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X-Rated Xmas


This story is my entry for the 2013 Winter Holidays Story Contest so, if you like it, please remember to vote! Thanks for taking the time to read, and Merry Christmas to all!


Katy silently sprinkled the last of the sparkling dust across the snow and looked up at the clear, night sky, watching for reindeer. Seeing the sky empty except for stars, she turned to admire her handiwork; the blanket of snow wrapped around her house shimmered with the silvery dust. As she trudged back through the powdery snow, her breath freezing in front of her, she stopped to admire her snowman.

His eyes were the same bright blue buttons she'd used for every snowman since she was a little girl, and he wore a red and green scarf wrapped around his neck to keep him warm. And Katy couldn't help but smile as she looked down at his giant prick made of snow.

Her older sister, Lauren, thought it was hilarious to sneak out and put a penis on Katy's snowmen and it had become an unofficial Christmas tradition. Even though Lauren no longer lived at home, Katy could see that this year had been no exception.

As Katy admired his frozen flagpole, she thought her sister had outdone herself this year. The snowman's wintry whopper was at least ten inches long, thick and sticking straight up; she could never figure out how her sister made the frosty fucksticks so big without them falling off.

Lauren had also taken the pebbles that made up the snowman's mouth and circled them in an O, as if he was having an orgasm, and moved his tree-branch arm to his frozen banana to make it look like he was jacking off. Katy put the arm back in its proper position and rearranged the pebbles into a warm smile.

"I wish you were my boyfriend, with your beautiful blue eyes and your beautiful smile. You don't look like the type of snowman who'd cheat on his girlfriend with her best friend. And you've also got...that." She looked down at his giant snow staff and bit her lower lip. Katy reached out her fingers and gently brushed them against the tip, wondering if cocks actually came in that size and, if they did, if one would even fit inside her tiny pussy.

Opening the bag of reindeer dust, she spotted a tiny bit left in the corner. She turned the bag upside down and sprinkled it all over his icy erection until it sparkled.

"I wish you were real...then I'd never be lonely at Christmas again," she whispered.

Katy walked up the back stairs and stamped the snow off her boots outside the back door. Taking one last look at the yard, amazed at how the dust had made the snow sparkle, she headed inside to get warm.

As she took off her boots and threw her pink scarf on the kitchen table, her mom came into the kitchen and handed her a steaming mug.

"Did you use it all, honey?" her mom asked.

"Yeah, I sprinkled all the stupid dust."

"Don't be like that, Katy. You love spreading magic reindeer dust around the house to make sure Santa doesn't miss us!"

"When I was, like, seven. I'm eighteen now. What's this?"

"Hot cocoa. I always make it to warm you up after you've finished sprinkling the dust."

"Cocoa? Why can't I have rum and eggnog like Lauren?" she asked, as they walked into the living room where Katy's sister was hanging the stockings while their dad rummaged underneath the Christmas tree.

"Because you can't drink until you're twenty-one," her dad answered, as he sorted through the pile of presents.

"That's crazy! I'm old enough to have sex, but not old enough to have a drink?"

"You're not allowed to have sex either," he added.

Katy rolled her eyes. "How old am I supposed to be before I'm allowed to have sex?"

"Thirty...no, thirty-five!" her dad answered.

"Ha ha," she said, as her mom and sister gave her sympathetic smiles and tried not to laugh.

"Please, can I have just one rum and eggnog?" pleaded Katy.

"No, I'm serious, you're too young. And besides, I think we're all heading to bed now anyways." He cleared the Christmas snacks from the coffee table and headed toward the kitchen.

"What? Why? It's not even midnight!"

"It will be in five minutes," her mom said. "You'd better get to bed so Santa will come."

"He already came. Dad put all the presents marked Santa under the tree an hour ago."

He turned and saw his wife glaring at him. "You said to put all the presents out!"

"Not those ones!" she whispered through clenched teeth.

"You guys go to bed. I need Katy to stay up a bit and help me with Aaron's present," Lauren said, as she kissed her mom good night.

"Okay, but don't stay up too late. You girls need to be up early so you can open your gifts, and then I'll make Christmas breakfast for everyone. Tomorrow's going to be our best Christmas ever!"

As she closed the bedroom door, Shannon walked to the far side of the bed and put her glasses down on the nightstand.

"Why would you put out the presents from Santa before they were asleep, Tom?"

"Honey, Katy's eighteen now -- she quit believing in that Santa stuff ten years ago. I don't know why you made her freeze her ass off spreading reindeer food all over the yard."

"Not reindeer food -- reindeer dust. Oh, Tom, I wish you could've seen the tiny, old lady who sold it to me; she looked like a little elf. She was so cute! I was in her curio shop and she promised me the dust would make Christmas magical again. And that's all I want, for things to be like they used to be, when we'd all spend Christmas together."

"Honey, we're still going to see them every Christmas, but you can't keep treating them like they're little kids, they're grown-ups now."

"Katy isn't, she's only eighteen."

"Well, Lauren's twenty-two and Tyler's nearly twenty."

"I know...I wish he'd stayed home for Christmas Eve."

"He'll be back in the morning to open presents. He just wanted to spend the night with his friends."

"But all five of us are supposed to spend Christmas Eve together, it's tradition."

"Well, there's one tradition we can make sure to keep up," he said, and gave her a wink.

'You are so bad," she said, trying to hide a smile. "You must have been on Santa's naughty list a lot."

"If I was, my name was right below yours." He watched as his wife grabbed a plastic bag from under the bed and hid it behind her back.

"I bought something that's going to make your Christmas Eve treat even more special. Get him ready for me."

After she left the room, Tom undressed and got into his pajama bottoms. He lay on the bed and pulled his cock out, stroking it hard for when his wife got back.

Every Christmas Eve, as his present, Shannon gave him a hummer. This blowjob was special though, as it was the one night of the year when she'd let him shoot in her mouth and swallow his cum. He loved the naughty twinkle she'd get in her eye when she'd open her mouth, so he could see she'd been a good girl and drank every drop. As he lay on his bed beating his meat hard, he could hear his daughters' voices through the walls.

They were in their brother Tyler's room. With him out for the night, Lauren and her boyfriend would be sleeping in his bed.

The door was closed as she went to the closet and pulled out a huge gift-wrapped box.

"Wow! Who's that for?" asked Katy.

"Aaron, of course!" Lauren smiled as she dragged it to the middle of the bedroom.

Katy was amazed at the size of the present. "What did you get him? A dishwasher?"

"Oh, yeah," her sister laughed, "that's what every guy dreams of getting for Christmas."

Lifting the gift-wrapped top off of the box, Katy saw it was empty. "What's supposed to be in it?"


Lauren opened her housecoat to reveal the sexy Christmas outfit she'd been hiding underneath. A tiny bikini top with a huge, red ribbon covered her breasts while a skimpy red skirt just hid her white satin panties. White, thigh-high stockings and red heels completed the outfit.

"Wow, you look amazing!"

"Thanks! I hope Aaron likes his present," she said, as she adjusted her breasts in the tight top.

"Damn, I wish I looked like you!"

"What are you talking about, you look exactly like me. When we go shopping people think we're twins."

"I mean I wish these looked like yours!" Katy squeezed her small tits through her sweater as she stared at her sister's high, round breasts. "Mine are like little lemons; your boobs are like big oranges and mom's are like cantaloupes! When are my tits gonna get as big as yours?"

"I'm four years older, you'll catch up."

"I hope so," Katy said, as she pushed her breasts up and together to see if they looked larger. "I wish I'd asked Santa for bigger boobs."

She went to the box, climbed in and squatted down to see if she fit. "What do you do when he opens the box? Jump out and scare him?"

Lauren gave her sister a naughty smile and pointed to a round hole neatly cut into one side of the box.

"What's that for?" said Katy.

"That's where he puts his candy cane so I can give it a lick."

Katy stared wide-eyed at her sister, and then she opened her mouth and bobbed her head back and forth at the hole and they both laughed out loud.

"You are so bad!" whispered Katy. "You're going to blow him here? With mom and dad sleeping in the next room?"

"Well it wasn't my first plan, I'd meant to do it at my apartment. But Mom kept begging me to stay over for Christmas Eve. I didn't want to, but she's an expert at making me feel guilty."

"I know," said Katy. "She had a huge fight with Tyler when he said he was spending the night at a friend's house."

"How did he escape?"

"Dad got in the middle and told Mom that he wasn't a kid anymore, and it was his decision where he wanted to spend Christmas Eve. But he did make him promise to come home in the morning to open presents. Mom finally agreed, but I heard her crying after he'd left."

"I know, Mom's obsessed with us spending Christmas Eve together. I only agreed because she said Aaron could stay over too. I didn't want him spending Christmas Eve alone, and now you guys can finally meet him.

"Help me get this box into the living room. I want him to find me wrapped under the tree."

Shannon had heard her daughters talking in Tyler's room as she snuck downstairs to Katy's bedroom to change. After she'd undressed, she opened the sexy elf outfit she'd bought online and held it up to look at it. Seeing how small it was, she checked the package it had come in.

"A size ten?" she thought. "I e-mail them that my measurements are 38DD and they send me a size ten?"

Wearing only panties and with the elf tunic over her head, struggling to force it down over her ample breasts, she felt a chill breeze blow through the room. She lifted the top up far enough to peek underneath and was shocked to see a muscular, naked man standing in the doorway.

He had pale, bluish-white skin and short, spiky blonde hair with bright blue eyes and his only clothing was a red and green scarf. But his most striking feature was the huge hammer hanging between his legs, and Shannon couldn't stop staring at it.

Realizing she was still standing with her arms above her head while wearing nothing but panties, as he stared curiously at her huge tits, she quickly dropped the elf outfit and crossed her arms over her breasts to cover herself up.

"Are...are you Aaron?" she asked.

He gave her a warm smile and entered the bedroom.

"I'm Lauren's mom, Shannon...you shouldn't be down here."

As he walked toward her, her mouth fell open in shock as she saw his cock start to stiffen and thicken. "Oh my...that's a...wow.

"Like I said," she stammered. "You really shouldn't be down here alone...with me."

He walked toward her and, as she backed away, she toppled backwards onto her daughter's bed. He stood right in front of her, his enormous erection inches from her face. She'd never seen a cock so big...so hard. As she stared at it, she thought it glittered.

Shannon felt like she was in a trance as she looked up into his cold, blue eyes and knew this wasn't Aaron. She wasn't even sure if he was human, but she sensed something magical about this beautiful stranger.

His skin sparkled like ice, and she let out a small gasp when he reached down and touched the curve of her breast with his cool fingers. He watched her in wonder, as she slowly lowered her arms so he could explore her body further.

As he touched her, Shannon savored his cock with her eyes and figured it was at least ten inches long. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly rubbed the head against her erect nipples, surprised at how cool his cock felt.

"Do you like that?" she whispered.

He smiled and cocked his head to one side, as if he didn't understand.

He removed her hand and she watched as he repeated her action, rubbing his hard cock against her soft breasts. And then he lightly brushed his knob against her warm lips. She couldn't resist flicking her tongue out and licking the tip as it slid by.

"You want me to teach you, don't you?" she whispered, as she squeezed her breasts together and rubbed his thick pole between them. She looked up at his brilliant blue eyes, and saw they were filled with wonder, as if he'd never felt pleasure before.

He went to brush his cock across her lips again, but this time she enveloped the cool head in her warm mouth. Watching his eyes as she sucked on his knob, she used both hands to slowly pump his smooth shaft between her lips. Shannon loved how his pale cock sparkled and his pre-cum tasted like melted snow.

Her beautiful stranger reached down and caressed her large, pillowy breasts and brushed his fingertips over her sensitive pink nipples.

Shannon felt like she was floating through a dream as the huge cock stretched her mouth. The skin was so smooth as she licked her tongue along the underside while he probed her throat. She was bobbing up and down on it, trying to get as much of the monster into her mouth as she could, when he unexpectedly pulled out. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and tried to catch her breath.

She leaned back as he mutely moved on top of her, his big bat hanging between her legs, and she could see the curiosity in his eyes, as if he was experiencing all of this for the first time.

As their eyes met, she nodded in understanding, slid her panties off and put them on Katy's end table. She had no fear of being discovered, and gazed into his magical blue eyes as she spread her legs and guided him into her opening.

Katy's tiny bed creaked and squeaked as he pumped his colossal cock in and out of her mom.

Upstairs, as the two girls carried the glory hole gift box to the Christmas tree, Lauren was starting to have second thoughts.

"I hope Aaron doesn't get weirded out that I'm doing this at my parents' house, maybe I should have just stayed home tonight."

"And leave me here alone with them?" said Katy. "You and Tyler are lucky you're old enough to do what you want. I'm stuck here every Christmas Eve and can't even have a drink. They treat me like I'm still a little kid."

"I know, that's why I came over, to keep you company. And to put a giant ding dong on your snowman."

"I saw it! Is that how big your boyfriend's is?"

"Ha! I wish!" Lauren put some Christmas music on and turned the volume low.

"Oh well, at least he's rich."

"Rich? Why do you think Aaron's rich?"

"The BMW you drove here in. That's his, right?"

"Yeah, but it's only a lease." Lauren turned on the TV and changed the channels, trying to find the one with the yule log.

"How's he getting here if you have his car, taxi?"

"Yeah, he had to go to his company Christmas party. He wanted me to go with him but understood when I told him what Mom was like at Christmas. The party's supposed to be over by midnight so he should be here soon."

Lauren peeked out the curtains.

"Oh my god, Katy! The reindeer dust looks amazing. The way it sparkles against the snow...it's like being in a magic snow globe!"

"I know, right? Mom used to give me a bag of oats and sugar with glitter in it to sprinkle before I went to bed. I don't know where she got this stuff, but it's way cooler!"

Lauren watched the dazzling snow and smiled, she knew this Christmas Eve was going to be special. As she watched out the window, a taxi pulled up out front.

"He's here! I'm getting in the box, let him in and tell him his present is in the living room -- and then make yourself scarce. He's about to get an x-rated Xmas!"

Lauren climbed into the box and closed the lid as Katy ran to the front door.

She waited for a knock and, when there wasn't one, cracked open the door and realized the taxi had left. Her boots were by the backdoor so she walked out onto the snow-covered front walk in her fuzzy slippers. The snow sparkled as if it was reflecting the stars.

Katy looked down the street and noticed the interior light was on in Aaron's BMW. She tramped down the unshoveled sidewalk and saw the door was ajar and he was passed out on the back seat.

While trying to decide whether she should try to wake him up or go get her sister, Katy spotted something on the floor of the car -- a half-empty bottle of gin. Hoping to get a Christmas drink after all, she quietly climbed across the back seat and was stretching down to grab the bottle; she was surprised when he suddenly grabbed her and pulled her backwards on top of him.

"Hey, Lauren," he slurred, "I'm sorry I'm so late, baby. Don't be mad at me." He reeked of booze.

"Wait -- " Katy said, but was startled when his cold hand slid under her sweater and squeezed her bare tit. She could feel his hardon pressing against her ass.

She grabbed his arm to pull it out from her sweater, but he slid his other hand down her stretchy pants, under her panties, and rubbed her trimmed pussy. Katy barely stifled a moan; she hadn't been touched like this in so long.

"How about a quickie?" he whispered, as he groped her while softly kissing her neck.

Katy closed her eyes as he touched her and visions of sparkling snow danced in her head. She reached her arm back and pulled the car door shut.

She couldn't help herself as she lifted her bum and reached underneath to feel how big his cock was. Katy knew she should stop, but wanted to play with him a bit while she had the chance.

Aaron pushed his pants down to give her better access, and she wrapped her hand around his pole and sighed as she pulled on it. He pushed her pants and underwear down to her knees and ground his hot tool against her cool ass.

His erection popped up between her legs and Katy trapped it, squeezing her smooth thighs against his hard cock. Grabbing it by the head, she pulled it toward her, rubbing it against her pussy.

Meanwhile, Tom was lying in bed wondering why his cock wasn't being sucked. He'd thought when his wife left she'd be right back, but now he was wondering what was taking her so long.

He got up to look for her, and also grabbed her Christmas present from under the bed. He'd managed to wrap it, but was hoping Lauren could use some ribbon and tie a nice bow on it.

Walking down the hall, he noticed the front door was open. He checked outside and smiled when he saw the snow sparkling from Katy's reindeer dust. After he shut the door, he went to Tyler's room and was surprised Lauren wasn't there. He left the present on the dresser and went to see if they were down in Katy's bedroom.

While walking past the living room, he noticed a new present under the tree -- a huge gift-wrapped box with a small hole in the front. The lid of the box shifted, and he knew who was hiding inside.

"Shannon,' he thought. "So this is her Christmas surprise!" He tiptoed to the box, pushed his pajama bottoms down, and shoved his stiff cock through the glory hole.

Downstairs, Shannon's legs were sore from being spread so wide while her magical stranger punished her pussy with his huge cock. Panting, she told him she needed to change positions, and he watched curiously as she got on all fours and looked back, desperate for him to fuck her some more. He pressed his cock against her and she guided it into her sopping pussy, clutching her daughter's sheets and clenching her teeth as he hammered her from behind.

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