tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYes You Can Ch. 02

Yes You Can Ch. 02


I woke up the next morning in Bill's bed and looked at the clock. It was 9:30. I didn't have to work that day, but I did have a few classes, which I decided to skip. I rolled over and Bill wasn't there.

The bathroom door was open and he was standing there in his boxers, shaving. From where I was laying I could see his face in the mirror, but I didn't think he could see me looking at him.

"Do you have something on your mind baby?" he grinned.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Well, you're not exactly being subtle looking at my shorts," he laughed.

I giggled, "Sorry." I went into the bathroom and sat onto the counter as he shaved. "I just love to watch a man shave. I think it's so sexy. But don't trim off that mustache of yours."

"And what if I did, Little Lisa?"

"Well, I might not be so easy as I was yesterday," I giggled.

"Eh, you don't know what your talking about little one. I'd get my way into those pants again, and you know it."

I nodded, "Yep, you would. What are you doing today?" I asked.

"I was going to go out onto my boat and do some fishing. Want to come with me sweetheart, or do you have classes or work?"

"I had classes, but I decided to skip them."

"Naughty girl," he remarked and winked at me in the mirror. He cleaned and rinsed his face and went to his closet to pick out some clothes. I hopped into the tub, took a quick shower and dressed myself. Since we were going out onto his boat, I thought I'd wear my bikini under my outfit. It was so cute. It was a light blue string bikini with little white flowers on it. Unbeknownst to Bill.

We drove to river, hopped onto to his boat and cast our lines. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I liked the fact that there were houses on either side of the river. We sat side by side in the boat, waiting for the fish to bite. I still had on my regular clothes over my bikini. I set my pole down and went to the other end of the small boat where there was more room to undress. I peeled my top up over my head.

"Hey, little girl!" Bill hollered. "What are you doing?"

I smiled, "I'm undressing into my swimsuit."

"Well, why didn't you mention it earlier sweetheart, I'll help with that," he said. He set his pole down and came over to me. He started to pull down my shorts, "Damn, these are tight baby. I better be careful or I'll pull down your swim bottoms too."

I stepped out of my shorts. He ran his hands up my bare thighs and rested them on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, wasting no time, as I immediately put my tongue into his mouth. We were necking madly within a minute or two.

"I need to fuck you sweetheart," he moaned into my ear.

"God, I need to fuck you too Bill. But how?"

"We'll do it right here honey," he was breathing heavily as he pulled the strings from my bikini top and threw it on the floor of the boat. "Fuck, I love those big tits," he said as we kissed.

His fingers fiddled with my bottoms and untied those too. I took his shirt off and kneeled down before him. "Oh yes baby, suck me."

I unbuckled his pants. It made me so excited that someone in one of the nearby houses might be watching us. I breathed on his cock to tease him.

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "Don't tease me angel, just suck me off." I wrapped my lips around his cock and started to bob my head up and down his cock. "Faster baby, faster," he urged. I started sucking him faster. All we heard was the waves and my suckling sounds.

He played with my big tits as I sucked him off, "God, I'm going to cum. Lay down baby."

I laid down on the bench of the boat and spread my legs. He stuck his cock in me and he banged me hard. I moaned, "Yess, yes Bill, give it to me. Oh god yess, your big cock feel so good."

"You want it faster?" he panted.

"Oh yes, faster."

"Alright. My sweet little slut wants it faster," he began pounding into me. My tits jiggling. The sight of us fucking to anyone who might look out their window. I wanted them to see how much I loved to be fucked, how much I loved cock, how nasty this older man and I were together.

He shot his hot load into me and I whimpered, cumming around his cock. My pussy gripping at his dick. Since there was no room for him to lay down, he sat up and put his boxers back on. We were both panting.

I sat up next to him, nuzzling his neck, rubbing his covered cock, "Oh baby, you were so good," I whispered.

"So were you little one. I've never known such a girl to be so sweet and so slutty at the same time."

Despite how hot the day was, we made out a little, my fingers tracing along his jaw line. We eventually got back to our fishing. Finally, after what seemed like forever, something was tugging at my line.

"I got one!" I squealed excitedly.

Bill gently pulled my hair away from my face, "Yes, you do baby."

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