tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVocational College for Girls Ch. 04

Vocational College for Girls Ch. 04


The Vocational College for Girls offers an alternative to prison for girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two years old with minor or first-time criminal offenses. As part of their punishment, the girls must attend academic classes and perform community service. Unfortunately for the VCG girls, community service consists of wearing skimpy little outfits in public while working at some of the local businesses.

The small town profits from the presence of the VCG girls because watching the girls perform their community service in various states of undress inspires men from miles around to visit the town. The money these men spend accounts for most of the town’s revenue. In return, the businesses give kickbacks to the teachers and staff of the VCG, which of course is not reported to the state.

School officials at the Vocational College for Girls enjoy exploiting and humiliating the VCG girls on a daily basis. Forcing the girls to participate in local sporting events is just another example of the shameful treatment the VCG girls are subjected to. Tickets to these events are expensive and the school administration justifies the high price of admission by dressing the girls in flimsy little uniforms. While wearing these uniforms, it is next to impossible for the girls to play the games without exposing themselves to the crowd.

Lisa and Debbie joined the VCG touch football team because the girls were informed that while participating in a school sport, their community service obligations would be waived. However, after receiving their football uniforms, the girls determined that maybe they’d made a mistake. Their outfits consisted of lacey white see-through panties, very short red pleated cheerleader skirts and tiny white crop top T-shirts. Little white socks and tennis shoes complete the ensemble.

Lisa and Debbie were new to the school and they didn’t belong in the institution to begin with. Lisa looked cute with her five-foot two-inch petite body, medium sized breasts, brunette hair and angelic face. Debbie was a five-foot six-inch, raven-haired goddess with big, full breasts and model good looks. Debbie probably could stand to loose a pound or two, but she had a nice round butt.

Feelings of degradation erupted for the girls as soon as they put on their uniforms. The girls couldn’t believe they were going to play touch football in T-shirts that barely covered their breasts. The lower portion of Debbie’s large globes actually hung out from below her short crop top T-shirt. Since the girls were not permitted to wear bras, Debbie was concerned that her breasts might pop out in front of the crowd if she tried to jump, not to mention how much her big melons would bounce around while she was running.

Lisa was equally concerned about the very short pleated cheerleader skirts. The skirts were so short that they barely cover the girls’ butts. They were held on by a single button and were worn dangerously low on the girls’ hips. The girls’ ass cracks were actually peeking out from above the low waistband.

Lisa knew that there was no way to play football without bending over. She also knew that bending over in the short skirts even the slightest bit would expose the girls’ panties to the crowd. To make matters worse, the skimpy see-through panties didn’t offer much protection against prying eyes. The VCG girls’ hairy triangles and butt cracks were easy to see beneath the practically transparent material of their little undies. If it weren’t for the lacey trim on their panties, it would look like the girls weren’t wearing any underpants at all!

The Vocational College for Girls touch football games are played on a converted indoor soccer field. As Lisa and Debbie jogged onto the artificial turf, they were instantly mortified because the stands were packed with spectators. There were older men along with many boys as young as eighteen-years-old. There were even quite a few women scattered throughout the crowd.

Their opponent was Harbour College, which is a private school for stuck up little rich girls. Those girls had on thick blue T-shirts and matching shorts. Their shorts were pulled up nice and tight on the Harbour girls’ firm butts. Their ass cheeks were hanging out of the short shorts, but the snug fit of the shorts insured that they would stay on throughout the contest. The Harbour girls also wore sports bras, so they appeared to be well protected against exposing their precious young bodies to the audience.

Each team consisted of nine eighteen-year-old girls and it appeared that the coaches for both teams chose their players based on looks, rather than athletic ability. The girls looked more like models than gridiron animals. As the game began, the Harbour girls, in their full make-up and pristine uniforms, had no trouble dominating the VCG girls because the VCG girls had to contend with their skimpy outfits.

The VCG girls’ nipples poked out against the thin material of their tiny white T-shirts and their braless breasts bounced around as they ran down the field. Occasionally the T-shirts would work their way up over the girls’ nice firm titties, exposing their rosy round nipples to the crowd. When the VCG girls jumped up in the air, their short skirts flew up and then floated down slowly, revealing their see-through panties to the audience. The Harbour College girls added to the VCG girls’ indignity by lifting up the short skirts and tiny T-shirts, giving the men in the stands a good look at everything the VCG girls had to offer.

What the VCG girls didn’t know was that the VCG administration offered money to the Harbour College girls as an incentive for them to debase the VCG girls as much as possible. The Harbour girls readily accepted the task. They even invited all of the schoolboys from their hometown to come and watch them humiliate their opponents. Not far into the game, the VCG girls realized that the Harbour girls had more on their minds than just touch football.

In the VCG huddle, Nancy, a cute strawberry-blonde asked, “Where did they find these girls?”

Lisa added, “I know what you mean. They’re really taking advantage of us. They keep pulling my short skirt up and exposing my little white underpants to the crowd.”

Debbie said, “They also keep pushing up my tiny T-shirt up over my breasts and exposing my tits to everyone. Its bad enough that my hard nipples are poking through this thin T-shirt, but those girls are making it even worse. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life!”

A few plays later, the VCG girls huddled again. The fans loved it when the VCG girls got into the huddle. The girls leaned over and put their hands on their knees, which caused their short skirts to rise up in back. Everyone could see the VCG girls’ tiny white panties peeking out from under their short skirts. As the spectators gazed at the girls’ little undies, the girls continued to complain about their situation.

A tall blonde named Sarah said, “Those snobbish Harbour College girls are having a lot of fun at our expense. I realize that its one-hand touch anywhere, but do they have to touch us in every place imaginable?”

Nancy said, “I know, those Harbour girls keep grabbing my breasts and my butt.”

Lisa added, “One of those girls keeps reaching between my legs to touch my pussy, even if I don’t have the ball.”

At first, the spectators were eating up the action on the field. However, after a while the crowd wanted to see more. The VCG girls started getting a little nervous when everyone in the stands began yelling, “Skin, skin, skin!”

The Harbour College girls gave the fans a devilish grin and decided to take the game to a new level. On the next play, Sarah ran with the ball for the VCG team and one of the Harbour girls grabbed her skirt. The single button that held the skirt on popped free and the skirt fell to the ground. Another Harbour girl patted Sarah on her panty-clad bottom and the ref blew the whistle. As the crowd cheered, the tall blonde attempted to pull her skirt up, but without the button, the skirt was useless and had to be discarded.

Sarah complained to the ref, “You can’t let those girls pull our skirts off.”

The ref replied, “Sorry, but there’s no rules against it.”

The embarrassed blonde said, “But all we have on are these skimpy little panties. How can we play football with everyone looking at us?”

The ref replied, “Its not my problem” and then he whistled for the game to continue.

On the following play, the same thing happened to Samantha. She was another cute blonde on the VCG team. When Samantha lost her skirt, she was very embarrassed because she was in front of the crowd in her skimpy see-through panties. When she bent over in the huddle, her butt crack was visible right through the thin material of her little undies and the guys in the stands loved the view.

Samantha said, “Girls, we’re in trouble now. Those Harbour girls discovered how easy it is to pull off our skirts. We’re all going to be down to our underwear in no time.”

Lisa said, “And there’s not much we can do about it. If we quite the game, there’s no telling how the VCG administrators would punish us.”

Debbie added, “And I tried getting revenge by yanking on their uniforms, but their shorts are so tight, they won’t come off. Their thick T-shirts won’t rip, either.”

The next play was even more horrific for Nancy. As Nancy ran with the ball, all of the eyes in the stands were upon her. A Harbour girl was able to hook her fingers inside of Nancy’s waistband, but not only did she have a grip on the young girl’s skirt, she also snagged Nancy’s underwear. Nancy’s heart sank as she heard the thin material of her panties tear apart. The scraps of material fell to the turf along with her skirt, leaving the poor girl’s bare ass and strawberry-blonde bush on display for all of the spectators to see.

Nancy was mortified as she went back to the huddle. She had to bend over and put her hands on her knees, leaving her sweet smooth ass completely exposed to everyone in the stands.

Nancy was shaking as she said, “I can’t believe I’m standing here bottomless in front of all these people.”

Sarah said, “Well I think things are going to get worse before they get better. Look over there.”

The VCG girls looked over at the Harbour College girls. They were holding up Nancy’s shredded panties and chanting, “Who’s next! Who’s next!”

Debbie said, “Boy Nancy, there’s not much left of your panties.”

Nancy said, “I know. They tear apart as easy as paper.”

Lisa said, “Oh man, we’re in real trouble. Now those Harbour girls know how easy it is to rip off our underpants. We’re all be going to be naked by half time.”

Sarah added, “And look at all those boys in the stands. They can’t wait to see us loose our clothes.”

The next victim was Samantha. She’d already lost her skirt and as Samantha ran with the ball, a Harbour girl caught her from behind and yanked Samantha’s panties down to her ankles. Samantha tripped over her little underpants and fell to the ground. The panty-less Samantha’s bare butt was pointing up at the crowd and when she stood up, she was even more embarrassed. Samantha had just given herself a clean shave that morning. The hard bodied young girl held her hands in front of her hairless pussy, but when the game continued, there was no way for her to protect her nice smooth snatch from the crowd. Her sweet pussy lips were out there for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

One by one, the VCG girls were loosing their skirts and panties. It was beginning to look more like a wrestling match than a football game. The Harbour girls were struggling to pull the VCG girls’ clothes off and the VCG girls were trying to cling to their last shred of dignity. Finally, the Harbour girls successfully stripped every VCG girl of her skirt and panties. Everyone in attendance was cheering because now all of the VCG girls were naked below the waist.

Lisa’s face was bright red with embarrassment because the boys in the stands were gazing at her neatly trimmed brunette bush. The VCG shirts only came down to the bottom of their breasts, so the young girls had nothing to hide their bare behinds and exposed pussies from the crowd. The Harbour girls were making sure that the fans were given every opportunity to look at what they paid to see.

The touch football game was really getting interesting now. The Harbour girls were merciless as they continued to touch the VCG girls in all of their exposed areas. They were patting the VCG girls on their bare asses and probing the VCG girls’ sensitive butt cracks. It was even turning into a game of tackle football because the Harbour College girls were pulling the VCG girls down and spreading their legs apart, forcing the VCG girls to give beaver shots to the crowd. The boys in the stands cheered wildly every time they were treated to the sight of a VCG girls’ exposed pussy lips.

Samantha took the ball and ran towards the end zone for a VCG touchdown, but the people in the stands were more interested in watching little Lisa. A Harbour girl accidentally pulled on Lisa’s T-shirt and ripped it right off of Lisa’s body. Lisa was left standing on the field completely naked in front of all those spectators. Her firm breasts and pink puffy nipples were on display for all of the men to behold. Lisa tried to use her hands to shield her naked body from the crowd, but it was no use. They could see everything.

The Harbour girls now knew that the VCG thin T-shirts ripped apart quite easily. There wasn’t much time left in the game and the Harbour girls had just one thing on their minds. They wanted to pull the shirts off the rest of the VCG girls. On each play, another VCG girl was stripped of her shirt. The boys in the stands really enjoyed watching the VCG girls run across the field now because the big boobies of the topless girls bounced aimlessly in front of them.

By the time the game had ended, the Harbour girls were successful in their quest to strip all of the VCG girls of their tiny T-shirts. The VCG girls were left standing on the field totally nude, except for their white socks and tennis shoes. The VCG girls won the game, but the Harbour College girls were celebrating because they’d completed their task of humiliated the VCG girls. This infuriated the VCG girls and it was time for the girls to seek their revenge. The VCG girls attached the Harbour College girls and a fight broke out between the two teams.

The VCG girls managed to quickly pull off the Harbour girls’ shorts and expose their little underpants to the crowd. The guys in the stands loved what they were seeing, especially the Harbour hometown schoolboys. The Harbour College girls had a reputation of teasing the guys around town and enticing the guys to spend money on them, but then the Harbour girls acted as if they were to good for the guys when it came time to put out. They rushed the field to watch the stuck up princesses loose their clothes.

After removing the Harbour girls’ shorts, the VCG girls tugged on the Harbour girls’ panties as the Harbour girls struggled to fight the VCG girls off. Many of the Harbour girls had their underpants pulled down to their knees, as the boys that ran onto the field were now only a few feet away. There were eighteen girls showing their young tight pussies and sweet smooth butts to the crowd. The VCG girls were also showing off their firm bouncy breasts and round rosy nipples, but the Harbour College girls were yet to loose their shirts. Some of the men from the stands started to break up the fight, but when they saw the naked VCG girls pulling off the Harbour College girls’ uniforms, they decided to step back and let the fight continue for a while.

With a mob of men standing nearby, the VCG girls managed to remove the panties from all of the Harbour girls’ legs. The Harbour girls were beginning to experience the humiliation that the VCG girls had been subjected to all evening. Their bare behinds and hairy triangles were now on display for all of the men around them to examine. To add to their humiliation, the boys from the Harbour girls’ hometown were only a few feet away and the Harbour girls were the ones who invited them! Some of the boys even had cameras and video recorders, so the activities were being saved for everyone back home to see.

The men let the fight continue until every Harbour College girl lost all of her clothes. Finally, the men intervened to break up the altercation. In the process of breaking up the fight, the men were able to touch a few exposed breasts, naked butts and bare beavers. Through all of the commotion on the field, the Harbour girls’ discarded shorts, panties, T-shirts and sports bras disappeared. They’d become souvenirs of the crowd.

Many of the fans lined up to watch the Harbour College girls board their bus. They were treated to a clear view of the girls’ naked pussies and asses as they climbed the steps of the bus. The Harbour girls felt humiliated because they had to ride home stark naked. However, it was nothing compared to what the VCG girls were going through.

The VCG girls had to walk back to their dormitory in just their white socks and tennis shoes. As they walked across the parking lot, their nude bodies were illuminated by the headlights of the cars as the people tried to exit. They had to listen to the horns honking and the catcalls as they made their way back to the dorm. The VCG girls felt degraded, but at least they found comfort in knowing that the Harbour College girls were sharing in their humiliation.

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