tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dark Night For Wendy

A Dark Night For Wendy


It was a dark stormy night in November and Wendy was in the house alone. The wind howled around the house and the rain beat mercilessly at the doors and windows. The telephone rang and she answered it. It was John, "I will be home later, get everything ready and you can have your way with me tonight."

"Ooo goody" said Wendy, she knew what that meant, she would tie him down and give him an hour of wild ecstasy, which would culminate in him spraying his lovely cum all over her.

Wendy looked at the clock, it was eight pm. She went upstairs and got ready for bed. She got out the plain brown box that contained their bondage toys and laid the blindfold and gag on his pillow, then she put the ankle and wrist straps ready at each corner of the bed. Everything ready she hopped into bed so that she could have a couple of hours sleep before he arrived.

She began to dream a delightfully erotic dream. Someone was rubbing their hands on her body, massaging her breasts and the inside of her legs. She was floating and felt wonderful.

In her dream she opened her legs wider and felt fingers pushing into her cunt prising out her wetness, she gasped in pleasure and reached out with her hands to grip the edges of the bed.

Warm hands rubbed her arms "yes" she whispered involuntarily. Dreamily she felt something moving around her wrists and stretched her arms and legs wider, "yes." She was certain that someone was caressing her ankles. It felt good.

"Yes" she cried out, she felt the same warm hands caress her face, she opened her eyes but saw only the darkness. She opened her mouth to gasp in pleasure, but no sound came out. Instead she felt something large and soft pushing into her mouth and she moaned softly.

The hands returned to her pussy, caressing and pushing inside her. She was still in her dream, but it seemed so real. She tried to close her legs, but found now that she could not. Suddenly she felt a body on top of her and something pushing to get inside. It pushed again and entered her. It was big and continued to push further inside until she was sure that it would pop out of her mouth. He withdrew and pushed in again, again, again each time reaching further in side her. Now he was humping into her long steady strokes that reached deep inside. She felt her orgasm mounting and raised her hips with his every thrust. She mumbled something into the gag; she wanted him to never stop and how she wanted his seed. His thrusts became faster and his orgasm exploded inside her. She felt suddenly warm inside and came a few seconds later, she wanted to pull him inside and keep him there to fill her up again and again.

Slowly he pulled out of her, it felt as long coming out as it did going in and she gasped. She was not sure if she was still dreaming and heard a voice, "would you like some more?"

"mmm" she replied, but she was not sure if she had said yes or no. "turn over" the voice instructed. Now her hands were free and she rolled over. The warm hands rubbed her back and it felt good, she felt her arms and legs being pulled outward and strapped down again. She heard a sound, it was the lid from the large pot of Vaseline she kept on her bedside cabinet and a hand pushed apart her cheeks and she felt a finger pushing into her tiny bum hole. "Aaahh" she gasped, the voice spoke again, "I will be gentle." She felt a finger pushing the Vaseline deep into her, stretching her gently, then two fingers pushing deeper.

By now she was waking up to what was happening to her, but was powerless to resist. She felt his body over her and his shaft at her rear entrance. She froze, trying to keep him out but her put his hand around her throat and squeezed. It was gentle, but she understood and relaxed. He pushed again and entered her slowly. She gasped. He pushed again and she felt him going deeper and deeper. She tried to open herself and he pushed all the way in. Now he began to thrust, just like before. The tightness gave a friction and she felt hot. It began to feel good. He quickened and shot a second load into her. She felt him twitch repeatedly as he squirted his cum into her. It felt warm and nice. As he pulled out she pulled on her pelvic floor, trying to pull him in again, but he slipped out easily, leaving behind his hot sticky love juice 10 inches inside her.

She turned her head to try to see who it was, the blindfold was still on, but he removed it. He was standing by the side of the bed. She did not know him. He was tall and black and very good-looking. "mmm" she mumbled into the gag and wiggled her hand. He untied her and removed the gag. "Was that nice?" he asked. Too exhausted to speak she nodded weakly. And with that he left without a sound.

Wendy drifted off to sleep and did not wake up until she felt her husband John getting into bed beside her. She looked at the clock, it was 1 am. "You are late" she said, he just kissed her and said, "I want you." She pulled him close and felt his erection up against her. "I want you too" she replied, "I have been waiting for you all night." John’s small cock slipped easily into his well-lubricated wife. "You are very wet," he observed "yes" she replied, "a friend came around and got me all ready for you, as we knew you would be tired.."

"Thank you darling" he said, and came in a few seconds, rolled off her and fell fast asleep.

Wendy sighed and reached into the bedside cabinet for her vibrator.

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