tagFetishJim's Insurance Exam

Jim's Insurance Exam


This is another work of fiction featuring Jim Johnson (my alter ego). This time, Jim has to go for an insurance physical and his wife Mandy accompanies him to the exam. Just to put a different spin on this story, I tell it from Mandy's viewpoint as she watches Jim's exam. I tried to add a lot of detail and build up the anticipation and embarrassment for Jim slowly. So it's a long story. Please let me know if you enjoy it and if you have any ideas on how I could have improved it.

I looked at my watch and realized that it had been almost 25 minutes since we checked in at the front desk. It was beginning to look like this doctor's office was just like all the others. They all want you to arrive early but then they make you wait long past your appointment time. Our appointment was at 8:30 in the morning, so it's hard to believe that they're already running behind schedule.

"I sure hope they call me back soon," Jim said, "I'm already tired of waiting."

"I know dear," I replied, "I am too."

My name is Mandy and Jim is my dear husband. Jim is here to receive a life insurance physical and me; well I guess you could say that I'm here for moral support. You see, we've been married for about 5 years now, and we recently decided that it was time for Jim to take out a life insurance policy. He's a very responsible guy, and I think he wanted to make sure I would be alright financially if anything ever happened to him. For the most part it was his idea, but I thought it made sense.

Jim signed up for a fairly substantial life insurance policy, the kind that requires a physical exam. And not just one of those simple exams that are done at your own home by a paramedical technician. This policy requires a full physical exam. And that's why Jim is here today. I came along for two reasons. First, Jim is not really that fond of doctors. He will do just about anything to avoid going to one. He had a full physical around the time we got married, and I nagged him to have another one about 2 years ago. But he absolutely hates the thought of seeing the doctor, especially for a physical exam. So when he found out that the policy that he wanted required a physical, he almost canceled the application. But I was able to change his mind.

I said there were two reasons for my presence here. The second reason is that I absolutely love medical exams. I look forward to my annual exam with my gynecologist each year. I guess you could say that I have a bit of a medical fetish. Not only do I enjoy receiving an exam myself, I love thinking about my dear husband receiving one as well. On the two occasions when Jim did have a physical, it was all I could think about for days. I barraged him with questions about the exam. What did the doctor do? How far did he have to undress? What did it feel like? Was he embarrassed at all? All sorts of questions like that. I wanted to hear about every last detail of his exam, and I wished that I could have been there myself to watch.

So as long as I was accompanying Jim to the office, I offered to go the extra mile and come back with him to the exam room, just for moral support, of course. He didn't agree at first. It took just a bit of convincing on my part. I explained to him that since he is usually nervous at the doctor's office, it might be better for me to come along and help answer any questions. And I also explained to him that watching his exam would make me extremely hot. Jim knows that I have a thing for medical exams, even though we don't incorporate it into our own play. He finally agreed to let me watch his exam when I promised to make it worth his while afterward! And so here we are, waiting to be called back for his physical.

It is a very busy office and there seems to be a constant flow of new patients arriving and checking in at the front desk. From our seat in the waiting room, we can hear most of the conversations as new patients check in.

"It sounds like everyone is here for the same thing: A physical exam," Jim said.

"It sure does," I replied, "but that makes sense since it is their specialty."

I handed Jim the pamphlet that I read when we first arrived. It was a one-page sheet that described the office and their medical practice. They described themselves as a multi-specialty occupational medicine practice that specialized in workman's compensation cases and life insurance examinations.

"Oh, that explains it then," he said as he took a quick look at the pamphlet. "I guess they should be pretty good at it if all they do is physicals," he continued. "I wonder if the exam will be any different than what I've had in the past?"

"I'm not sure dear," I replied as I reassuringly took his hand in mine. "I'm sure it will be nothing at all. You'll do just fine."

I'm sure part of Jim's apprehension was due to the fact that he'd never been to this doctor's office before. In fact, neither of us had ever heard of this place until we received the letter from the insurance company. The letter simply provided Jim with the office location and told him when to arrive. It didn't even name the doctor that he would be seeing, so I assumed he'd just see the next one that was available. It also said that Jim should be fasting, so that's probably another reason why he's a bit cranky this morning. Just then the inner door to the waiting room opened.

"Daniel Schneider," called a young twenty-something nurse as she entered the waiting room.

"Right here," replied a young man sitting across from us.

Jim and I both watched him as he got up to follow the nurse out of the waiting room. He was younger than us, probably in his mid-twenties and looked like he worked out all the time. You could see that he had muscular arms and a nice muscular chest as he walked past us. Once he passed us, we had a nice view of his backside which was clothed in appropriately tight and well-fitting jeans.

"My, my," I whispered to Jim, "he sure looks healthy. I wonder if they'll let me watch his exam instead of yours."

Jim looked at me and frowned. "Stop that Mandy," he said. "You should just be happy that I'm letting you come back with me."

"I'm sorry dear," I whispered in reply, "I am really looking forward to watching your exam. But you know I just can't help myself. I can't help wondering what the doctor will be doing to that nice young man in just a few minutes. I'm just dying to see my very first male physical exam."

"Well, if everything goes according to plan, you'll get to watch my exam in just a few minutes," said Jim in response. The inner door opened again and a much older nurse entered the waiting room.

"James Johnson," she called.

"Well, that's us," Jim said as he stood up and walked toward the nurse. I got up and followed a few steps behind Jim.

"Can I help you?" asked the nurse as I stood next to Jim.

"I'm Jim's wife, Mandy," I answered, "I'm coming back with him."

"Oh, are you sure that's alright with you, Mr. Johnson," she asked turning toward Jim.

"Yes, that's right, I'd like my wife to come back with me," he replied.

"Very well, please follow me," said the nurse.

We follow the nurse down a short hallway and then turn the corner into a much longer hallway. As we walked down the hallway we passed exam rooms on both sides. Some of the doors were still open and the rooms were unoccupied; some had the door open and fully-clothed patients sitting on the exam table. Still others had a closed door. I wondered what might be taking place behind those closed doors as we passed them.

We stop at an exam room about half-way down the hallway and the nurse instructed us to enter. It's a very large exam room, larger than I've ever been in before. It has the typical setup of an padded, adjustable exam table in the middle of the room, a counter and sink positioned on one side of the room, and a couple of cheap plastic chairs on the other side. The room is equipped with its own scale and eye chart and there is also an adjustable light that is attached to the ceiling directly above the exam table. Next to the scale I noticed a set of portable wooden stairs against the wall. One unusual feature of the room is that it is equipped with its own toilet located at the far end of the room. It seems as though the room is equipped with everything that they need to complete an exam without going to another room.

"Please have a seat on the exam table, Mr. Johnson," ordered the nurse. "And you can have a seat right here," she said to me, pointing to the plastic chairs.

I sat down while Jim climbed aboard the exam table. I could tell by the look on his face that he was starting to get nervous.

"I'm Nurse Wilson -- Caroline Wilson," said the nurse, "and I'll be completing the preliminary part of your exam today. You've been assigned to Nurse Goodell who will complete the hands-on portion of the exam. You're here for an insurance physical today, is that correct Mr. Johnson?"

"Yes, that's right," Jim responded.

"Alright then, I see that you already completed the medical history forms and I've got a copy of your identification that you provided when you checked in." she said. "We're very careful about checking identification here. You wouldn't believe how often we catch someone trying to cheat on an insurance physical. I also have the paperwork that was sent over by your insurance company. Each insurance company requires a slightly different exam, so give me a minute to look over their forms and familiarize myself with their requirements."

Nurse Wilson stood at the counter reviewing the paperwork and making a few notes in Jim's chart. She seemed to be fairly old -- in her late 50's if I had to guess. She had a medium build with dark hair and appeared to be in good shape. From her demeanor you got the feeling that she was all business. She was in control and she knew it. But she seemed pleasant enough. I looked up at Jim and gave him a reassuring smile. He smiled back, but looked very nervous.

As she continued to read the insurance paperwork, Nurse Wilson addressed Jim: "My, my, you must have applied for a fairly large insurance policy Mr. Johnson."

"It's substantial, but I don't think it is excessive," answered Jim. "Why do you say that?"

"Well," continued the nurse, "based on the forms that they sent us, your insurance company requires a very thorough exam." At that moment, I saw Jim's face turn pale as if all of the blood had run out of it.

"But, I'm sure you have just a basic exam that you perform on everyone, right?" Jim asked.

"Well, no, I'm afraid not, Mr. Johnson," Nurse Wilson answered. "You see, the insurance companies contract with us because we have a reputation for following their directions exactly as requested on the exam forms. We've earned their trust over the years and they know that we'll do whatever they ask. So, we are contractually obligated to use the forms that they provide as our guide. We always perform all aspects of the exam exactly as they have requested on the forms."

As she was talking, she looked directly at Jim and smiled. Jim was looking down toward the floor, avoiding eye contact.

"Yes, we always provide a thorough exam for all of our patients," she continued, "but in your case, the exam will be just a bit more thorough than usual. But please don't worry about it, Mr. Johnson, I'm sure you'll pass your physical without any problem at all."

The nurse continued talking directly to Jim as if I wasn't in the room. "However, if I may suggest, you might want to reconsider having your wife in the room. You see, I'm afraid that parts of the exam might be a bit embarrassing for you, and perhaps for her."

I immediately spoke up, not wanting to lose my chance to witness Jim's exam. "I think Jim would be more comfortable if I were to stay, isn't that right dear?"

I looked directly into Jim's eyes as I spoke, as if to send him a "don't you dare make me leave" message. Jim looked back at me and smiled.

"That's right," he said to the nurse, "I'd actually prefer to have Mandy here, even if it might be embarrassing."

"Well, that is entirely up to you," answered the nurse, "I can only make the suggestion. It is your decision."

"Well then," said Nurse Wilson, "let's get started." With that, the nurse approached Jim as he sat, still fully-clothed, on the exam table.

"This goes under your tongue," she said as she inserted an electronic thermometer into his mouth. She took his right hand in hers and then looked at her watch as she recorded his pulse and respiration rate. As she was recording this in Jim's chart, the thermometer beeped, signaling that it was ready to be read. She retrieved the thermometer and read it aloud.

"98.7, that's normal," she said as she recorded it in his chart. Next, she retrieved a blood pressure cuff and began to place it around Jim's right arm.

"Can you pull your sleeve up for me a bit?" she ask. Jim used his left hand to pull the sleeve of his shirt out of the way. Nurse Wilson placed the BP cuff around his arm and then placed the stethoscope in her ears. After placing the bell of the stethoscope on Jim's arm, she pumped up the air in the cuff. After a few brief moments, the blood pressure reading was complete and recorded in Jim's chart.

"We need to check your vision now, Mr. Johnson," said the nurse. "Can you please stand on that line over there?"

As she spoke, she pointed to a line that had been taped to the floor. Jim got up from the exam table and stood on the mark as directed, facing an eye chart that was attached to the back of the door.

"Cover your left eye, please," the nurse ordered, "and see if you can read the second line from the bottom." Jim read the random letters of the eye chart without a problem.

"Good, now try it again with your right eye covered." Jim once again recited the line without any difficulty at all.

"Alright, go ahead and have a seat in that chair behind you," she ordered. "I need to get some blood now." Jim sat down in the other plastic chair while Nurse Wilson gathered several empty vials for the collection of his blood.

"Hold out your arms please, let's see which arm we want to use," she said as she approached Jim. "Let's use your left arm, you have a nice big vein which should make this easier," she said. She pulled the small rolling stool over to Jim and sat down directly in front of him.

"Pull up your sleeve please," she ordered as she wrapped a rubber tube around Jim's upper arm and pulled it tight. "Now make a fist, please" she commanded. She now used an alcohol wipe to sanitize his skin before inserting the syringe directly into his vein.

"Breath normally, please," she reminded Jim. I watched as the blood flowed into the tube that was attached to the syringe. When it was full, she quickly switched tubes and the blood continued to flow into the second tube.

"Just one more, you can relax your fist now," she said as she filled the final tube.

"There you go, that wasn't too bad," she said as she removed the syringe from Jim's arm and covered it with a small piece of gauze and surgical tape.

Nurse Wilson took the vials of blood back to the counter and made some notes in Jim's chart. She stood there reviewing the paperwork for a brief moment, seemingly going through a checklist in her head and trying to decide what was next on the list.

"Well, I think that's just about all we can do with you fully clothed," she said as she looked directly at Jim. "I'll step out while you disrobe. Please remove everything, including your socks, your watch and any other jewelry you might be wearing. Are you wearing underwear today?" she asked.

"Yes, of course," Jim replied.

"Then you can leave that on for now," the nurse said. "Most men don't bother with a gown but I can get one for you if you would prefer."

"That won't be necessary," Jim replied, "I hate gowns."

"Alright then, just leave the door ajar when you're ready, and I'll be back to finished the preliminary parts of your exam." With that, Nurse Wilson opened the door and exited the exam room, closing the door behind her. Jim stood up from the chair and looked directly at me.

"I already hate this," he said. I just smiled back at him, trying to reassure him that it would be alright.

"Don't worry dear," I said, "it won't be too bad. And besides, you have to go through with this if you want that insurance policy. You really don't have a choice, do you?"

"No, I guess not," he replied. As he spoke, Jim began to undress. First he unbuttoned his crisp white button-down shirt and removed it.

"Let me help you with that," I said, offering to take the shirt from him. I hung it on a hook that was on the wall behind my chair.

Next, he pulled the clean, white T-shirt over his head and handed it to me. Jim's muscular chest and arms were now on display before me as they were on so many occasions in our bedroom at home. Next, he sat back down in the chair and removed his shoes, placing them under the chair. After standing back up, Jim unbuckled his belt and loosened the top of his jeans. He unzipped his fly and let his jeans drop to the floor, revealing his white Calvin Klein briefs.

"Oh, nice choice of underwear today, dear," I said.

"Yeah, well, if I would have given it some thought, I probably would have worn loose boxers instead," he answered. As we talked, he stepped out of the jeans, picked them up and handed them to me.

"No, they're perfect Jim, you look great in your briefs." I gave Jim a big grin as I spoke. I wasn't lying. He really did look good in his briefs. I really liked the way they held his package firmly in place. And you could easily see the outline of his cock and balls through the tight white fabric.

Jim walked back to the exam table and climbed aboard, letting his bare legs dangle over the edge.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked. "She said to leave the door ajar when you're ready."

"Oh, right," Jim said. He got up, walked over to the door and ever so slightly opened it. I watched with anticipation as he took a seat back on the exam table. I enjoyed seeing Jim sit there in just his briefs. But I already wanted more. I couldn't wait to see how his examination would unfold. I secretly hoped that it would be as extensive and embarrassing as the nurse suggested.

After a short wait, there was a soft knock on the door. The nurse opened it and entered, pushing a metal cart with a small EKG machine.

"All ready?" she asked as she entered the room.

"I suppose so," answered Jim.

"Well, it doesn't look like you followed all of my directions, you still have your socks on, and I also need you to remove your watch and wedding ring. I said no jewelry."

"Oh, sorry about that," Jim answered. He reached down and removed his socks without getting up.

"Here Mandy, take these please," he said as he held them out for me. I got up and took the socks from him.

"Give me your watch and ring," I said as I stood before him. The nurse had her back to us and wasn't watching, so I took the opportunity to gently stroke Jim's inner thigh with my fingers. He was startled by my touch and immediately looked up at me as if to ask what I was doing. I just grinned at him before rubbing my index finger across my lower lip.

"We'll start with your EKG," said Nurse Wilson. "Have you ever had one before?"

"Yes, I have," answered Jim.

"Good, then you know the drill. Please lay back on the table and relax. This won't take long at all."

Jim laid down flat on the exam table while she positioned the EKG cart next to him. The nurse made fast work of attaching the contacts to Jim's arms, chest and ankles. The contacts were the kind with a self-adhesive back so she was able to quickly apply them to his skin. She then attached the appropriate wire to each contact. I was enjoying the view as she prepared him for the EKG. He was flat on his back with his legs slightly parted. From my position, I had a very nice view of the package between his legs that was held snuggly in place by his briefs.

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