She could feel his breath warmly caressing the nape of her neck. Suddenly she shivered from more than just pleasure, feeling the heat and strength of him against her back. She turned slowly to face him and put one had against the strong planes of his chest. Looking into his eyes she almost felt swallowed. Their living emerald depths defied all that she had known before.

Gently he reached down to cup her cheek. She could feel the power he kept in check, knowing how easy it would be to destroy her. Slowly she pushed against his chest and smiled as he eased himself back on the soft carpet. Still smiling she bent down to kiss him, first his mouth, then his jaw, and then the hollow of his neck. He stiffened then as if to protest, but then looking up into her luminous gray eyes he relaxed. Slowly she kissed her way down his throat and onto his chest. He was so warm she almost felt as if her mouth was being seared. She reached one small male nipple and swirled it with her tongue before gently biting down and drawing an almost anguished grunt from him.

Languorously she moved her way to his other nipple and then down his chest. Under her ministrations his body grew tauter and tauter, taking all of his will power to remain still so as not to frighten her. With almost excruciatingly delicate caresses she worked her way down his hard body. Finally she reached his abdomen, dipping her tongue down into his navel she continued on to where she really belonged. Almost hesitantly she brushed her fingers over the burning silk covered bulge. He tensed even further and she knew he couldn't take much more. Slowly sliding the silk down she finally freed him. She reached down caressing the hard length of him and slowly bending to take the tip of him into her mouth. Smiling she looked up at him to gasp as she saw his glowing emerald eyes.

Before she could do more than gasp he gathered himself and lunged up at her pressing her down to the floor beneath him. He could feel her start to tense and then she consciously relaxed, lifting her head to press a kiss beneath his jaw. Tenderly he cupped her face and kissed her, mingling their tongues and breathe. Then softly, his eyes glowing brighter and brighter he began to work his way down her body. She gasped when he closed his teeth gently around her throat and found her breasts with his rough, calloused hands. Gently closing his mouth he began to suck all the time rasping his hands across her hardening nipples. Releasing her throat he began to lick his way down until he closed his mouth around one nipple. Gently nipping and sucking with his mouth and still caressing the other breast with his hand he wound her tighter and tighter.

She gasped, feeling as if a molten line of heat was stretching between her breasts and her womanhood. Her small helpless sounds made him burn hotter and hotter. Moving more swiftly now, he trailed molten caresses down her stomach until he reached the seat of her desire. He groaned and the heat and wetness he found there and could feel his control unraveling. With aching control he lifted his head once more to her mouth and rasped, "Are you sure? There's no going back after this, you will be mine."

Writhing under him she gasped and tried to answer. Finally she simply wrapped her legs around his hips and tried to pull him into her. Laughing he nipped her cheek and said, "Not yet precious one, not yet." Working his way swiftly back down her body he found the steaming heat of her and engulfed her in his mouth. Whimpering she began to thrash beneath his lashing tongue but he reached up and held her hips down with impossible strength. Moaning more loudly still she shattered bathing his mouth with her fragrant dew.

Feeling her release finally pushed him over the edge. Blindingly fast he moved up her body and poised himself over her steaming entrance. Taking her mouth he buried himself into her tight molten passage in one almost violent thrust. Feeling the sudden invasion of his granite manhood she stiffened beneath him. gently he kissed his way down her throat to the hollow using all of his considerable will power to allow her time to adjust to his presence. Unbearably slowly she softened beneath him and then smiling she pulled his mouth back up to hers. Wrapping her legs around him she urged him closer and at last he began to move. Slowly at first he began to move with in her, pulling almost completely free of her velvet sheathe before sliding himself back in to the hilt. As the pressure and pleasure began to increase she began to move with him, raising her hips up to meet his steadily harder thrusts. Both of their breath gasping in their throats reality began to tear along the edges until finally everything flashed apart. Howling with his release he buried himself completely with in her and closed his teeth once more around her throat this time pressing hard enough to break the skin and taste her blood. Nearly senseless with pleasure she didn't feel the sharp pain that bound them together for the rest of their lives.

Finally spent he rolled over carrying her with him and cradling her to his chest he whispered, "You are mine now. My mate, forever. When the full moon comes we will greet it together as one." Smiling she reached up to hiss the hollow of his throat, and then still joined together they drifted to sleep.

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