tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife with Adam Pt. 05

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 05


I was sitting just a couple doors down from my house, in my car, trying to decide what my next move was. My choices included just leaving, and pretending like it never happened. Or I could leave, and talk with her later about it when I was a bit more clear headed. I also thought about running in, yelling at her and thrusting the video in her face.

I took a deep breath. Okay, a few deep breaths. This is what I actually wanted. I did want K to go have sex with another man, and I wanted to see it. That was true, and it was pretty sexy. I was quite aroused. But she had lied about it, hidden it from me. That part left me feeling betrayed. I don't think I was feeling jealous, but maybe I should have been. Sorting through these thoughts and thinking about the future gave me a clarity about what I wanted. I wanted a hot wife. I wanted her to do things like she had just done, and I wanted her to stay with me. I wanted her to always come back. Really this was my chance.

So I decided to pull up to the house. I slowly and deliberately walked from my car to the front door, thinking carefully about my words and actions. Yes this was the wife and the life that I wanted. I also knew that there was some specific things I wanted right then. I opened the door quietly. I didn't hear anything. I walked into the kitchen, she didn't seem to be there. I went down the hall, to the master bedroom. There was my beautiful wife. She was laying down on the carpet, her little dress was a mess. She looked like she had passed out, exhausted. I knew what I wanted, I just hoped she was okay with it.

I approached her quietly. I could kind of see her panties still on, and they looked like they were wet. That wasn't surprising, given what I had just seen. I carefully laid down next to her, and slowly stroked her cheek until her eyes opened. When she realized it was me, I saw a look of fear in her eyes. Maybe she realized I knew. I spoke softly to her.

"I saw everything. I saw you with Adam. I saw him fuck you in the kitchen."

Then I paused briefly. She took a big breath and was about to start blurting out a defense. Or an apology. But before she could, I placed my finger on her lips, quieting her. I had one more thing to say.

"That was the sexiest thing I've ever see. In my life. I love you."

With that, I slid down between her legs. I gently pulled her legs apart and her skirt up. I slowly touched her thighs and her very moist panties. I guided her hips up slightly, and slid her panties down her legs and off her feet. Before she out her hips back down, I placed my hands under her butt, so that her pussy would remain tilted up.

I carefully extended my tongue. I licked around her outer lips, and gently parted them with my tongue. She tasted like her usual taste. But I was hoping for more. I spread her legs a little farther, and let pulled my hands out from under her, without ever letting my lips and tongue leave her vagina. I wasn't focused on her clit, I wasn't trying to pleasure her right then, I had something else in mind.

As my tongue continued to probe inside her, I was rewarded with exactly what I was looking for. A salty, slightly sweet taste. A thicker liquid than her sweat and juices. I had never tasted another mans ejaculate before, but I had tried mine once or twice out of curiosity. I first became interested when a girlfriend kissed me after a nice swallowing blow job years ago. So I knew the taste. Adam's sperm was now spilling out of my wife, and into my waiting mouth. I carefully licked up everything I could get. The taste of it only increased my hunger and my hunger and desire.

Up until that point, I wasn't sure that K got what I was doing exactly. But then she spoke.

"Lie down on the floor, face up."

As she said this, she covered her pussy with her hand, forcing me to move away from it. I did as she asked. She brought her legs over my face, and sat down on my face. Her hand was still covering her, but otherwise my lips would already have been back on her sweet vagina.

She spoke again "You want his cum, don't you?"

I didn't say anything.

She now demanded. "Tell me you want it. Now. Or I'm going to leave and go clean up."

I couldn't take that risk. I yelled out. I wanted his sperm in my mouth. I wanted to swallow it all down out of her. Thankfully she didn't torture me anymore. She moved her hand away, and shoved herself in my mouth. More of the salty fluid flowed onto my tongue, and I eagerly lapped it up. I continued to suck on her, trying to get every last drop out. Even when it was gone, I kept going. I felt like I was being rewarded.

She then said "Now lick me. I want to cum again. Like I did when Adam fucked me."

I didn't hesitate. I slowly licked up and down each of her lips, I kissed her very hard little clitoris. I wrapped my lips around it, and began to slowly flick it with my tongue. She liked it when I was soft with my work on her. But I quickly realized this time was different. She began grinding hard into my mouth and chin. She was riding my face. It actually was quite uncomfortable for me, but I didn't want to let her down. I kept going. Now it was no longer me licking her really, she was using my lips, my tongue and chin to get herself off. She rode me hard. Soon she was screaming out, and fell over, her spent pussy still on my face.

I wanted to move, I wanted to fuck her, but she rolled off my face, onto her belly. She closed her eyes. She then told me "You can jerk off if you want to. I'm tired." As she drifted off to sleep, I did exactly that. I came quickly, relaxed, and fell asleep next to her on the floor.

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by Anonymous

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by oldbearswitch09/17/18

Deceit, Disrespect, bitchiness, abrogation, wussy-ness, selfishness

Yeah, lots to root for in this chapter

Wife character just jumped the shark

Her wife-boy is headed for the same if they don't fight next chapter. She's got serious corporal punishment coming.

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by Whackdoodle09/15/18

He should be furious at her betrayal.

I don’t care how hot he thinks it is, there has to be honesty in their marriage or they may as well sign the fucking divorce papers. Telling her how hot it was simply says that lying and cheating wasmore...

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by sbrooks103x09/15/18


I can't understand writers who in the span of a week submit five one-page chapters.

Why not wait a week and submit a five-page story?

Even assuming logical breaks, you can still put chapter headingsmore...

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by Impo_6509/15/18


Now that it’s out in the open and both of them understand what they each want, their marriage is going to get so much better. The adventi that await are incredible. Thank a for the story.

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by gmann5709/15/18

had a good story going until you became a pussy, Fuck thats so nasty

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