tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBad Little Bat Ch. 03

Bad Little Bat Ch. 03


Batgirl stood surrounded by men. The men were armed and dangerous; each suit hid a gun, every boot a dagger. She knew the men very well of course. This was an old style mafia family, now lead by a Mr. HotShit and his band of cousins and brother in laws and sons. She was the only girl in the room.

Most of the men stood slowly, in a stoned daze, for they had drank to heavily off the liquor she had drugged. A sly smile flickered across her lips as the first on pulled his gun and clumsily waved it at her blurred image. With a giggle she simply reached out and grasped his arm firmly at the wrist. Pulling it up and away from him as her long leg stuck out at his thigh.

Within a minute, that gun and all the others that had come out to play were safely in a locked bulletproof bag she had brought, and stashed away in a dark corner of the room. All the other guns in the house were already disabled, as were the phones and the security systems.

Barbra Gordon had done her homework. She knew for example that of the fifteen men in the room, four were gay. So those four were knocked out cold and bound efficiently before she took care of the others. She knew most of the rest were married; Mr. Hotshit was one of the only ones without a wife. That's what made her plan so perfect.

Mr. Hotshit had been expanding of late. From one neighborhood to the next and his most profitable enterprise was his drug ring. Now batgirl had no real problem his drugs in general. Many of her informants were paid in heroin or weed, and she had smoked a bit herself when she felt she wanted to. But Mr. Hotshit had crossed a big line when he sold poison cut with more poison. Two hookers had died on East Street thinking they had found a cheap source.

She had come across the bodies and knew immediately what had happened. She went straight to her best source on Mr. Hotshit and pumped him dry. Then she put on a disguise and stole Mr. Hotshit's keys, delaying him for just enough to make it to his house and set up her plan.

Now disarmed and knocked around, his boys sat in an amazed stupor as she tied Mr. HotShit tightly to his chair. He pulled him into the corner and set a spotlight over him, bathing the room in bright soft white light, casting away the darkness. His men blinked, confused and stumbled to their feet. Babra Gordon, the Batgirl now stood in front of the spotlight and the men saw her in clear relief.

Her ever so petite figure blocked little of the light, but it gave the men the first impression that something was very different about this bat. As she approached, they noticed that the white bat symbol on her chest was actually bare flesh! It was a place where the black leather gave way to lace, then to smooth white skin. Her nipples stood proudly, little pink dots on the tips of her firm breasts.

She put here gloved hand up to her red lips and traced her fingers down the side of her face, tracing her long neck, pausing seductively to play with her nipple as she went down; the men's eyes in a drugged daze following her every motion. Her waist was covered in the same black leather but it parted ways just before her belly button, the gap widening till the men realized that Batgirl's crotch was not covered!

Many jaws dropped open; most criminals who had been captured by the batgirl had wondered once or twice what it might be like to bed her, what secrets that full body costume hid from their lusty eyes. She gave them a moment to gawk, and then she spoke in hushed seductive tones. "So, who here wants to be beaten within an inch of his life and hauled off to prison?"

No one spoke; they were too stunned to form words. "Ok then, who wants to get fucked till they can't stand and testify in court against this piece of scum tied up behind me?"

At this there was a murmur of confusion and general accent within the crowd as Mr. Hotshit thrashed against his tight bonds. "tell you what boys, give me a shot and if anyone can walk away when I'm done, you get off clean, leave before I'm done, or try and help your fool of a boss, and I'll know, and drag you before the police commissioner myself."

If there was any dissent, if any of the twelve men standing before this young girl thought for a moment that they could take her in a fight, fair or not, it was not loudly proclaimed. Such was the power of the Bat that none thought themselves equal in fighting, but many likely figured they could fuck this little girl into submission.

"Ok then, Strip!" she shouted forcefully. A wave of motion later and cloths flew into the air and fell like autumn leave, shirts coats sock and boxers littered the room and Barbra found herself surrounded by a dozen horny gangsters. Wasting no time she grabbed a cock in each tiny hand and pulled them close to her, knelling down to suck a third into her waiting lips. Her pussy was soon filled with a fourth as one of the younger more eager men fucked her fast and hard.

Within seconds he had spilled a load into her went pussy and she let out a little moan as one of the ones she had been jacking moved to take his place. His cock was much larger and she knew he would last longer, so she savored the feeling of him pushing against her hips, his hairy balls slapping on her smooth hairless pussy lips as she sucked three cocks in turn.

Barbra like all girls knew how to hold a man from cumming in order to delay the moment, but she had no intention of delaying these men if her plan was going to work. She pulled out every stop and two of the men she was blowing came in her face. The warm sticky stuff dripping off of her as two fresh cocks took their place in the span of a breath. She clamped down her muscles on the one fucking her pussy and he winced till his seed spilled into her sloppy cunt.

Moments later a fresh cock had penetrated her softness and made squishing noises as it pounded in and out. Another load of cum splashed onto her neck from one she had been jacking and one cock buried itself deep in her tight throat as it filled her belly with wet, warm spunk. Nearly half the men had cum now and she herself was on the verge of an orgasm. She bucked back hard on the one in her cunt and licked the tow in front of her greedily. She had never fucked this many guys before and the thought of it made her head spin, she was no half done and already covered in cum with two loads in her pussy.

She reached down to play with her clit, since these were not the most considerate of lovers, as the man plungers again and again, as she came hard she bit firmly on the cock in her mouth, pushing hem and his friend over the edge. Hot semen filled her mouth, splashed on her face and went deep into the cavern of her cunt. But it was not yet over.

Batgirl took a moment to look around, none of the men looked harried, but many had spent one load already, some had it seems been jacking off at the sight of their friend fucking the batgirl. Barbra stood up and looked at the oldest of the group; he had a long spindly penis that was not too thick. She walked over and whispered in his ear, then went and pushed another man down to the floor, mounting him as she might mount a motorcycle and impaling herself on his rod. She then looked over at the older man and winked, pulling the firm cheeks of her ass apart a bit to invite him into her brown eye.

She spat into her and lubed her asshole a bit with her finger as he walked over to her, then with one good thrust he was in. Batgirl squealed for the first time, so sudden was the feeling. She had had never had two live cocks within her before and she savored it intensely. They fucked with little rhythm, but it felt so good, she looked hungrily at another who quickly took his place in her mouth.

It felt wonderful! A cock in every hole and two in her hands, two cocks for her mouth and more waiting to have there turn. Batgirl fucked for an hour solid with the men changing positions frequently and cumming in her and on her. At one time two men filled her pussy at the same time as a third poked his cock head against her sphincter, trying to push the thing in! Cum dripped of off her like sweat after a workout and her own sweat juices had poured forth again and again, She had simply lost count of the orgasms when they started coming in waves.

The sounds and smells of sex filled the air as the butler quietly filled it all with the camera Barbra had given him. Two men collapsed from exhaustion and lay silent on the ground in a heap. And all of them looked tiredly blissful. Whatever drug she had given them seemed to make climax very easy, but they regained quickly and would fuck her again, in whatever hole was there at the moment. Batgirl showed no sign of slowing down, when ever a few would stop to rest, she would go over to them, dragging whomever was fucking her with her and pull them into her.

Sometimes she would fuck them till they came, other times she would give each man a few passes, and then go onto the next one. Rare was the minute that she did not have three cocks in her, and more around her, but the minutes became more common as the night flew by with hurricane speed.

Soon over half the men lay resting unconscious around the room, Barbra took the healthy ones on a sex tour of the house, fucking them in every room; even letting three of them humiliate her in a bathroom. Then fucking two in the shower, three more men went down, but the youngest came back upstairs, having rested enough for another go he said.

In the kitchen one had insisted on pulling things from the fridge and covering her cunt in them as he ate her out. Her freshly cleaned pussy was covered in whipped cream and honey as he licked quite skillfully while she sucked with two men off that knelled in front of her.

In the master bedroom four of the men ambushed her! In the dark room they tied her spread eagled to the bed and gagged her with something. The took turns grabbing her tits and pinching the sensitive nipples hard and twisting till her face screwed up in pain, one of the men slapped her hard across her face and left a red mark on the chin, she looked up with pleading eyes!

Of course her eyes lied, she loved this and in no real danger as the fools had tied her up in a haphazard fashion, she would be free in minutes, but she rather enjoyed this. The men pulled and pinched and played with her pussy harder than she was used to, but after a night of fucking it had grown a bit numb and the new wave of sensations quickly gave over from pain to sheer utter orgasmic bliss.

The men actually backed away from her as she thrashed hard against he bonds, she moaned and screamed into her gag Oh no the men gasped "Holly shit, she is fucking into this!"

As he bucking subsides she decided they had had enough fun, she threw aside the flimsy restraints and bounded onto of the closet man, throwing him down hard and shoving her wet cunt into his face, pinning him as she pulled another into her mouth. The other two looked worried and ran; she would catch up to them later.

She gushed on the tongue that wiggled inside of her just as the cock in her mouth gave its last globs of spunk. So she mounted the last man standing and fucked him up against the wall till his cock was sore and he came painfully into her tight hole.

Barbra stood alone in the room, tired and shaking but pleased with herself again. Mr. Hotshit's gang was finished and the police would soon arrive. Even the ones that got out were hers now, and they knew it.

There was just one thing left to do tonight.

To Be Continued.

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