tagBDSMWhen Slave Met Her Master

When Slave Met Her Master


slave was nervous. The plane was about to touchdown at the airport, and her master was only a few minutes away from taking control of his most prized possession. She had prepared as he instructed - she was in a very flattering dark navy business suit with a short skirt. She was wearing dark stockings held up by a garter belt with a matching lace bra, and, as he had told her, before the pilot began his descent, she had gone into the lavatory and removed her black panties. Her upper thighs squirmed together, already starting to get slick with her juice.

"Welcome to Chicago - the local time is 1:45 and the temperature outside is a balmy 31 degrees. Enjoy your stay." The seat-belt sign dinged off, and passengers began the scramble for bags and coats as they prepared to leave the plane. slave stood up and grabbed her black overcoat from the bin as well as her bag full of clothes and toys that her Master had her bring. She took a deep breath and exited the plane, making her way towards baggage claim where Master had told her to go to meet him.

slave made one last turn, and then she saw Him - He was resting casually, leaning up again the far wall reading a magazine. He had on a black driving coat, a navy blazer and brown slacks. He hadn't noticed her yet and didn't look up from his reading as slave made her way over to him.

"Drop your eyes to the ground and be quiet." His voice was soft with core of steel to it. slave gasped and quickly dropped her gaze. She had been admiring her Master and was about to greet Him, to let Him know that she was there, just a few feet away. He knew she was there all along. "Follow me. Stay a few steps behind me and to my left at all times. You will carry your own bags." He paused for a moment. "I am glad that you are here, my slave." She could detect the faintest hint of amusement in his voice as he instructed her, before realizing that he had already set off towards the parking lot. She scurried to catch up.

The open air parking lot was cold, certainly colder than Tennessee had been. slave followed Master towards the car, parked in a distant, secluded corner of the parking lot, her legs, hands and face chilled from the cold. When they got to the car, Master popped the trunk and slave put her things in. "Come over here" Master instructed her. slave walked over to the side of the car. Master ran a finger along the side of her face, along her cheek, across her chin and down her throat to her chest. "Very nice..." he murmured. slave shivered at his touch. He continued to touch her, caressing her winter chilled skin with a featherlight touch, his hand straying across her face, behind her head and through her hair. He lifted her chin up with a finger... "You may look at me, my pet."

slave slowy brought her gaze up and took in his face, his sensuous mouth, his masculine beard and his strong, blue diamond eyes. A smile took his face, and slave quivered, her legs weak as she smiled too. "Stand still" he instructed her, as she began to lunge towards him. He unbuttoned her coat, and slipped his hands inside it, pulling her close to him. His hands rested on her the curve of her hips and slowly moved upwards along the side of her body, brushing the side of her breasts before moving back down, past her hips, to her thighs and bottom. "Very, very nice" he whispered.

With that, he slowly brought one hand up her thighs and between her legs. "Look at me, slave" he commanded, holding her gaze with his own as he traced one finger across her slick treasure. "Very good, you have done has I have instructed" he said, pleased with the compliance she had shown him already. With that, he grasped her head with both hands, winding her hair in his fingers and pulled her to him, taking a deep, hot wet kiss from her willing lips.

"Turn around, slave." She did so unwillingly, not wanting to break the kiss. She jumped when the first heavy handed spank fell on her buttocks, then thrust her ass out to catch the next ones that came.

She had forgotten about the cold winter air, but that came rushing back to her as Master pulled up her skirt, exposing her bare bottom to the harsh Chicago winter. He quickly pressed himself against her, his crotch to her bum, his chest to her back. He whispered in her ear: "what is your name?"

"Julie" she breathed...

"Wrong!" he spanked her hard. "What is your name" he repeated.

"slave" she answered correctly. He spanked her again.

"slave what?" he asked.

"slave, sir" she responded, her head spinning, her pussy juice running down her thighs.

"Yes. Who does this pussy belong to?"

"You" she said, "it is all for you."

With that, he took her. He took her right there, in the corner of a dark, dirty Chicago airport parking lot. His cock was like a red hot steel bar, plunging into her moist depths, spreading her tight crevice open. He speared into her, pushing himself into her belly. He was not gentle, he did not take his time. In one, savage, hard, strong thrust, she was his, mind, body and soul.

"You are mine, never forget it" he said, as he pumped her wet pussy with his thick cock. "I shall use you this weekend, like you have never been used before." He pulled her hair, hard, snapping her head back so he could kiss her. "I will fuck your mouth. I will fuck your pussy. I will fuck your ass" he told her, as he slapped and spanked those reddening buttocks. "And I will punish you, for your willfulness, your disobedience, and just because you are my slave. You will do things this weekend that you have never even imagined." With that, Master reached around and grabbed her clit. He rubbed it and twisted it, and slave came, and came and came. She screamed out loud, oblivious to anyone who could hear, her whole mind focused on her cum as it gripped her Master's cock and her whole body. Master came too, his hot sperm pumping out of his tool, filling her pussy with hot, white cum.

When he pulled himself out of her, she felt so empty, so incomplete. "Get in the car, we need to get to the hotel, get settled and start having some fun" he told her. She did so, thinking that she was having fun already, sitting down with contentment as cum and wetness trickled out of her stretched and sore pussy.

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