tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYes, She Can Watch

Yes, She Can Watch


The door bell rang and Jami stopped kissing me. She looked at me with a huge smile on her face. She stood up and stretched, her tits bouncing excitedly.

"She's here!" she breathed.

I laughed as she flew to the door. I couldn't help but to stare at her ass as she ran across the living room of her apartment to open the front door. She was wearing a translucent gold nightie that left little to the imagination. Her hourglass figure and full hips were on display. I was only wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs myself, no wasting time losing my clothes for me. When the going got hot, I wanted to get off! Anyway, she peered through the peep hole and called out "D.J. is that you?"

"Who else would it be? Let me in!" came the reply through the door.

We were both excited about our friend D.J. coming over today. This was going to be an exciting afternoon. When Jami told me about her encounter with D.J. the week before, we had amazing sex. D.J. had agreed to help us fulfill one of our many fantasies; that is, having sex while being watched. The door swung open and D.J. sauntered in. She walked in with a swagger but her face betrayed her when she saw me sitting on the couch. She looked like she was going to faint. I think she was nervous that I was there before her. She took off her jacket and I saw that she had only worn a t-shirt herself. I could see her juicy nipples (at least I thought they were juicy) poking against the fabric. Jami closed the door, came up behind her friend and threw her arms around her in a bear hug from behind. Jami's hands immediately went to D.J.'s boobs and squeezed them.

"Ready for a show, hmmmm?"she whispered softly into D.J.'s ear.

I stood up, and walked over to them both giving each a quick peck on the lips. I smiled as my eyes traced down D.J.'s face, past her lips to her neck (which Jami was licking) down to her nipples being kneaded by Jami's fingers. I slowly reached forward and fingered the snap on D.J.'s jeans. Our eyes met as I tugged the waistband and pulled her out of Jami's embrace. She stumbled into me and I caught her. I took her hand and led her over to the couch and gently pushed her onto it. She looked to Jami for direction and was shocked to see that she was already nude. My girlfriend had taken the nightie off while her back was turned. Jami was finishing spreading a blanket and pillows on the floor in front of the couch. On one corner of the blanket she put two vibrators and baby oil for us to use. D.J. recognized "Goldie" and "Blackie" from the night she slept over. When she looked back to me she saw me pulling my briefs down. My cock was at half mast, but rising. I stood in front of her with my cock at her eye level; a few internal flexes and it bounced up and down happily. Jami walked over on her knees and gave him a quick kiss on the head. She pulled me down onto the floor and made me lay on my back.

"Get undressed D.J. and watch me suck him."

D.J. grinned and said "You don't have to tell me twice!"

She pulled the tee shirt off and I got my first look at her tits. The were round and full and my mouth ached to suck on them. I felt Jami's mouth engulf my cock and begin to suck on me. Both of us were watching D.J. though, as she unzipped and pulled her jeans off. She was wearing a purple thong which contrasted nicely with her dark coloring. I could see that she was shaved like my Jami, which I loved. Her cunt lips were closed over the thin strip of purple cloth and she began to sit back down when Jami sat up from sucking me.

"Stop! Turn around so he can see your ass before you sit back down."

D.J. slowly turned and faced the couch. She leaned forward and braced her self against one arm. My eyes traveled hungrily over her ass and one hand reached up to grab a cheek. Jami playfully slapped it down, and shook a finger at me scoldingly. I smiled sheepishly; I knew that this was a "look but don't touch" encounter between the three of us, but you can't blame a guy for trying right? So instead I stared at D.J.'s round bottom and drooled thinking of it sitting on my face. Jami was giving it a good once over as well. She remembered the feel of it when she and D.J. had gotten off together and promised herself that she would again one day.

"Can I sit? I need to take my panties off now. My pussy is starting to get wet." D.J. asked.

"Of course" Jami replied. "Here take Blackie and get comfortable."

She handed the vibrator to her. D.J. smiled her thanks and sat down and wiggled out of her panties. She leaned back into the sofa cushions and spread her legs slightly. Not enough for me to see the pink of her cunt unfortunately. But enough for me to see the rose colored button of her clit poking out. Her left hand went to her breasts and stroked them. Her right hand strayed to her pussy but didn't quite rub it. It sort of teased the top of the slit but didn't hit pay dirt so to speak. I guess she was waiting until we really got going for her. I sat up and crawled behind my girlfriend; my cock nestled in the crack of her ass as I hugged her from behind. Now it was my hands latching onto her boobs. My fingers were pinching her nipples when she turned her head and kissed me. Our tongues went crazy in each others mouths, while she pushed her ass back lewdly into my cock. Her hands came up and covered mine on her chest. I stopped pinching her nipples and laced my fingers into hers. She broke the kiss to turn and face me.

"Stroke your dick until you cum for me Mark." she asked huskily. "For both of us."

Jami sat down on the couch next to D.J. as I knelt before them. They both were dripping, I could tell by the sheen of sweat on their bodies, the musky odor of their pussies. They were both breathing hard but from horniness not from exertion. I held Goldie out to Jami since Blackie was D.J.'s for the time being. I took the bottle of baby oil and flipped the top open. With a flourish I poured a good amount in to my right hand. I then rubbed it onto my shaft, sliding my hand up and down until it was covered with oil. The ladies watched as my eyes closed and I began to pump my cock with a steady rhythm. My breath hissed through my teeth as the pleasurable sensations washed over me. The ladies had their vibrators pressed against themselves as they watched. I rubbed my cock and cupped my balls for them. I looked at them both as they watched me.

"Didn't I tell you it was hot to watch Mark jerk off?" Jami asked D.J.

"Oh God yeah, jerk it Mark. Jerk it! " D.J. answered, not to Jami, but to me. Her eyes were locked on my penis. Blackie was half way into her pussy, but wasn't turned on full blast ( I could hear it buzzing softly. I knew what it sounded like on full.) After a few minutes it was time for me to shoot. I stood and placed myself between Jami's legs. My hand blurred up and down my dick. Jami threw Goldie onto the floor and sat up cupping her boobs. She squeezed them together and gave me a beautiful target. Grunting and gasping I let go a load onto Jami's chest. I had made myself cum quickly, holding myself back for the big one I hoped was to come later. D.J. blurted out "I'm cumming" and began to tremble. Jami and I watched as she writhed her way thru what looked like a big orgasm. Jami rubbed my semen into her tits and I sat down while we watched D.J. come down from her high.

"You turn now baby." I told Jami, gesturing for her to join me on the floor.

She slowly lowered herself onto her back and spread her thighs. I could already smell the sweetness of her juices. My mouth was watering in anticipation. I didn't need any instruction for what she wanted, I knew. I stretched out with my head between her legs. My lips kissed all around her clit without touching it, causing her to buck her hips. She wiggled her bottom around trying to get me to press against it.

After a few minutes of teasing ,I snaked my tongue out and licked her clit firmly. Jami had her eyes closed for most of the time I was tonguing her. She rolled her head to the right and opened them to look at her friend. D.J. was watching intently, with two fingers buried in her pussy. I was busy at the time so I couldn't see the fact the D.J. was also looking at my ass moving in time to Jami's gyrations. She could see my cock underneath me every time I raised my hips. It was slowly getting hard again after cumming just a few minutes earlier. D.J. could still see traces of my cum on Jami's tits and licked her lips. She wanted to lap it off of Jami's chest and she wanted to suck it straight from my cock but couldn't. She was frustrated and turned on at the same time. Jami could see the lust in D.J.'s eyes and it made her even hotter. Being watched is so fucking hot! She thought as she held my head an began to cum. She moaned in ecstacy as she came hard while I sucked on her clit like an ice cube.

When Jami finished cumming, I was ready for some serious fucking. My cock was hard again and I needed to be inside my girlfriend. Jami and I moved around so we could lay at D.J.'s feet, and give her the best possible view of us. At the same time, it allowed us to look up at her watching us. She had picked Blackie back up and was softly moving it around the opening of her box. I was on my back with Jami crouching over me, my cock held upright by her left hand. Her right was spreading her lips apart.

D.J. plunged the vibrator into herself and said "Do it! Fuck him now!"

Jami came down to sit astride me, her weight making me slide into her. My breath came out in a contented sigh, as she fell against me. She rested her head on my shoulder, hugging me close as she slowly began to piston her ass up and down. The walls of her pussy were hotter and wetter than I could ever remember. The friction was almost non existent, so smoothly were our parts working together. I rose my head slightly to see D.J. squirming on the sofa , Blackie inside her as far as she could push it. After a few minutes, Jami pushed herself up into an almost upright position, bracing herself with her hands on my shoulders. My hands went to her waist without conscious thought, giving her the leverage to keep the rhythm that we had created. Jami's eyes closed and she began to shake with the feeling of her orgasm building. When they re-opened, she looked down at me and then at D.J. She took her left hand off of me and held it out to her friend.

D.J. took it and slid off of the couch and onto the floor to lay next to us. Jami let go and raised her hand to cup her tits and closed her eyes again.

"Watch." she whispered to D.J. and I as her orgasm began.

Enthralled, D.J. and I witnessed Jami quiver and heave through a powerful orgasm. Jami's head and shoulders swayed as the waves of pleasure washed over her. She felt like a porn star, loving the feeling of being on display for me and D.J. When she stopped cumming, she climbed off of me and bent down to finish me off with her mouth. She hungrily licked her own juices off of my shaft. It was enough to send me over the edge. My hips bucked and I began to shoot my cum into her mouth. She quickly sat up and grabbed my cock in both hands to pump wildly. Not that she didn't want to swallow; she wanted D.J. to see me let it fly again. I didn't care, I was too busy having one of the best cums of my life. I sprayed all over my stomach and legs, cum splattering everywhere. Watching me pop triggered D.J.'s final orgasm of the afternoon, one that caused her to scream so loud and long we thought the neighbors would hear!

When D.J. and I stopped cumming, Jami crawled over me to lie down between us. She cradled D.J. into her chest as I spooned her from behind.

As I drifted off to sleep I heard Jami whisper softly to D.J.

"Thank you for watching."

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