When Wishes Have Come True


Sure enough, Eric groaned deeply, though he still managed to hold back.

"Come on baby, cum for me Eric." Alicia teased, her eyes practically glowing and her mouth slightly open, giving her the look of the horny slut that she felt like right then.

"Fuck!" Her boyfriend's friend exclaimed, leaning his head back into the pillow and closing his eyes, revelling in the intense feel of Alicia's hand working up and down his hard cock.

"Mmm, baby," Alicia purred as she looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend, her hand flying rapidly up and down Eric's thick shaft, "I think your friend likes it when I play with his dick."

"I think you're right." Nick replied, his own dick hard and now pressing against Alicia's ass as she lay in his arms.

Turning to look back at Eric, Alicia smiled hornily as their eyes met, however it was Nick's next words that sent a shudder of pure lust through her body.

"Maybe you should give him a kiss; that might help him 'relieve his tension'." Her loving boyfriend added and Alicia's heart beat faster and a breathy moan escaped her lips as she watched Eric roll closer towards her.

With her hand still jacking his dick furiously, Alicia felt Eric's lips press firmly against hers before his tongue began exploring her mouth for the second time that night while his hand slid up onto her large tits and began squeezing them roughly as their lips smacked loudly and passionately.

"Mmmph!" The stunning, brunette girlfriend moaned into her boyfriend's friend's mouth as her hand picked up a little more speed.

The feel of Eric's hand mauling her big tits while they kissed hotly, and while her hand flew up and down his ragingly hard cock, while her own boyfriend held her from behind sent Alicia to new heights of horniness. Oh, she was so fucking incredibly hot! This whole situation was intense!

Suddenly Eric broke the kiss and began to eagerly kiss her neck and shoulders, sending waves of burning heat through Alicia's already horny body. Closing her eyes she continued pumping her fist up and down his cock as she breathed heavily, leaning her head back slightly towards Nick.

"Oh baby, mmm, I...I don't think your friend...is getting any sleepier...umm..." Alicia sighed hotly, her body on fire as her hand squeezed and flew.

"Mmm, any ideas?" Nick asked as he gently began kissing the back of her neck.

The feel of the attention of these two men was driving Alicia wild! She had never felt so wanted and so fucking hot before! However, when Nick asked her that question, the only answer that flew through her mind in the midst of that torrent of lust, was that she just desperately wanted Eric to slam that huge cock into her and fuck the life out of her right then and there until she came screaming like she had earlier.

Thoughts and feelings flooded through Alicia's body like a raging torrent. The feel of both guys, either side of her, as they kissed and touched her was driving her crazy. That was when one thought blazed in her mind and made her stomach writhe with wild horniness.

Gently kissing her boyfriend while her hand continued to pump up and down his friend's hard, thick cock, Alicia spoke breathily.

"I'm feeling a little hungry baby..." Alicia breathed heatedly, her eyes burning like her pussy, "...I'd really like something stuffed in my mouth..." She continued between gentle kisses, her hand never breaking pace tightly up and down Eric's rock-hard dick, "...would you like to see me suck your friend's dick baby, suck his big, hard cock while you watch...like you...mmmm...watched him fuck me earlier...would you like that baby?"

The sudden tight grip around Alicia's waist, pulling her firmly against Nick's solidly hard dick behind her gave Alicia her boyfriend's answer. With a playfully amused smile, and a small chuckle that matched, Alicia kissed him once more.

"You like the idea of watching your girlfriend suck your friend's dick on our bed then baby?" Alicia teased and Nick's eyes grew dangerously hungry. "I'd better get to it, your friend needs his sleep."

Her boyfriend smiled in return and gave her one last loving kiss before Alicia turned to face Eric once more, who now had his eyes squeezed tightly shut and was groaning from the loving attention her hand was giving him.

"Mmm, Eric, you have such a good friend. Nick is going to let his girlfriend help you get to sleep baby." Alicia purred and Eric opened his glazed eyes. Oh, he wasn't going to last long once she slid his dick down her throat that was for sure.

Eric's only response was to reach up and squeeze her large, heavy, naked tits once more, his fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh as he massaged her succulent tits before letting go once more. Alicia let him have his feel, enjoying her boyfriend's friend's touch as much as he enjoyed groping her, before she smiled teasingly, and biting her lower lip kept her eyes locked on his as she moved herself closer to him.

At first Eric moved to kiss her, however Alicia lowered her neck and moved to gently kiss his toned chest, bending slightly at the waist that her boyfriend still held. Kissing slowly further down Eric's muscular chest, Alicia was soon bent over on the bed kissing his stomach and moaning breathily as she felt Nick's hard dick pressing against the back of her legs. Oh, how she wanted him to ram that gorgeous dick of his into her right then, that would have been so hot, sucking his friend's dick while he fucked her! However, her loving boyfriend seemed lost in the scene of watching his girlfriend slowly kiss her way down towards his friend's big dick to even think about giving her a second one to enjoy, and so as Alicia's soft lips pressed against Eric's stomach, only inches from Eric's hard dick and her hand that still continued to jack furiously up and down, Nick released his grip from around her.

At first Alicia was slightly irritated, he had wasted a perfect opportunity to send her over the edge there, however the irritation didn't last long as Eric's dick suddenly filled the intensely horny girlfriend's eyes, and all thoughts of anything but that nine inch thick rod were driven from her lust-filled mind. Sliding down the bed slowly, Alicia kept her fist tightly pumping as she moved closer to Eric, her big naked tits pressing hard against his leg as she moved her beautiful face closer to his impressive dick, her eyes on his.

"Mmm, this looks delicious," Alicia purred heatedly, her eyes smouldering as she slowly opened her mouth only an inch from Eric's hard cock, her hot breath teasing him intensely. "Is it for me?"

Eric looked tormented, his expression one of desperate anguish and Alicia couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement at the power she had over her boyfriend's friend, not to mention how horny she was making him, that made her feel incredible.

"It's all for you Liss." Eric replied in a husky, horny voice. "Now be a good girl and eat it all up."

Giving him a horny smile as her eyes glinted, Alicia moved closer, gently kissing the large head of Eric's amazing cock. The initial touch sent a blazing sensation through Alicia's body at the same time as Eric let out a deep breath of excitement. The horny girlfriend looked from her boyfriend's friend down to his nine inch dick that was in her tightly grasping fist, her heart pounding. Here she was, about to suck his impressive dick while her boyfriend just lay next to them and watched, just like he had while his friend had fucked her so good earlier.

With that thought in mind, Alicia once more touched her lips to the tip of Eric's dick, once, twice, three times in sensuous kisses before she parted her lips and slowly lowered her mouth over the thick head. Pressing her lips around Eric's thick cock, Alicia slowly slid her mouth down the long shaft, sliding more and more of her boyfriend's friend's nine inches deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Still squeezing the thick shaft in her right hand, Alicia looked up at Eric as he stared hornily down at her as his thick dick hit the back of her throat before she once more slid her mouth up the long length and seductively pulled her lips from his dick.

"Mmmm, I love having a big dick in my mouth." The hot brunette girlfriend purred as she once more kissed down Eric's dick before running her tongue all the way back up the long shaft.

"Fuck! You're driving me crazy Liss!" Eric panted and Alicia smiled to herself before looking over to her boyfriend, her face less than an inch from his friend's dick that she held tightly in her hand.

"Enjoy watching me give your friend a blowjob baby," Alicia purred heatedly, "Because I'm going to enjoy sucking his big dick."

Nick's eyes blazed with horniness as his hand once more jacked his ragingly hard cock. Alicia's smile deepened as she once more took Eric's dick deep into her hot mouth.

Eric reached down to run his fingers through Alicia's soft brown hair as she expertly bobbed her head up and down his ragingly hard dick as her hand jacked furiously up and down the thick length. Her luscious lips were wrapped tightly around the thick shaft and her tongue swirled across the tip as she sucked harder and harder each time she slid her mouth up, never quite taking his hard cock from her lips before once more slamming her face down the fat dick that continuously pressed against the back of her throat.

"Fuck! You're a hot little cocksucker Liss!" Eric groaned as he leaned his head up to look down at his friend's girlfriend as she met his eyes. Damn! It was so hot staring into his friend's girlfriend's eyes as she bobbed her head up and down his hard dick! Fuck!

"Mmmmmph!" Alicia moaned in reply around the thick cock meat stuffed in her mouth before she once more lowered her mouth to her hand, this time relaxing her throat and allowing one fat inch of Eric's hard dick to slide down her hot, tight throat.

FUCK! She looked so hot with that gorgeous face, her mouth a wide 'O' as she looked into his eyes with seven inches of his raging dick buried in her mouth. Nick must be crazy to let his girlfriend suck another guy's dick! But fuck, Eric was not complaining at all!

"Damn!" Eric grunted again as Alicia apparently tried to suck the cum from his balls as she pulled her mouth to the tip, swirling her hot tongue around the head as she repeatedly sucked hard, filling the room with lewd slurping noises.


...Filled the room as Alicia sucked the head of Eric's dick as if she were making out with her boyfriend, her tongue dancing and her lips sliding as she sucked hard, before finally she lowered her mouth down the hard shaft, though this time once her soft lips met her hand and that thick inch slide tightly down her hot throat, Alicia removed her hand and grasped Eric's hips.

Making sure their eyes remained locked, Alicia slowly worked another inch into her throat, relaxing and squeezing one after the other as she took deep breaths, obviously never having had so much dick in her mouth before. However the stunning brunette girlfriend worked eight inches of Eric's hot, solid dick into her mouth and down her tight throat, however she wasn't done there. With a look of horny determination, Alicia breathed in deeply and worked the last inch of Eric's huge dick into her mouth and throat, and with an agonizingly satisfied grunt, Eric felt his friend's girlfriend's lips rest at the base of his dick as she stared up at him triumphantly.

If the stunning girlfriend could have smiled while impaled on so much cock meat, she would have; at least Eric was sure that was what she was trying to do as she turned her eyes to look over at her boyfriend as her mouth and throat were stuffed full of his friend's hard dick.

Running his hands through her long hair, Eric repeatedly grabbed and released a handful of Alicia's hair as she began to tighten and relax her throat around his thick dick. Groaning deeply and letting his head fall back, Eric felt Alicia slide his thick cock from her throat, sliding her lips and dragging her teeth gently all the way back up the shaft until she pulled her mouth from his dick with an audible pop.

Eric, breathing heavily, looked up to her as she swallowed, her eyes practically glowing in the dark now.

"Have you ever had a girl swallow all your cock before?" Alicia purred triumphantly as she once more wrapped her slender fingers around his thick, and now slick, shaft, squeezing gently.

"Fuck, no." Eric answered honestly as he stared at this gorgeous woman holding his dick.

With a very pleased, very horny smile, Alicia once more lowered her mouth to his dick and releasing her grip, once again sank his entire dick into her mouth and throat before swiftly bobbing her head up and down the whole nine inches, sucking so hard Eric grunted in pleasure.

"UGH FUCK! Man! Nick...man...fuck...your girlfriend is the fucking best at sucking...dick man! Fuck!" Eric growled in a tight voice, his hand reaching down to roughly grab one of Alicia's big tits that hung beneath her, swinging wildly as her head moved swiftly up and down his raging dick.

"Ohmmmpph!" Alicia groaned deeply around his dick, working even harder as she heard him speak to her boyfriend.

Squeezing her large breast hard, his fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh, Eric grunted again as Alicia sucked his dick deep into her throat over and over.

"Ughmm, yeah! Suck my dick Liss! Fuck yeah! Damn man, your girl's really getting in to sucking my dick...fuck...she's trying to suck the cum out of my balls man!" Eric groaned, relishing in the feel of Alicia's hot, wet mouth and the feel of her large, heavy breast in his hands. Why Nick would want to watch his girlfriend get so in to sucking another guy's dick was beyond him, but fuck was she good!

Over and over again Alicia's mouth slid swiftly up and down his nine inch dick, his thick cock filling her mouth and throat, her lips sliding tightly all the way from tip to base as her tongue swirled manically, and all the while Alicia sucked like she needed his cum to live.

Fucking her face on his huge dick, Alicia only broke eye contact with him when she looked over to her boyfriend, all the while her mouth slid tightly up and down his friend's huge cock.

"Mmm, baby, are you gonna cum for me?" Alicia purred breathily as she pulled her mouth from his dick, pumping his thick shaft with her hand as she stared hornily into his eyes.

"Fuck...yeah...Liss!" Eric grunted in a tight voice, he wasn't far off already. Damn this girl was good! "Are you gonna be a good girl and swallow it all?"

Alicia's eyes sparkled and she bit her lower lip, her fist jacking that much harder at his words.

"Mmmm, you want to cum in my mouth while my boyfriend watches Eric, and you want me to swallow all your hot cum while he watches, like a good little slut, hmm?" Alicia purred hotly and Eric couldn't hold back a groan of his own. Fuck this girl was driving him over the edge. As he nodded in reply, Alicia's smile deepened. "I better ask my boyfriend if he wouldn't mind his friend filling my mouth and stomach up with his cum, just like you filled my pussy with your hot, thick cum earlier."

With those incredibly hot words Alicia ran her tongue over the tip of Eric's dick as she turned her eyes to her boyfriend.

"Mmm, baby, your friend tastes so good, I love the way he fills my mouth with his big dick." The horny girlfriend said teasingly. Nick's eyes glowed as much as his girlfriend's and Alicia smiled dirtily as she continued. "Nick baby, would you mind if your friend filled my mouth with his cum and pumped it all down your girlfriend's throat? I think he'd really love to."

As she finished speaking Alicia once more danced her soft, wet tongue over the tip of Eric's dick before she sucked noisily on the head before once more pulling her lips from his thick shaft and letting her tongue dance over the top with a playful smile on her face, all the while staring hornily into Nick's eyes. Eric knew he couldn't hold on much longer.

"Do you want to do it babe?" Nick asked in a strained voice from how unbelievably horny he was feeling right then.

Alicia's smile deepened and she purred hornily before she answered.

"I want to feel his hot, thick cum sliding down my throat baby...mmmm...I want to swallow every drop." She replied, her hand reaching up to squeeze her large breast.

Nick simply smiled, giving his girlfriend his answer and Alicia smiled deeper before mouthing the words 'I love you'. Turning once more to look deep into Eric's eyes, Alicia kissed the tip of his dick before running her tongue down the nine inch shaft, kissing her way back up as she spoke.

"You should thank your friend baby for letting you cum in his girlfriend's mouth...mmm...for letting his girlfriend swallow all your hot cum down her throat." She purred heatedly, the passion burning in her voice as once again Alicia's hot lips covered the tip of Eric's dick, her mouth slowly sinking down all nine inches of his thick cock.

Groaning deeply Eric moaned, "Fuck Nick man, thanks. Thanks for letting your...ugh...girlfriend swallow my cum man...damn! Fuck Liss, your mouth is so hot baby!"

With those words, Alicia once more renewed her efforts and before long her head was once again bobbing swiftly up and down the entire nine inches of her boyfriend's friend's thick dick. Her hair lightly bounced as she rapidly swallowed inch after inch into her mouth and throat, while her big 36D tits bounced lustfully with one of her hands roughly squeezing Eric's hand into her tits as her hot mouth worked his dick.

Eric, occasionally letting his head fall back in pleasure, tried hard to keep eye contact with her, as he relished in the feel of his friend's stunning girlfriend sucking him off while her boyfriend lay a foot or so away watching them intently. Fuck she felt good, both her tits and her mouth, and damn she was the hottest woman he had ever seen in his life, it just made it all the better that she was his friend's girl who was helping him feel her up as she sucked with wild abandon on his hard cock.

He had known from that moment when he was fucking her that she would come back for more of his dick, and now here she was, sucking him off as hard and as well as she could, and really enjoying it too by the look and feel of it. Eric groaned and knew it wouldn't be long until he erupted in this hot girlfriend's mouth, watching her throat work as she swallowed his cum was going to be so incredibly hot. He was definitely going to make her his now...this was not going to be the last time Alicia Brookes had her hot mouth wrapped around his dick, that was for sure.

Oblivious to her boyfriend's friend's thoughts, Alicia sucked his dick eagerly; hard and fast.

The long, thick cock felt incredible as Alicia repeatedly buried it deep in her hot, hungry mouth and felt it slide lustfully down her tight throat. Her tongue snaked and danced around the head and along the thick shaft as she slid her luscious lips up and down its length, bobbing her head on her boyfriend's friend's dick as hard and as fast as she could.

The stunning brunette felt incredibly hot, especially knowing that she was sucking Eric's dick right in front of Nick, and more so when she locked eyes with either of the guys and heard both groaning in horny lust as they watched her work Eric's nine inch rod deep into her mouth again and again.


The room was filled with the sucking and slurping noises as Alicia repeatedly swallowed Eric's dick, moaning around the nine inch shaft as her lips reached the base, her eyes locked on Eric's.

The whole scene was incredibly hot, never in her wildest dreams or fantasies had Alicia believed she would be sucking another guy's dick while her boyfriend watched, but, oh, how hot it made her feel!

The feel of Eric's hand squeezing her large tits as she held her hand on his, helping his fingers squeeze and grope her heavy breasts, squeezing her nipple as she continued to work her mouth up and down his impressive cock...the sudden feel of Nick's hand stroking her hair that sent a shiver down her spine and made the stunning girlfriend suck harder, bringing a deep groan and a rough squeeze of her tits from Eric as his head fell back, moaning deeply...all made Alicia's pussy burn hotter and her body reel from the excitement she was feeling from the whole situation.

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