tagNovels and NovellasA Binding Oral Agreement

A Binding Oral Agreement


This story deals with mind control, femdom and bdsm themes in a lesbian setting. If you think you will be upset by this please find yourself another story.

Chapter 1

I signed the partnership document where required and than passed the pen over to Gemma. It was a big step to take and I expected to see some of my own nervousness reflected in her expression but the look on her face was difficult to fathom. She was smiling but it was the passive smile of a chess player who had just seen her opponent unwittingly make a telling error.

Jenny, in her capacity as our solicitor, witnessed our signatures and then agreed to join us for a celebratory drink. I assumed that we would go to the local wine bar, as was our usual habit when the three of us got together, but Gemma suggested a pub that she knew. She drove and kept up a light hearted conversation with Jenny whilst I sat alone in the back seat trying to spot a landmark I could recognize. We had come south of the river and I was in totally unfamiliar territory.

The pub turned out to be not as bad as I feared. It was almost new, brightly lit with modern beech and chrome fittings. To start with we almost had it to ourselves but later a hen party arrived and things grew a little more lively. There was a small podium at one end of the bar and at some point a microphone materialized heralding the arrival of a comedian. Playing to his audience he started to tell a series of male deprecating jokes which I found mildly embarrassing but Gemma laughed along whole heartedly. She had always been far more liberal minded than me and often poked fun at my somewhat prudish outlook on life.

I hoped that we could call it a night but Jenny insisted on getting in another round of drinks and a second act took to the stage. This time it was a woman but she looked more like a doctor than a comedienne. She was dressed in a business suit and wore minimal makeup but she had the sort of natural beauty that needed little enhancement. It turned out that she was a hypnotist and after a brief, almost peremptory, introduction she called for a volunteer from the audience. One of the women from the hen party was pushed forward by her friends and that was my first surprise. I had often seen stage hypnotism on television but I was convinced that it was based on plants in the audience. In this instance I had seen the woman arrive with her friends and I was sure that she was genuine. The second surprise was the ease with which she was put under. There was no preamble, no hocus pocus, the hypnotist simply asked her to take a seat and close her eyes. She then touched the tip of her finger to the woman’s forehead and spoke just loud enough for the audience to hear.

“When you hear the music you will be a pole dancer.”

With those few simple words she stepped off the podium and switched on her CD player. The music was a nondescript dance track but as soon as it started the woman got up from her seat and began to gyrate. She gave it everything she had and would probably have made a genuine performer but the joke was that, whilst for her it was real, for the rest of us the pole was completely imaginary. I laughed despite myself and continued to laugh as she called more people to the stage.

The next woman was encouraged to flirt with a broom and the one after was convinced that she was a man who was jealous of the broom. When the next volunteer was called it took me a second or two to realize that Gemma and Jenny were pointing me out. Whilst my business dealings call on me to be gregarious I am, by nature, shy and the last thing I wanted to do was to go up on stage but I was curious. I would have said that I made a poor hypnotic subject and I wondered if she would pick up on it and look for someone else. Gemma had me pulled to my feet and the woman beckoned me forward. I felt slightly uneasy but it was too late to back down; the crowd was shouting encouragement and I did not want to seem a spoilsport.

The woman had me sit on the chair and then I found myself looking into her eyes. For a second or two I had the strangest feeling that I knew her and I was still racking my brains when she moved her fingertips towards my eyelids causing me to close them reflexively.

“When you hear me say the words “Good dog” you will yap like a puppy”

The words hovered in my subconscious and, for an instant, my mind conjured a bizarre visualization. Did I know her because she was my mistress and me her pet?

“Good dog.”

I heard myself starting to yap and some distant part of my mind knew I had to stop but my mistress looked so pleased that I grew even more excited. I began to wag an imaginary tail causing the cautionary voice to grow louder and for a moment I seemed to have control of myself but then I became aware of the audience’s laughter. I did not see what right they had to laugh at my mistress and so I turned to them and yapped indignantly. They, of course, laughed all the harder and I was almost overcome by the urge to bite someone.

The woman must have sensed my growing distress. She touched my forehead and said “Stop”.

Notwithstanding what had taken place I was surprised to find myself on all fours and I quickly got to my feet. The audience applauded as I returned to the table to find Gemma wiping tears of laughter from her cheeks. We left soon afterwards and Gemma dropped me at my flat before going on with Jenny. Once inside I made myself some coffee, drew myself a bath, and mulled over what had happened. On the plus side I had established myself as a good sport who could enjoy a laugh at my own expense but, when I came to examine it, I was upset at how easily I had been manipulated.

As I toweled myself dry I looked in the mirror. I prided myself on my self confidence, and there was no doubt that some of that was based on my perception of my body image, but the reflection that I saw just then seemed different somehow. That person that I thought I knew so well now seemed flawed.

I laughed out loud and tried to put it out of my mind. Gemma’s nickname for me was “Stoney” which was a little double edged. She said that I looked like the Basic Instinct actress and whilst I denied it I was secretly flattered. I thought I looked good for my twenty eight years and I took particular pride in my breasts which I’m sure would have had Sharon jealous. The thought was master of the deed and almost without thinking I brought my hands up and gently began to pinch my nipples. They quickly became engorged turning from a coral pink to a more angry red in the process. At that moment I wanted Sebastian to be with me but, since our engagement, he had had to take more foreign business trips than ever. He was an ardent lover and, with a little bit of fine tuning, I was turning him into considerate one. He loved my nipples and I had taught him how to suckle them in just the right way to the point that I could orgasm from that alone.

The thought of it sent up the temperature between my legs and I contemplated the vibrator that I kept by my bedside but on this occasion the full length mirror held me. I felt almost disembodied as I watched my hand move downwards until my carmine varnished fingernail grazed the frizz of blonde curls that covered my pubis. I pressed gently against my labia and was surprised at how wet I already was. I pouted playfully at my reflection and in my mind I told myself that I was a slut. As if to acknowledge the fact I moved closer to the mirror and stood with my feet a little further apart. I had intended to allow myself a leisurely orgasm but I was overcome by my own wantonness. I used my free hand to hold myself open and I sought out my clitoris. I rubbed at myself with unaccustomed vigour and started to groan as my orgasm quickly grew. I was staring directly into my own eyes as I collapsed to my knees and allowed it to finally overwhelm me. It was the most intense climax that I had reached in a long time and there was no obvious reason for it. I was still puzzling it over as I slipped into bed ready to start all over again.

The following morning I arrived at the office to find my new partner already at work. It still seemed odd to think of her in those terms. When we both left Stowe and Lawless it had been with the intention of setting up as sole practitioners but it had seemed logical to share office space until we found our feet. I had never doubted that I would fair better than Gemma in the long run not least because I was already armed with a reputation for having a sharp intellect. Not that Gemma was an intellectual slouch it was just that if she could win people over with her feminine charms she was always prepared to take the easy option. She was two years younger than me and if Liv Tyler was ever in need of a stunt double Gemma would fit the bill. She had dark, almost gypsy, good looks that could flash from total innocence to downright sexy in the blink of an eye. There was no doubting that those looks had hooked some male clients who might otherwise have gone elsewhere.

As the months passed we had developed a curious but successful symbiosis and when, finally, Gemma had suggested a formal partnership, I could find no good reason not to aside from an instinctive unease that would not come into focus.

As I walked into my own office Gemma followed me in.

“Diane Logan isn’t going to bite.”

I must say that I was not altogether surprised and perhaps even a little relieved. There was something about Logan that did not quite ring true and I was not altogether convinced that she would make a good client. Gemma took a seat on the leather sofa that I used for meetings before speaking again.

“You know, if she was a man I could have her in the palm of my hand.”

It seemed an odd thing to say and so I joked with her.

“Are you thinking of becoming a lesbian?”

“Don’t be silly…but I thought you might…”

I looked at her expecting her to laugh but she looked to be in earnest.

“…You’ve seen how easily men can be hooked, and you know what it’s done for our revenues, imagine if we could hook women in the same way.”

“Gemma, are you on medication? Just listen to yourself. I’ll admit that you’ve had one or two successes but that doesn’t mean that I condone your methods.”

“Your problem is that you take it all too seriously. Why knock yourself out when you can make life so much easier for yourself.”

Now I was beginning to get angry.

“I’m proud of what I do, it’s called professionalism.”

I saw a flicker of anger in her face but it was gone almost as soon as it was formed.

“You go through life thinking you’re so much better than anyone else. It’s not healthy to spend all your time looking down on other people.”

The bitterness in her tone came as a complete surprise to me. I had no idea she conceived of me in that way and, worse still, she seemed upset by it. I was still trying to think it through when she spoke again.

“You know what? I’ve never seen you naked. I guess I ought to inspect the goods before I put you on offer.”

If she was hoping to shock me she succeeded. It seemed such a bizarre thing to say and I was stunned by it. Looking back, I suppose that she was trying to get me off balance because as soon as she saw the distress in my eyes she spoke the fateful words.

“Good dog.”

It was as though a shutter came down. Somewhere deep in the back of my mind I heard an echo of myself barking like a dog and with it came a sudden, overwhelming, desire to please.

“Undress yourself.”

I registered that I was still in my own office and that to undress there was entirely inappropriate behaviour. For the next few seconds I fought to get a grip but for reasons I could not explain to myself I could not tear my eyes away from Gemma’s steady gaze and the more I looked the more I knew that I wanted to please her. Almost before I knew it I began to slip my jacket off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. As my fingers moved to the buttons on my blouse there was a lonely voice in my head begging me to stop but I could see that Gemma was surprised at what I was doing but, more importantly, she was clearly pleased.

My blouse soon joined my jacket in a heap on the floor and then I worked the fastenings on my skirt so that I was left standing in just my underwear and stockings.

“Let’s see the whole package.”

At that point I hesitated and Gemma must have realized that she had given an ambiguous command.

“I want to see you strip completely.”

The brief pause allowed the voice to scream at me more shrilly but I could not stop. I removed the remainder of my clothes until I stood there totally naked but as Gemma looked me over some vestige of decency caused me to blush and forced me to cover myself as best I could.

“Well I don’t think there is any doubt that it works. Now here’s the deal. Every time you hear me say the words “Good dog” you will revert to, or come out of, this suggestive state; other than that you can go about your life perfectly normally. However, I don’t want you to trying to run out on me. You will continue to live at your flat and you will continue to come into work as usual.”

I heard and understood every word and my instinctive reaction was to swear at her but some traitorous part of my mind would not allow me to displease her in that way.

“Tell me, have you ever been with a woman before?”

I did not want to answer, I willed my mouth to stay shut, but the word was out before I could stop myself.


“I didn’t think so, neither have I, but seeing you like this…come here.”

I could feel perspiration prickling my back as I fought to stay where I was but the internal battle of wills was soon lost and I took a couple of steps forward.


As I went to my knees she stood up in front of me.

“Regrettably, for you, the prospect of going down on another woman holds no appeal but I have dreamt of having it done to me as I’m sure you have.”

The voice of dissent was now clearer than ever in my mind, and I recognized it as my true self, but I was trapped in a body which would no longer do as it was told. As I watched Gemma slowly lifted her skirt to reveal an expensive pair of pale blue silk panties and I could not help but notice a small dark wet spot which seemed to be growing even as I watched.

“Take them down for me.”

My hands were shaking as they reached forward and my head jerked almost imperceptibly as I tried to resist but my thumbs slid into the delicate waistband and I started to ease them down her legs. I was immediately assailed by a scent that was familiar from my own fingers but, where in the past I had found it arousing, it now made me feel afraid.

Gemma stepped out of her panties as I pulled them down to her feet and then she brushed her hand across the Mohican of dark hair that delineated her sex.

“Beautiful, don’t you think?”

It was not the word I would have used. I had seen the odd porn film but I had never been that close to another woman before and nothing could have prepared me for the sheer carnality of it. I could feel the heat emanating from her and the very air around me felt moist.

Gemma sat back down parting her legs lewdly as she did so.

“Come here and lick me…”

Her voice had trembled slightly, a mix of nervousness and growing excitement, and the hint of hesitancy was enough to rekindle my resistance. I had started to lean in towards her but now I stopped short as I tried to pull back from the brink. Above me Gemma gave a gentle laugh.

“Don’t try and fight it. I know that right now you hate me beyond measure but, in spite of yourself, you will please me.”

I do not know if the choice of words was deliberate but it tipped the balance. My face was drawn forward again and I hesitantly poked out my tongue. I withdrew reflexively as I encountered the coarse curls of her pubis which already bore her taste but the voice in my head told me that, if I had to go through it, it was best to try and get it done with as soon as possible. I closed my eyes and thrust forward pushing my tongue into her wet gash.

I knew my own sex so well and could have described it in its every detail; I also knew that every woman was essentially the same but right then I felt lost in the hot wet pit that Gemma had become for me. For a few moments she tolerated it, reveling in the novelty of it, but then she wanted more.

“Lick me like you like to be licked yourself.”

Had she but known. Sebastian had always been a little reluctant when it came to pleasing me orally but I soon made him understand that if he expected it of me then he was damn well going to do it in return and he was going to do it just as I liked it. Now those lessons came back to haunt me. I could hear myself as I gently took her labia between my lips and ran my tongue gently along the silken folds. Gemma found this more to her liking and she settled more comfortably into the sofa.

“That’s nice … just like that…”

I alternated between the two sides of her sex and every now and then I allowed my tongue to dip inside. She was getting much wetter and I hoped that she was ready to finish but as I moved my tongue higher to seek out her clitoris she placed an admonishing hand on the top of my head.

“There’s no hurry…carry on just as you are.”

Long minutes passed during which time I had to fight to keep my stomach in check. At one point I dared a look only to find her smiling down at me with a look of total condescension but I could also see that she was losing her self restraint.

“That’s so nice baby…a little harder now…make me come.”

Using the tip of my tongue I worked towards the top of her labia only to hear her laugh at my clumsy efforts to find the spot but her own need was growing more urgent and she used her finger s to part herself. Her clitoris was surprising small but as she pressed with her fingers it came free of its fleshy cloak and I was able to flick my tongue over it.

Almost immediately her body began to shudder and I darted my tongue as quickly as I could.

“Oh shit!...YES!...Don’t stop!”

She started to buck her hips making it hard to keep with her but by then she was too far gone. She gave one final drawn out groan and then she slumped onto the sofa completely drained. I moved back from her, seemingly forgotten for a moment or two, and tried to come to terms with what I had just done. Finally, Gemma recovered herself and got back to her feet.

“You’re a mess. Go and get yourself cleaned up.”

I dashed to the bathroom and leaned over the sink. I wanted to be ill but all that would come was a series of dry, painful, heaves. With tears in my eyes I filled the bowl with water and then viciously scrubbed at my face with paper napkins until my skin was red. Now I was ready for a fight but first I needed my clothes.

I came back into the office to find it empty but there was a note from Gemma on the PC. It simply told me that she would be out for the rest of the day. I was seething with anger as I got myself dressed and more so when I tried to telephone Jenny only to find that, she too, was unavailable. I attempted to do some work but I found it impossible to concentrate and so at lunchtime I locked up and went home. The first thing I did was to re-read the partnership deed. It was simple enough and, on the face of it, easy enough to get out of. In so doing I would still have to bear my share of the existing liabilities but these amounted to next to nothing. I thought about trying to catch Gemma at home but thought better of it. I would confront her with the dissolution of the partnership in the office and threaten her with assault charges.

The following morning, as I got myself ready, I felt strangely calm; I knew what Gemma intended to try and I was fully prepared. The day before I had been caught off guard but that was not going to happen again.

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