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A Day in Gotham - Batgirl Begins 03


((Authors Note -- here's the third and final episode of my Batgirl Begins trilogy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing about my favourite super-heroine. As with all such series, it's probably best to read episodes one and two first, but if you can't wait here's a very, very brief summary of events so far.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) has just started out on solo patrols. With Batman's help she captures a dangerous criminal called Marco. Flushed with success she goes to Wayne Mansion to seduce her hero, but instead catches him in a steamy session with a raven haired woman she'd never seen before. Later she goes to a fancy-dress party with her close friend Heather who's leaving Gotham the next day. Their skimpy costumes attract a lot of attention, not least from Catgirl who catches Batgirl with her boyfriend, and then spends the later evening 'entertaining' Batgirl and Heather with her Kitten friends. When they've had their fill, the exhausted Batgirl and Heather are eventually released and go back to Heather's apartment to crash out for what's left of the night.....................

I'm always keen to hear what people think about my writing -- good or bad (I'm thick skinned), so please use the Comments section to let me know your thoughts.

I hope that this has set the scene for my previous Batgirl stories, and leads naturally into Batgirl's Dilemma (my first effort). I'm now going to turn my attention to a follow-up for Batgirl Vexed!))


1 - The Morning After

2 - More Morning After

3 - And Even More Morning After

4 - Catching Up

5 - A Sad Farewell

6 - Hanging Around

7 - And Bit Of Research

8 - A Risky Idea

9 - Lovers Reunited

10 - Lovers Un-Reunited

11 - Courtroom Capers

12 - Marco Says 'Thanks'

13 - A Shock on the Internet

14 - Catwoman Gets Her Man

15 - Batgirl to the Rescue

16 - Batgirl Racked for Ideas

17 - Batgirl Helps Catgirl Test Her Equipment

18 - Endings

1 - The Morning After

It was a diabolical journey.

She was bouncing uncontrollably around from one dark, gloomy place to another. Suddenly, fiery red flames would erupt around her as shadowy figures danced in and out of focus, shouting in her face, but hard as she tried she was deaf to any sound! Barbara Gordon was twisting and turning, trying desperately to escape but each turn and twist just dropped her deeper and deeper into this personal torment!

To make matters worse, some of the figures started to take shape. In one moment she'd see an old flame laughing hysterically in her face, telling her how superficial she was, then there'd be Batman sternly telling Batgirl that she wasn't ready yet, then equally suddenly she was in a surrealistic parody of a barn, full of half animals. Dogs heads on sheep's bodies, a donkey was staring at her, but from a cow's body. It was obscene. She felt ready to scream, she was trapped, somehow unable to move again and then another face drifted into view. It was the horrible Marco, the bank robber that she and Batman had put away recently.

His long, thin arms were reaching out for her, she had to get away! She twisted round yet again, and now she was being tormented by two more figures intertwined in the bright orange sky above her head. She screamed silently as they revolved in slow motion above her, Bruce Wayne and that raven haired slut she'd caught him with yesterday! His hips were thundering away between her splayed out legs. Her Bruce Wayne. Her Batman! Why had he done it to her?!

It was all so, so confusing.

Suddenly she was transported onto a maelstrom of light and noise! There was a slender blonde haired figure whirling frenetically in front of her on a dance floor. She looked familiar. Was that Heather, her girlfriend from the Library? But she was gloriously naked! Why? And then, before she could make sense of it, she was instantly transported to Imperial Rome. She could almost smell the sweaty bodies in the dust and heat as she was jostled by a large crowd up to a white stone building.

A man dressed in an expensive gold trimmed, white toga with curly golden hair was speaking to the assembled throng from the top of a wide staircase. But, in the instant that she recognised Richard's beautiful face, it turned wary and then fearful as he looked up in horror. The skies had darkened instantly and two black-suited figures were arrowing down from the storm lit heavens to attack him! She desperately tried to make her way through the crowd to protect him, but she couldn't move! Then the evil black figures had switched their attention to her. She was transfixed as they grasped her, tearing away at her clothing, squawking angrily in her face. She still couldn't move, frozen in their power as the rough hands began to explore her body! It looked like the end for poor Batgirl!!

But then, equally suddenly, all was peace and tranquility.

The dark clouds quickly dissipated, the black figures retreated as fast as they'd come. Had they really been the infernal Catwoman and Catgirl? It didn't matter. All that Barbara wanted was escape. To retreat into the soft, warmth that had suddenly enveloped her. It was so incredibly blissful!

Now she was floating on a layer of soft white clouds under a bright blue sky with the sun's rays enveloping her in their warm embrace. Where was she being taken? Did it matter? Of course not, she smiled secretly to herself. Yesterday, she'd suffered a horrible day of betrayal and erotic tormenting at the hands of that terrible Catgirl. It was time to relax, to drift, to heal, to feel her strong young body wallow in the exquisite sensations as finger tips drifted slowly across her chest until they were rising electrifyingly over the swell of her breast.

Her brain was still struggling to make sense of her predicament, but she knew that her body had switched on. Then her brain finally caught up!

'Oh My God! Someone's touching me!!'

2 - More Morning After

Barbara's eyes snapped open! The weird nightmare instantly banished from her brain as she concentrated totally on the fingers drifting lazily around her right breast, already triggering deep feelings that she just wasn't ready to deal with.

While her eyes were open, the rest of her body was frozen and she'd quickly steadied her breathing. It was an exercise in self discipline that would have impressed her Batgirl alter-ego if she'd had chance to think about it.

And now she knew where she was!

In her friend Heathers spare bed. The friend who was going to leave Gotham later that day, going to leave Barbara for a life on the other side of the country. For a second Barbara experienced that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach at the impending loss of her closest friend and confidante. 'Don't go Heather' she thought miserably for a split second, for maybe the thousandth time!

Then her mind switched back to her current predicament. What was going on?

She was lying on her back, naked, covered by a single sheet. One leg was stretched down the length of the bed, the other splayed out sideways and crooked back from the knee so that her foot was resting gently against her other knee. Her top was twisted slightly sideways, her head nestled to one side in a soft pillow, one arm draped over her head. She realised immediately that she was facing the wrong way to see who or what was inflicting those delicious sensations on her breast. It seemed that the sheet wasn't doing a good job of covering her upper torso either!

She lay there for a few more moments, wondering what to do. Then the wandering fingers had found the tip of her breast, softly feeling their way around her light brown sensitive areola skin before tentatively running up against her supercharged pink button. The tensions building inside her, waiting for that inevitable touch were exquisite, and when her aroused nipple was finally caressed she almost went into orbit! Her toes curled under the sheet as she tried hard to control her sudden arousal.

Eventually she twisted her head a little and squinted back under her trailing arm, through the strands of light brown hair that had wafted across her face. Finally she could see her tormentor. To her immense relief and as she'd half expected, but couldn't quite believe, Heather was sitting on the bed next to her , leaning over slightly, eyes fixed on Barbara's pert bosom as her fingers now pushed on to torment her other exposed breast.

Heather was wearing a thin looking cream nightie with a modest, lacy halter top. It dropped loosely over her breasts which left proud peaks standing out in the soft material as it flared down to settle over her shapely thighs. She was sitting with the main bedroom window behind her and the rays of the early morning sun shining through the thin cream curtains gave her a strange saintly halo and, disturbingly, highlighted her intriguing curves under the thin nightdress.

Clearly Heather hadn't seen that Barbara was awake as she continued to let her fingers caress and set on fire Barbara's other breast. She was almost squirming with unexpected pleasure and couldn't decide how to deal with it. There'd never been anything physical between them before. In fact Barbara had never been with any woman before, and the fact that her body was responding so enthusiastically to Heather's touch was positively alarming! Had she suddenly become a lesbian?!

Her mind was torn between many courses of action. The extremes were obvious. She could jump up in indignation and push Heather off her, or maybe she could just lie back and let the sweet excitement build even further. She knew what her body wanted, but her mind was doing its best to regain control. It's just that she didn't have a clue how to deal with this totally unexpected situation.

Then the fingers were on the move!

Barbara tensed her stomach muscles as she felt Heather easing the sheet further down her body, the demon fingers trailing a path downwards from her breasts, over her smooth abdomen and within an inch of Barbara's pert little pussy. Barbara knew that, with one leg splayed outwards, her prize possession was now totally exposed to Heather's gaze. And to her prying fingers! But instead of anger or indignation Barbara just felt her inner excitement increase even more! She felt that she shouldn't let this happen, but how she now craved it! So much that she simply couldn't resist.

As the fingers began to delve into her bushy brown hairs, Barbara held her breath, willing them onwards to the part of her body that was suddenly crying out for their attention. They poised for an annoying minute at the top of her slit, before sliding down either side of the greasy lips. Barbara almost cried out in frustration! But then they met under her legs and Heather began to draw them slowly, tentatively, back upwards, allowing them to gradually dip deeper and deeper between the open labia folds before bumping up against Barbara's expectant clit.

This time the avalanche of sensations that coursed through Barbara's body was impossible to contain. She gasped loudly and her hips quivered under her as Barbara finally lost control.

3 - And Even More Morning After

Suddenly lots of things happened at once!

The fingers instantly disappeared, and Batgirl heard a strangled voice whisper "Oh!" as Heather jumped back on the bed, setting it rocking under them. Barbara dragged her arm away and twisted her head towards Heather, blushing as she realised what she'd allowed to happen.

Heather looked even more shocked! Her eyes wide open and hand up against her mouth as incoherent words tumbled out.

"Oh my God ................. Barbara ..............Oh dear ........what am I doing ......."

She paused to take breath. Barbara was still mute, her mind a turmoil of emotions. She'd enjoyed the touch so much, it was almost unreal. Could it still be the remnants of that drug that Catgirl had slipped into their drinks last night, or was she really into women? She shook her head slightly, mystified. Heather misinterpreted the movement.

"I'm so, so, sorry Barbara! I really don't know what came over me. It was..... It was ......... watching Catgirl and those other women last night." She paused for a second and then rushed on, "It was so incredibly exciting! I couldn't get it out of my mind, and the thought of you sleeping next door .................in the nude .......... It was just too much ..... and you've got such a fantastic body ....... I, I ....... just had to come in and touch ................. Oh God"

Barbara was torn. Her rational mind was shocked. This wasn't how she'd been brought up after all. But her emotional side was taking note of the increasingly strong signals from her body. It was telling her in no uncertain terms that it wanted Heathers delightful fingers back!

She looked up into Heathers tormented eyes, her gaze drifting longingly down to those full, soft lips. They looked so incredibly kissable!

So she did.

She lifted her face up, silently keeping her eyes on Heather's, twisting slightly, their lips brushing lightly before Barbara gave out an animal like grunt from the back of her throat as her hand looped around Heather's head, pulling her hard onto her hungry lips. In an instant they'd embarked on a long sensuous embrace, hands raking through each other's hair as their pent up emotion took over completely!

In the back of Barbara's mind was a bagging, primal question. She had to know! Was Heather also nude under the cream nightie? Even as their lips were working so hungrily against each other she felt Heather stiffen slightly as Barbara's hand found Heather's bare thigh and began to climb upwards under the soft material! She didn't resist, and when Barbara's fingers reached the top of Heather's legs and ran into the warm curly bush her question was answered. Heather 's low moan was so expressive that Barbara finally had to pull away to breathe again!

They were both breathing hard now, but Barbara wasn't satisfied yet! She grabbed hold of the hem of Heather's nightie and dragged it urgently upwards, revealing first that delightfully blonde pussy and then her beautifully formed breasts. She paused for a moment to admire the breathtaking sight and Heather immediately took over, dragging the material higher, over her head, throwing it impatiently to one side.

Then they sat staring at each other's naked bodies for long moments, almost afraid to touch again, to take the next irreversible step. Who would make the first move?

"Come here Heather," instructed Barbara a little breathlessly, finding her voice at last, automatically taking charge, "I want you!" She reached out her arms and welcomed Heather's exciting soft body up against hers, their breasts rubbing electrifyingly together. Her rational brain had been overwhelmed! This time there was nothing tentative about the kiss. It was full-on sensual and so incredibly arousing. Barbara was so lost in the moment as their hands began to explore, each touch of Heather's firm body sending little shivers down her spine and when Heather's inquisitve fingers finally reached her breasts the shivers suddenly combined into mini earthquakes. Her nipples were alive again, begging for the sweet attention that Heather was happy to provide.

It seemed to go on forever, and Barbara would have probably let it as she enjoyed the gradual increase in sexual tension that was spreading throughout her body. But now it was Heather's turn!

She eventually pulled away from the clinch, eyes sparkling.

"I want to kiss you now," she whispered hungrily, " .............alll over .............everywhere!" she added to drive home the point. She seemed to be waiting for Barbara to say something, but Barbara's eyes closed dreamily as she imagined what Heather's lips could do to her.

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed, almost to herself.

Then she felt hands pushing her gently backwards onto the bed again and her eyes opened just in time to see her friend straddling her middle, knees either side of her waist. As she leant forward above Barbara, her beautiful breasts dangled invitingly close to Barbara's mouth. It took just a moment to raise her head a little and capture one of the nipples and subject it to a brisk flicking from her tongue. Heather gasped and sucked in air at the unexpected onslaught, but quickly settled forward to let Barbara's mouth finish assaulting her breast, before pulling it away and feeding the other one into Barbara's hungry lips.

"Oh God Barbara! Fantastic.....fantastic .....fantastic!!" she gasped as her head drooped down and her bum lifted high into the air as she tried hard to deal with the sensations radiating out from her swollen nipples.

Finally, with a big effort, she pulled away again, breathing even harder.

"Naughty Barbara! It's supposed to be me that's doing the kissing. Remember!"

With that she pulled Barbara's arms above her head and pushed them down onto the bed head, wrapping her fingers around the wooden frame, "Now leave them there Barbara -- I don't want any more interference!"

Barbara was happy to oblige! She submissively let Heather's face drift over hers and shut her eyes as Heather's soft lips began to run across the smooth skin of her face, pausing briefly on her lips again and triggering another avalanche of sensual feelings before drifting down the side of her face and onto her neck, creating goose pimples on Barbara's skin as her sensual tongue worked its way around her ear before her teeth began to nibble gently at the lobe.

Barbara's body was writhing under Heater as she moaned a heartfelt plea, "God Heather, get on with it ...... I can't stand much more!"

But Heather wasn't for rushing and her lips only slowly drifted lower, over Barbara's upper chest setting off such an anticipation of what they'd do to her breasts that Barbara actually cried out when the tantalising lips began to explore the delicate mounds. Her fingers tightened on the bed-head above her head as Heather's tongue began to circle around the areolae of one of her nipples, deliberately teasing, deliberately stoking up Barbara's excitement to almost fever pitch as she waited for that next dramatic touch! Then she cried out again as the playful lips finally enveloped the erect little tower and Heather's strong tongue began to caress the supersensitive skin!

Barbara's hips were writhing continuously under Heather now and she finally forced herself upwards, thrusting her pussy up against Heather's and making them both gasp as they ground together for a few moments before Barbara collapsed back down again as Heather repeated the treatment on her other breast. She was soaring so high now that the delightful feel of Heather's teeth nibbling at that nipple pushed her over the edge and her long drawn out sigh accompanied the mini avalanche of convulsions that radiated out from her hot pussy.

Heather felt her friend give in to the orgasm and looked up in surprise. "Wow! That was quick! I must be better than I thought!!"

Barbara was just basking in the aftershocks, still vaguely concerned that she was letting a woman do this to her but unable to control her response.

The basking didn't last long though. Heather was on a mission, and her lips were soon busy tracing a zig-zag path down Barbara's taut stomach and they both knew exactly where that path ended!

Barbara shuffled her hips again defensively, but Heather had eased her way down Barbara's supine body and pushed one of Barbara's legs out sideways, trapping it there as she placed a knee against it so that Barbara's pussy and sexual lips were completely open to Heather's excited attentions.

Barbara's head was slowly thrashing from side to side as she attempted to stop the torture that she was going through, "No, no, no ......." she tried to shout but all that came out was a whispered "Yes, yes, yes .........!"

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