tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 03

Wolf Man Ch. 03


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Hannah swallowed hard and pushed Kai slightly away from her so that she could hop back down to the floor. She smoothed down her t-shirt with nervous hands even as another booming sound came the living room door.

"When you say trouble do you mean what I think you mean?" She asked shakily, her hazel eyes looking anywhere but at him as she winced from yet another attack on her eardrums from the 'trouble' outside.

Kai speared her with an irritated glance and Hannah stiffened her spine. "It's a reasonable question." She hissed, wondering why the hell she had been kissing him a few seconds ago. The guy really was an asshole. "Well?" She demanded when there was no sign that he was planning to answer her question.

"Stay here." He ordered, this time not even looking her way before heading out to the living room.

Panic gripped her fast and hard and she ran after him as another BANG rocked her door. She ran ahead of him and slapped a hand on the it, blocking his way.

"Are you insane?" She asked, her tone disbelieving. "What is out there doesn't sound pretty and you were shot in case you don't remember, you haven't even been to a hospital or a vet or whatever, all you did was tape up your chest after cleaning up the wounds!"

He didn't answer her, instead he gripped her arms and just lifted her off her feet as if she weighed nothing and then plonked her down far away from the door.

"Do not leave the house, do you understand? No matter what, don't you dare put one foot outside." Then before she could utter another word, he moved in a way that made her sight blur, so that the door slammed closed when it should have been opening and he was gone. It was as if the very air stilled...everything seemed frozen in time as she stared, her mouth gaping open as her wide hazel eyes remained focused on the closed door. And then she heard it... growls... lots of them... as if a pack of wolves were fighting outside her door.

Her face paled as the thought really registered. He was fighting whoever was outside!!! The man was really stupid, now it really was confirmed. Rolling her eyes heavenwards she mentally went through everything inside her house that could be used as a weapon... knife... scissors... She really wasn't cut out for this sort of thing, those were the only two weapons she had... well they weren't weapons but in this instant...

Gritting her teeth she hurried into the kitchen and as she went to pull out the big butcher knife she heard a dull but heavy thud against her door and her heart tightened, her hand froze on the handle of the knife. Kai. That could be Kai. She ran as fast as she could and completely ignoring his stupid suicidal induced order for her to stay inside, she flung open the door and was literately frozen to the spot as the arctic winds of the snow storm cut into her.

"Kai!!!" She managed to shout, her eyes straining to catch a glimpse of anything she could in the heavy and vicious fall of snow. "Kai!" A handful of cold air forced itself down her throat almost freezing her vocal cords and she strained her eyes harder, looking all around her as she felt her feet sink into the snow. Damn she was as suicidal as he was!!! Coming out into a snow storm in a t-shirt and jeans. She opened her mouth to scream for him again when a flash of red on the snow caught her eye.

Feeling her t-shirt plastering to her body she bent to look at it... saw that there was an alarming amount of it... Hannah gasped. Blood! In her haste to get away she stumbled and fell back on the snow - the knife falling from her grasp. "Oh God." She uttered the words just as a growl came from behind her. She barely had time to turn before she was slammed back onto the snow, a searing pain tearing through her left shoulder so suddenly that the scream that was ripped from her left her throat raw.

Her eyes focused to see gleaming teeth dripping with saliva, foul breath streaming from the open jaw of the fearsome wolf that stood on her chest keeping her pinned to the snow. The animal weighed a ton. She caught a glimpse of obsidian eyes and knew that this was not Kai in wolf form. The wolf, seemed to snicker down at her, snapping it's powerful jaws right beside her ear, making it ring as the vicious teeth almost chopped her ear off. But then, just as the wolf geared up to go for the fatal blow - a grey bullet shot out of the fog of snow and caught the wolf on top of her around the neck with unbreakable grip of his teeth, sending them both rolling on the snow... and Hannah through the haze of fear in her mind still managed to gape in astonishment as in mid-turn both animals shifted into solid bodies of man...

His long black hair flaring around his shoulders as he snapped his head round to look at her, Kai pierced her with electric blue eyes as he wrestled the similarly built man down to the snow. "Get inside now!!!" he shouted, struggling to keep the man down.

Not needing to be told a second time Hannah got clumsily to her feet and ran inside the cabin, slamming the door shut as she did so. She was shaking violently now, from the cold yes... but there was something wrong, something that had nothing to do with being exposed to a snow storm. It was as if there was a consuming fire spreading over skin, making every place on her body tingle.

Oh God what now? As if in answer to her anguished thought, an intense sheet of fire swept over her body and sent her to her knees with a groan. What is this? She wanted to scream the question as she curled into a ball on the floor, clutching her middle as flash after flash of heat consumed her.

The door opened and she heard metal clatter to the wooden floor of the cabin, but she was so consumed by what was happening in her body that she didn't even think to check if it was Kai who had just walked into her cabin.

"Next time do as you're told!" Definitely Kai. "Oh and by the way thanks for handing him a knife, what did you want him to do? Dice me up?"

The best response that she could come up with was another groan as she jerked on the floor. That seemed to get his attention.

"Hannah?" His voice was carefully blank.

Stupid man, couldn't he see she was in pain? How was she supposed to answer him when it was too bloody painful to speak!

Suddenly his now blood covered jeans were in her line of vision as he knelt beside her. "Hannah, what's wrong?"

"I... don't... know." She manage to force out between teeth gritted with the intense pain. Then she felt freezing hands on her now burning skin turning her on her back, and heard his low gasp.

"Hannah did he bite you?" He demanded, his hand carefully pinning down her left shoulder.

"Don't...know...hurts." She heard material tear but it didn't even register that it was her own t-shirt that was being ripped.

"Oh...fuck." Then after the soft exhalation, he brushed his fingers lightly over the broken skin and everything in her momentarily stilled. The pain vanished and was replaced by intense arousal in a second and all she could do was gasp at the change in sensations.

"Kai!" She gasped. "What the hell is going on?"

She saw his Adam's apple work hard as he swallowed, his blue eyes trained on her left shoulder. "The son of a bitch bit you." He murmured - again brushing his hand over the broken skin and this time when he did, she arched involuntarily - her body demanding that his hand brush a place more intimate. He jerked back instantly. "No." He whispered.

"No?" Her mind was too busy dealing with the onslaught of arousal hat had suddenly taken over her body to be able to make sense of anything he was saying. Breathing hard through the waves of arousal she caught frantically at his hand and then forced the palm onto her breast and arched. Then she exploded! She gave a strangled cry as she came fast and hard, the orgasm so intense that it bordered on the pain that she had felt before his touch.

Kai jerked his hand back as if she had burned him. "Don't!" he said harshly, he leaned back on his arms, his breathing heavy... his lips... seemed to have swollen, his eyes had a feverish glint to them and his cheeks were flushed, she could make out the outline of his nipples against the rag like t-shirt... and there seemed to be a very large bulge between his legs. He looked as aroused as she felt.

With an effort she raised her upper body off the floor by bracing her elbows, then she lifted her head which felt heavy as lead and looked at him through slit cat like hazel eyes, her body still trembling slightly from the force of the mind numbing orgasm she'd just had. "Kai..." she whispered her eyes trailing hungrily over his body... her legs widening of their own volition as if getting ready to receive a man between them. She saw his eyes narrow as they focused on the wide V of her legs and just that look made heat explode in that place that was so ready to receive him. His gorgeous cheeks became even more flushed and his hips jerked.

Finding strength from god knows where, Hannah manoeuvred herself onto her hands and knees and then keeping her eyes trained on his face she crawled towards him with a sexuality she'd never known she possessed. He remained there, his legs sprawled on the floor, watching her with barely contained hunger as she crawled over him, her thighs on the outside of his legs, her face also flushed with the painfully intense arousal coming within a hair's breadth of his.

"Kai." She whispered again and then she brushed her lips over his... and found herself on her back. Her lips were pried apart as he forced his tongue into her mouth, making her undulate her hips in heavy want. She had another orgasm, arching into him, rubbing her full tingling breasts against his chest, his mouth swallowing her cries as her hands climbed up his back to rent his t-shirt beneath them and then run her fingers up his spine to clutch his nape as her legs wrapped tight around him, allowing him no escape from the frantic rocking of her hips.

In the back of her mind she registered that this wasn't normal behaviour, nor were hers normal orgasms, it was as if she was possessed by something. Then, just as she was working herself toward her third just by grinding against his cock, Kai ripped himself from her embrace, almost falling flat on his face in his haste to get away from her.

"We can't." He gasped out.

Was he crazy? "What? Why not?" She asked in a breathless disbelieving tone. He wanted her, she had felt it, she could see it, he was only keeping himself from jumping her by a thread.

"He bit you."

"What does that have to do with this?" Her tone clearly implied that she thought he was crazy.

"It's okay, you'll be fine," he was mumbling almost to himself, his gaze on the floor now as he assured himself, "in three days you'll be back to normal."

Her eyes widened. Surely he didn't mean that she would have to spend three days like this. "I don't care what will happen in three days. I want you. I want you now!"

"It's the bite. It has this effect. But it's okay, don't worry about it."

Hannah groaned as the arousal started heating up to a fever pitch yet again and she flung herself onto her back. "I won't survive three days of this Kai. God it's like my whole body's in a fever... it only calms when you touch me. Come and touch me Kai... come and touch me here..." she practically purred as her hand slid down over belly, further down until her it was spanning the V of her legs and she arched into her own palm with a moan. "Touch me Kai," she half whispered half moaned.

"No. No. I can't. Ask me that in three days and I'll touch you wherever you want," his eyes were riveted to her hand between her legs, his tongue flicked over his surprisingly dry lips, "lick you anywhere you want." His voice practically dripped with lust.

"Why in three days? Why not NOW?" She felt like screaming in frustration.

Somehow he managed to drag himself to his feet and take a few steps back from her body. "Because," he paused as the scent of her arousal tantalised his senses and he closed his eyes, hands fisting as he prayed for control, "if I come inside you while your like this... it will complete what that bite started."

"And that is?"

"You'll become one of us - you'll become part of the cursed wolf breed." he hissed, before turning and speeding into her bathroom... then locking the door shut.

At the sound of the door closing on her Hannah almost burst into tears, feeling his rejection hit her hard even as her superior brain tried to inform the rest of her that he wanted and was just trying to protect her. Hannah once again curled into a ball and braced herself to battle the sense of rejection as well as the terrifying arousal that coursed her body like a plague. As the first tears of frustration and hurt slipped down her cheek, Hannah began to curse the day she had decided to help the wolf-man.

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