Why I Hated The Guy From The FBI Ch. 05


"I pissed my pants."

"So, did I Antonia, so did I."

"Hold me Frank, just for a little while, do not let me go. I may die if you let me go."

"I will hold on to you forever if you want me to Antonia. I will never let you go. I love you. Whether you love me, or not, it does not matter to me. I will protect you from everyone for the rest of your life, if that is what you want. I will never let you out of my sight, ever, even if you reach one hundred and ten pounds."

She buried her head in his shoulder and as bad as she felt, he made her laugh. She realized he was getting good at making her laugh. He tried hard to give her a sense of humor, which she never had before. He tried hard to make her better, by goading her into conversations where she had to think on her feet. He tried hard to give her an advanced course of sex education, without touching her. However, he tried hardest to give her a sense of safety and security, while he was with her. Now he was trying hard to tell her how much he loved her and wanted to be in her life. She did not have to love him; he said so. All he wanted was to be near her, so he could love her and protect her from harm. She had been such a fool to doubt his commitment to her. Now, she was going to show hers to him.

"Hey mister," she said while still snuggled against his shoulder, "Want to join the 'Mile High Club' with me?"

"You have to beg me first."

"Frank that was the best offer you are ever going to get from me. Take it or leave it."

"Are you absolutely sure that is the best offer I am going to get?"

"You can bet your ass on it, mister."

"In that case, I accept. However, there will be a delay until I can get you into a proper bed. Then I will fuck your brains out, and get you pregnant."

"You forgot the part about sending me back to my father, to live in shame, under his thumb, and the rest of that stuff."

"I have reconsidered that portion of my statement. I am going to keep you with my parents. They are nicer, and they will love their new grandchild."

"I am not going to be married, Frank. The baby is going to be a fatherless, bastard child. It can have no grandparents on the male side, if there is no male on the birth certificate."

"I have taught you to argue too damn well. Logic never worked on you before, and now you are using it on me to confuse the issue. I told you I would take your virginity and get you pregnant with no mention of love or marriage."

"Poor Frank, he has lost again. He told me he loved me. Now he wants his parents to play with their grandchild. In order to do that, he has to put his name on a birth certificate. The only way he will be allowed to do that is if my last name is the same as his. Poor Frank caught in a conundrum that has become a dilemma. And to think, he has not even gotten laid yet."

"Okay Antonia, put a sock in it. I will find a way around your little trap."

"I did not set a trap Frank. I simply offered you a quicky in the back of an airplane. You did the rest, all by yourself."

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

"I have not had this much fun, since I took you lingerie shopping."

"I am going to get you pregnant with twins, maybe triplets, just to see you get fat."

"Do you think I might get up as high as 130 pounds?"

"Oh keep quite. If you were to have triplets, and got up to 130 pounds, each baby would come out between 7 and 8 pounds each. You would walk out of the hospital the same weight you are now, just to spite me."

"Do you change diapers, Frank? I know what they say about Marines: Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful."

"I should have had my head examined, before I took this assignment."

"Frank is an eighteen year old, high school girl, too intellectually talented for you to handle."

"Antonia do you remember where your parachute is?"

"The yellow can was a waste paper container Frank. I had time to go over it in my mind, while you were sleeping. If it was not for the little altercation, with that other airplane, I would have mentioned that to you, by now."

"Antonia, I hate you, I really, really, hate you."

"I wonder where I heard that before. Does that mean I am moving up on your eligible bachelorette list?"

"How could you possibly move up on a list, when you are the only one on it, and the only one I want?"

"Poor Frank such a problem. Do they have churches in Pisa? Do they have a waiting period to get married, in Italy? Is a marriage license in Italy valid in the United States? Can a baby is born in Italy run for President of the United States if he or she has two American citizens as parents? These are all very important things to take into consideration, Frank, before I take such a big step. Remember I am only a foolish eighteen year old little girl, and you are a cradle robber."

Frank had a faraway look in his eyes and a smile on his face that told Antonia that something evil was going on between his ears. She wanted to know exactly how evil it was.

"Okay Frank, how dirty is the vision you are thinking about now?"

"I am picturing you in a cradle, and me fucking the hell out of you."

"Do I have a wedding ring on?"

"Antonia, I keep telling you that you could fuck up a wet dream."

"I was just wondering, if it was a 'Before, or After' Dream. One is possible, while the other is slowly fading away."

"Wait a minute, how is that happening? What has changed?"

"I do not know. I am kind of; you know how we women are Frank. You have fucked 15 books worth of us. Sometimes we just lose the mood. Maybe you should have just accepted the quicky in the airplane; that was a sure thing."

"If I had not filed a flight plan showing two passengers, you would be testing your wings about now, princess."

"Poor Frank trapped in a little airplane, with a little girl, and a little dick he cannot keep under control."

"Okay little girl, move back to the third row and fold down the seats. Prepare to join the 'Mile High Club,' and to meet my little dick. When this airplane lands, you will no longer be a virgin and with the help of God and some very strong swimmers, I hope you are pregnant."

"Are you sure you can get it up at this altitude Frank? The pressure is lower up here than at sea level. I would hate for you to be 'limp', when the big moment arrives."

"When you scream, little girl, you will realize I was not limp."

"Okay. I wanted you to know I would be very understanding."

Antonia moved back and lowered the seats as she was instructed. She began taking off her clothes and Frank moved back to join her. His mouth claimed hers and his left hand latched onto her breast, when he heard, "Zed9245 turn left, heading 290 vectors Pisa, descend and maintain 6 thousand."

Frank roared, "You have to be fucking kidding me. We are over 100 miles away from Pisa."

"Zed 9245, did you copy, over?

Frank rushed up, and grabbed his headset as he read back the directions and said he was out of Ten thousand feet descending to Six thousand, over. Then he asked "Why the change in routing, Center, Over?"

"Zed 9245, The Germans, and Italians are playing war games, against the Brits and Americans. They have come too close to the edge of their protected airspace for comfort. You have had enough fun for one morning."

Zed9245, Roger that. Thank you.

Frank looked back at a half naked Antonia and tried to remove the lust from his brain so he could act responsibly. "Antonia please get dressed before I die of a heart attack. I have to fly this aircraft for the duration of the flight, although I would happily die in your arms, if given a choice."

Even though she was as wet, and as ready as she ever was to give up her virginity, Antonia had to laugh at Frank's disappointment. The lump in the front of his pants nearly made his movements to the front of the aircraft, the accomplishment of a lifetime. He was unable to bend his right leg, and his left pant leg was halfway down. It was more than amusing to watch, it was hysterical. What was not funny was the look in his eyes, when he told her to dress. The dread and disappointment was palpable. Someone had taken away his favorite toy and the heartbreak was nearly insurmountable. He had to turn away from her in order to control his feeling. This made her feel powerful and sad at the same time. She had control over this massive human being, who, if he wanted to, could snap her like a twig. She was going to give him the surprise of a lifetime, when they settle down in their hotel room. She learned, at that moment, she was in control of him some of the time, and one of those times would be when they were in bed today. Study time was over, the physical exam was about to begin.

Frank looked at her when she arrived back at the copilot seat. "Okay, what are you smiling about little princess?"

"You had another chance to take my virginity. It seems that you are never going to get to pop my cherry, Frank. I have a feeling God has other plans for that little piece of flesh that you lust after. I offered it to you freely, with no restrictions, and still, something came between us. It looks like you and I are just not going to be lucky enough to get together."

"We will have plenty more chances to take care of that as we go through life. If it is not today or tomorrow, it will happen eventually, I am in no hurry as long as I am with you. I will try to keep you happy, but most of all I will keep you safe from harm. That is how important you are to me."

"Frank, are you trying to get me to take you off my hate list?"

"I would not know what to do with myself, if I was not on that list. It would mean you would almost like me. I am not sure if I could live with that assumption."

"That was a good answer Frank. I do not know if I could go through a complete day, without saying how much I hate you."

"Stuck up princess bitch."

"I hate you, you fucking bastard."

"Eat shit and die, Your Highness."

"You are the lowest life form on the planet, you hateful bastard."

"Do you think that's enough for now Antonia?"

"Yes, I got that out of my system for a while. I am good until at least dinner. I may have a few more choice words for you by then."

Zed9245. This is Center, over.

Center, this is Zed 9245, over.

Zed9245, the next time you guys want to play a game like that, please make sure your microphone is not on, over.

Zed9245, Roger, Out.

Frank looked at Antonia's hand and sure enough, it was on the microphone switch. He smacked her hand. "The next time you do that, I will add a smack to your ass."

"Frank Who died, and made you king?"

"I gave you your title princess, which means I have been king all along."

"There you go getting all logical on me again."

The remainder of the flight into Pisa was uneventful. Upon landing, Frank and Antonia were required to fill out forms about the near miss and the aircrafts GPS system was pulled to certify its performance.

The second aircraft had not yet landed, and was now passing Naples continuing southbound. The authorities were beginning to wonder if it had enough range to cross the Mediterranean, and reach the North African coast. If it did, it was definitely a drug courier aircraft, and warranted special attention.

Frank made arrangements for the aircraft for two days; filed a flight plan to Milan, and departure time for midnight on the second day.

When Antonia asked him why he wanted to arrive in the middle of the night, he said, "We have no idea what arrangements have been made by your father's family. I do not want to arrive and have to make a phone call to someone I do not know and say, 'Hello, we are here', come and get us. I would much rather be watching them, than them, watching us."

"Frank can we go to a hotel so I can shower and change. I was not joking when I told you I pissed my pants, when I saw that other airplane pass us. If it gets hot outside, everyone is going to look at me, and know what I did."

"We are going to the hotel, now. It is nothing fancy, because if they are looking for us, that is where they will be looking. It will serve our needs very well. It is a beautiful bed-and-breakfast, and it is within walking distance of the tower."

"That sounds wonderful to me Frank. Let's go."

They arrived in time for an early breakfast, but all they wanted was to get to their room and shower. Antonia said, "Frank you go first, while I unpack some of my things."

As soon as she heard the water running, she stripped off her clothes, walked, softly, into the bathroom, and eased her way into the shower. She was amazed Frank did not hear her, or feel the breeze as the door opened. She took the soaped from the tray, and started to wash his back.

Frank reacted as if he had been hit with a cattle prod. He could not have stood-up straighter, if he wanted to. The shock had caught him completely off guard. He had been thinking of her, but never dreamed she would be in the shower with him.

"You washed me, Frank. I thought I should return the favor."

Frank did not speak. He just nodded his head and let her do what she wanted to do. She told him to kneel down, and turn around so she could wash his hair. She put the shampoo into her hands and slowly rubbed it into his hair. Her breasts was the exactly the height of his mouth as he was kneeling before her. Every time she pulled his head forward, while washing his hair, her nipples would touch his lips or face. Each time he reached his hand forward to caress her pussy, she slapped it down and said, "Bad boy." He would reach forward to caress her, but she would back away. She would yell at him that she would never be able to finish what she had started, if he kept that up.

"He was unsure what she meant by 'what she had started.' He was hopeful, but totally unsure."

She moved behind him, and told him to stand. She washed his back with her breast, like a loofa. Frank was slowly losing his mind, as well as his control. He was as rigid as steel, and on razors edge, when Antonia told him to grab the front wall so that she could wash him off, with the showerhead. She started slowly from the top, and used her hands in an erotic manner, along his chest and his abdomen. She felt his growing excitement. The closer her hand got to his groin, the longer he stretched his neck.

She waited for this moment, since she had known him. This was her moment of truth. She was not going to disappoint herself or him, by running away from it. She reached out, grabbed his manhood, and pumped it back and forth; slowly at first, and when he groaned, she started to move her hand a little faster.

Frank yelled, "Tighter!"

Antonia's hand did not fit around his cock, but she tightened her grip as much as she could, and moved her hand into high gear.

Finally, Frank bellowed. He rose up onto to toes, waiting for his impending explosion. Her hand felt like raw silk and her heat, added to his. She reached through his legs; cupped, and squeezed his balls. The added stimulation was more than he could bear. Antonia did not believe he could get any harder than he was, but he did. She was determined to have him ejaculate every drop of semen, he had stored up within him, until he begged her to stop pumping his rigid flesh. He screamed and exploded.

She counted each blast. 'Four, five, six, seven immense blasts of baby batter' hit the wall in front of him, and still more dribbled out of the slit on the tip of his penis under less pressure than before. His knees betrayed him, causing him to catch himself before he went down to the floor again.

She continued pumping his cock, even though it was losing some of its rigidity, but was still dribbling out small quantities of semen.

"Antonia stop, you are killing me, please stop."

"Are you sure Frank? This was my first hand job. I wanted to make sure I did it right."

He turned his head and looked at her. She had the biggest evil smile on her face he had ever seen. "You are dead woman."

"Frank you could not walk ten feet right now, if there was abomb in the room."

"Would you like to bet a blow job on that princess?"

"Oh shit, I am out of here."

She tried to flee the shower, when a huge paw wrapped itself around her waist, lifted her up, and brought her to his mouth to be kissed. She yelled, "Frank you are not fighting fair."

"Antonia, what should I consider what you did to me? Was pressing your nipples into my mouth and taking them away before I could suck on them fair? Showing me your naked vagina and not letting me touch it, was that fair? Putting your body inches from mine but not let me hold it, was that fair? Washing my back with your breasts, and not letting me caress them, was that fair? Teasing me to the point where I was about to cum, and backing away at the last second, was that fair? What do you consider all those things, little girl? Would you say you fought fair? I do not think so. A jury of my peers would not think so. God would not think so. I believe I deserve equal time to show you how a man can play as fairly as you played, you little devil. I am going to send you to Heaven, so they can reject you, and send you back to me for more torture. Then, I will take your virginity, which will be painful. I hope that before this day is out, you will be pregnant, and I will be the father. "

"I will go along with everything you said, without objection. However, there is one small problem with your plan. You know I love you with my heart and my soul. I have told so. However, if you want your name on the birth certificate, there had better be a ring on the fourth finger, of my left hand. Otherwise, that space will be left empty."

"Antonia, I told you that you could spoil a wet dream. However, I have that covered. When my parents get here, we will get married. If you want your parents to attend, I will call them and give them that option."

"Frank, if you are absolutely certain this is road you want to travel; I will go along with your plans. I did not intend to get married at such a young age. I certainly did not plan to have a child, while I was still in college. However, if you are sure you want to marry me, and support me and my child, while I am still in school, I suppose I can put aside my own wants and needs to satisfy yours."

"Antonia, I love when people throw my own words back at me. It makes me want to strangle myself, right after I kill them."

"It is the first rule you taught me Frank; 'Be proactive.'"

"I am going to take those fucking books away from you and burn them."

"That is fine with me, Frank. I have finished reading all three of them. I have a near photographic memory, so I would only have to refer to them, for bibliographic use."

"I hate you, Antonia. I really, really hate you. When I am finished fucking you, I think I will spank you, just to get that out of my system."

"Why don't you just face it, Frank? You are into bondage and sadomasochism. You just like to hurt little girls, because the big girls fight back."

"Little girl, it shows how much you know about women. The bigger the girl is, the more she likes to be subjugated. However, all you are doing now is keeping me from my main task of the morning, and you were doing it very well. Prepare yourself to become awoman, because only two things will keep you a virgin before noon today. The police will raid this building, and take me away, or this building will burn down to the ground. If neither of these two things happen, your days as a girl are over. It will be my pleasure to allow you to start your years as a woman."

I have said it before Frank, and I will say it again, "All talk, and no action."

He threw her over his shoulder, and she laughed. "Oh, I hurt the big bad man's feelings."

He carried her into the bedroom, and threw her onto the center of the bed. "Little girl, you are about to get more action than you believe ever existed, in the entire world. You are going to walk bow legged, for the next week. You speak four languages; you had better start praying in all of them, because you are going to need all the help you can get, just to help your cunt heal."

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