tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAdam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 03

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 03


At 3 a.m. I was wide awake. I had migrated to my room from the shower and had changed into some fresh shorts. I laid in bed thinking about Kristin and Jackie. My dick was half hard just remembering the previous day's events. I decided I needed to get a glass of water and I headed to the kitchen.

The house was quiet. No one seemed to be up and I tippy-toed to the sink. As I sipped my glass of water, I glanced at the downstairs bedrooms. There were three guest bedrooms on the ground level and all three doors were closed. I figured that Jackie, Kristin and the third girl whose name I didn't know had inhabited the rooms for the night.

I sat in the living room sipping my glass of water until curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know who was sleeping behind these closed doors. Of course my justification to myself was that I merely didn't want to be surprised in the morning by an unfamiliar face, but I knew in my heart that I was really just hoping for another chance to admire Kristin and Jackie's perfect bodies. I decided I would briefly go into each bedroom, starting with the one closest to the kitchen, and see if I could catch a cheap glace of nubile female flesh.

As I entered the room, the light from the living room enlightened the girl's face. She had light brown hair and it was certainly not Jackie or Kristin. As I approached her bed, the floor boards creaked under my weight. I froze in place expecting that she would surely wake up from the audible noise. To my surprise she did not. Nor did she move when I called out, "excuse me," in a low voice. I began to think that, perhaps, she was in a very deep sleep. I shook her on the shoulder but she did not wake.

Next to her bed was a coffee table that was covered in glasses. Some were empty and others half filled, but it appeared as though the girls had thrown a mini party in my absence. The room reeked of booze as did the girl's sweat. I shook her once again trying to determine how fucked up she really was.

The girl lay motionless, unaffected by my advances, she was laying on her back, still in the bikini she was sporting earlier but her bottom half was covered up by a blanket. With each breath, her chest expanded and her large tits rose up and down, tempting my will. I pulled the blanket back so that she was lying uncovered on the mattress in her beach attire. She did not react at all. Her legs were casually folded over one another. I looked her body over and ran my hand from her lower leg, to the tip of her left breast.

"Hey," I whispered audibly in her ear. I didn't want to draw any attention but I wanted to make sure she was out cold. She looked to be about eighteen. Her face was similar to Jackie's and I figured this was probably her sister from the beach. She also shared Jackie's ample bust line. Her large melons were barely contained by the black bikini top. They were perky and plump; the kind of tits that you just want to dive your face into. To be honest, I just wanted a peek.

I could see the faint outline of her semi-hard nipples through her bikini top. My dick was hard in anticipation. I shook her shoulder one last time before reaching behind her motionless neck and undoing the tie. I took a deep breath and removed her top. Her breasts were perfect, even more glorious in their exposed form. Her nipples were a soft pink shade and slightly larger than Jackie's. Her body was quite tan but her tits were milky white in comparison. She had clearly created some noticeable tan lines earlier in the day.

While I realized I was taking a great risk, the two magnificent beauties in front of me were too appetizing to pass up. I reached down with my right hand and forcefully took hold of one of her tits. She still did not move. I lowered my mouth onto her nipple and began to suck gently on her areola. She still did not wake up but I felt her nipple harden in my mouth. I lent my tongue to her other nipple until it too was hard. The girl let out a soft moan as I massaged both of her perky bags in my hands.

My cock was pushing against the constraints of my mesh shorts and my fear of the unknown girl waking up had taken a back seat to the engorged passion in my pants. I reached down and took hold of my dick and pulled it out of my shorts. There was a small drop of glistening pre-cum at the tip of my penis.

I rubbed the head of my cock on her left nipple, allowing my natural juices to coat her entire areola. It felt so good as the warm head of my dick rubbed up against her aroused nipple. As I rubbed my dick from nipple to nipple, I glanced down at the small moist area that had formed between the girls legs in her bikini bottoms. I also glanced back at the sleeping girls face. She looked peaceful, with a slight grin on her face as if she were enjoying a pleasant dream. I reached up and slid my right finger in between her pursed lips. She did not react and I slid my finger slightly further into her mouth until I made contact with her tongue. I felt a slight sensation of suction as she pulled on my finger like a baby sucking on a pacifier.

I worked my eyes back over her flawless body. I had since taken my attention away from my cock and it was casually poking into the side of her right breast. I bucked my hips slightly and pushed it into the side of her boob causing it to giggle and settle back into place. I chuckled to myself and continued my gaze down to her pubic region. Her bikini bottoms were white with black accents and had two symmetrical ties, one on each of her hips. I slowly pulled the first tie until it came undone. I longed to see her pussy and I reached out to grab the second tie. It came undone easily and I paused for a moment before lifting the material and exposing her beautiful slit. The girl had a neat runway of sparse pubic hair and her lips were glistening with moistness.

I reached down and grabbed my dick and gave it a few strokes. I walked to the foot of her bed and carefully spread her legs apart so that I could get a better view. She still lay unconscious and completely naked. I eased the weight of my body on to the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I inched closer and closer to her pussy, all the while keeping my eyes fixed on her sleeping face. I could smell the aroma of her passion as I grew closer in proximity. Soon I was centimeters away with my tongue extended in search of a taste of her juices. Without regard for the consequences of my actions, I delved my tongue into her pussy and began to work it up and down her outer lips. I didn't mind eating pussy (especially clean pussy) and I continued to flick my tongue in and out of her slit. She began to moan softly and I decided I better take it easy if I didn't intend to wake her up.

I stood up and walked back over to the head of the bed. She was still lying motionless but her facial expression had changed. Her mouth was slightly open now, likely the result of the her audible moans . My cock was itching to be touched and I thought of no better place than to slide it into her open orifice. Her head was turned slightly to the side and I knelt on the bed next to it. My dick stood tall over her face, hanging over her nose. I gently touched the tip to her eyelids and then let the whole shaft plop down on her face. My sack was resting on her right cheek and I realized I had never so bluntly disrespected a girl like this. Here I was tea bagging this girl and I didn't even know her name.

I took the head of my cock and slowly inched it into her awaiting mouth. Her lips parted as the head of my dick entered her mouth. She seemed more receptive than I expected before I knew it half of my length was sitting in her mouth. I pushed it gently further into her warm mouth and then slowly pulled it back, allowing the underside of my cock to be naturally caressed by her textured tongue.

After a few minutes of letting my cock slip in and out of her unconscious mouth, I decided I needed to reposition myself to increase the pressure of her tongue. Short of waking her up and asking if she would suck me off, I determine the best option would be to enter from the top rather than the side so that my erection would forcefully push against her tongue when I leaned back and create increased pleasure. I straddled her face with one knee on either side of her head. I was now confident she wasn't going to wake up (or beyond caring) and I let my sack come to rest on her nose. I leaned forward, using my hand to support myself against the mattress, and created a better angle to slide my cock back into her mouth. My cock was pointed vertical now and aimed directly towards her awaiting mouth. Once again, I slowly slid the throbbing shaft into her mouth. When it was about 3/4 of the way into her mouth, I returned to my upright position, which caused my erection to press forcefully against her immovable jaw. I slid it in and out quickly and it felt as though she was really giving me head. She even had a slight natural sucking reflex that was making the blowjob all the more rewarding.

As I face-fucked the unconscious girl and let my balls wipe up and down her unsuspecting face, I felt, for the first time since I walked into her room, a feeling of remorse. I knew that this was wrong even though it felt so good. I decided I needed to make it more mutually beneficial to calm my nerves, so I leaned forward and inched my way toward her glistening slit. I pressed up against her big melons and aroused nipples as I slithered and positioned my tongue just below her aroused clit.

The pressure against my cock subsided as it once again assumed a vertical entry angle into her mouth. Her mouth felt so warm and moist as it encased my cock.

Even though the pressure of her tongue was no longer tickling the head of my dick, it still felt good to guide my cock in and out of her unconscious lips. I let my penis go in deeper into her mouth than I did before. Before long, almost my entire cock was lowered into her mouth. My pubic hair was grinding against her narrow chin as she unknowingly swallowed the entire length of my cock.

She did not gag or choke and I let the throbbing length of my rigid member remain deep into her throat as I leaned in to eat her pussy. Her juices were flowing instantly as I spread her outer lips and began to lick up and down her inner walls; paying particular attention to her clit each time I came within the proximity. With each passing moment she responded more and more to my treatment. Her legs would occasionally flex and stretch out as pleasure was delivered from the tip of my tongue. I ran my hands up and down her inner thighs, which seemed to heighten her pleasure. I once again started to feel a sensation of suction at the base of my penis. As she squirmed and moaned in pleasure, she struggled to breathe regularly with my 7 inch cock halfway down her throat. As a natural response, she had started breathing through her nose, which caused her lips to close around the base of my cock and a subtle sucking sensation to be felt throughout its length. It was as if this unconscious girl was deep-throating me without even knowing it.

I continued to eat her pussy as I occasionally lifted my groin to slide my cock in and out of her lips. Each time I would raise my mid-section and pull out until only the head of my penis remained in her remarkably locked lips. Each time, I would let the natural suction of her lips caress the sensitive head of my cock, before plunging my member back down her throat. I also began to finger the girl and play with her clit with my thumb. Her pussy was very tight, even possibly virgin, so I took precautions and went slow.

The increased pleasure that my fingers began to ignite inside the girl was matched by the similar feeling I was starting to feel in my balls, which still resided on her face. Her sucking had intensified in response to my more active efforts and I now felt as though I may not be able to contain my natural inclination to bust my own load straight down the back of her throat. I quickly withdrew my saliva laced cock and dismounted the bed. The sight before me was beyond belief. The girl lay there completely naked. There was a damp area on her sheets between her legs, where her juices had overflowed in orgasm. I gazed over her body as I began stroking my cock. From her sopping pussy and carefully manicured pubic hair, to her perfectly shaped breasts, I examined her body's brilliance while gently stroking my own manhood.

As my pace quickened and the pre-cum once again oozed from the tip of my cock, I felt my balls tighten and my orgasm coming to fruition. I had at first intended on cumming all over her milky white tits, but remembering how fun it was to shoot my load all over her friends' faces the day before made me have a change of heart. I approached the head of the bed and aimed my throbbing yogurt slinger toward her face. One more look at her cute face, which I had unjustly ignored (with the exception of the placement of my sack) because of my preoccupation with her voluptuous body, and jizz sprung from the head of my cock. With each gentle stroke, a warm stream of my love juices cascaded down onto her awaiting face. Even before I was finished, her face was almost completely covered in my cum. The sticky white translucent solution was all across her forehead and over each of her closed eyelids. My creamy goo covered her sweet lips and dripped from her nose onto her blushed cheeks. The remainder of my load dripped from my softening member and I cleaned up by rubbing my limp dick all over her tits.

I put my shorts back on and walked into the adjoining bathroom. It was a bathroom that was shared by an additional guest room. The other bedroom door was halfway open, so I worked quietly and in the dark to locate a cloth to wipe my conquest's face clean. Eventually, after some difficulty, I located a facecloth and ran it under the faucet. I re-entered the bedroom and approached the cum-covered girl, who had not moved in the least. I carefully wiped her face and tits. Mostly because I enjoyed massaging her over-sized jugs, I spent a disproportional amount of time wiping her tits; but when I was finished, there were few, if any, traces of my presence anywhere in the room. I carefully retied her bikini bottoms and top and covered her with a blanket.

I returned the facecloth to the bathroom. I rinsed the sticky juices off the rag in the sink before hanging it over the shower head to dry. As I leaned in to do this, I could see the bare ass of someone sleeping in the adjoining bedroom through the cracked door. I could tell that it was a woman but it was too dark to make out who it was. I slowly opened the door and quietly entered the dark room. As I approached the bed, I was surprised to find not one, but two naked girls. The exposed ass belonged to Kristin, whose blonde hair made her hard to mistake. She was sleeping on her stomach with a blanket covering her top half, but leaving her cute butt for me to admire. Just thinking about when I was thrusting my cock between those cheeks in the shower made my dick start to twitch.

Kristin's right arm was draped over Jackie's chest, which was also exposed to the night's cool air. She was sleeping next to Kristin on her back with a different blanket covering her bottom half. Apparently, the two girls had not had enough of one another during yesterday's soirée. The drinking and partying must have provoked some kind of crazy sexual encounter between the two teen girls. I looked over each girl's body, thinking of all the things I wanted to do to the both of them right then and there. Jackie's nipples were straight up in the air atop her bountiful mounds. Her perky tits were as inviting as Kristin's shapely rear. In the end, I decided I could not risk waking either girl up after the eventful night I had had. Perhaps, at a later date, I will be able to hold this knowledge over their heads, but, for now, I must count my blessings and return to my bed. Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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