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CFNM - Real Estate Agent


This is a true story that happened to me last year in a naturist resort in Spain.

To set the scene .... the area is a large naturist complex containing apartments, a hotel, shops and bars ... all of which are open to naturist residents and nude visitors! The streets are normal side streets with houses and apartments just off the main road but again it is clearly marked 'naturist zone' and people wander around as naked as intended.

I am an exhibitionist and I am always looking for situations where I can be nude in the presence of women.... preferably fully dressed females.

This particular scenario occurred partly by accident but also I realized that a CFNM opportunity was possible!

My short holiday in the area allowed me to work out and go for a run in the mornings and visit the naturist zone in the afternoons! An ideal way to spend a day on holiday! There were some beautiful nude European women on the beach and I enjoyed visiting the bars, restaurants and shops.

After a day or so it occurred to me that there were numerous apartments that were for sale, and that they appeared to be for sale with normal real estate agents based elsewhere in the region.

I started to think about arranging a viewing, a naked viewing to be precise! I was working on the assumption that some of the estate agents would be female and not used to meeting a nude man!

That night I searched the net and took some telephone numbers of the real estate agents who were selling apartments in the nudist zone.

The next morning I rang one and a female answered the phone. Her name was Dominique and she sounded young and keen to sell me a property in this area.

I told her that I wanted to see the property at midday and she explained that she had never been to this zone before but would find it and meet me there.

This sounded ideal. It looked to be working out just right.... a young, fully dressed woman who was about to meet a naked man!

At 11.45am I took up a position near to the selected apartment so I could see her approach and waited for a few minutes.

Just then a small car pulled up and a beautiful woman climbed out. She had short dark hair and was aged about 20 years. She was smartly dressed in a business suit and was carrying a folder. She was just how you would imagine an estate agent to appear. Very business like and horny!

It had to be her because the street was otherwise deserted.

I had left all of my clothes in my car nearby and was completely nude. I watched her from a discreet position a short distance away.

She stood outside the apartment complex waiting for me. At this point I started to walk towards her and held out my hand as I approached.

I said, "Hi, I'm Steve, are you Dominique?"

She looked shocked and said, "yes, hi"

I said, "sorry, you don't mind me being nude do you?"

She said, "no, it was just a shock."

She spoke fluent English and was intelligent and beautiful. This was turning into the best day of my CFNM career!

I explained that I was a nudist and looking to buy in the nude zone.

She was Spanish and absolutely gorgeous. She led me to the apartment that we had agreed to view and she spent the next 20 minutes showing me around an empty flat.

Whilst we were inside she had removed her sunglasses and I could see into her beautiful eyes as we chatted about the flat and the price. It was an incredible experience to be nude in the same room as this fully dressed woman as we chatted in the most normal of manner.

At one point I said to her that my wife would want to see the apartment but she couldn't make the trip. I asked her if it was okay to video the apartment with my mobile phone.

She agreed and I started to video Dominique inside the lounge. I asked her to describe the room and she went about telling me the size and price etc.

I then said, "would you mind filming me on the balcony?"

She said, "Of course not."

She took the camera from me and followed me outside. I made sure that she should see me in full and I started to talk to her about the zone whilst she filmed me!!

I still have that video and it still makes me so horny to re-live the situation.

By now she was completely comfortable with my nudity and we even managed to talk about the benefits of naturism and she said that she would consider trying it at some point.

At this point I would like to say that although I have a fit and trim body for a 30 something man, I also have a very small penis. I had earlier pulled back my foreskin which makes it look even smaller and somehow it made it even more erotic to know that she was dressed and I was nude and exposed in such a way as she could clearly see just how small I was.

As we left the flat I told her that it was bit too small for my wife and I but she told me that she had details of other properties if I was interested in viewing them?

I told her that I would be interested and she made a few calls to arrange a visit.

She was speaking on the phone when she looked over at me and said, "do you want something a bit bigger?"

I laughed and pointed at my penis and said, "what do you think?"

She looked down at me and giggled and said, "its not important how big it is now but when you are erect."

To be honest I was tempted to get erect there and then but it would have scared her off so I left it.

I said, "I would like to see a three bed apartment if possible."

She finished making the call to her office and then she walked me over to a building site nearby where she said that she had a brand new three bed property.

We entered the building site and I saw that part of the area was complete but not yet occupied. It was empty and the other part was still undergoing work by teams of constructors.

Now, this was not part of the scenario that I had in mind. Being nude in front of women does not hold the same attraction as as being nude in front of a group of male builders!

She walked across the complex with me beside her. I was worrying about the reaction from the groups of men who were thankfully busy painting and building!

Dominique said, "the property is brand new on the first line but we have to get the key from the site office first."

I said, "Dominique, I do not think that I should be nude in front of these builders?"

She replied, "its ok, I can cover you if necessary!" And she walked in front of me laughing.

She was getting off on my nudity and humiliation!

We walked past one group of builders who were taking a break and sitting drinking tea.

I realised that I was going to have walk straight past them in an narrow walk-way and I started to feel most uncomfortable. My cock had shriveled up completely!!

I then noticed that one of the builders was a female. She was wearing the white overalls but had taken off her hard hat! She was actually quite good looking!

I walked past and saw her stare at my even more shriveled penis. It was barely protruding from my pubes!

I heard joking and laughing behind me and said to Dominique,

" I am not happy that they are laughing at me"

She turned and said, " its fine, don't worry about it. They are jealous!"

I then laughed and said, " jealous of my small penis?"

She said, "come on, don't be shy. We will be out of view soon."

I followed her into a new ground floor apartment which had been turned into a temporary office.

As I did so I was immediately greeted by two Spanish women who were sat behind their desks.

I was now nude in front of three beautiful Spanish women! My penis was still only about 1" long after the incident with the builders but it immediately started to expand!!

A conversation took place in Spanish between them all and at one point they were clearly talking about me as they all looked over at me.

I smiled and stood face on towards them as if it was the most normal thing in the world!

After a few minutes they handed a set of keys to Dominique and one of the girls came with us to the apartment. She was about 30 and slim with long dark hair. She clearly spoke no English and Dominique explained that she wanted to show us the apartment on behalf of the owners.

I followed them to a large apartment and they started the viewing.

Of course the only viewing I was interested in was them seeing my little cock!!

At one point I walked into a room where the second female was standing leaning against a wall and she immediately looked down between my legs.

She looked up and blushed. She knew that I had caught her looking!!

I smiled and she grinned back at me.

She said, "sorry!"

I said, "its ok, you can look"

I was left to wander around the apartment alone and went into a bedroom at the far end of the corridor.

I started to wank my little cock which finally started to show a little life!

I made sure that for the next few minutes it was semi erect and that the two women saw it. I would have loved to have developed a full boner but couldn't take the risk in case I offended them.

Looking back now it would have been so horny but perhaps next time!

After about 20 minutes I said that I had other appointments and thanked them for their time. I left the site and told them that I would consider the purchase.... I actually made my way to my hire car and sat and masturbated!

This is absolutely true and one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life!!

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