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Bree's Surprise


"Mmmmm this shower will feel good," I said to myself as I turned on the water and began undressing. The five mile jog had felt good, but my knees were a little achy. "Carrying a little too much weight," I thought as I looked into the mirror over the sink, and sucking in my stomach.

The steam from the shower was billowing out toward me and I opened the door to test the temperature before stepping in under the water. Standing there basking in the hot hard spray, I reached, eyes closed, for the soap. Nothing beat a nice hot shower.

As the water beat down upon me, I couldn't help but think about Bree. It seems like she was always running to the shower to relieve herself after one of our hot chats, or after reading a sexy story of mine. I pulled the shower spray from its perch and experimented with aiming the water here and there at my body, hoping for some amazing feeling. The water felt great, but I wasn't really getting turned on from it. "Must be a girl thing", I muttered out loud.

"What's a girl thing?"

I stopped dead in the water. Did I just hear a woman say "What's a girl thing?"?

Thinking I must be hallucinating from too much exercise, I continued lathering up.

Suddenly, the door of the shower flew open, making me nearly jump out of my skin.

"Joe, I said what's a girl thing?"

Ducking my head under the water stream to get the soap from my eyes, I peered through the water to see a woman standing at the entrance to my shower. Without my glasses and with all the steam I couldn't make out who it was. But by the color of her hair, I knew it could only be one person: Bree!

"Good grief, Bree! You scared the crap out of me! How the heck did you get in here? You're lucky my wife isn't here." came the flurry of words from my mouth.

"Well, what's a girl thing?"

"Using the shower to cum," I said with surprising calm. It was only then that I noticed that Bree was naked.

She laughed and pushed me back so she could join me. "Mmmmmm, the water feels great!" Bree said as she took the soap from my hands and began getting her body all soapy and sudsy.

Sensing that I was still just standing there like a dunce, Bree stopped lathering and turned to me. "Don't worry. I know your wife and kids will be gone for hours. I picked this time especially for us." And with that she moved closer, stood on her tip toes and kissed me sweetly.

As if it was a magic kiss, I suddenly snapped out of my stupor and pulled my dream girl close to me and kissed her back with intensity, letting my hands run down her back to her ass, holding and lifting her toward me.

"Mmmmm, I guess you're glad to see me, huh, Joe", she said as her hand moved down to my growing hardness.

I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and I broke off the kiss to laugh and say, "Bree, I don't know how you did it, but I'm glad you're here. I've been dying to hold you like this."

The hard hot spray from the shower head splashed off our bodies and we fervently fondled and explored each other, soaping a little here and there but mostly just experiencing all the tactile pleasures of our bodies. Bree's hands were grasping my cock, moving up and down on it with such deft pressures, I had to break away before exploding right then and there. Dropping down on one knee I reached around and grabbed her ass to pull her body closer to me. As the hot water cascaded down her body, I kissed her smoothly shaven pussy and my heart began to pump wildly. Pushing her backward against the shower wall I took my hands and tugged her pussy lips open to reveal her beautiful swollen clit. Bree moaned a little and spread her legs farther apart to allow me better access. My lips encircled her clit and I started sucking. As the pleasure grew inside her, her body began undulating slowly with my sucking and she lifted one leg and put it over my shoulder, pressing and pulling me to her. Her moans intensified as my free hand began probing her both her pussy and her ass, middle finger pressing into her sweet rosebud and thumb pushing into her pussy, all the while my lips and tongue worked her throbbing clit. Finally, she cried out as a wave of orgasm washed over her.

When the tension in her leg finally diminished, I stood up and kissed her passionately, letting her taste herself on my lips, my hands roam over her wet naked body.

"Bree," I whispered. "You've been very naughty coming here unannounced. I'm afraid you need to be punished."

I shut off the water and pushed my sexy surprise girl out of the shower and toward my bed.

"Joe, we're getting everything wet," she protested, water dripping from her body and mine.

Positioning her on her knees on the bed, I pushed her head down to the bedspread and began licking her pussy again, my forehead pressed against her butt. My tongue moved from her clit, between her swollen lips, and upward toward her ass, where it darted into her puckered bud. The sight of her glistening body was giving me a warm buzz between my legs. She was in a vulnerable postion, her sweet ass and pussy exposed to me, ass cheeks so inviting. Pulling back my arm, I slapped her wet ass hard, making her jump and cry out. The water still dripping from her body gave the slap a decidedly sharp sting and left a big red handprint on her cheek. I bent forward and gobbled her pussy and ass again before rising up and hitting her again. Her cry was muffled as her face was pressed into the bed, but I knew she was enjoying my onslaught.

Continuing my hard slaps, first one cheek, then then other, sometimes lower such that my hand crossed over her pussy, Bree began to cry out and moan. In between these slaps I would rub the red spot or kiss it, sometimes probing her wet pussy with my fingers or my tongue, knowing full well that she was loving it. Each stroke of my hand was a little harder, but I continued until my hand began to hurt, the sting from her wet bottom finally causing me to stop.

Moving up onto the bed behind her, I pushed her legs a little farther apart and nestled in behind her. My hands spread her cheeks apart and I looked lustfully at her exposed asshole and pussy. Taking my hard cock in hand, I pressed it against her pussy and felt her push back against me. "Mmmmm, do you want something, Bree?" I asked, laughing.

"I want your cock inside me! NOW!", she cried.

Rubbing it on the entrance to her pussy, I wanted to torture her just a little first, but Bree would have nothing of that. "FUCK ME NOW!" she cried and pushed her ass back toward me, pulling my cock into her hot wet hole.

Grabbing her hips I began pumping in and out of her. The feeling was so good and the way she bucked back on me only served to make me want her more. As I watched my cock disappear into her, one hand held her hips tight while the other rubbed her back and ass. I was totally turned on and I wanted to be inside all of her opens at once: pussy, mouth, ass .... I wanted it all.

Bree's moans became louder and her breath shorter. "Mmmm, do you like my cock deep inside you, like this?" I asked her.

"Yes," she gasped as the pleasure built inside her.

Inserting my finger into her exposed asshole, I asked, "And you like my finger inside your sweet ass, don't you?"

"Oh, god," she cried as she began to cum.

Still pumping, I chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes."

Oh, this woman is so damn sexy, I thought to myself as she came all over my cock. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so with one deep thrust, I erupted inside her, crying out so loud I was sure you could hear me out on the street.

We collapsed onto the bed and I rolled off, snuggling closer to her and kissing her passionately. Rolling her onto her back, I let my kisses move down from her lips to her cheek to her neck, and then down to her collar bone. "Bree, your breasts are fantastic," I said as I took a hard nipple in my mouth and bit it gently, then pulling it back with my teeth.

The trail of my kisses moved down over her stomach until my tongue slid over her shaven mound. Placing my hands under her ass I let my tongue push into her pussy once again, parting her lips and tasting my cum that was just oozing out of her. I got a dollop of cum on my tongue and then quickly moved up to her face again, letting her see the cum on my tongue. She quickly sucked it from my tongue and then we kissed passionately, out bodies entwined, hands roaming wildly.

Laying there naked in each other's arms I said, "Mmmm Bree, this was such a nice surprise. Thank you so much."

Bree laughed and said, "There's more," with a sly look on her face.

As I lay on my back, my dream girl knelt me beside me. Bending down, she took my flacid cock into her sweet mouth and soon had me hard and moaning again. The combination of her mouth and hand had me squirming and thrusting upward.

"Oh, no, you're not getting off that easily," she said.

Raising up and then straddling me, still holding my cock with one hand, Bree looked me dead in the eye as she squatted over me. I looked from her face down her body to where she was holding me. With her free hand she spread her pussy lips, pressed my cock between them, and then slid down onto me. I was mesmerized as I watched my cock disappear once again into her.

Bree began to ride me, leaning backward and then forward, always looking me in the eye. I reached up to squeeze her breasts and roll her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. My heart was again pounding in my chest and I could hear her breathing becoming shorter and short. I moved one hand down between her legs and felt my cock as she plunged up and down on it. Her clit was exposed and I began rubbing it. With each plunge Bree moaned louder and with each of her moans i thrust up into her harder, until finally she erupted in orgasm once again.

"Oh my god, Bree, I'm gonna cum!" I cried.

Bree quickly slipped off me and went to take me into her mouth. She was a second too late! Just as her face moved close, I shot a stream of cum that hit her lips and cheek. Taking me into her mouth, she sucked the second spurt out of me, and continued sucking until I begged her to stop, the ecstacy being too much for me. Finally stopping, she smiled at me and licked the cum from her lips, and used her finger to scoop the string that was across her cheek. I watched as she licked her finger clean.

Pulling her on top of me, and I squeezed her tightly while we kissed again, before she pushed herself up to smile at me.

"How are you going to explain the damp bedspread and the wet spots all over the place?" she asked.

Oh, my god, I thought to myself. How AM I going to explain that?

"Well," I said, "I don't know. So we might as well go on to round 3 ---- or is it 4?"

What a Christmas surprise that was!

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