Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 05


Frank started throwing clothes out of the closet and still did not see her. "Where are you," he yelled.

"Damn it, open your fucking suitcase."

One of the Carabinieri asked, "Is she that small?"

Frank's reply was, "...not if you include her mouth."

"Open this damned suitcase, you asshole, before I kill you."

The policeman asked, "Are you two married?"

"No fucking way man, no way!" He lifted the suitcase onto its side, and unzipped it.

Antonia flopped out of her hiding place, into a very unladylike position.

She screamed, "Help me up you asshole."

"Are you all right?"

"Yes they never found me. I was very lucky."

"Frank looked at her and asked, "What made you think about getting in there."

"I heard them outside, trying to break in. I took the phone, and called downstairs for help. I got into the closet and I saw the suitcases. I was just going to turn one over on top of me, but thought that would be too easy for them to check. I stood in one and started to zipper it closed. It worked great and all I had to do then was to tip it over onto the zipped side. The only thing I forgot was that it would be impossible for me to unzip it in that position. You guys had a good laugh, while I almost suffocated to death.

"Did you hear them say anything at all," the policeman asked

"Yes, there is a woman on this floor, who was their lookout. She saw the two of us come in. Then, she saw Frank leave. She told them, when I was alone."

"Do you know why they were after you?"

"No. We are only here for one more day. Then, we are going to Milan to prepare for school, when it opens."

After another hour of being interviewed, by the police, Antonia and Frank were left to continue their lives. However, the police did leave one officer outside their door, as a security measure.

"Are you alright Antonia?"

"I jump into suitcases every day to save my life, Frank. Of course, I am okay."

"For the next sixty seconds, please be up front with me. Are you okay?"

Antonia turned away from him and walked towards the windows, and let her guard down. "Frank, why do they want to hurt me? I have not done anything to them. I am a high school kid; I do not have a car. I do not have diamond rings. What do they want from me?" With that, she sat down in a chair and cried.

There were dozens of things Frank wanted to do, and none that he was sure he should do, as he watched her tears fall from her cheeks to her knees. Finally, he went over to her, rubbed his hand on top of her head, and said, "I want us to get out of here now. Whoever wants to hurt you, knows we are here, and our itinerary? We should get on the move and upset their plans. Okay?"

Antonia looked up at him and said, "Okay, I'll start packing."

Frank made a phone call to US Embassy. As the saying goes, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!" All U.S. Embassies are guarded by Marine units and Frank needed help fast. Within three hours, all the arrangements he needed were made. They would have secure ground transportation to Fiumicino airport on the Italian coast, west of Rome.

He told Antonia to dress comfortably because they were flying to Milan.

She told him it was a very nice idea, and it would be a short trip.

Frank grinned, "One out of two is not bad."

Frank took care of all the mundane things of checking out of the hotel. They were picked up in the embassy limousine, at 9p.m., and on their way to the airport forty-five minutes later. When Antonia asked why that airport, Frank asked her if she wanted to go to Milan?

She said, "Yes, of course."

"If you want to go to Milan in an airplane, and I want to go to Milan in an airplane, then we have to go where the airplane is."

When they arrived at the airport, Frank checked them in at the "General Aviation Terminal," while two marines, from the embassy, hovered around Antonia, like bees around a hive. No one dared to come near her, for fear of his or her lives.

Antonia felt secure with the two marine guards around her. However, she knew this terminal was different. She knew Frank was doing something underhanded; however, she could not put her finger on it. He was showing the agent paperwork that she had never seen before, but this was Frank and she did not put anything past him. She waited for their flight to be called, then realized she did not know the flight number. She walked over to him and asked, "Frank, what is our flight number?"

He looked at the paperwork and said, "Zed9245."

Antonia asked, "What kind of airline is Zed?"

He replied, "I have no idea. It must be a new one."

Antonia looked at him and said, "Frank, I think I just caught you in your first lie."

"It is not a lie."

"Did you tell me the truth?"


"Frank, if you did not tell me the truth, then you told me a lie. You told me you never lie. So you have lied to me from the very beginning."

"It is not exactly a lie."

"Frank what color are your shoes?"


Frank what color on my sneakers?"


"Frank are we taking an airplane to Milan?"

"We are at an airport. They do have airplanes here."

"Does that airplane belong to an airline?"

"Sort of."

"Frank, are you chartering an airplane?"


"Then why all the suspense? Why not tell me that someone is flying us there?"

"I thought you might object to someone flying us to Milan." He turned and started walking away from her.

"Frank! Frank, do not turn away from me. I want you to look at me."

He stopped, reluctantly, and turned to look at her.

"Someone is flying us to Milan? Correct?"


"Frank, please tell me you are not the pilot."

"Antonia, do you have a pilot's license?"

"You know damned well I do not have a pilot's license. I do not have a driver's license."

"Then Antonia, you are incorrect in your assumption.'"

"Frank, I want to go back to the hotel. I will feel safer there."

"No one has ever attempted to kidnap you from an aircraft I was flying."

"Frank, you are going to be the death of me. I believe I am going to die tonight."

"You are wrong. I rented a nice aircraft. It is a big, single-engine Cessna, with a GPS system. All I have to do is get it off the ground, tune in Milan, and let the airplane get us there. Then, I have to land it."

"Frank if I die in an airplane crash, I am going to haunt you for eternity."

"Antonia, just the thought of that is enough to make me keep you alive."

The ground crew rolled the big Cessna up to the general aviation boarding area, where Frank did his preflight and ground check of the aircraft. The bags were loaded, and secured in the cargo area, and the aircraft was ready to go.

The two marine guards escorted Antonia to the aircraft. She stopped, turned, kissed them both on the cheeks, and thanked them for keeping her safe. She got into the co-pilots seat and put her head set on. She said a prayer, or ten, for her survival, through the night-flight to Milan, with Frank.

Frank looked at the control panel of the aircraft, "How am I supposed to start this thing?"

Antonia bit at his joke. "You do not even know how to start this airplane? Let me out, I want to get out, right now. Please, let me out."

"I was just joking with you, Antonia." He reached for the ignition switch, and turned it to the 'On' position. He pressed the ignition sequencer, and the engine sputtered to life. The sound turned to a throaty roar, as the engine began to warm up.

The aircraft was cleared to taxi to the end of the active runway. Frank released the brakes, revved the engine, and they started to move. As they waited for clearance to take off, Frank tried again to lift Antonia's spirits, with something he had pre-arranged with people he had talked to, in the tower.

"Antonia did you remember to take your parachute?"

"No, I did not know I needed one."

"That is one of the advantages of flying in an airplane like this. If something goes wrong, you put on your parachute, you open the door, and you jump out."

"Frank, what am I supposed to do. Where was mine?"

"Yours was in the bright yellow box, by the door, on the way out to the airplane. Didn't you see it?"

Antonia said, "Yes, I did. Can I run back and get it?"

Frank said, "Let me ask the tower, and see what they say about it?"

Fiumicino Tower this is Zed9245 Over.

Zed9245 this is Tower Over.

"Tower, my passenger forgot her parachute at operations. She wants to run back for it. Can you approve that while I sit here with the aircraft, over?"

"Zed9245 this is Tower. Let me get my Field Glasses and camera ready. If this is the young lady you told us about, whose ass is a 6 with possibilities, we will want pictures of her running."

Antonia screamed and started pounding on Franks shoulder, "You vile, cock sucking son of bitch. Did you speak to the entire world about me? Did you tell them that I was gay? Did you tell them that I broke your heart, after you broke mine? Did you tell them that there is someone is trying to kidnap me? Did you tell them about my father? Did you tell them I could not drive a car? Did you tell them I am a Virgin? Did you tell them about Celeste and me? She kept screaming at him until she could not scream anymore. Then she cried, uncontrollably, until she felt the aircraft move.

She screamed, "What the fuck are you doing now?"

"I am moving this aircraft, so another aircraft can get by us, and take off."

She realized he was smiling, while she was hitting him, accusing him of violating confidences, and reducing her to tears. "Why are you doing this to me Frank? Why can't you just leave me alone, so I can crawl under a rock and die?"

"I was just trying to get you to let out your anger and frustrations, Antonia. You had a very rough day today, and you held it all inside. It is not good for you. It will poison you in the end and regardless of whom you wind up with; I want you to be happy. You deserve that, and much more. Whether you love me or not, it does not matter, I do not want you to grow up to be a hollow shell of yourself, and have no say in your own life."

"Thank you, Frank. Get this thing off the ground and take me to Milan. Maybe a change of scenery will help me find a new perspective in my life, before someone kidnaps me or kills me."

"Neither one is going to happen to you, Antonia. Not as long as I am alive."

"Yeah, right Frank, until you find someone, like Celeste, and you are fucking her brains out. Then someone can snatch me right out from under your nose."

"I will promise you this, Antonia. From the time this airplane lands, until the time we finally part company, at your request, I will not touch another woman."

"Okay, Frank. You told me you would never lie to me, even though I caught you in one tonight. I will take you at your word. Get this airplane off the ground, and get me to Milan."

"It was not a lie. I just did not tell you the entire story."

"You left out the important points, which led me to a different conclusion. Or in other words, you lied to me."

"We have over four hours to talk about this, while we are in the air. Tower this is Zed9245 requesting permission for takeoff. Six with possibilities does not wish to run."

"Zed9245 is cleared for takeoff. Wind zero five zero degrees at fifteen knots. Tell six with possibilities, maybe next time."

"Antonia if you want to say something to the people in the tower, key your microphone."

She keyed the microphone and said, "Tower, this is six with possibilities. It will not happen, until he tells me 'it is cute.'"

"Six with possibilities; this is Tower. Roger your last transmission. Tell the pilot to have his eyes examined. We had our people take your picture. We love the two with you bent over at the waist. We rated them as 'Ten plus". "Chao, bambina;" Over and out."

While Frank concentrated on getting the aircraft off the ground; however, the Control Tower's response had Antonia's spirits soaring high above the nighttime clouds."

Chapter 15. Should We Stop for a Pisa?

Frank had programed the waypoints into the GPS system, for their flight to Milan. He set the airplane on maximum cruise, as it leveled out at ten thousand feet and engaged the auto-pilot. He took his hands off the controls, slid his seat back, and said to Antonia, "Okay, it is your aircraft. I am going to take a nap"

"What the hell are you talking about Frank? I have never flown airplane. I have no idea what to do."

"The airplane is flying itself. It knows what to do and where to go. If you get a call from air traffic control, listen carefully, write down what they say, and read it back to them. Then, wake me up and I will do what they told you to do."

"Remember what I told you Frank. If I die tonight, I am going to haunt you for eternity."

As he turned over on his side, and said, "Yes dear, I know."

Her eyes flew open, and her jaw dropped, as she looked at the back of his head. He had had a long and scary day, also. Had what he said been a slip of the tongue, or had he meant it. "Yes dear." He had only used that term only once before, and the look in his eyes spoke volumes about the way he felt about her. It had not gone away. He had sequestered it in his mind. He had put it into a box, but not erased the memories, or the feelings. Did he want her, as much as she wanted him? She was not sure. Until she was sure, what should she do? Should she ask him now if it was a slip-up? Should she ease up on him a little? He started this war, he had to be the first one to admit culpability, or she would turn out like her mom. She was going to stay the same as she was and see what happened.

Well, maybe not the same, she could be less belligerent towards him. She did not have to treat him like the 'hired help.' He changed his life around for her. He came to Italy early, at her request. He did not have to do that, and if he had not she could have been kidnapped. She could lighten up on Frank, and treat him like a human being, again.

As her thoughts rolled through her head, she wondered if two simple words could change a woman's feelings so drastically. "Yes dear." Were they so magical to a woman's ear? Did a woman's heart beat faster, because of those two words? She was in over her head, and she knew it. She had to talk to a woman, with experience. She would like to talk to her mother, but that was not possible under the present circumstances. The only other woman she knew and trusted was Celeste. It was a long shot to get accurate information, on love from her, but it was worth a try.

She kept looking out the windows of the aircraft, into the dark night sky and realized how lovely the stars were, when there was no light to distort your view. The aircraft had been flying straight for over 90 minutes, and when it turned to the right, with no warning at all, Antonia panicked. She screamed, "Frank, wake up, something's wrong with the airplane."

Frank softly replied, "Antonia relax. We just passed the first waypoint. It is turning to go to the second waypoint, on our way to Milan. There is nothing wrong with the aircraft. Otherwise, you would hear alarms and bells going off." In

"You could have told me that before Frank. I nearly pissed my pants."

"I would have woken up to see that Antonia."

"I hate you Frank, I really, really, really hate you."

"I see I have returned to your good graces. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside."

If Frank had been looking at her, he would have laughed. She stuck out her tongue, crossed her eyes, and gave him both middle fingers at the same time. He would have treasured that picture, for a lifetime.

As they continued on their northbound trek, Frank asked her if she would like to stop and see "The Leaning Tower of Pisa."

"Stop pulling my leg Frank. We are going to Milan. They do not let you stop any place you want to stop."

"Antonia this is not an airline. All I have to do is ask for a change in routing and destination and they will allow me to do it."

"I will bet you ablow job you are lying to me."

"I will not accept that bet, because I am going to win. The first time we have sexual contact is when I take your virginity. Afterwards, if you want to give me a blow job, I will accept it graciously."

"More big talk Frank, and no action."

"Frank sat up and put his head set on and said, "Center, this is Zed9245 requesting routing change to Pisa as final destination."

"Zed9245 request approved. Tune in Pisa and proceed direct, maintain ten thousand feet."

"Zed9245 roger, tuning in Pisa, proceeding direct; maintaining ten thousand feet."

Antonia was tongue-tied. He had refused a blow job, which she would have been obligated to give him, because she was stupid enough to offer it.

Frank looked at Antonia and then turned to look out the front of the aircraft. He shook his head and said, "I could have been a member of the 'Mile High Club.'"

Antonia thought about that statement for several minutes before she had to ask Frank what he meant by it. "Okay Frank, I will bite. What is the 'Mile High Club'?'"

"Anyone who has sex in an airplane, flying above 5 thousand feet, is considered a member of the mile high club. I turned down a blowjob, which would have admitted me to the club."

"Would I have been amember, also?"

"No, because you would be on the giving end, and not on the receiving end. If I was eating your pussy up here, you would get to be a member of the club."

"That sounds very logical. For the first time in quite a while, Frank, something you said actually made sense."

"I am very happy that you agree, princess.

"Frank, why is that guy blinking his lights at us?"

"He just wants us to know that he sees us. He is probably a thousand feet below, or above, us coming in the opposite direction, and does not want to scare us. I will blink our lights at him, to answer and let him know I see him."

Frank adjusted his chair and kept his eyes on the aircraft coming at him. The closer it got, the less he liked it. Nighttime fools the senses, but Frank had afeeling, and he did not like it. He turned off the autopilot, took evasive action at the last minute. He turned to the right and forced the aircraft down, and as quickly as he could.

As he looked out the window, the other aircraft passed him going southbound at ten thousand feet. They missed each other by less than one hundred feet.

Center, this is Zed9245, reporting a near miss with a southbound aircraft at ten thousand feet. I am currently descending 9500 feet, returning to course directly to Pisa.

Zed9245, this is Center, I am not in contact with any other aircraft in your area. I see the aircraft, on radar. A will track him to his destination. The authorities will be there to greet him. You will be met at Pisa for a statement, also. Climb and maintain ten thousand feet."

Zed9245, roger.

Frank had not had any time to think about Antonia. He turned and looked at her and saw a ghost. Her face was ashen. She had a death grip on the arms of her seat, and she did not look like she was breathing. He re-engaged the autopilot and moved towards her.

"Antonia." She did not answer. "Antonia." She still did not answer. "Antonia, I do not want to hit you, please come back to me." She was in a deep state of shock. He was afraid she might have to be hospitalized when they landed, if she stayed like this. He could not leave her in this condition, or she could crawl into a shell so deep, she might never come out of it. He did not want to strike her, to bring her out of her comatose state. He could only think of one other thing to try first. Considering the alternatives, he chose that one. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. He did not let up until he felt her move and then she mumbled something he could not understand. He took his mouth away from hers and said, "What?"

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