tagIncest/TabooWanda Teaches Her Daughters...

Wanda Teaches Her Daughters...


Wanda Teaches Her Daughters To Fuck

Not intended for readers under 18 years of age. Please go away NOW if hardcore, kinky sex between women offends you. The theme of this story is INCEST between female adults.

Pete and Wanda spent the Friday night at a restaurant in Wattford, England. It was the start of the Summer Vacation and their two of their three children were at home, looking forward to a whole ten weeks off school. The eldest, Brett, was twenty-one and a junior at University; he had come home long enough to pack his camping gear, then he was off with his pals to Manchester for two weeks. Krystal & Tiffany, their 20 year old twins, were University sophomores. Pete was a firefighter, tall and rugged and very physically fit for a man of thirty-nine. He had short brown hair and blue eyes and looked very smart that evening in his black suit, white cotton shirt and black silk tie.

His wife, Wanda, was thirty-eight years old, a pretty, sexily-built blond who simply oozed sexuality. A proud nymphomaniac , she was fortunate enough to have married a man who more than able to satisfy her limitless sexual appetites. She was five-five and slender, with long honey-blonde hair, big dark eyes, and a sweet smile .She was built like a brick shit-house: 40DD-24-38. She wore a little black dress, low cut to show off her cleavage, and had received numerous admiring stares from both male and female diners. Wanda had a great ass, round and firm, and she liked showing it off with dresses such as this which tightly hugged her curvy butt.

The couple were grade school sweethearts who had married right after high-school. They'd started their family almost immediately, which accounted for the age difference between them and their kids. After almost twenty years of marriage, they were still very devoted to each other. It was a little after 10pm when they finished their meal and left the restaurant.

"Shall we go for a drink then?" Pete asked his wife as they stood on the sidewalk.

"Let's go home instead," Wendy replied.

"You don't want a lil' drinky-poo?"

"No, tonight. I'm feeling a bit...tired."

"You mean horny, don't you?" smirked Pete, putting his arm round Wanda. He suddenly felt horny, knowing that Wanda who was just as much a nympho now as she's been when they'd first met, was more than up for a long night of hot, nasty sex the same thing as him. He felt his big cock stir to life as he pressed closer to his mate's luscious curves.

"Yeah, a nice early night," Wendy smiled, turning her face up for a kiss. Pete hailed a cab, and they were headed for home a few minutes later.

Halfway home, Pete got a call on his cell-phone: it was the firestation, alerting him to a three-alarm fire in the southern part of the village .

Pete had the cabbie change course and drop him at the fire station, and Wanda continued home.

Pete and Wanda's house was a large suburban single-story home, set back from the quiet road. It was ten-thirty, the neighborhood quiet and the roads empty. On impulse, Wanda decided not to go through the front door; she wanted to see what her darling daughters were up to. They didn't expect their parents back until much later, and God help them if they'd sneaked in any young punks, against her explicit instructions.

She followed the side of the house, where the kid's bedrooms were, all in a row. Each had a big window and Wendy noticed that the girl's window had a light on. Wendy went up to the window, tip-toeing.

She peered through the gap in the drapes into her daughter's room. The buxom blonde mother's jaw dropped at the sight of her darling twin girls engaging in a torrid "69"!

Right there, on one of the two twin beds, the two beauties were going at it like there was no tomorrow, and they seemed to be quite knowledgeable about how the act was done.

Both girls were blonde, like their mother, with trim but shapely figures. They were as pretty as their mother, and seemingly just as much a hot-pants slut as Wanda.

Krystal was on top, and Wanda could see that she had her sister's pretty pink pussy spread and was diving-in like a carpet-munching pro. From the looks of things, the youngsters were having the time of their lives! Wendy found herself getting hot at the lewd spectacle. She felt that she should have been repulsed, but she wasn't. She wanted to get in on the action, God help her!

"Well," whispered Wanda to herself, stepping away from the window, "Now I know why they're so pleased when we say we're going out for the evening."

"I should go in and catch them at it," Wendy thought suddenly. "I should go in and join them; why should they have all the fun?."

Wanda tip-toed round to the front of the house, unlocking and silently opening the front door. She tip-toed through the living room, down the hallway leading to the kid's bedrooms until she reached the door with "Twins' Room" written on a small sign that they'd had since they were kids. The door was closed but the unmistakable sounds of hot sex could be heard.

"Here we go," Wanda smirked to herself, naughtily, then lightly knocked on the door before opening it.

"Fuck, fuck," Krystal began spluttering, looking-up from her sister's soaking-wet pussy.

"Don't mind me!" Wanda grinned.

"Shit," spluttered Krystal again.

"Uh...um...hi mom," Tiffany smiled nervously.

"Having fun?" asked Wanda with a smile, now totally turned-on at the sight of her naked daughters. Both young women seemed a bit nervous to be naked in front of their own mother, and in the circumstances she'd caught them in, but they didn't seem nearly as ill-at-ease as they should have been.

"Yeah," Krystal replied, still nervous, "Erm...we weren't doing nothing. Well, we were...but y'know, we didn't think there was any harm in it."

"There isn't any harm in it," grinned Wanda, "I saw you through the window just now; if I'd disapproved I'd have stormed in then and told you to cut it out. But I very much approve. It's nice you kids get on so er...well."

"So you don't mind us having sex?" Tiffany asked, surprised. "You won't make us stop?"

"Not at all; I'd like to join in, show you two how it's really done," Wanda said. She moved closer to the bed and turned her back to them. "Will one of you unzip me?"

Krystal was the one who reached-out to unzip her mom's dress. She slipped the garment off so she stood in just her black high heels, lacy red bra and matching panties. She also wore a fancy red suspender belt and black stockings. Humming happily, she took off her bra, but left on the rest of her underwear. Her nipples were erect and she wore no knickers; her cunt, to the twins' surprise, was completely shaved and glistening wetly.

"Do you like my body as much as your sister's?" Wanda asked Krystal, turning full-around to display her abundant charms.

"Yeah mum," said Krystal, her confidence growing, "You're really sexy!"

"What about you Tiffany?" Wanda asked her daughter, "Do you like your mum's body?"

"Mmmm, yeah," Tiffany nodded, gaining confidence: her hands now hanging by her side as she knelt on the bed, unconsciously parting her thighs a little to show off her cunt. It was adorned with only a small amount of blonde hair, her cunt-lips very wet and her inner-thighs slick with sweat and pussy juice.

"I love your big tits, mummy," she said, admiring her mother just as her twin was doing. Wanda smiled, glad that - like her – the twins clearly swung both ways. Wanda had fucked a lot of women, often in front of her husband, and she was turned on by the idea of fucking her beautiful young twin girls.

"How long have you two been at it?" Wendy asked, casually.

"About six months," admitted Krystal. "We just can't keep our hands off of each other!"

"How very sweet, and so very kinky!" Wanda giggled. "Well then," she went on, "I'm getting quite horny. Move over , will you?"

Both girls liked this idea. They shifted to the side of the bed and watched their slutty mom get into position. Wanda winked cheekily at them both as she got onto the bed, laying down on her back and spreading her thighs.

Their mother was obviously a wanton whore and both girls were more than eager to take advantage of the unexpected but welcome interruption.

"Come to mama, Tiffany," Wendy growled throatily, holding her arms out in welcome. "Kneel, so that Krystal can get at you from behind." Mother and daughter snogged passionately, tongues battling like dueling swords as Krystal settled-in behind her sister.

Tiffany filled her small hands with Wanda's abundant breast-flesh, kneading it lovingly as their tongues flicked and darted back and forth. The girl really knew how to kiss! Krystal, meanwhile, was busily licking Tiffany's hot, wet cunt while fingering her mom's horny crack. "Yes, baby, nurse me," Wanda muttered, as Tiffany lowered her head and captured a thick, corky nipple between her hungry lips. She's never admitted it aloud, but she'd often cum while nursing her babies. Her big, dark nipples were very sensitive and Tiffany's greedy sucking was starting to drive her wild.

To distract herself, Wanda reached between Tiffany's legs and slipped a pair of fingers into her daughter's dripping slit; the depraved mother cried-out as Tiffany responded by biting into the thick butt of her left nipple. After a bit, the women changed positions, with Krystal and Tiffany lying back against the headboard and their mom serving their sweet, nearly hairless cunts. Wanda had been having sex with women since she was 18, and she knew her way around a female snatch like few other women. Her expert tongue soon had both women screaming and twisting, writhing and cumming almost uncontrollably, repeatedly and copiously. Their hot, sweet woman-cum was like nectar of the gods to the depraved mother. They soon changed positions again, with Krystal having a turn at her mother's juicy pussy.

"Rub my clit," Wanda panted, "Use your fingertips on it-ooh that's it darling!-lick, me baby; lick your slutty mum's cunt...that's it...ooo, you give such good head...oh darling-you naughty girl; fingering your mother's arse!Oh, gawd!" Tiffany had taken-up with her mom's heavy tits again, worshipping the lush mounds with fingers, tongue, and nibbling teeth. Wendy chuckled throatily; Tiffany's mammary-lust reminded her of a "fling" she'd had with an African American woman a few years ago; the two would get together for coffee after getting husbands and children off to school and work, and their morning housework was done ; not more than a few minutes would pass before LaVerne the tit-loving minx would have Wanda's top off and be feasting on her succulent jugs; sometimes she couldn't even wait to get her bra off! She also had a fetish for anal sex, and Wanda had spent many a long afternoon on all fours while LaVerne busted her butthole wide open with her 12" black rubber strap-on cock, Black Beauty. She'd enjoyed backdoor with Pete on more than one occasion, but no man could deliver a good, old-fashioned, "down-home, country" butt-fuckin' like LaVerne!

"You girls interested in something a bit more kinky?" she managed to gasp. The twins were, of course, more than eager to experience even more depraved acts with their slut mother. "Krystal, go into my room and look in the bottom drawer of my nightstand, honey, and bring me back the what you find there; there's a good girl," Wanda panted. Krystal was off in a flash. Mother and child continued toying with each other while she was gone. A few minutes passed, and Krystal came back from her errand. Tiffany looked with curiosity at the contraption her sister handed-over. It was a big rubber dildo, about 11" long and quite thick. It was pink, attached to a leather harness.

"What in the world?" Tiffany murmured, intrigued.

"It's called a 'strappie'; a woman can wear it to fuck another woman," Wanda replied, taking possession of the dong. "Stand closer, Krystal."

She quickly and expertly buckled the cock around her daughter's waist, cinching it tight.

Krystal winced. "Is it supposed to be this tight?"

"Yes, darling; don't fret, you'll get used to it."

"Why does she get to go first?" Tiffany whined.

"You can go first next time, sweets?" Wanda winked.

She took the fat head of the prick between her lips and in one smooth motion, deep-throated the long shaft without a hint of gag. She left streaks of red lipstick on the latex as she bobbed her head up and down. The twins were mesmerized at the salicious sight. After a few minutes, Wanda pulled away and knelt on the edge of the bed, and positioning herself on all fours, presented her well-padded backside to her horny offspring. "Put that thing in me, darling," she cooed.

Krystal moved behind her mom and spent a moment licking her pussy and asshole before kneeling up and pushing the dildo up into her mother's cunt. A surge of animal lust suddenly rushed her.

She growled, "I'm gonna fuck you like the bitch you are, mum!"

"Aaah, that's fucking nice," sighed the busty mother, as the thick intrusion hit the back of her womb.

After a few moments of awkward pumping, Krystal found her rhythm and was soon steadily humping away at her mother's juicy gash.

"You love it, you slut," Krystal grunted, a hand on each side of her mother's garter-belted hips as she pounded-away.

"Ahhh! You are so good at this, baby...are you sure you've never used one of these before?" Wanda gasped.

Krystal relied in the negative.

Tiffany knelt beside her hornily-rutting relatives and while fingering her own over-heated cunny tugged and pinched the nipples of her mom's hanging teats.

Krystal stared at the dark, slightly-misshapen pucker between her mother's spread buttocks as she continued driving the dildo forward intoher mother's wide-open snatch.

"What's the meaning of this, mother?" she teased, poking a finger at the inviting anal grommet.

"Are you a nasty anal slut as well?"

"Y-y-our dad fucks me there sometimes," the whorish housewife confessed.

"After I finish with your slutty-cunt I'm going to anal-fuck you; what do you think of that?"

"Whatever you want, my darling strappie-wielding daughter," came the panted reply.

"Not until I get my turn!" Tiffany quickly interjected.

To be continued...

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