tagRomanceBlackbeard's Downfall Ch. 04

Blackbeard's Downfall Ch. 04


The next morning Penelope found herself naked in the middle of Blackbeard's bed. A soft moan erupted as she rolled to her side, aching from the night before. Sobbing softly, she remembered the way he had taken her roughly, searing into her every thought that she was but a toy for his pleasures on the sea.

She buried her still flushed face into the softness of his pillow, hurtful tears racing down her cheeks as her sore body served as a reminder that he had roughly and without mercy, taken from her what she had wanted to gift to her husband one day. And now … now, that too had been ripped from her control. As she moved in the bed gingerly, her whole body ached from the night spent in the pirate's arms and Penelope slowly peeled back the coverlets on his bed to take a look at the damage he had done.

There were blood stains dried on both the bed beneath her and the tender flesh of her inner thighs. Seeing the proof of her shattered virginity, Penelope burst into sobs once more. There would be no kind of life for her now that Blackbeard the Pirate had come into her life. Trembling hands covered her face as fat, hot tears slid down her cheeks. Why was this happening to her?

She didn't have time to contemplate on the subject long as the door suddenly swung open again and wide eyes lifted from behind the comfort of her hands to see him moving back into the cabin. He seemed to not even notice her as he heavily sat down in a chair, lifting a leg to pull off his boots, one at a time. Trembling fingers reached for the sheets that lay crumpled around her to pull them up as the tears continued to slide unchecked down her flushed cheeks.

"Don't," came the curt reply from across the room as Blackbeard lifted his gaze as both his feet moved back to the floor, his hard thighs spread wide as he sat back in a relaxed manner to look at the girl crying on his bed.

Penelope, for some unknown reason, simply obeyed even though she could feel her tears continue to roll down her cheeks, her jaded gaze lowering as she felt him drinking in the mere sight of her naked form on his bed. It seemed like there was so much that she wanted to say ranging between the urge to scream at him and rage for taking her virginity. But then there was the part of her, that part shocked her to the very core, which wanted him to simply move to the bed and take him in her arms again.

Blackbeard watched Penelope quietly even as the emotions in him stirred something that he was unused to when it came to women. He had been a rogue, true, throughout his many years alongside the seaside towns and villages through his campaign of pillaging through places that most pirates wouldn't dare touch. He had enough wisdom and education to make business dealings with those that mattered so that most of his antics went undisciplined. He had never been one to care about the consequences of his actions.

But as he sat across the small expanse of his cabin, watching Penelope shed tears over what he had taken for granted, he was more than surprised to find that her tears were affecting him in a way that he hadn't known existed.

"What do you want with me?" she managed to whisper, her eyes daring to glance up at the man that held her captive.

Blackbeard was unsure really how to answer her. And a part of him felt a surge of anger that she dared ask him. But then there was this part of him that felt a twinge of … what was the name of that emotion? Hurt? Perhaps his pride was hurt that this woman that he had gifted throughout the past months and tried his best to woo just wasn't interested in him. No one denied Blackbeard the Pirate!

"Why do you fight the inevitable?" he simply asked back as he undid the ornate cufflinks at his wrists, tossing the encrusted gold medallions upon the table before rolling up the sleeves of his ruffled shirt.

Penelope simply looked at him, her green eyes full of confusion and disbelief at where she suddenly found herself after a lifetime in her father's mansion. "I am not the kind of woman that falls in love with a pirate," she replied in a soft voice.

"Maybe you are," he said, his dark gaze locked with hers, "and you just don't know it."

"Blackbeard …" she began, imploring him with her gaze.

"Edward," he said back, surprised somewhat that he spoke his true name to the girl sitting uncovered on his bed.

"Excuse me?" she said, blinking a bit in surprise. It had never occurred to her that he had a real name.

"It's Edward," he repeated, unbuttoning the top few buttons on his shirt to give her a slight glimpse of the dark hair dotted across his chest. He noticed the way her gaze dropped momentarily, taking in his form beneath the long beard. "You know," he added with an amused expression, "As in my name."

"What do you take me for?" she retorted, feeling her fire return somewhat in the exchange of wits between them.

"A wench that I intend to make mine completely," he answered honestly.

"I don't want you!" she spat, green daggers seeming to come from her eyes as she glared across the room at him.

"Your body said differently last night," he said with a grin, triumphant to see her face blush crimson and eyes fill with tears once again.

"How dare you!" she gasped, choking back a sob.

Before she could give way to her tears again, he said in a low but strong voice, "Come here." Penelope's lips fell open in shock. Surely he was jesting. Blackbeard narrowed his eyes some, watching her. "It's not a question, Penelope," he said, using her name for the first time.

She felt her jaw twitch as a tremble snaked down her spine but despite the fear that she felt rising in her belly, she unfolded long legs to drape over the side of the bed and slowly pushed her way to a standing position. For a moment she thought that her legs wouldn't work as she saw his dark penetrating gaze lower, following the contours of her body before moving slowly back up over her exposed form. "Please don't do this," she pleaded one last time.

"Now," came his simple reply.

It seemed like a lifetime … the time that it took for her to cross the small amount of distance that kept her naked form from him. She was confused at the feelings that were raging through her young body. She had never been with a man before Bla … Edward. Last night hadn't proved to be something that she had imagined when her time came to gift her virginity to her husband. In fact, it was everything she hadn't imagined. It hadn't been her wedding night … it hadn't been an expression of love or even, in the oddest sense of all, something that she had heard was her "duty". No, last night had been raw … purely sexual and even though he had taken her body without consent, roughly … there was something within her that longed for him to do it again.

Edward watched her approach and knew that she was fearful but even still, he could sense in her a longing … perhaps a curiosity about him. She had an unexplainable attraction that appealed to him. He had thought that perhaps after the initial rape, that his fatuation with her would be sated. But instead he found that he wanted her even more.

Penelope stopped before him, her whole body trembling uncontrollably as he watched her every move. She knew she was drawn to him. She couldn't control it … despite the way he had stripped her of her innocence just the night before. Now … now she just wanted him to do it again and it shamed her right down to her very toes. She wanted him.

Edward caught her gaze as she dared to look up at him from where she stood before him. He wanted to grab her and toss her onto the table and have his way with her but something in the way she just came to him without screaming her denial about what her body spoke to him … he wanted more. She was beautiful. He had always thought so. But today … today there was something else that he could see beautiful about her. He just didn't have the words to explain exactly what it was.

Reaching out, his strong fingers wrapped around her dainty wrist to pull her towards him. He felt her resist only momentarily before she was drawn to him, pulled down onto his lap, her toned thighs straddled out over his lap. He spread his thighs a bit more, opening her fully to his gaze and his will as his fingers remained locked upon her wrist. Reaching up with his free hand, he slid it along her neck, behind the heavy curtain of her hair to the back of her neck and drew her closer to him until her sweet lips were just mere inches from his.

Penelope shuddered as her thighs parted even more, feeling her innermost being exposed to his hungered gaze. She gasped softly as she felt the strong pressure of his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her closer in towards his lips. Where she should have been repulsed by the thick shaggy beard and long hair, all she could see were the perfectly formed lips beyond and the dark, mesmerizing gaze of his eyes as he looked at her. Despite his ragged and scruffy appearance, she could make out the finely chiseled features of his face hidden beneath the guise that he wore for his enemies.

"Would you shave your beard if I begged you to?" she dared to whisper as her lips hovered just before his, her jaded gaze locked with his.

"Are you begging?" he replied with a soft laugh before his lips claimed hers in a searing kiss, pressing firmly to hers as he watched her lashes flutter closed with a soft whimper.

Penelope felt her resolve slipping as his lips claimed hers. It wasn't a raping kiss or one that claimed her roughly. Instead it was more of a patient kiss, as if he were waiting for her to give in to the feelings that she was battling with inside. She couldn't help but whimper some, feeling her lips slowly begin to part beneath his until his tongue slowly reached out to stroke them gently, prying them apart until she suddenly found their tongues twisting and stroking against one another's. The last thing she had expected was for her resolve to melt so quickly beneath a kiss that she hadn't expected.

Edward's fingers curled into the thick tresses of her hair and with a gentleness that surprised him firmly pulled her head back, their lips parting slowly. He saw the surprise in her eyes followed by a longing that he never expected to see in her expression and the impact that it made on him was almost alarming. Suddenly she had shifted from being a captive to a girl that he wanted to protect and hold close. As his head lowered to her throat, his mouth sucking on her sweet flesh like a cherished dessert, he realized that for the first time he had feelings for a woman … real feelings that went beyond his own desires.

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