Balls Deep in The Rockies


"What about the other guests for the week?" I asked.

"They're all supposed to be swingers too." replied Alex.

My mind briefly began to race as I thought about all the sexual exploits that might possibly lie ahead. Alex and I sucked and fucked away the day. By nightfall the snow had relented some and the sky began to clear, but not until almost two feet of the white stuff had piled up outside.

We were cuddled up in front of the fire with my hand beneath Alex's sweater. I had her left breast in one hand and a loaded Brandy sniffer in the other when the phone rang. The voice on the other end was Connie.

"Are you two getting along O.K.?" she asked.

I told her everything was fine, adding that we all needed to talk when they got home.

"She told you, didn't she?" laughed Connie.

"Yeah she told me. Hell if I had known that I would have come up years ago." I told her.

Connie said they were finally getting ready to board a plane for home and they should be in sometime during the night. I asked her if they needed me to pick them up or anything and she told me no, her SUV was at the airport.

Go on back to what you were doing, and make her cum once for me!" she teased.

I promised her I would before I hung up and then told Alex about the call. We had a quiet dinner by the fire as we listened to the stereo. We were very fortunate that we didn't lose power at any point during the nasty storm. We fell asleep cuddled up on the couch and woke up around 2:00 AM. There was still no sign of Rob and Connie, so we headed upstairs to one of the many quest rooms.

Just like everything else we did together that day our futile attempt to relax turned to sex. In no time at all we were both completely naked. Alex was down on all fours and had her arms hung over the edge of the contoured wooden footboard of the huge sleigh bed and her soft round tits were firmly pressed against it. The bed was pointed towards the partially closed bedroom door.

She was yelping like a bitch in heat as I fucked her from behind. Alex went off like an air-raid siren screaming at the top of her lungs, shaking uncontrollably with pleasure. I began to focus on my own orgasm and soon there was no turning back. I withdrew my cock from between the rippling cheeks of her hot little ass and lunged forward.

Alex rose up, placing her elbows on the edge of the bed and pressed her ass back against my cock as my load began the hasty journey from my balls to its final destination. The first burst shot half way up her back while the remainder dribbled down onto and between the cheeks of her ass.

It was the fifth time during the twenty-four hour period since we met, that Alex had managed to extract the creamy white liquid from my loins. I squeezed the final few drops of my hot creamy load onto her ass cheek then looked up to see Connie standing in the doorway.

"Looks like you kept your word!" she said with a grin as Rob stepped up behind her.

Alex pushed her fingers up across her forehead and slowly back through her tangled blonde hair as she squeaked out an embarrassed and awkward hello. I just stood there smiling with my spent cock resting on Alex's ass.

"What are you blushing for?" asked Connie. "We're glad to see you two have hit off so well. When you two get finished come on down stairs and we'll talk. You can get dressed if you want but you really don't have to." said Connie before she disappeared down the hallway with a giggle.

At that point the ice had been broken. Alex and I cleaned up and got dressed before we headed down to the large open living area. Rob and Connie were kicked back on the couch with cocktail glasses in their hands. They were both extremely tired. The relentless snow had made getting home before the holidays a very long and exhausting task. We sat down and talked for a brief while before we all turned in for the night. Rob said that he was going into town in the morning to pick up a few things. Alex asked Rob if she could ride along with him since there were a couple things she also needed. We finished our drinks then headed off to bed.

I woke around 9:00 AM the next morning and brushed my teeth before heading downstairs. It was Christmas Eve and the house was quiet but several of the lights were on and a fire was crackling in the fireplace. There was no one in living room so I looked outside.

Rob's truck was gone and tire tracks led down the long gravel drive. I figured that he and Alex had gone into town as they had arranged the night before. I strolled into the empty kitchen and took a look out the French doors that opened onto a huge wooden deck. As I got closer to door I heard a soft humming noise. It was the sound of the hot tub.

I cracked the door and looked out. Footsteps in the snow led over towards the steaming tub. Mounds of snow were piled up around it and the folding cover had been removed and placed to the side. A thick white robe was draped across the deck rail next to the tub. Standing in the middle of the tub was Connie, completely nude with her back towards me.

Connie was dragging her fingers through the water with a back and forth motion. Although we had been friends a long time, I had never seen her naked before. She was only 5' 4" tall but had a huge set of tits for a tiny girl and sexy round ass. Curvaceous is probably the best word to describe her figure.

The door must have made a noise as I leaned up against it searching for a better viewing angle to indulge my voyeuristic ways. Connie turned slowly towards the door and placed her hands on her hips. She frolicked contently as if she hadn't seen me. She was quite a sight standing amidst the rising steam wearing nothing but a smile.

A mile high sunrise lit up her body from behind and filtered softly between her slightly parted thighs. Connie was looking very hot and I was getting extremely horny as I watched her lift handful after handful of hot water to her chest and let it trickle down over her body. Tilting her hands she let the water cascade down across her tits.

Tiny droplets of moisture covered her body and shimmered brightly. I slid my hand beneath my pants and repositioned my rapidly hardening cock. Connie looked up just in time to catch me standing in the doorway with hand in my pants. She giggled and held out her hand motioning for me with her index finger. Although somewhat embarrassed I pulled my hand from my pants and opened the door.

"Come on in the water's fine." teased Connie seductively raising her eyebrows. "You just missed Rob and Alex, they left about ten minutes ago for town." said Connie whisking her fingers back through her short brown hair. "They'll be gone for at least two or three hours, Rob had a lot of stuff that he needed to do." she added.

I stood there in front of her with my crotch bulging trying not to stare. Connie's breasts were huge white globes with hard inviting gum drop sized nipples surrounded by very taught, very dark areolas that were almost the diameter of a fifty-cent pieces.

Her tits hung nicely as she bent forward to pull another handful of water up between the inside of her thighs and across her neatly shaped and closely trimmed pubes. Connie eased her smooth sexy ass down into the water and sat back against one of the tubs massaging jets.

"Are you just going to stand there with a hard on, or are you going to join me?" she asked. "If you're worried about Rob, don't. When I told him that I was going to do you, he said he didn't mind at all. He also assured me that he was going to rub the hair right off Alex's little blonde haired twat as soon he got the chance." said Connie placing her arms back on the edge of the tub.

How could I refuse an invite like that? I quickly stripped down to join her. Much to Connie's delight, my rigid cock sprang free as I removed my boxers. I threw my clothes in a pile and hopped into the bubbling tub.

I stepped to the center of the tub and knelt in front of Connie. She placed her hands on the back of my neck, spread her legs, and pulled me towards her until our lips met. I put my hands against the edge of the tub on both sides of her shoulders. She kissed me deeply and began slowly stroking the underside of my swollen cock before cradling my hanging balls in her right hand beneath the bubbling water.

Her legs wrapped around me at the water-line and her ankles locked behind my ass. I grabbed both her huge soft tits, one in each of my hands and kissed her ripe red nipples. She massaged my shoulders as her legs pulled me closer.

She held me tightly, kissing me long and deep while she fondled my ass. My hard cock pressed firmly against the soft bristly triangle hidden deep between her thick firm thighs. Connie released her grip and spread her legs as I sat down beside her against the edge of the tub.

Connie hungrily arched her back and gasped for air as my hand slid across her tummy into the vertex of her trembling thighs. She tugged at the hair on my head and kissed my lips as my fingers began to explore the puffy hidden folds of her submerged twat. Soon my fingers surrounded by the hot rushing water from the spa filled her gaping snatch.

Almost instantly Connie was humping my hand and wiggling her ass as I worked my fingers in and out of her hungry hole. When she was ready for more than just my fingers, she reached down and grabbed my wrist pulling my hand slowly from her crotch.

I sat upright and watched as Connie stood up then sat down on the edge of the tub placing her feet on the seat where her ass had just been. She eased her shoulders back against the deck rail and spread her legs wide.

Water droplets began to bead up all over her naked body and a small stream dribbled briefly from the tender pink opening of her snatch as she tugged back the soft gathered flesh and exposed her pebble sized clit.

Her huge nipples tightened even more and her body trembled. It was sure now that it was the result of the cold mountain air cooling off her hot naked body, but I reveled in the illusion that she wanted me badly.

I dropped to my knees and quickly situated myself between her wide spread legs. Connie shook as I kissed the inside of her shapely wet thighs. Her fingers still pressed her mound firmly against her pelvis revealing her hard hungry clit.

Connie trembled as my hot breath flowed across her rapidly chilling twat. Her entire body quaked as I leaned forward and pressed my hot wet tongue directly against her rigid nubbin. She gasped loudly then grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face deep into her dripping twat when I gave it a gentle suck.

I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit for what seemed like an hour but was maybe ten minutes or so, until she came violently slamming her meaty mound against my face and her clit against my teeth. Her chest was still heaving when she motioned for me to stand up.

As I stood up in the middle of the tub, Connie splashed back into the gurgling water on her knees in front of me. She licked the insides of my hairy wet thighs and flicked at my balls with her talented tongue. My cock began to rise and soon became fully erect, pointing skyward very quickly. Connie squeezed my ass cheeks as she slid her warm wet mouth over the soft pink head of my cock.

Connie had a very sought after hidden talent that I had never even dreamed of; let alone experienced before. She began swallowing more and more of my throbbing cock with every eager lunge of her pretty head until the entire length had disappeared between her lips. I watched in pleasure filled disbelief as she slurped, gurgled, and wiggled her head until she was finally able to press the tip of her nose and forehead against my abdomen.

My cock was halfway down the back of her throat and it felt fantastic. Her lips surrounded the base of my cock. It was my first and only experience to date with a truly deep-throated woman. Rob is one lucky bastard I remember thinking. I'll have to thank him for sharing.

After my cock had made two or three wonderful trips down her throat Connie pulled my cock from between her lips. She stood up and moved over to the edge of the tub behind me facing the cabin. She put her knees on the seating ledge, slid them far apart, and leaned forward over the edge of the tub with her ass in the air and her tits hanging over the side.

"Are you ready to fuck me yet?" she asked wiggling her hot sexy ass.

Connie's inviting pussy was protruding from between the cheeks of her ass just above the water line. I turned toward her well presented ass and took my hard slippery cock in my right hand. I placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and pressed the swollen head of my loaded cock between the thick water beaded lips of her gaping pink pussy.

She moaned with delight when I entered her. I slowly eased my cock forward until my balls bumped her fuzzy wet mound. She ground her hips back against my thighs and began to pogo her ass forward then back.

The combination of the hot water churning between our thighs soon mixed with the sloppy wet sound of air escaping from her soggy wet pussy and over my smooth deep plunging cock. It made quite an embarrassing sound, but it didn't matter to either of us, as we were both nearing orgasm very quickly.

At that point, the deck could have collapsed around us and I don't think we would have ever known it. Connie let out a long satisfying scream when she came again, this time she shook from her fingers to her toes.

My release wasn't near as evident, but it was no less intense. I took several short quick strokes. My balls skimmed quickly back and forth across the water. Connie begged me to come inside her. I muttered some obscenity that I can't remember and then tightened my ass cheeks as my warm slippery load began to empty into her hot steamy canal.

I grabbed the base of my pulsing cock and pumped her from behind with a broken rhythm until the final few drops had purged through my softening shaft. Connie eased forward as my cum soaked cock fell from her well-used snatch. She turned and stood up; putting her arms around me she pressed her large warm tits against my chest and kissed me.

"There; now we've broken the ice, let's grab a shower and fix some lunch." She said.

After a quick shower together, we dressed and went into the kitchen. In addition to being able to suck a mean dick, Connie has always been an outstanding cook. We talked while Connie retrieved the things she needed from the cupboards and the refrigerator. Homemade vegetable soup and sandwiches comprised the menu for the day.

Not long after lunch began simmering atop the stove, Rob and Alex returned. Alex's hair was in shambles and her tiny hard nipples were clearly visible through her turtleneck sweater and Rob looked exhausted. I couldn't help but wonder if Rob had kept his promise to Connie and fucked the shit out of Alex before they came back to the cabin.

I figured turn about was fair play, and besides Alex had vowed to make some changes in her life during the long trip here. Later that evening we found out that our being seduced the horny couple was part of a master plan. We all came clean about our morning adventures as we sat around the fireplace drinking and laughing the evening away.

Rob and Connie told us a little about the other free spirited guests that were scheduled to start arriving early the next morning. Judging solely from their revelations, it was shaping up to be a very interesting week.

Connie said that five other couples would be joining us before New Year's Eve. All of them were swingers and each of them had their own sexual fetishes and favorite routines. Connie told Alex about the men while Rob spilled the beans to me about on all the ladies.

The first couple they told us about was an interracial couple. Dante' and Su Li were in their late twenties. Dante' was a well-hung and very muscular black man who loved to eat pussy and give deep anal. Su Li was a petite and straight Asian female who obviously loved receiving anal, but was almost obsessed with sucking cock and she just loved to get hot messy facials.

"Tell us more!" Alex and I begged.

The second couple Tom and Karen was much older. Connie said probably in their early forties. According to Connie Tom was good-looking white man with dark hair. He was gentle, with soft hands and an average sized penis, but quite talented in bed. Four stars she told Alex.

"His wife Karen is quite an exhibitionist." added Rob.

It seems that Karen's job, as an office manager required her to dress and behave very conservatively. So when she gets a chance to cut loose, it's anything goes. The large breasted black haired vixen with a totally shaven twat likes to be gang banged while others watch or even video tape the action.

Carla and Dennis, the third couple, were good friends with Rob and Connie and lived just a few miles up the road. This horny pair was probably the most private and discreet of their entire wife swapping circle.

Dennis was in his mid fifties and a high profile lawyer over in Boulder. Carla his much younger wife was a self proclaimed horny bitch with naturally blonde hair. She was Bisexual, and an elementary school teacher. According to Connie the turn on for Dennis was multiple partners at once. Rob revealed that Carla enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie and getting fucked doggy style.

"Carla likes to have her pussy eaten and her asshole licked too." added Connie raising her eyebrows playfully as she sucked on the straw of her frozen drink. The fourth couple they told us about, Carlos and Nikki was also an interracial couple.

"Carlos is an attractive white guy with a smooth shaven head, a thick mustache, and the longest tongue you've ever seen." teased Connie.

"Nikki is a tall, beautiful long legged black girl who can't get enough." said Rob. "She has long soft curly hair, the body of a goddess, and almost anything goes with Nikki." He added.

I began to feel an uncomfortable but familiar stiffness in my groin as Rob and Connie continued to tell us about the couples we would soon meet. They shared more dirty details about some of their past sexual exploits. Alex seemed to squirm in her chair obviously aroused by our very explicit conversation.

By the time we got to the fifth and final couple, Scott and Patty, I had to lift my leg up onto the couch and bend it at the knee in an effort to try and hide my full blown erection. According to Connie, Scott was a good-looking blonde haired fellow with an average sized cock who could go all night. His wife Patty was a tall, super horny Irish nymph with big tits and shoulder length red hair.

"Scott likes make love gentle, long and slow, while Patty is an adventurous sole who likes it rough and often fantasizes about having all three of her hot holes filled at once but never really gets up the nerve." said Connie.

It seemed before we knew it the alcohol or all the trashy talk had gotten the best of all of us. A Christmas Eve that I won't soon forget culminated with a fantastic cluster fuck in front of the fire. It was a little awkward at first but all inhibitions quickly disappeared.

I can still remember quite vividly sitting on the couch with my pants down around my ankles. Connie's head was buried in my lap and her lips surrounded my cock. Alex hiked up Connie's skirt and slithered onto the floor beneath her naked ass. Gripping her ass cheeks she pulled Connie's snatch back onto her face and slipped her tongue into Connie's hot wet socket.

Rob quickly responded hoisting Alex's legs into the air and peeling off her slacks. Seconds later he was eagerly snaking out Alex's gaping snatch with his probing tongue. To make a long story short we fucked and sucked for more than an hour. Everyone got his or her cookies at least twice during the decadent frolic.

We all fell asleep completely exhausted and partially naked in the huge living room area. Christmas morning brought even more of the same. I awoke to the sensation of Alex's wet tongue gliding across my balls. Soon my cock was dripping wet and fully erect.

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