tagNovels and NovellasA Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 05

A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 05


Over the past several weeks, Kim's libido had been raging. While she often went "shopping" she had actually bought very little. The sexy, blue-eyed blonde with the dazzling smile had received her share of gifts from admirers. All of them had kept her sexuality at a peak she had not known since high school. Keith complained -- he actually had complained last night -- that his new kinky wife was going to wear him out. She was slightly peeved by his comment and yet, she knew that she had to keep the moment light and jovial. "You'll go with a huge smile on your face, won't you darling?" She giggled. It hadn't worked, he was still scowling. It was time for her to take the bull by the horns. She decided that she would arrange to meet Carly for lunch tomorrow and see if Keith's secretary could help extricate the bug that had crawled up his ass.

She was enjoying her recent shopping trips, if the sexual adventures she had been having could indeed be classified as such. Orgies with beautiful women, that was more like it. She didn't need to cheat on Keith with another man, not as yet. She loved her husband and wanted to put a spark back into their marriage, when they first got married, sex was nightly and once or twice, feeling daring, she had fucked him at work. That Keith had vanished in a wisp of smoke and she wanted him back.

Technically, Kim knew what she was doing was still cheating. She was having sex with someone else, someone who was not her husband. She would admit to that and it angered her. She would have admitted her infidelities with other women if she thought that Keith could handle her bi-sexuality. Had he given her more sex and more affection, she might not have had all the women her libido had pushed her towards as of late. She more than likely would have shared, but Keith just wasn't that liberal in his thinking. His mind simply didn't work that way. It was a darned shame, because she knew that Ann Taylor had it bad for Keith and would have fucked his brains out if given half a chance. She wouldn't have minded that, she would have given them their own space, if asked -- she just didn't think Keith would be able to wrap his head around the concept of fucking anyone but her.

Thinking about sex had gotten her sex drive all churned up again. She thought about heading over to the mall to see if Julie or Skarlett -- or both -- were up for some fun and games. Maybe she could call Marcie -- oh no, she remembered that Marcie was out of town with her husband for the week. She could go see Ann, but if Ann happened to be busy, she would have wasted a trip for no good reason.

Weighing all of her options, Kim's cell phone rang. She didn't recognize the number, although she could see it was a local call. "Hello, Kim Prentiss speaking," She answered.

"Hello Kim, my name is Margot Deveraux," A voice that almost dripped with honey spoke on the other end of the line. "You were a customer in my store the other afternoon; I believe you spent a great deal of money on lingerie."

Kim shivered; this woman was Julie's boss. How much did she know about what had gone on between her and the pretty salesgirl? Skarlett had said she would smooth things over with Julie's boss -- had she failed in her efforts? Kim decided that she better play it cool and see if Margot tipped her hand.

"I did, Mrs. ..."

"Miss Deveraux, thank you."

"I most certainly did, Miss Deveraux, you have some lovely clothes and your salesgirl was very attentive. She helped me make many wonderful choices and was able to direct me to another store where I spent a great deal more of my husband's money," Kim chuckled softly.

"Ah yes, Skarlett's store -- she told me that you had dropped by when we had lunch yesterday," Margot told her. "I thought perhaps you might like to drop by again today -- there are a few new items we've just gotten in that I think would appeal to you and if so, I'd be willing to arrange a special price."

Kim really didn't need any more lingerie, it wasn't doing any good at home, but she thought Marcie or Ann might appreciate some new things on her. If she had time after, she could meet Skarlett for lunch or by then, Ann might well be free. "I'll be over as soon as I've showered and changed," Kim told the woman and hung up.

Kim ran upstairs to shower and change. She got out a plain yellow blouse and Capri pants and then thought of something Skarlett had said -- something about a "lunch break" with Margot. How much did the woman know about what had gone on between the three women? She put the Capri pants and blouse away, fluffed her hair and squeezed into a pair of black leather pants that barely gave her any breathing room. A cream-colored and low-cut blouse was worn over some of the new lingerie she had purchased from Margot's shop and high heels completed her ensemble. She intended to dazzle, something told her she would not regret that decision.

Kim looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror she kept by her bed. In her 30's, she was sexier, hotter, more vibrant than she had been in her 20's. Why on God's green earth could Keith not see that?

Kim decided to walk the short distance to Margot's store, enjoying the attention she garnered from passers-by. Kim had never been a shrinking violet, not then, not ever. She liked being the center of attention and she enjoyed the type of people who stood out in a crowd. Keith had been like that -- once. How had life beaten him down into such a dullard? There was a part of her that knew the answer -- Richard Stevens, one of the junior partners in her father's firm. On occasion, Keith would let it slip that he thought Stevens was a glory hog, taking credit for work that he barely supervised. Kim knew she had to find a way to talk to Jack, make her father see what a hard worker her husband was without crossing a line.

She was nearing La Vie En Rose now and as she got close to the window, Kim saw no sign of Julie or of any staff whatsoever. It was early in the day and she supposed they wouldn't be too busy, but the store was almost deserted. She entered the store and called out "Hello -- is anyone here? Miss Deveraux -- it's Kim Prentiss, we spoke on the phone a little while ago."

"I remember." The voice came from out of nowhere and Margot Deveraux did not so much walk into the middle of the room as strode in. The stunning woman had to reach at least 6'2" tall in the 4-inch heels she was wearing and her red leather pants molded to what was an exceptional pair of legs. On top, she wore a whitish-silver ruffled blouse that was very low-cut and her skin was almost a dark bronze in shade, with cat-like green, slightly-slanted eyes and chestnut-brown hair. This woman was quite possibly the most striking creature that Kim had ever seen. She held out her hand to Kim and when Kim shook her hand, the sheer strength the woman possessed came through in her handshake.

"I'm glad you took me up on my offer," Margot told her. "Julie didn't exaggerate, not in the least -- you're a stunning woman and you dress very well. I enjoy a woman who knows her best features and isn't afraid to -- display them," She smiled. Her smile was as exquisite as the rest of her and for the first time in her life, Kim felt intimidated. "I've made coffee; I thought we could talk before I show you the new items."

Kim nodded, she hadn't said much more than "hello" at this point, so imposing was Margot Deveraux. She really didn't need much more in the way of clothing, but knew that anything the hot, tall beauty wanted to sell to her, she would gladly purchase. She wanted to be on Margot's good side -- she wanted that desperately.

Kim accepted the coffee and inhaled the rich, pleasant aroma. She felt Margot's presence, so near and the aura the woman projected was almost palpable. She wondered about Margot's goal -- was it sales -- or seduction?

Margot put an end to her speculation in mere seconds. Sipping her coffee, she smiled at Kim as she placed her strong hands on Kim's shoulders and massaged her neck. "Julie told me all about your little - get-togethers -- with her and Skarlett, as well as your gorgeous friend Marcie the other day," Margot purred. "It sounded so primal and sensual and then Skarlett gave me the rest of the details during a little `lunch break' -- we often take those. She's a dear friend as well as a redheaded nymphomaniac," Margot chuckled. "I regretted that I wasn't working that day and Skarlett, she told me that perhaps you wouldn't be averse to an invitation from me. Life is too short not to take risks, so I took Skarlett's advice and here you are. I hope you're not offended, darling?"

"No -- not at all, I'm very flattered and very curious," Kim smiled, putting her coffee cup on a nearby table.

"Curious? About what?" Margot asked, leaning so close that Kim could inhale the jasmine scent of her perfume.

"What you look like naked, what kind of noises you make during sex and how that gorgeous bronze body will look like with mine in a sixty-nine, all of that," Kim smiled, stroking Margot's cheek. Her witty response had obviously pleased Margot a great deal.

"I do so admire a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind," Margot smiled, squeezing Kim's hand gently. "I have a girl coming in to work the store in about 15 minutes, have a bit more coffee and then we'll see if I can't answer most of your questions," She purred coquettishly. "When I go into the back room, all of my staff knows that I am not to be disturbed except in the direst emergencies."

"So, did you really have some new things to show me or was that a pretext just to get me over here and scope me out?" Kim chuckled, pouring herself some more coffee and adding cream.

"Oh no, I have some lovely items, but I'm not afraid to mix business with pleasure -- or to put pleasure first," Margot laughed. "It's served me very well in the past. Ah, here's Lily now." A lovely little Asian girl who appeared to be around the same age as Julie had walked in, dressed in a very sexy little outfit -- she was a nice little piece of candy as well. Kim wondered if Margot only hired sexy little things for her store and just how much naughtiness went on? Did Lily know what Margot was going to be up to in just a few minutes?

Margot led her new friend into the back room and Kim heard a lock "click" so that they would not be disturbed. Margot's private office was enormous, you could hold an orgy in there and Kim wondered, with a mental giggle, if she ever had. Kim wanted so much to kiss this tall, imposing woman and moved close, but Margot back away.

"I did invite you to see some new merchandise," Margot purred in a sultry tone. "You're going to get a private fashion show -- with me as the model. If you see anything you like, I can order it in your sizes."

"Oh God Margot, don't torture me like this," Kim groaned. She had wanted to have sex with Margot from the moment she laid eyes on her and her body was betraying her like never before.

"Dear one, all good things come to those who wait, I can assure you," Margot said, walking away and letting Kim check her out. "No one ever leaves my store -- unsatisfied," She smiled as she went behind a large screen to change. Kim knew very well that Margot wasn't talking about customers.

Margot came out first in an outfit that made her look like a pinup model. It was burgundy and black and was a cross between a corset and a teddy, replete with suspenders and stockings and stiletto heels that were even higher than the ones she had been wearing. Kim couldn't help but gasp as her new friend moved and strutted about, leaving her in awe as she went behind the screen yet again.

The next number combined both satin and lace and again, stockings went with it. Kim knew that one would look great on her and Marcie would adore it -- it was sexy enough that she might even get a rise out of Keith. She made a mental note to order one of those. Her brow was laced with little beads of sweat, it was hot back here -- and not just the temperature!

A pretty, yellow lace bra and panty set was the next item, against the sculpted, bronze beauty of Margot's skin, it looked stunning. Kim doubted it would be too expensive, so she thought she'd get that set as well. The bottom sure hugged Margot's ass, which was so tight that you could bounce a dime off of it.

Two quick changes came next, sexy items for Halloween wear -- a naughty witch and a French maid outfit that one purposely wore too short. Keith wasn't much for role-play, but Kim was sure that Ann and Dee would love them, those were going in the "yes" pile as well. She also made a note to ask Margot if she had a cat-suit in either PVC or leather, she would be the witch and Marcie could be her sexy feline companion.

Her favorite was the last item, a little mauve teddy that Kim believed would look incredible on her. She mentioned that to Margot and a bemused smile crossed the store owner's lips. "I am sure that I have one in your size, would you like to -- try it on?" She asked. Kim nodded, as she was pretty sure that it would be a prelude to their lovemaking.

She was right. When Margot helped her "adjust" the pretty teddy, all pretexts went out the door. Margot was now in a sexy black number with high PVC boots with a steel-tipped heel. "You love heels, but you're so tall," Kim purred. "I just don't get it."

"I have a Dom streak in me and besides, I think heels make my legs look great," Margot murmured as she nuzzled Kim's neck. "God, your skin is like silk and I love your hair -- you're so incredibly fuckable," She purred as she pulled Kim down to the floor and on top of her.

"That's nice to hear," Kim sighed as Margot filled her hands with Kim's breasts. Being sexy mattered to her and soon, she was going to have to find some kind of resolution with her husband. She wanted fucking at home as well as her little flings and she would have to find a way to implement some kind of plan. Mmm, later -- much later -- now Margot's mouth was nuzzling the smooth line of her neck and she was much too aroused to think straight.

"I could just picture all of you sexy bitches, rolling around naked," Margot groaned as she moved her hands under the sexy lingerie that was covering Kim's body. "It got me so horny I fingered my pussy to one orgasm and then I had Lily come back here and give me another one," She sighed.

"I wondered if you and Lily ..." Kim giggled as Margot's strong hands fondled her breasts.

"All of my employees get personal interviews," Margot grinned. "I'm sure that they could cry sexual harassment, but no one has so far."

"I don't doubt that," Kim smiled, snaking her tongue across Margot's full, pliant lips. "You want some hot action, I'll invite you to one of our weekly `card games'," Kim teased. "You won't be able to talk because your lips will be numb from eating so much hot pussy."

"Yeah baby, that sounds so hot," Margot groaned, their bodies now beginning to grind together. "Do you think your club would like to meet her after closing next week? We could invite Julie and Skarlett."

"And Lily?" Kim teased.

"Greedy whore," Margot retorted. "Yes sweetheart, Lily too -- although she's new to the game, I'm the only woman she's been with."

"Dibs on being Number Two," Kim chuckled and then they stopped talking and started moaning. Their hands reached out and deftly plucked sexy lingerie from each other's bodies.

"Look over there darling," Margot pointed. In plain view of both women was a large, full-length mirror. "Didn't you say that you wanted to see how you and I would look in a sixty-nine? Don't you think we owe it to ourselves to find out?"

Kim nodded and she and her new lover got into the position. She found Margot's "take charge" attitude very sensual, it reminded her of Ann. She was sure the two women would get along splendidly, although she was curious as to who would come out on top? All coherent thoughts were lost the instant Margot's long, dexterous tongue touched down on her labia and spread it wide apart. Margot was one of the best pussy eaters that she had ever encountered and now it was her turn to see if she was as hot down there as everywhere else.

She should have known the answer to that one -- like everything else about Margot, her pussy was sweet and perfectly groomed. Kim sensed, no, she knew that she could be a little more aggressive with Margot than with her other lovers. Her mouth gobbled eagerly, but she also used her fingers to wrest an intense orgasm from the sensual Amazon. They broke apart, panting and hugging, tears of joy streaming down both of their lovely faces.

"Oh dear Lord, darling girl, that was one of the best girl fucks I've ever had," Margot said. Kim almost puffed out her chest with pride, she knew that making Margot cum was no easy feat. "We are getting together again -- do you like toys? I have a lovely new strap-on I could use, if you have time."

Kim sighed. "No, I need to pick up the kids and make dinner -- but you're right, we're doing this again. I will get in touch and ..." Kim grabbed a piece of paper and pen from a nearby desk and wrote down a few notes "... these are the items I'd like to order. Let me know when they arrive -- I'll come in for a `fitting'," She teased.

Kim hugged her new friend as they got dressed and emerged from the back. She was humming as she walked by Lily, who was serving a mid-40's customer who needed some sprucing up. She winked at Lily as she exited the store, thinking about what she wanted to say to Carly over lunch tomorrow. It was time for action now, words were getting her nowhere.

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