tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Casual Game Of Strip Poker Ch. 02

A Casual Game Of Strip Poker Ch. 02


Jake sat down quickly after accepting to play longer in an attempt to cover his manhood. He looked around and everyone had moved on beyond his nudity. Steve had got up to get drinks and Liz and Amy chatted about something else, whilst Charlie stared into space. He took a breath. Now to get Amy!

Steve soon came back with liquid refreshments for all and when he gave Jake his drink, he lent in and said, "Don't worry mate. We'll see some tail any minute now." That was easy for you to say, thought Jake, you haven't got your cock out.

Soon the cards had been dealt and they were into another round. As they were playing he caught Liz give the occasional look at him and smirk, whilst Amy never looked away. This hand didn't look too bad though and he was dealt a pair from the off. He swapped a few and then had three of a kind. Surely this bought some time.

People laid down their cards and a couple of pairs were laid meaning no dare this time. Finally it fell to Amy to reveal hers and wouldn't you just know it, she had nothing! Jake shouted yes and Steve hooted at this but Amy kept her poker face. She then stood without instruction and her arms moved behind her back. This was a moment Jake had waited for for a long time and he savoured every second. The tautness of her bra straps suddenly went and Jake knew the support was about to fall. Amy's arms moved back her front and slowly she flicked one strap off her shoulder and down her arm. Jake glanced at her face for just a second and noticed she was staring intensely right at him. Shit, was she enjoying this? Was she turned on? Amy then dropped the other strap of her black bra and her other arm reached across her bra to support just the cups from falling. Jake took a breath, then she pulled the bra away.

Jake didn't know how long he stared for, but blood was rushing into his cock and he felt it start to rise. Amy meanwhile simply sat down without a fuss and picked up the cards and loosely said, "Next hand?", whilst shuffling. He hated her for this; the way she had taken it in all her stride. He wanted her to be humiliated like he had been but she was ice cool.

The hand that followed was hard work for Jake. For one he had to keep an erection hidden from the others under the table and the occasional movement and sway of Amy's free small, perk breasts whilst dealing were enough to distract any man. Luckily he coasted through a few hands, whilst James lost his trousers and Charlie was reduced to her bra. The latter caused further problems for Jake, as he watched with wonder at Charlie's much larger breasts looked to be almost overflowing out of their confinement when the t-shirt came off.

During the next round Jake found himself now distracted by two targets in Amy's naked breasts and the almost constant wobble of Charlie in her bra as she collected cards, took a drink etc. This was too much and he could now feel his penis pressed against the underside of the table. Whilst this was all happening he almost didn't notice that Liz had lost and was suddenly peeling off her shirt. He glanced at Steve and could tell he had read the situation like he had earlier. Then Liz's naked breasts were on display. Like Amy, they were small by Charlie's standard, probably being A-cups, but they were perfectly proportioned to her thin body. Of course Liz didn't care and carried on like nothing had happened and she even got up and ran to the toilet in her usual bouncy manner.

The fun of the last few rounds suddenly disappeared a few moments latter though as Jake was left with a ten-high. Maybe this would be fine, he thought, people had done ok with this sort of card. But in what felt like a few moments, everyone had laid their cards down and he had lost. Shit, dares. He'd almost forgot.

Liz bounced over to him and yanked his arm for him to get up before he had full control of his senses and pulled him out of his chair. Silence fell across the room as he knew everyone was staring at his 7 inch fully-erect cock. His eyes took the group in and they all looked shocked. Even Amy had lost her poker face as her mouth made an 'O' shape. "Jeez Jake, we really do all give you a hard-on!", comment Liz, who had let go of his arm and stepped back.

Jake stood and felt his erection subside as he felt immense embarrassment. Liz read the situation and took pity on him saying, "For your dare Jake, I think you should rush off to the kitchen and play waiter. A jug full of Sex on the Beach please." Jake rushed off to hide further face, and other things!

When he returned the atmosphere had returned to normal and people were simply chatting shit again. He managed to subtly move to the table and start to pour the girls a drink. He started with Charlie and got a great view of her breasts standing above her, and marvelled in their swell. He moved next to Amy and caught a devious look in her eye as he approached. Just ignore her Jake, this will be over soon enough he told himself. Whilst pouring her drink though a bolt of electricity flew up his body as he realised her hand had reached around and was placed on the back of his thighs. Then it slowly moved upwards. He thought about moving over to Liz to pour her drink and get away but he realised this moment was symbolic of his relationship with Amy, he was trapped by lust.

He felt the hand slowly creep upwards and move slight inwards, now sliding up his inner thighs. He felt a sparkle in his cock again as it regained life. Then she cupped his balls and gripped them; blood was flooding back in and his knew the little man was on the rise again. He also couldn't believe this and looked down at Amy but she just stared forward as if nothing was happening. Maybe she did want him. She let go and her fingernail lightly scrapped down his ballsack and then along his grundel. The sensation was electric and he felt like he might cum there and then. Then she slowly slid her finger over his anus and then her hand moved away and patted him on the bum. She then gave him a little nudge away.

Jake walked slowly towards Liz almost in a daze. He was dizzie and confused but kept on almost on auto-pilot. Just as he started pouring her drink, she turned and said, 'Ah good my drink...." Her face almost hit Jake's erect cock and was right in her face. They had a moment as Liz looked up at him and then back at his penis. He thought she was going to take him in her mouth, but she simply smiled and said, "I see you're back Jake." Then batted his penis away. Again electricity shot through him in this playful gesture but he moved back to his seat and sat down.

As he sat there light-headed, he didn't know whether to be ashamed or incredibly turned-on. Two hot girls had touched his genitals in the last five minutes! His mind returned to the game and he realised he had another shitty hand, but luckily he gained a pair when swapping some cards. The long and short of it was that Charlie had lost and he hadn't! He sat relieved, but could see fear in her eyes as she was clearly the shyest of the group, and he suspected didn't even want to play. He felt for her but after what he'd just gone through he was just glad, then he saw her in just her underwear. His dick somehow got harder at the sight of the curvy girl and he took a deep breath. Surely others would be joining him soon.

The next hand wasn't any better though and Jake was in a bad hole. Please, please, please, he prayed as he swapped some cards. He gotten another pair, but only threes. Would it be enough? Everyone laid and he was beaten by all quarters except for Amy who was last to put down. She laid down rubbish cards until the last 4, then Jake connected to the 4 she had laid down first first. She was fucking with him. Bitch. "Right Jake, on your feet again. And don't worry, we've all seen it." Said Liz as she ran off half naked to her room.

Liz returned with a hair dryer and the fear of God went through Jake, what did she have planned? "What sort of shit are you into Liz?" protested Jake, "Do you want me to blow-dry my balls in some weird S&M dare!?"

"No silly." Replyed Liz. "You can return this to my neighbour Steph."


They all watched like naughty teenagers, peering around the door frame as Jake walked slowly down the corridor of the block of flats towards Liz's neighbour. He knocked on the door, almost shitting himself and sporting half an erection. Twenty seconds passed and no one appeared; phew, she's out. Then he heard footsteps. Please don't let this be a husband, boyfriend etc. thought Jake.

The door opened and a late thirty-something woman opened the door and started to say, "Hello, can I hel..." She stood there shocked. Jake smiled nervously and said, "Liz wanted to return this to you." Steph's head suddenly peered past her door-frame back towards Liz and gang spying back and looked perplexed. "What the hell?!" she said. "I'm coming with you."

As they saw the pair coming towards them, the gang giggled and dived fully back into the flat. Steph walked in after them and stared at their varying levels of undress. "What the hell is going on?" she said smiling. "Is this some sort of orgy?"

"No," said Liz, "we just sort of fell into a game of strip-poker and Jake lost. We thought you'd like the sight of a naked man, so we sent him your way Steph." Jake stood behind Steph, still holding the hair-dryer and now a flaccid cock.

Steph laughed herself stupid when they explained events and kept eyeing up Jake. She was quite a bit older than them, but Jake could appreciate her looks and her personality. She stood about 5'8", a brunette and had nice full breasts and a fairly trim body. In fact, now he thought about it, she looked great for her age.

"So you playing, Steph?" Grinned Liz.

"No, I'm too old for games like this, but I'll watch if you'll let me?"

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