tagGroup SexAll in the Fucked-Up Family

All in the Fucked-Up Family


July 7, 1988 was a day that would live in infamy, at least for one family in the sleepy town of Colonie, New York, for that was the day when things started to go awry in the previously quite normal split level on Mariner Drive.

The house had been the home of the Whitten family for the last eleven years. The Whitten family numbered four; son Brad who was in the Air Force, daughter Candy, the 18 year old daughter who was just about to start going to Skidmore College, and their loving parents, forty-somethings Ken and Eileen.

The Whitten family had their share of skeletons in the closet, just like every other family in the world, but it was the events of that one particular day that really started all the trouble. To think that so much could come from a man leaving a manila folder on the kitchen counter.


Chapter One: Bad memory.

It was precisely the second his butt sank into his office chair that he remembered the manila envelope. He had left it where he was certain he could not forget it - right next to the coffee pot. Somehow, he had managed to not only make a cup for drinking while watching the morning news, but filled his travel mug as well, and then proceeded to leave the envelope right where it was.

Not a complete disaster, because he didn't need the contents until late in the afternoon, but another sign that his memory was not what it used to be. At least it was a gorgeous day, with sunny skies and temperatures approaching 90, so driving back home and taking a long lunch wasn't the end of the world.

It was so nice that Ken wished he didn't have to go back to work, he thought as he pulled into the driveway. Just make a pitcher of cocktails and sit out by the pool for the rest of day. Unfortunately, he had to be back for the meeting at 3, so he hustled into the house to grab the folder.

The windows were open, and thankfully the air conditioning was off so that they weren't cooling the neighborhood as sometimes happened, but this meant the house was a little on the warm side when Ken entered. A splash from the pool alerted him that Candy was home, and the sound of a voice meant that she had company.

Ken recognized the flinty voice of Fran, the mousy new acquaintance who sure seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time around Candy these days, he mused just before he glanced out the window. Eileen really had a bug up her butt about this Fran, and made no bones about it.

"She's got to be a lesbian," Eileen always insisted, and Ken could see why she might think that, but if it was a choice between some horny guy spending all that time up in Candy's room, or this very butch looking young woman - well, that was a no brain-er.

"She's the mentor that the college assigned to her for her freshman year. Take it up with the school if you want to. She's just doing what they ask of all the seniors. They're only going to college together, for crying out loud!" Ken would remind her.

"I know how they can prey on young girls though," Eileen would say, and that made his cock stir, because it would remind him of Eileen telling the story about the woman that had seduced her many years ago. Funny how Eileen always seemed to enjoy telling the story despite her contention that the experience was so horrible, but she knew it turned him on something fierce as well.

So when Ken looked out the window, expecting to see his daughter and her friend outside, he did a double take. More precisely, he damn near broke her neck as she looked out at the scene out at the pool.

His daughter Candy was standing by the side of the pool. Naked. Ken tried to look away but couldn't. All the lush curves of her 18 year old body were fully exposed to him as she swept her long blond hair back over her tanned shoulders.

"Oh my," Ken whispered to himself as he looked at Candy's nicely developed breasts. She looked so much like her mother did at her age that it was uncanny. Her dusty rose colored nipples were plump and long, and while the breasts weren't quite as full and round yet as her mom's were, they were magnificent indeed.

Her tummy was flat and firm below those breasts, and a pert little golden yellow tuft of hair grew around the lips of her sex. Candy's legs were long and shapely as well, and the profile of her butt was nice as well. Ken was hard, much to his shame, but kept looking as Candy walked over to the chaise lounge and sat down.

Sweat trickled down Ken's face as he leaned into the kitchen counter. He put his hand in a pocket and adjusted his cock, fighting the urge to give it a stroke or two. He had to go - had to just grab the folder and leave. He had to, but he couldn't.

Fran. She was in the pool, chattering away. What was it about her that interested him so? As perverted as he felt by staring at his naked daughter, that still made a lot more sense than wanting to look at Fran. She wasn't attractive at all, especially compared to Candy.

Fran had curly dark brown hair that she wore in a sloppy shag style. She normally wore big horn rimmed glasses that gave her a bookworm look, and her features were plain. Her body? Who could tell? She always wore drab grey shirts or fatigues, and the shapeless garments gave little clue as to what was underneath, but there didn't seem to be anything noteworthy so far as he could tell.

Why then, was Ken craning his neck in an effort to see her? Why was sweat dribbling down the sides of his face as he watched her swimming by the side of the pool? Why was he now hustling down the hall and flying into the bathroom when she swam out of sight? All in an effort to keep looking at her, hoping for her to climb out of the pool. Was she wearing a bathing suit or was she naked too?

"C'mon, you fucking dyke," Ken muttered as she looked out of the window. "Get out of the pool."

His pants were down around his ankles, and his shorts soon followed. Ken slowly stroked his erection as he waited impatiently, and his wait was soon rewarded as Frannie climbed the stairs of the pool and stood in the sun still talking to Candy.

"Omigod!" Ken groaned as Fran paraded around brazenly right in front of him.

Her tits were very small. Little drooping cones with fat maroon nipples that had probably never been supported by a bra and showed it. Now she was facing him, and he could clearly see the jungle of pussy hair that now lay flatly pasted between her legs. Her bush was a wild untrimmed forest that spread out to the insides of her thighs.

Now she raised her arms, shaking her head as she ran her fingers through her curly locks, and as she did, her unshaven armpits were exposed, revealing thick tufts of hair in the deep recesses.

"Argh!" Ken moaned as his cock spurted jets of cum into the towel he held around his tool.

His knees got weak as he continued to ejaculate, and as he came, his eyes traveled up and down the length of her androgynous body. When he got back to her face, he jumped as if hit by lightning. Fran was grinning lewdly and her eyes were staring right at his.


Chapter Two: Keystone Cops.

The next few moments were comical to watch, Ken later figured, unless you happened to be him. He quickly tried to clean up the semen that had escaped him, and threw the towel in the hamper. He tried to get himself together as best he could, but the ragged figure looking back in the mirror was scary. Flushing the toilet, he hustled out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Just grasp the folder and run.


Fran was leaning against the counter, right next to the folder. She had put on a little robe that hid most but not all of her, and she seemed to not mind that the bottom of the robe was open.

"Oh, hi Fran," Ken said nonchalantly as he could manage. "Just had to pick up something I forgot this morning."

"Hi, Mr. Whitten," Fran said, reaching over and grabbing the folder. "This?"

"Yes, thanks," Ken said reaching for the folder, and as she handed it to him, the robe opened wider, and if that wasn't the hairiest pussy in the world, Ken surmised, it had to be in the top ten.

"Hello there. Must be hot out, because you're really sweaty," Fran observed, and Ken looked down at himself. In the light of the kitchen, he could see that his shirt was drenched, and there was no way he could go back to work like that.

"Uh - yeah. The AC died in the car." Ken lied.

"I wonder if Candy knows how well you can see from in here," Fran mused.

"Uh, I don't know. Gotta get another shirt and run," Ken said, heading back down the hall.

Hurrying into the bedroom, Ken rifled through the closet until he found a suitable shirt, and then peeled his soggy one off.

"Nice body for an old guy."

Ken jumped as her heard Fran's voice. She stood in the doorway watching Ken disrobing, and Ken's hands flew up to cover himself as Fran snickered a little.

"Sorry to scare you," Fran said.

"Uh - that's okay. Guess my mind was wandering."

"Candy's got a bitching body, doesn't she?"

"I - uh - don't know what you mean."

"I saw you checking her out from the kitchen," Fran said, moving closer to him. "Don't blame you. She's really built, and watching you drool over her was really sexy, in a sick way. Then again, I'm a little sick myself."

Ken was speechless for one of the few times in his life, and struggled to find the words that would somehow extricate him from this awkward situation.

"Look, I came home for the folder, and I glanced outside and saw Candy. It wasn't like I stood there staring at her, and besides, she should have been wearing something," Ken said, trying to pin the blame somewhere - anywhere - but where it really belonged.

"Makes sense to me," Fran said, now standing at an arm's length from him. "What didn't make sense was where you went after that."

"You mean the bathroom?" Ken said, shrugging and shaking his head. "I had to go to the bathroom. It's my house, after all. Look, this is..."

"You went into the bathroom and looked out the window. You could have stayed in the kitchen and looked at Candy but instead you were looking at me. What were you doing when you were looking at me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb. I'm not mad. I'm flattered. Despite what you may think of me, I like being looked at. Especially when the other visual option looks like Candy."

"You have got to be kidding," Ken said, the sound of somebody jumping into the pool breaking the tension for a second. "I just glanced out the window and happened to see you."

"Oh, is that all?" Fran asked, and while Ken confirmed that, she knelt and reached over to Ken's feet, and when she stood back up, she had something on her finger.

Ken groaned softly as Fran held up her index finger, and the string of his seed that she had swiped off of his shoe was clear to see.

"Like I said, I'm not mad, Mr. Whitten," Fran said, pausing to look at the milky pearl before continuing. "Especially when you've got Candy and Mrs. W. to look at. What am I, a blast from the past or something? Still got a thing for hippie chicks?"

Ken shrugged again and looked down at the floor, noting that there was more of his cum on his pant leg and shoe.

"I don't know what to say," Ken managed. "Please don't say anything to Candy."

"My lips," Fran said as she brought her semen covered finger to her mouth, pausing for effect before slipping the digit between her lips, "are sealed."

Ken gasped as he watched Fran swallow his seed, looking at him salaciously as she relished his discomfort.

"Surprised? Probably thought that I was a lesbian or something, didn't you?"

Ken shrugged his shoulders and looked for words that wouldn't come.

"If you ever want to look some more, or even do more than just look," Fran said, taking a couple of steps backward. "Just ask."

Ken stood open-mouthed and nodded, and as he did, Fran let the robe slide off her shoulders. Naked in front of him, she brought her hands up to her tits, roughly squeezing the pliant teats roughly as she spread her legs.

"Like what you see, Mr. Whitten?" Fran asked, breathing heavier as she slipped one hand down between her legs, raking her fingers through the lush forest, which had been fluffed dry since she had emerged from the pool and now looked even hairier than before. "Like my hairy pussy?"

"Yes," Ken croaked, wanting to move toward her but frozen in place.

"Lots of people do. Men and women," Fran said while fingering herself. "I think you know one of them."

"No," Ken said, shaking his head but unable to look away.

"You're getting hard again, aren't you Mr. Whitten? You want to take your cock out and stroke it?"

"Please don't..."

"You want to fuck me too, don't you?"

Ken was about to say the word when the sound of the sliding door opening out in the kitchen made them both scramble. Fran threw on her robe, and just before ducking around the corner into the bathroom, turned and spoke.

"We'll talk about this again - later."


Chapter Three: Reflections.

Ken made it back to work eventually, but he shouldn't have bothered, because his mind was still back at home, and still haunted by what he had seen and what he had done. He figured that he must be going through some kind of middle aged crisis or something. Some guys buy muscle cars, and apparently he was going to lust after girls that were blasts from the past.

Masturbating while looking at naked girls? That was something he did a lot back when he was young, but now? He was a 45 year old man with a good job and a wonderful family, and all of a sudden he was whacking off, and what was even worse he was getting caught at it. What if Fran told Candy about what he had done?

Compounding it all was the fact that he was looking at that damn Fran while he was doing it. What was the appeal of that girl? Why was that image of her getting out of the pool the only thing he could think of?

Ken went through the rest of the day in a daze, and when it was finally time to go home it was none too soon. He couldn't wait to pour himself a drink and try and forget about everything that had happened.

"We have company for dinner," his wife Eileen said as he went into the kitchen, and she rolled her eyes at the mention of who it was. "Fran."

"Oh!" Ken said, hearing the splashing sounds outside.

He looked quickly to the patio, and saw that Candy and Frannie were in the pool. He noted that they were wearing bathing suits now, much to his relief.

"I thought we'd do burgers outside tonight," Eileen said while preparing a salad. "Too hot for cooking."

"You look plenty hot yourself," Ken said, coming up behind Eileen and sliding his hands around her and cupping her breasts, squeezing the pendulous globes that were, in his mind at least, too well hidden by the modest bathing suit she wore.

"Ken, I'm trying to get dinner going here," she complained, and he retreated without a word, having grown accustomed to that sort of response to his affections.

Ken went into the bedroom and undressed, putting on his swim trunks and checking himself out in the mirror. Not too shabby, he thought to himself, as he looked at his image.

Sucking in the stomach a little bit, he figured that, at 5'10 and 165 - okay 170 pounds, he didn't look bad for a guy his age. He gave his pecker a tug or two, trying to make a visible bulge, before going outside and joining the girls.

Act like nothing is wrong. That was what Ken kept telling himself as he padded outside, the heat of the deck scorching the bottoms of his feet as he gingerly headed for the pool.

"How's the water?" Ken asked cheerfully.

"Great, Daddy!" Candy squealed as she splashed some water towards him.

"Hop in, Mr. Whitten!" Fran urged him.

Ken hopped in and enjoyed the soothing water, trying not to look at the girls any differently than he normally would have, and after a few minutes he began to relax. He climbed into the floating chaise lounge and closed his eyes when Fran headed inside for a minute, not daring so much as a glance in her direction.

"Have a good day, Daddy?" Candy asked after swimming over to him.

"Okay, I guess," Ken answered. "How about you?"

"Great!" Candy bubbled. "Frannie and I have been out here all day, because it's so hot."

"Don't blame you a bit," Ken said. "If I could have I would have."

"Thank you for being so nice to Frannie," Candy said softly after swimming over to his side.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Ken said, relieved that apparently the girl had said nothing to his daughter about the earlier incident.

"I dunno. Frannie's kind of - you know - different," Candy admitted. "Mom doesn't seem to like her much."

"She doesn't like me much a lot of the time these days either," Ken said, only half-joking.

"You know what I mean," Candy said. "I really like Frannie a lot, though. She's really smart. She's on the Dean's List every semester and is in a lot of clubs, and I think she's going to help me a bunch. She'll help me fit in at school and teach me a lot of things, you know?"

"I'm sure she will," he agreed, and tried to keep his mind off of the obvious implications of that statement.

The four of them ate out on the patio, and it was a rather strange scene that Ken watched playing out. He watched his wife closely, and in particular observed the way she interacted with Fran. Eileen looked at Fran quite often, especially when Fran was unaware, and the way she did it was interesting. Eileen would look at her almost contemptuously at times, and then smile pleasantly when Fran would look her way.

For her part, Fran was being nice to everybody, and Ken grew to enjoy the little looks she would give him. She was wearing a modest bathing suit, a conservatively cut brown one piece that was very similar to his wife's, and while it exposed some of Fran's eccentricities, it wasn't anything too bold.

Yet afterward, after Ken and Eileen went to bed, she found reason to fault Fran once again, as she often seemed to do.

"I swear, have you ever seen anything like that Fran?" Eileen said after the lights went out.

"What did she do now?"

"That girl should not be wearing bathing suits."

"What do you mean?" Ken asked. "It looked a lot like yours. It's not the girl's fault that she's not as well developed as some other women I know."

Ken's hands went over to Eileen's breasts, kneading her big jugs roughly through the silky top she wore, the thick nipples coming alive with his touch.

"Stop it, Ken. I'm being serious. I don't just mean about her being so flat-chested. She looked like something out of a time capsule, fresh from Haight-Asbury circa 1968. Didn't you notice? The girl has more hair under her arms than you do!"

"What difference does that make?" Ken asked, sliding his hands under his wife's arms and stroking the moist, smooth hollows. "You should try that look too, babe. You'd look sexy as hell."

"Oh please!" Eileen moaned. "On top of that, she had hair poking out of the sides of the crotch of the suit too! What kind a man would want to look at that? Of course, she probably doesn't want men to look at her."

"Well, you must have checked her out better than I did, because I only looked at one hot woman out there."

Ken rubbed his erection into Eileen's hip, grinding himself into her as he slid the nightie upward.

"Ken! Well, just so you know about it, Candy wants Fran to spend the weekend here, and I'm going to keep my eyes and ears peeled. If I hear anything going on in Candy's room, I promise you that I'm going to put a stop to it once and for all."

"Would you rather it be a guy hanging around her all the time?"

"Still, if I hear any noises..."

"How about some noises in this room?" Ken asked.

"Ken, I have to get up early tomorrow," Eileen complained.

"Come on babe," Ken said, bringing her hand down to his cock.

"Alright," Eileen finally said. "You win."

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