tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 17

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 17

byA.W. Root©

On Thursday night, Nick and Sarah had dinner in the dining room of his hotel. A number of people waved or smiled at them as they ate and they realized they were the center of attention for the moment. The conversation centered around the project and his plans for the next week, although neither of them were really interested in the subject. When the waiter brought the desert menu, Nick looked at Sarah.

"Would you rather be desert than eat it?"

"Yes, please, but how do we manage that with all this attention?"

"We part company in the lobby and then you come in from the parking lot and take the lift up to my room. If we're lucky, no one will spot you and they'll think we separated after dinner."

"I'd really like to try it but there are about a million butterflies in my stomach right now. I've never done anything like this before."

"Me either. All the same, it's either we do something like that or we wait until tomorrow night. I'd really like a repeat of last night if you're up for it."

"Mmmmm, absolutely. Last night was grand. OK, I'll pretend to leave you in the lobby and walk out to my car. I'll drive away and come directly into the parking garage about fifteen minutes later. Will that work?"

"It should. When you come in the back door, go directly to the lift. I'll leave my room door open so you're not in the hallway any longer than necessary. You should probably stay while I sign the check and we can walk out to the lobby together. Ready? Let's go."

He signed the dinner check and left it on the table. They rose and walked out of the dining room with Sarah walking just ahead of him. In the lobby, they had a few words about the next day's work, then he turned and walked away.

Sarah turned in the other direction and walked out the front door to her car. She drove away, watching the rear view mirror just in case, and turned the corner. Two blocks down the street, she pulled over to he curb and parked. She counted to one hundred, then backed out of her parking space and made a U- turn, heading back towards the hotel. The entrance to guest parking was on the near side of the hotel so she didn't have to pass the front door again.

A few minutes later, she was parked in the garage on the second floor and again waited for a count of one hundred, this time to settle her nerves. She got out of her car, walked to the walkway connecting the hotel to the parking structure, and waited for the lift. It was empty and she breathed a sigh of relief as she got on and pushed the button for Nick's floor, overnight bag hanging from her shoulder. When she got off, she immediately strode to his door and pushed it open, slipping inside and quickly closing the door behind her.

"Whew. I'm not cut out for detective work, boss, this watching to see if you're being watched is too much for me."

She was leaning against the door when she said this and he quickly closed the distance between them. When he reached her, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily, wrapping his arms around her tightly. She responded in kind and pressed herself to him.

"You'd make a great spy, Sarah, an adrenalin rush is almost as good as sex."

"Almost is right. Nick, I'm so hot and so horny. Fuck me, please, I'm really ready for you this time."

"Slow down, Sarah, we have all night. Let's dim the lights and put on some music. We have to let our dinner settle a little before we get energetic, don't you think?"

He adjusted the lights and started a tape playing. The music was sensuous and she began swaying as she listened. He took a seat on the edge of the bed and watched in fascination as she began to dance for him, weaving her body this way and that, lowering her eyes seductively and smiling at him. As the dance continued, she began the slow strip she usually reserved for Julie and he enjoyed every minute.

She kicked her shoes off, then very slowly removed her blouse. When he started to unbutton his shirt, she warned him to sit still and enjoy the show. She would take care of his garments in due time. He relaxed in answer to her request and watched attentively. In a short while, she removed her bra, allowing her breasts to sway in full view and very close to him. He reached for them but she danced away, smiling.

Minutes later, her skirt fell to the floor and she wore only her bikini panties. Now she came close to him and pushed him back on the bed, straddling his torso and waving her breasts in his face. He reached up to touch her and she allowed him access to her breasts. His fingertips traced the aerola around her nipples and slid over the distended nipples without really grabbing them. She shuddered at his touch and closed her eyes as she leaned back, thrusting her chest forward towards him.

He pulled her closer and kissed her left nipple. He pursed his lips and sucked it into his mouth and she gasped. He toyed with the hardened nipple with his tongue, then repeated the procedure on the other nipple. After a few minutes of this teasing, she straightened up and sat still, looking at him. In a moment, she lifted herself off his torso and moved aside, stripping off her panties.

Kneeling next to him, she unbuttoned his shirt then loosened his belt and began pushing his pants and underpants down his legs. He raised his hips to assist her, lightly caressing her at the same time. With his clothes removed, she began a detailed examination of his cock and balls. This was her first real opportunity to explore this wonderful tool and she was determined to take full advantage of it.

First, she wrapped her hand around the girth of his hard shaft and marveled at the size. She leaned down and kissed the head of his cock, tasting a little of his pre-cum, and discovered that she liked the taste. Next, she toyed lightly with his balls, having been warned that men's balls were very sensitive. As if on impulse, she ran her finger under his balls to the opening of his ass and watched in fascination as his cock seemed to grow and harden when she touched his asshole.

"Do you like that, Nick? It seems that your cock does."

"It's just fine, Sarah. I'm just like you in that regard, my ass and my cock are connected just like your ass and your vagina are connected. What you do to one passes thru to the other. If you're careful, it feels very good."

She was delighted with this information and, just as he was pressing the tip of his finger into her ass, she started pressing the tip of her finger into his ass. He rubbed her asshole lightly, penetrating only slightly, enough to cause her to respond with a small moan. She stopped touching his ass as she concentrated on the feelings he was generating in her.

After a few moments, she leaned down and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She was careful to mask her teeth as she slid the large tool into the depths of her hot mouth. He groaned in pleasure as her lips covered the head of his cock. She tried to suck his cock in the way she had seen in some movies and was rewarded with more groans from him, as well as some prodding from him to move her ass closer to his face.

He grasped her thighs and moved her over him, placing her cunt and clit just above his mouth. She kept his cock in her mouth during this maneuver and was now straddling his face. He gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her down to his lips, kissing and licking her pussy lips and sliding his tongue thru the opening of her clit. She screamed around his cock as his tongue bathed her clit and caused an enormous orgasm to race thru her body.

As he continued to lick and kiss her between her legs, she adjusted the pressure of his tongue and lips to suit her by moving her hips up and down. At the same time, she tried to concentrate on sucking his cock but the feelings he was generating in her were overwhelming her. She screamed in orgasm once again, then let his cock slip from her mouth as she gasped for air. He closed his mouth over her dripping pussy to catch the escaping moisture and provide his warm breath on her distended pussy lips.

She rested for a few minutes and he removed his mouth from her pussy to assist her. Finally, she raised her leg and lifted it across his body, turning herself around in the process. She laid next to him and kissed him deeply.

"Fuck me, please, I'm so ready to be fucked."

He didn't respond in words. He moved her onto her back and positioned himself between her legs with the head of his cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

"Like this?" he asked as he pressed his cock into her.

"Oh, yes, like that. Harder, faster, keep fucking me just like that, your cock feels wonderful. Oh please, fuck me hard."

She wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles while gripping his shoulders with her hands at the same time. He supported himself on his knees and elbows and began pumping his hard cock rapidly into her hot chamber. With each forward thrust, his hips were met by hers, raising herself off the bed to meet him and drive him ever deeper into herself. They started slowly and increased their speed as the heat of their encounter rose quickly to fever pitch.

Sarah came hard after a very short time and Nick continued fucking her. He kept fucking as she recovered from the orgasm and began building to another, larger orgasm increasing the pressure and friction on his cock in the process. In minutes, he was nearing completion and she realized it by the increasing heat and thickness of his cock. As his cock began spurting his hot cum into her hot cunt, she added her voice to the process.

"Yes, yes, yes, now, Nick, now, give me your cum, I want your cum, now, baby, now, now, now."

As his cum bathed the walls of her vagina, Sarah soared to another magnificent orgasm and tightened her grip on his shoulders, digging her nails deeply into him. They froze at the peak of their high and floated down the other side together, gasping for breath and holding each other tightly. When he was a little calmer, he began kissing her, hundreds of kisses all over her face, her neck, her ears, and finally her open mouth.

"Oh, Nick, that was worth every second of our deception tonight. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful you are. You're fantastic."

"Sarah, you are the fantastic one. You are a fantastic lover and when you combine that with real feelings, well, it doesn't get any better than that."

"I didn't think it could ever be better than last night but it certainly was. Oh, Nick, I hate to say this but mother was right. She said every time with you was better than the last time and now I know what she means. Oh, Nick, I love you."

They slept thru the night and were surprised when the alarm went off in the morning. They kissed warmly and fondled each other, then began to shower and dress separately to minimize their affect on each other. He ordered room service and met the waiter at the door. When he wheeled the tray into the room, she was dressed and ready for work. He kissed her again and they sat at the small table to eat breakfast.

"You realize you may have to be a sneak again this morning."

"Only for a little bit. I can walk into the lobby from the carpark and meet you in public so we can walk to work together. That's OK isn't it? I don't think we'll get into any trouble that way, especially if I ask the desk clerk to call you and tell you I'm waiting in the lobby."

"Hmmmm, yes that would probably work. Sooner or later the word is going to get out. What are you going to say when someone asks you about us?"

"I'll tell them you're a friend of my mother's and she has asked me to look after you while you're here. Will that do?"

"Great answer. I can use the other side of that and it won't be a lie either. I knew you would make a good spy when I saw your Mata Hari dance last night. Does Julie know you can dance like that?"

"Sure. She taught me although not with a man around. OK, boss, time to get this show on the road. You just wait here for my phone call."

Sarah picked up her overnight bag and kissed Nick warmly, then left for the parking lot. She didn't pass anyone on the way and deposited her bag in the car, then returned to the lobby of the hotel. She asked the desk clerk to call Nick and let him know she was waiting, then sat on one of the lounges to wait the few minutes until he showed up.

Five minutes later he was standing in front of her and both of them were grinning from ear to ear. They didn't touch but the greeting in their eyes was enough to satisfy each of them. They walked stride for stride to the office to begin another day, the Friday of their return to Brisbane and Julie.

When the day ended, Nick and Sarah returned to his hotel and she went directly to her car and drove home. He packed his bag and mounted his motorcycle and pulled out of the hotel lot. He drove directly to Sarah's apartment, where he found her waiting on the curb. He parked and retrieved her helmet from his saddlebags, then adjusted her shoulder bag to make it easier for the ride ahead.

They mounted the bike for the ride to Brisbane and a weekend with Julie. They were both very excited although Nick tried to control his excitement to be sure they arrived safely. Almost an hour and a half later, they were in sight of Julie's front door. As Nick shut off the engine in front of the apartment, Julie flew out of the front door and ran to greet them. Her excitement was evident in her face and her manner and Sarah was the recipient of the first hug and kiss.

Nick waited his turn and was rewarded with a warm, sexy, tongue lashing, kiss and hug from Julie as tho he was gone forever. He returned her kiss in kind and they almost came on the spot. The kiss lasted so long the Sarah had to remind them they were in public. When the kiss broke, all three of them were smiling and Nick and Julie walked hand in hand behind Sarah as they entered the apartment.

When they entered the apartment, Sarah stopped and waited until the door was closed.

"What shall we do about the sleeping arrangements, mother, who gets the small bedroom?"

"Relax, Sarah, we have time to work out the details. Maybe we'll all share the big bed and see what happens. For now, just put your things in the small bedroom and lets talk about dinner. I suppose you two are hungry after your ride?"

"I sure am, Julie, and from the way I've seen Sarah eat I would bet she's hungry as well. Are we eating here or going out?"

"I thought I would keep you two to myself tonight, if that's OK. You are playing golf tomorrow and that will give me some time alone with Sarah. I have dinner all set and we can sit down to eat in about half an hour. Will that be OK?"

"Sounds great to me. How about you, Sarah?"

"Bring it on, I'm starving. That ride down her sure got my appetite raging. Can I help at all?"

"No, dear, everything's under control. You and Nick can freshen up if you like and by that time we should be ready to eat."

Over dinner, Sarah enthusiastically described the project to Julie and Nick's management of a difficult situation. Nick responded with claims of survival only with Sarah's assistance. Suddenly, the voices were quiet. Nick and Sarah looked at each other, then at Julie. Finally, Sarah broke the silence.

"Mother, Nick and I have slept together twice this past week and I enjoyed every minute of it!"

"That's wonderful, Sarah darling, I'm so happy for you. And did you enjoy it as well, Nick?"

"Yes, it was absolutely great. She's as good a lover as you are, Julie. It must run in the family."

"Well, it seems I'm the only one who got left out this week but we'll take care of that before the evening is over. Really, I'm so glad the two of you hit it off. I was afraid I would have to make a choice and that was a very scary prospect. Nick, can we go for a ride after dinner?"

"Sure. I think I can even talk Sarah into cleaning up so we can leave whenever you're ready. OK, Sarah?"

"Yes, of course. I know you two need some time together. Go ahead, I'll take care of things here. See you both later."

Nick and Julie rose from the table and took turns kissing Sarah before they walked out into the evening. When they mounted the bike, Julie asked him to take her to his apartment as quickly as he could. Nick grinned broadly and started the bike. Twenty minutes later he was parked in the garage behind his apartment and they walked hand in hand to the back door. He unlocked the door and ushered her inside, then closed the door behind him. In seconds, she was in his arms crushing her mouth to his.

"OH, Nick, I missed you so much this week, fuck me now, please, fuck me good and hard and make up for all the time I've missed."

He lifted her and carried her to the bed. He laid her down easily, then began kissing her face and neck while his hands roamed her torso, caressing her breasts and belly. His hands moved down between her legs and she spread her legs for him. His fingers caressed her pussy lips through her panties and she groaned at his touch. For more than half an hour, he kissed and caressed the moaning woman without undressing her. Finally, she could stand no more teasing and begged him to strip her and fuck her as quickly as he could.

End of Chapter 17

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