Yo Joe!


She always hated these missions. Make-up, wig and all the prissy trappings were never her bag nor was the... "work" involved in these covert operations. She positively h-a-t-e-d these missions. Why couldn't Cobra do something normal like, world domination? Whatever happened to that? Clean, good old fashioned "Take over the world, nyah-ha-ha" kind of stuff. She longed for the good ol' days. She H-A-T-E-D these missions.

Adjusting her g-string between her ample, fleshy cheeks, she reminded herself... "I only have to do my husband. I only have to do my husband. I only have to do my husband." snapping the string uncomfortably into place, she sighed heavily. "In front of like a baJILLION people I only have to do my husband. Riiiiiiight."

Looking up over her shoulder at his smirking reflection in the mirror, she tried to adjust her open demi cup bra under her cream coloured mounds without smearing the cherry flavored nipple gloss. She grimmaced at the thought of just where they were going and what this would entail.

"Oooooo baby!!!" Flint groaned as he rubbed his crotch through his jeans.

Jaye rolled her eyes, attempting to see him clearly through the fluff of fake lashes. "Puhleeze." she huffed.

"No, babe, really... you are smokin' HOT!!!"

"Uh-huh. You always say I'm 'hot'. Only difference now is that a-g-a-i-n, we're going into weird-assed territory with Cobra."

"Honey, there is nothing even remotely 'weird' about your fine ass!" Flint whispered as he caressed her sides from behind her.

Sighing deeply, Jaye walked toward the closet.

"Honey, c'moooooooonnnn..." he said.

"No! Don't you 'Honey' me Dashiell!" her left breast jiggled against her arm as she pointed an accusitory finger at him. Groaning in dissapointment at the shiny cherry smear, she pulled a tissue from a box on the dressing table to dab away the excess gloss.

"You said last time that that would be IT!!! NO MORE of these!" she yelled as she wiped. "Yet, here we are! Back in Cobra FREAK land!"

"Allison, honey please..."

"Fah REEK land!" she enunciated slowly.

He could only try not to become even more aroused by her anger which, to him, only made her more beautiful than ever.

"Sweetie, I promise this is the last time, okay? The very last."

Lady Jaye glared at Flint, hands on her hips, her exposed breasts bouncing with the move, her glossed nipples shimmering in the dim light but the look of threat she was going for was considerably lost due to her sexy underthings, and her serious expression was tilted more towards "come hither" than "go to hell" with her over the top make-up.

"I am one lucky bastard." thought Flint.

Jaye harumphed as she chose a skimpy red lace spandex dress from the closet.

"Whore of Babylon Collection." she muttered to herself as she bent to stretch the fabric over her curves.

"One REALLY lucky bastard!!!" thought Flint.

She glowered at him while she donned her red patent leather stilletos.


Being briefed by Duke in the car on the way to the club didn't really help Jaye's disposition.

"Okay Joes, you'll be entering the front with the rest of the invited guests. You'll be expected to..."

"Yeah, yeah." Jaye interrupted the comlink of Duke. "Expected to be the bumbling Euro-trash whore with her dashing American boyfriend, as usual."

"...uhhhh... well I... uhhhhmmm... " stuttered Duke. "well, it's not exactly like th'"

"Well what is it like then Duke? Hmmm?"

Flint shifted uncomfortably as he drove while his wife and best friend continued their disconcerting tete a tete.

"Look Jaye, I..."

"That's Lady Jaye to you." she said icily.

"uhhhh...look, the mission is pretty much the same as last time so that's really all I need to say ok? Ok!" Duke rambled quickly. "Control out bye!"

The two operatives rode in silence for a series of miles. Uncomfortable silence. Silence so very very uncomfortable that Flint thought he'd really rather ride it naked and lubed through a minefield of uuber horny gay lumberjacks struck by gigantism disease. He thought about telling Allison the extent of this, his version of proof of his love for her but as he opened his mouth to speak, turning his head as he did so, he caught the glimmer of light bouncing off of one of her eyes as she glared unblinkingly at him and thought better of it.

Pulling into a circular drive moments later, he looked at her again.

She had a smile, albeit fake, plastered to her face and turned to grumble between clenched teeth;

"If you so much as let one of those freaks touch me or even think about touching one of them, so help me, you'll 'Yo Joe' in soprano from a maximum security hospital bed through a tube. Are we clear?"

Flint gulped nervously while nodding.

"Yeah honey, all clear!"

Checking the car with a masked nude valet, they walked the cheetah print carpet with the other "guests" that led to the guilded double doors and went in.


Champagne flowed from huge fountains, resplendant with rose petals and erotic ice sculptures doing what looked to be unthinkable things to each other. Jaye tried not to look bored and uncomfortable. Flint tried not to get to aroused too soon. Neither drank the champagne, knowing it to have been spiked with a powerful aphrodisiac.

Easily flitting from room to room, they encountered the same sort of depravity that they'd seen before. Cobra snake mutations naked and aroused, their scale patterned skin gleaming with sweat as they were serviced orally by human women. Hot wet mouths, sloppily engulfing serpentine cocks, large voluminous breasts rubbing up & down while more serpentine cocks vied for attention, smearing colours as they rubbed over heavily made up faces.

Other rooms held human women being double fucked by all sorts of mutations as well as human men. Women, sopping hot cunts astride huge, hard fat mutated cocks while smaller human dicks plowed hungrily into tight fleshy asses, their mouths either screaming out in pleasure or full with more thick meat, mutations and humans alike waiting their turns to spill hot cum down eager throats or across asses, tits and faces.

The Joes knew that this was yet another Cobra plan to earn money world wide. Who wouldn't want a stable of prime whores trained to take any & every sexual dream one could think of? Human men, amply hung, being taught to either be mega stallion or have their sphincters "trained" in perpetual super tight mode to be the perfect man bitch... human women conditioned to be either perpetual "virgin" or gangbang slut. Humans altered by chemical potions to add to their "youthful" appeal or given hirsute enhancing drugs to give in to the "bear" quality. All given the addictive aphrodisiac that made them not only want sex non-stop, but need it. Crave it. The Joes only realizing what was going on after a series of near rapes. The perps not giving a care about being caught as long as they could rub their genitals on a chair during interrigation.

Flint & Jaye walked into yet another room. One with S&M and bondage as it's theme. One human woman, tied to a leather covered wooden horse, huge tits bouncing with every slap to her ass, begging to be fucked as roughly as possible. Another human woman dressed in school-girl garb, hair in high pigtails, tiny plaid skirt raised, white lace panties pulled down to just below her full cheeks, their color a blazing red as she lay astride a horse mutation's lap being spanked. Her candy stained lips emitting squeals before an ape like mutation slid his turgid member between them. A human man strapped to a wall being repeatedly whipped, ass plug vibrating loudly while a female bird mutation licked her own hardened nipples through her feathers at the sight.

A human blonde, face down on her knees on a raised platform, arms straight by her sides and tied to her calves, legs tied widely apart to padded blocks on either side, her enormous ass cheeks held open while a slithering serpentine tongue lapped and plunged in, lapped and plunged in again & again, causing her to beg to be anally taken. After some time, her wish was granted with not one but two hardened cocks, one from the owner of the slithering tongue above her, one from a human who had wriggled underneath her. Both pushing gently at first to gain entry into her tightest hole, stretching it slowly as she gasped in a mingle of pain & pleasure before they began violently pumping hard and fast into her willing openness. Her asshole being mercilessly fucked raw, her squeals giving notice to a third mutant. Blonde locks gathered up into his fist, his hardened meat brought to her face, precum drooling from the tip. Looking up, she smiled as he rubbed the sticky liquid over her soft lips. Lapping at him while he pulled away to tease her, he allowed her only to nip at his ballsack before he pushed her head down upon his swollen cock as she opened her hot wet mouth and began to eagerly suck.

Flint rubbed his hardening member while Jaye turned away in disgust.

"Ugh. How can they do that?" she whispered to him.

"Uh, I guess they're really into it?" he shrugged.

More rooms brought more scenes... gay gangbangs replete with whips, ass plugs, cock rings and paddles. Games of initiation with hard cock after hard cock forced roughly into tight holes. Games of pseudo reluctance. With every faked scream of "please, no" came more brutal fucking. "Victims" and "punishers" alike revelling in spanking and being spanked.

Jaye smirked at the uncomfortable silence her husband fell into at the homosexual erotica.

"'Least it cools him down enough to not want to get naked too soon." she thought.

Flint thought he'd lose what little lunch he'd had.

Walking along a narrow corridore with pictures of lewdness prominantly displayed, they found what they'd been looking for.

A control room.


It was an odd little office with vid-links to every other room in the place. Even a few they'd not stumbled onto.

"C'mon. Let's just get this over with." Jaye hissed in a whisper to Flint.

Nodding, he reached into his belt to a tiny compartment and pulled out a chip. Handing it to Jaye, he went to what appeared to be a main console and waited for her signal. With the link-up of the chip in place, she pushed a button on the opposite keyboard and pointed to him as he did the same thing. The screens blipped almost impercievably as the Joe's mission to simultaniously download and erase all information on all of Cobra's victims commenced. Within seconds, it was done. Cobra's sex operation would be no more. All the information was successfully at Joe HQ and permanently washed from all Cobra computers. If they tried to back up, motherboards and hard-drives would literally fry.

Smiling at one another, they embraced.

Which was good since a naked Cobra operative happened to stumble by at that moment.

"ssssssssssssssSSSEX-EEEEEEEE......" he hissed.

"Yeah," Flint acknowleged with a nod. "MY hole to break in, not yours. I paid GOOD money."

The creature shrugged. "Moneeeeeesssssssss the bohhhhtom line but when yourrrr done, I want ssssssome offff that bottom too, 'kay?"

Jaye cringed.

"Won't be done here for another day or so friend." Flint quipped easily.

The creature shrugged again and meandered off leaving Flint to snog Jaye passionately.

Finding their way outdoors, they headed off into the well manicured woodlands surrounding the property. Hitting the recall button issued to all Joes, they were on a transport & home before sunrise.


Jaye tossed her keys on the side table by the front door and headed upstairs with Fling following closely behind her.

"See babe? No one had to get naked or anything! Best one yet!"

Unpinning the wig that covered her red locks, she shook her head at him.

"Huh-uh, you don't get off that easy."

"I should say not babe... I like to take my time with you!"

"You KNOW what I mean. We got lucky tonight."

"Well, not YET 'we' didn't." he smiled.

Jaye gave him one of her "you are such a pig" looks.

"C'mon honey... mission's done. We're home and Cobra's none the wiser." he snuggled up to her, wrapping his strong arms around her while lightly rubbing his crotch in the direction he wanted to go. "...c'mon..."

A light smile crossed her lips before Flint took them over in a kiss. Running her fingers through his hair, their kisses became more heated, more intense until they were lying on their bed, limbs intertwined with one another. Piece after piece of clothing flew away until bare flesh caressed bare flesh. Flint licked and sucked the remains of the cherry gloss from each of Jaye's breasts slowly at first then with more vigor as she sighed in desire for him. His stiff cock, almost painful with need slipped easily into her sheath, his eyes closing in bliss at the feeling. Rolling them over, Jaye surprized him by sitting atop of him, taking the lead, gyrating roughly, bouncing up and down, massaging her huge mounds, licking her own hardened nipples. He knew the dirty talk that sent him over the edge would be in just a minute's time. Jaye might not be one for physically joining group sex but hot DAMN the woman could talk a filthy mile!

And it turned him on more than anything.

"Did you like seeing all those sluts tonight baby?" she cooed at him.

"Ohhhhhh yeah!!! I did!" was his reply as she rocked atop him.

"Did you enjoy seeing their pussies being stretched out like that with aaaaall those huuuuge hard cocks?"


"Did you imagine me there big boy? Huh? You think about me being gang fucked by all those hot cocks?"

"Uh-huh honey, I did!"

"Would it be fun to see me all full of thick, hot meat like those girls baby? In my hot, steamy mouth... in my wet, juicy pussy... up my tight, sweet ass?"


"Did their pussies turn you on baby?" she began rocking faster.


"Did you think about how one could suck your cock?"


"You're sooooooo big too baby... " she smiled "they'd gag on all that."

Flint's eyes rolled and he siged at the thought of it.

"Did you think about ass fucking one of them? How tight that asshole would be around your stiff dick? How you'd like to bend one of those sluts over? Pull her panties down? Get your cock nice and wet in her cunt and then hump some fresh tight ass?"

Oh, she knew how he loved her dirty mouth. The dirtier, the better. And tonight would be the best.

"Uh-h-h-huh!" Flint stuttered. He could feel his balls tightening at her beautiful filthy words.

"Think about it for me then baby! Think about it while you plug my pussy! Think about the tightest, tiniest asshole being forced open by your big, fat cock! It's soooooo tight! Sooooo fuckin' hot around you! Tighter than my cunt! Think about those freshly spanked cheeks, big red handprints on milky white orbs, panties pulled down just enough for you to fuck her!"

Jaye bounced wildly atop Flint, alternately pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit.

"C'mon baby, do it for me! Spank her ass while you plow into it! Pull her hair and spank her! Pull her cheeks open wide so you can see your cock slide in and out! I know you'd like that! Think of her eating my pussy while you fuck her hard up that tight little ass!"

Flint's balls were about to burst.

Jaye was close to coming.

"She's licking my slit baby! She's flicking her tongue on my clit!"

Flint pulled up and suckled one of Jayes tits at the thought.

"OoooooYEAH! Now I'm lifting my legs higher baby, and she's tongue fucking my ass while you plow her up hers! Her tongue's DEEP in my asshole while your fat cock's in hers! Like what you see baby? My pussy all open and waiting for you while she has her tongue up my ass? Does that do it for you baby?"

"oh...oh... Al-i-sonnnn..."

"Now it's my turn baby, pull out of her and shove it up my ass! Come for me!"

"OH ALLISON!" Flint yelled as he came. Jaye was right along for the ride with one of the biggest orgasms of her life.

Breathing heavily, they held each other until they could speak.

"Oh sweetheart, you have the BEST mouth ever!" Flint murmered as he kissed her.

"Don't mind as long as it's only with you hon." she smiled.

Turning out the light, Flint mused to himself for the second time in less that two days;

"I... am one LUCKY bastard!!!!!"

With that thought, Flint and Lady Jaye slipped into a deep and well deserved slumber.


The End

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