a plunging neckline that reveals a good deal of cleavage. The VCG emblem is affixed to the upper right corner of the blouses. The skirts have a zipper up the back, but no buttons or fasteners to hold the skirts on. These skirts are so short that they barely cover the girls’ butts. If the girls bend over even the slightest bit, their underwear shows. Little white socks and tennis shoes complete the ensemble.

The day’s chore for the road crew was to pick up trash along the sides of the city streets and highways. The girls were delegated to a highway department employee named Mr. Bricks. He was a fat, balding man in his forties. Mr. Bricks instructed the girls to climb into the rear bed of his pickup truck as he stooped down and pretended to check the condition of his tires. In his squatted position, Mr. Bricks was able to look right up the girls’ short skirts at their panty covered bottoms as they threw their legs over the side of the truck.

Mr. Bricks then took the girls to their first stop, a busy stretch of highway at the edge of the town. Most of the businessmen and tourists used this highway to enter the small town and the people of the community like to show off the VCG girls as soon as possible. When the girls jumped down off the truck, their skirts flew up and Mr. Bricks was again treated to a view of the girls’ little white underpants. He even caught a glimpse of their pussy hair peeking out of the see-through panties. Mr. Bricks handed the girls trash bags and told them to get to work.

Mr. Bricks sat on the back of his pickup truck and watched the girls work. He thought Lisa looked cute with her five-foot two-inch petite body, medium sized breasts, brunette hair and angelic face. However, Mr. Bricks was most impressed by Debbie, a five-foot six-inch, raven-haired goddess with big, full breasts and model good looks. Debbie probably could stand to loose a pound or two, but Mr. Bricks preferred girls with nice round butts. Now he just had to find a way get the girls to loose their clothes so that he could see more of their gorgeous bodies. Mr. Bricks knew that it wouldn’t be a problem because he was in charge and had total control of the girls.

The girls had to hold onto the trash bag with one hand and pick up trash with the other. This didn’t leave a free hand to hold down their super short skirts. Every time they bent over, Mr. Bricks and passing motorists could see the girls’ frilly underwear peeking out from under their skirts. It was even worse when a car went by. The breeze from the car would blow their skirts up and their panties would be out in the open for everyone to see. Lisa and Debbie were feeling a little uneasy when they saw the faces of the men in the passing cars gawking at their panty predicament. The girls were getting their first real taste of the VCG way of life.

When the bags were full, the girls brought them to the truck and threw them in back. They began complaining about how hot it was and Mr. Bricks suggested that the girls should unbutton their blouses to cool off. The girls refused, so Mr. Bricks demanded that the girls unbutton their blouses. Mr. Bricks explained that what he says goes. When the girls still refused to unbutton their blouses, Mr. Bricks decided to take matters into his own hands. He declared that since the girls wouldn’t unbutton their tops at his request, he would do it for them.

Mr. Bricks pulled out a small pocketknife and began slicing off the buttons from Debbie’s shirt. Her big bra covered breasts were now showing as cars slowed down to have a look. Then it was Lisa’s turn. One by one Mr. Bricks cut the buttons off of her blouse, too. Soon Lisa’s blouse was hanging open and Mr. Bricks had a close-up look at both of the girls’ bras. Their bras were made of a thin lacy material that did little to hide their nice round nipples. While Lisa’s breasts were not as impressive as Debbie’s, they were still full and firm. Soon the girls took another trash bag and returned to work.

Now when a car passed, not only would the girls’ skirts fly up and expose their panties, their blouses would also blow apart and expose their bras. Lisa and Debbie decided to rectify the situation by tying the front of their blouses in a knot. This concealed their bra-covered boobs, but infuriated Mr. Bricks. He told the girls that if they wanted to tie their blouses in a knot, they would have to remove their bras. Lisa and Debbie thought about it for a moment and then decided to opt for the braless look. However, that was before they found out how Mr. Bricks would make them take their bras off.

First, both girls had to take off their blouses and hand them to Mr. Bricks. Passing traffic began to slow down to see the girls displaying their see-through bras. Next, each girl was ordered to step forward and take her bra off, then place the bra in the trash bag. Now the girls were bare-chested in front of Mr. Bricks and the gawking motorists. Lisa and Debbie tried to hide their breasts with their hands, but Mr. Bricks refused to give them their blouses back until they agreed to stand there with their hands at their sides.

Mr. Bricks studied every inch of the girls’ firm young titties as Lisa and Debbie stood there with their hands at their sides. Their breasts were now completely exposed. Finally, after traffic had almost screeched to a halt, he gave Lisa and Debbie their blouses back and they quickly put them on. When the girls finished tying the knot in front, Mr. Bricks was impressed by how much cleavage was showing. He also liked the way the girls’ hard nipples poked out against the thin white cotton material.

After filling a few more trash bags, the girls were loaded up and taken to their next stop. It was right in front of an all-boys high school. Lisa and Debbie were embarrassed because there were boys looking out of every window. The boys could see the girls’ underwear ever time they bent over. Lisa and Debbie told Mr. Bricks that the boys should not be allowed to see their panties. Surprisingly, Mr. Bricks agreed with the girls. Lisa and Debbie were relieved until Mr. Bricks told them that if they didn’t want the boys to see their underwear, they should take their panties off and put them in the trash bag. At first they refused, but when Mr. Bricks threatened to take away all of their clothes, the girls gave in. Lisa and Debbie slowly slid the lacy white panties down their legs and placed them in the trash bag as the boys watched from the windows. Now the girls were really mortified. When they bent over, the boys could see their bare butts! It was even worse when the wind blew. If their skirts were blown up in front, the boys could see their pussy hair!

When Mr. Bricks decided the boys had seen enough, he took the girls to their next stop. It was in front of an outdoor café. There were men only a few feet away dining at the tables located right on the sidewalk where Lisa and Debbie were forced to work. Debbie became very self-conscious of her short skirt. After loosing her underpants, she knew that the men would be able to see her bare butt if she bent over. Debbie tried to pull the hem of her short skirt down as far as possible, but when she did, the zipper in the back of the skirt broke and would no longer stay up. It kept working its way down and since it was the only thing holding her skirt up, her skirt began to slide down exposing the top of her butt crack.

Debbie tried to fumble with the zipper in an attempt to hide her nudity when someone at one of the tables asked her not to pull her zipper up. He said that he liked the view of her young firm butt, so Lisa stepped in with a few words in Debbie’s defense. When Mr. Bricks heard what Lisa said, he apologized to the man and punished the girls by not allowing Debbie to touch her zipper any longer. As an added punishment, he forced Lisa to always unzip her skirt as low as Debbie’s.

When they went back to work, Debbie did her best to hold her skirt up, but the zipper kept working its way down further and further. As more of her butt crack was exposed for the gentlemen at the café, they would call Mr. Bricks and remind him that Lisa’s zipper needed to be pulled down to match. Lisa reluctantly complied with their request and soon her butt crack began to show, too. The crowd loved watching the spectacle as more and more of the girls’ bare behinds came into view.

The anticipation was building as each girl’s skirt slid further and further down her legs. Finally their skirts reached the point of no return. Lisa and Debbie shrieked in horror as their skirts fell to the ground. They were now bottomless in front of all those men. As the men stared at the girls’ young firm asses and neatly trimmed pussies, Mr. Bricks decided to add to their degradation. He forced the girls to place their skirts in the trash bag. Now the only piece of clothing left was their blouses.

Finally the girls were taken to their last stop, right in front of an office building. The workers quickly gathered in front of the windows when the girls arrived. Lisa and Debbie refused to get out of the truck. The girls complained that they couldn’t go out in front of all those people with only their blouses on. They should have learned by now that it was the wrong thing to say because Mr. Bricks took away their blouses, too. Now the girls were completely naked!

Dozens of people watched as Lisa and Debbie climbed out of the truck and proceeded down the street collecting trash. Lisa and Debbie’s faces were red with embarrassment because the people could see their firm young breasts and puffy pink nipples as they walked around right in front of everybody. Lisa’s neatly trimmed brunette bush and Debbie’s reddish-brown pussy hair were out in the open for everyone to see. The girls’ tight little butts were up in the air every time they bent over to pick up a piece of trash.

As if the girls were not humiliated enough, Mr. Bricks informed them that they had to go into the office building and empty the trash cans in the nude. Lisa and Debbie panicked and pleaded with him not to make them go into the building without their clothes on. Mr. Bricks just chuckled and said that he was only kidding. Then he added that cleaning the office would probably be their next job. The girls’ hearts sank because they had a feeling he wasn’t joking this time.

The girls started to think about what it would be like to bend over and empty trashcans with their naked butts pointed right at the men as they sat at their desks. Next Lisa and Debbie imagined leaning over bare-chested to clean the desktops with the men’s faces only inches away from the girls’ exposed breasts and puffy pink nipples. Finally they thought about vacuuming in the nude as the office workers sat in their desk chairs observing Lisa’s neatly trimmed brunette bush and Debbie’s reddish-brown pussy hair. Lisa even had the horrible thought of squatting down to plug the vacuum cleaner into the wall. Her legs would be spread apart and her sweet young pussy lips would be exposed to everyone. It was very unnerving, but before the nightmare went any further, Mr. Bricks ordered the girls to get into the truck.

As Lisa and Debbie rode home in the back of the pickup without a stitch of clothing on, Mr. Bricks paraded the nude young girls right through the center of town. Everyone was pointing and looking at the girls as Lisa and Debbie attempted to burrow under the trash bags. Finally they arrived at the VCG dormitory and the girls hurried into the dormitory completely naked.

Debbie whined to Lisa, “That was so humiliating!”

Lisa replied, “I know, it was terrible. All those people were looking at our naked bodies and we were helpless to do anything about it. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to this.”

Tracy, a twenty-one year old veteran of the school overheard their conversation and said, “You’ll never get used to it and the humiliation only gets worse!”

That left an uneasy feeling in Lisa and Debbie’s stomachs as they rolled over and tried to go to sleep. It was a restless night because the girls kept imagining all of the terrible things that the VCG administrators could do to them.

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