When Wishes Have Come True


"Ugh fuck...I can't believe this is happening...fuckk! I can't believe you're sucking my dick Liss in front of your boyfriend...oh fuck...umm!" Eric groaned deeply and Alicia felt another shiver run down her spine.

"Mmmpph!" Alicia moaned as she began to suck as hard and as fast as she could, literally beginning to fuck her face on Eric's thick cock.

Her big tits jumped and shook lustfully due to Alicia's renewed effort and Eric groaned deeply, releasing his hold on her tits and once again placing his hand on her head, grasping a handful of her long brown hair so that he could help guide her head up and down his hot dick.

Alicia's cheeks hollowed out repeatedly as she sucked harder and harder and the room filled with the lewd sucking and slurping noises. Manoeuvring herself between Eric's legs, Alicia once more gripped Eric's hips tightly, holding on as she sucked this dick that was bigger and thicker than any she had ever had in her mouth before for all she was worth.

"Uugghh ohh fuck man...your girlfriend gives fucking great head...shit!" Eric growled loudly, his hand gripping her hair tightly as Alicia's tongue swirled around the head of his dick as she sucked hard enough to suck the cum from his heavy balls. "Fuck your gorgeous face on my dick Liss!"

What could a girl do to such a request? Alicia Brookes obliged her boyfriend's friend, swallowing his dick down her throat once more before she once again wrapped her hand around the base of Eric's hot cock and began jacking as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the top few inches of his impressive cock.

"Shit, shit! Ohhh fuck! Yeah, suck that cock slut! Fuck! You're such a cock-hungry slut Liss! Fuck!" Eric growled in a tight voice, his hand now gripping so tightly in her hair that it had begun to feel a little painful.

To the stunning girlfriend though, the faint pain sent a blazing fire through her body, especially as she knew that Eric wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer, and it was all because of how good she was. She would have smiled if she hadn't had a nine inch dick shoved in her hot mouth.

"Mmmmph...cum for me baby...ummm, I want to taste your cum...the same cum you filled my womb with!" Alicia purred as she pulled her mouth from Eric's dick, jacking his fat cock only inches from her face.

The sight had its intended effect, no guy could hold back while his friend's hot, gorgeous, knockout girlfriend lay naked between his legs, her big tits shaking as she jacked his dick inches from her face telling him how much she wanted to taste his cum while her boyfriend watched a foot or so away on the bed.

"Oh fuck!" Was all Eric could grunt in reply and Alicia smiled before quickly sucking his big dick back into her hot, wet mouth.

Jacking her hand tightly up and down the thick shaft, Alicia kept her mouth still, sucking hard and dancing her tongue expertly around the tip of Eric's dick. Her boyfriend's friend's hand gripped and relaxed increasingly quickly as he lifted his hips up and groaned continuously. Not long now.

"Cum in my mouth Eric, cum in your friend's girl's mouth, make her swallow your cum." Alicia teased in a deeply horny voice before she once more continued her work on Eric's dick, however the combination seemed to finally drive her boyfriend's friend over the edge as he once more gripped her hair tightly and began bucking his hips up towards her from the bed, though Alicia managed to keep him from shoving his dick down her throat again. She wanted to taste him before she swallowed every drop of his seed.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Liss, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum baby...gonna fill your hot mouth with my cum...fuck! Ughh, swallow it all down like a good girl baby...fuuuckk Liss, yeahh!" Eric groaned to a loud growl before he suddenly tensed.

Holding her mouth still and sucking hard on the head of Eric's dick, Alicia continued to jack her fist furiously up and down his dick. Glancing over at her boyfriend, the stunning girlfriend felt Eric tense again and then suddenly, his dick exploded as he gave a deep guttural shout.

With her eyes locked on Nick's, Alicia felt his friend's dick explode violently in her mouth, shooting huge loads of thick, hot cum into her mouth. The sexy brunette moaned deeply as she stared into her boyfriend's eyes while his friend began cumming in her mouth with huge globs of thick cum, so huge in fact that Alicia couldn't believe it, she had never thought someone could shoot such huge wads of cum.

Again and again Eric's dick blasted thick cum into Alicia's mouth, pumping large, thick wads over her still dancing tongue and shooting hard against the back of her throat and filling her hot mouth so swiftly that the horny girlfriend began swallowing, her throat working noisily as she began drinking Eric's cum while Nick watched her watching him. The whole thing was so incredibly hot Alicia felt light-headed.

Swallowing load after huge thick load of Eric's cum, Alicia felt the warm, thick liquid slide slowly down her throat and into her stomach, however no matter how much Eric unloaded into her mouth, another huge glob filled her mouth straight after. Rolling her eyes in horny pleasure, Alicia looked up at Eric, their eyes locking as another thick load filled her mouth only to slide generously down her throat and into her belly as she swallowed hungrily.


Over and over the hot girlfriend swallowed the thick potent seed, the same that Eric had unloaded into her pussy a few hours before, which made Alicia's mind reel. How could this guy cum so much after he had filled her body with what had felt like gallons of cum already? Fuck! He was like a cum making machine!

A few more large loads blasted the back of her throat before Eric finally grunted and fell back onto the bed, his hand falling from her head as he sighed happily. Alicia swallowed the last of his cum noisily before she ran her tongue over the head of his cock, making sure she had gotten all of the life-creating liquid before she finally slid her hot, cum-coated mouth, off her boyfriend's friend's dick and gave him a deeply happy smile as she kissed the head of his dick.

"Mmmm, that was yummy!" Alicia purred happily, licking her lips as her eyes glowed heatedly. Eric gave her a weary, though very satisfied, smile in reply before he let out a deep breath. "I think I'm all full of your cum now Eric."

"From both ends." Her boyfriend's friend replied with a smile and Alicia laughed lightly as she slowly released her grip on his now softening dick, swallowing what was left of the cum coating her tongue and mouth.

"You'll be able to tell all your friends that you came in Nick's girlfriend's mouth after fucking her on their bed and cumming inside her." Alicia said in reply, her body still buzzing extremely hornily as she smiled deeply at her boyfriend's friend.

"Fuck! You're a hot slut Liss." Eric replied and Alicia smiled before she looked over to Nick, still lying in between Eric's legs completely naked.

"I think your friend is sleepy now baby." She said to her boyfriend who was wiping his own dick with a tissue.

At that sight Alicia felt a little disappointed, she had hoped the whole scene of her sucking Eric's dick would have left Nick horny enough to satisfy the incredibly raging urge in her pussy to be fucked like mad. From the sight of things though, that wasn't going to happen.

Pushing away the disappointment and slight irritation, Alicia thought that the least Nick could have done was satisfy her after she had given them both so much pleasure, as Eric was spent for the night now, already slumbering half-awake with a huge grin on his face. Crawling sexily over Eric's leg to her boyfriend, Alicia smiled warmly as she looked into Nick's eyes, hoping he would at least relieve some of her tension with his hands. However her hopes were lost as Nick smiled in return and lovingly kissed the end of her nose before wrapping his arms around her and 'helping' her turn around once more so that he could hold her as he had earlier.

Frowning in irritation for a moment -- Eric being unable to satisfy her was fine, after all, he was just a one night thing to satisfy Nick's fantasy, but the least Nick could do was take care of her after all she had done for him tonight! -- Alicia held onto Nick's hands as he held her around her stomach. Perhaps he was just waiting until Eric had gone before he screwed her good, after all, he may not want to have sex with her just after she had been fucked by his friend who had filled her so deeply with his hot cum, not to mention with a dick bigger than his...shaking herself, Alicia brought herself from that thought as her pussy burned hungrily for attention. Eric had been so good, so fucking good, but Nick was the love of her life, and this had all just been to fulfil his fantasy, even though she had enjoyed it, well, more than enjoyed it, but that was all part of it too.

It was. Keeping her mind focused and away from memories of how good, and how deep Eric had...no...keeping her mind focused, Alicia thought that that must be the reason. Yes, that was it. Nick would more than take care of her tomorrow no doubt. She just had to wait until then. She could do that. She could. She wasn't a cock-hungry slut. She could wait.

Smiling once again, Alicia tried hard to keep her mind from thinking of how horny she was, especially as she seemed to glance down at Eric's now soft dick and remember how he had really satisfied her earlier on. Nick satisfied her too, but there had just been something so hot about screwing his friend in their bed while he watched, not to mention that Eric's dick was bigger and thicker and he had fucked her so fucking good and oh so fucking hard!...taking a deep breath Alicia tried to settle herself. Nick would take care of her. She was in the arms of the guy she loved, and he would give her what she needed tomorrow once his friend had gone.

Those thoughts helped, though it was still a long time after the two guys had fallen asleep either side of her before the stunning 21-year-old brunette succumbed to sleep once again, and when she finally did, her dreams were filled with hot sex scenes involving her and Nick, though occasionally she would look up as Nick drove his dick into her and see herself looking up into Eric's gorgeous face. Once or twice Alicia let herself go in the dream and once again enjoy Eric filling her with his huge dick. It was just a dream after all, and it was expected she would dream of him after the night's events, it didn't mean she didn't love Nick or wanted Eric again. Of course not, she loved her boyfriend, and he gave her all she needed.

The dreams went on, as the three slept soundly through the night.

Daylight gentle caressed Alicia's face bringing a warm, happy smile as she stirred on the bed held lovingly in her boyfriend's arms. Her grey eyes fluttered open and the beautiful image of her handsome boyfriend's face smiling back at her filled the gorgeous brunette's vision.

Stretching with a cute noise for emphasis, Alicia rolled onto her side, still smiling, and raised her hand to gently stroke Nick's face as she watched him with eyes just waking.

"Hey you." She said lovingly.

"Hey yourself." Nick replied just as warmly, with a soft kiss on her nose.

The warm sunlight of the early morning promised another beautiful sunny day, and its soft touch felt good on Alicia's naked body as she lay entwined in Nick's arms staring deep into his eyes. She felt perfectly content, at least except for the suddenly growing horniness in her pussy as she remembered giving Eric a blowjob to help him sleep last night. Touching Nick's nose with hers, Alicia's boyfriend smiled deeply, obviously picking up on the familiar glint in her eyes.

"Feeling playful?" Nick asked as he stroked a thick strand of hair from the side of her face; his voice sent a fire through her body.

"Maybe." She teased in reply, a small dirty smile spreading her lusciously soft lips.

"Maybe we should wait till tonight then, ah?" Her boyfriend replied, teasing amusement in his own voice.

Alicia's eyes sparkled as the feelings that she had not satisfied a few hours earlier began to once again strengthen.

"I'm sure Eric won't mind baby." Alicia purred hornily before she glanced over her shoulder towards where Eric had slept that night. However, her eyes fell on an empty bed, and confusedly she turned to look questioningly at her boyfriend. "Where's Eric?"

A small amused smile appeared on Nick's face before he answered.

"He got up a few minutes ago to have a shower and grab something to eat." Her boyfriend answered, and Alicia was just about to ask why he was amused when she suddenly realised she could hear the water running in the bathroom across the hall. Obviously she had been too focused on one thing to pay any attention to anything else.

"Well...that's perfect..." Alicia said, her expression becoming intent and heated as she placed her long, smooth leg over Nick's. "...he'll be a while, which gives us the whole bed..."

Trailing off Alicia bit her bottom lip as she felt the horniness surge through her body like adrenaline. Nick did not fail to react, his own eyes practically glowing as he ran his hands down her back.

"Feeling turned on after last night?" He asked playfully and Alicia answered him only with an emphatic nod as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Me too, so you better be ready to be completely fucked."

With a squeal of delight, Nick's mouth darted towards hers; both forgetting in their horniness that Eric had cum in Alicia's mouth earlier and she hadn't had anything to wash what may have remained away. However, before their lips could meet, a sudden high-pitched repeating shrieking noise sounded from the bed-side cabinet, jerking both apart as they looked around in startlement for what was causing it. Looking around both Alicia and Nick swore irritably as Nick slammed his hand down on the alarm clock beside the bed, muttering to himself about something before he once more turned to look at her, however this time the lust was replaced by irritation. Before Alicia could ask however, Nick spoke.

"I'm sorry babe, this'll have to wait till I get home, I thought it was earlier than this, I have to get ready for work." Her handsome boyfriend said with a touch of hesitance.

Alicia felt suddenly disappointed, and not to mention more than a little irritated which seemed to feed off her incredible horniness, however she knew it wasn't Nick's fault, she wasn't angry at him, more at his work for getting in the way when she needed to be fucked so badly. After all, it wasn't like last night when he hadn't satisfied her, this at least was out of his control and he had been about to screw her senseless. Still, that didn't help the disappointment or relieve the once-again enlivened fire within her.

"You should call in sick." She knew that wasn't going to happen the moment she said it, and she understood why Nick couldn't as well, which only made the whole situation that much more irritable.

"You know I can't babe, and you know I'd love to." He replied lovingly, softly kissing her forehead. His gentle touch and warm voice made Alicia feel more disappointed, but also a little better in some odd way. "We'll make it a special night tonight. Eric will have gone and we'll have the whole place to ourselves. I promise you'll be completely satisfied by the end of it."

A small, loving smile reappeared on Alicia's beautiful face at the promise, something she really needed to hear. It was going to be hell getting through a whole day feeling as blazingly hot and horny as she did; she may have to break out her vibrator, though she would try to avoid that as long as she could, she wanted to make sure she had all of her horniness to unleash on Nick when he got home. She would rip his clothes off the moment he came through the door!

"I know baby" She admitted reluctantly, more to take the weight off Nick than feeling resigned to the fact herself. Still, her eyes lit up as she added the next few words. "But you have to promise me that seeing as I gave you your fantasy, that tonight you will give me mine."

For a moment Nick seemed lost in confusion as to what she meant, when suddenly realisation set in and his eyes widened. Alicia's smile deepened at that. After a minute or two of watching her in incredulity, Nick finally nodded.

"Deal." He agreed finally and Alicia grinned. "You're going to make me pay for keeping you waiting ah?"

Alicia nodded before she unwound her hands from around Nick's neck and reached down to slap his bare ass.

"Go on then you, get up and get ready." She teased, at least until he slapped her bare ass in return, which had the after effect of reminding Alicia just how horny she was. Damn! Maybe she hadn't got the upper hand in all of this after all. It was going to be a long fucking day the way she felt.

With a big grin Nick pushed himself from the bed and Alicia watched her incredibly hot boyfriend with both love and lust as he moved to grab his clothes, tossing her dressing gown over to her as he reached the door.

Smiling in return Alicia pushed herself up and pulled her thin gown on, tying the belt before sitting on the edge of the bed to run her comb through her long hair as she watched Nick pull his boxers and socks on. He had just pulled his jeans up when Eric suddenly came through the door, his toned body still wet and a towel wrapped around his waist. Smiling first at Alicia, which reminded the stunning girlfriend of how he had looked holding himself above her last night as he drove his nine inch dick into her so deeply...made Alicia blush lightly due to the sudden burning within her pussy, oh those thoughts wouldn't help her get through the day. Fortunately Eric only smiled at her briefly and the butterflies that had already been raging that had gone made when he had smiled at her subsided somewhat as he turned to look at Nick as he zipped up his jeans.

"Hey man, you heading out?" Eric asked in his self-assured, confident manner; though Alicia thought he seemed a little extra confident this morning, no doubt because he screwed Nick's girlfriend last night. That thought made her heart beat faster...fuck, she really had to keep a hold of herself if she was going to get through the day without climbing the walls!

"'Course man, a little thing called 'work', you know the one?" Nick replied with a smile as he grabbed a shirt from the wardrobe and threw it on before continuing. "I'll give you a ride if you get ready."

Eric glanced down at the towel, obviously the only thing he was wearing, though Alicia kept her eyes on his face, though that was still tough...he was so gorgeous and that towel hid his long, thick...! Running the brush through her hair a little vigorously, the hot girlfriend listened as Eric looked back to her boyfriend, trying hard not to follow that line of thought.

"Ah? Oh, nah, I've got the day off, didn't I tell you last night? That's why I didn't head back with the other's when they left." Her boyfriend's friend replied and Nick suddenly laughed.

"Oh yeah, shit, I forgot about that, must have been all that drinking last night ah?" Her boyfriend replied, combing his hair back and slipping his boots on. "It's alright for some, getting to lounge about all day. Well, I can give you a ride back to yours if you want, it's on the way anyway?"

That was when Eric said the words that made Alicia stop brushing her hair for a moment and her heart leap.

"That's alright, I was thinking of hanging out a bit, keep Liss company. I mean, after last night I think I should get to know her a bit better, I mean, I know you and all, but I only met her yesterday, so it'd be cool to get to know her a bit better, if you don't mind?" Her boyfriend's friend answered, glancing between Nick and her.

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