tagMind ControlCh. 01: Who Do You Belong To?

Ch. 01: Who Do You Belong To?


Susie pulled the slip of material she called panties down her tight ass. Once again she was wet. Frowning she sat perched on the toilet seat as she wiped away the moisture that had accumulated during her last class. Mr. Torres had been the Teacher for her last class. He had repeatedly asked his students to call him Ben but she couldn't bring herself to do that. His tall athletic build dwarfed Susie's five foot three stature and she often wondered what it would be like to have his hard body crushed against hers. Sighing she pulled the sheer lacy thong up, washed her hands, and left for her next class. Economics...oh how exciting!

The next Wednesday she found herself taking personal notes in Mr. Torres's class. Why not? Her paper had been finished the day he assigned it and there really wasn't much for her to do. Ben was going over the Woman's Rights Movement and Susie yawned mentally.

On her personal notes she circled her note stating the ownership of women by men. Immediately she felt herself grow wet as her nipples hardened. Jotting down her thoughts of a woman belonging to a man and how some women found submissiveness, obedience, and ownership by men a turn on. Many times the men would fuck them when ever and where ever the men wanted to. In such cases the women would be told what they could wear to bed, whether or not they could wear undergarments, and that disobedience would be punishable as long as the instrument to correct the behavior was no thicker than a thumb.

As the class ended Susie was the last person to leave. She was hoping that no one would see a wet spot on her short skirt. Dropping her assignment on the teacher's desk it dawned on her that she was late for her next class and skipped the ritual of cleaning herself up.

By six o'clock she crossed the dark campus to her dorm room. Grabbing a water bottle she sat down on her bed to complete the new week's assignments. To her horror she realized that her assignment for Mr. Torres was still in her binder but her notes were missing. Heat rose on her cheeks as she became completely aware of the fact that all of her personal thoughts had ended up with her teacher. Glancing at the clock she hoped she could catch him in his office before he made the mistake of reading it.

Walking down the hall to his office she noticed that all the office doors were locked up for the night except for Mr. Torres. Thank heavens that he was still there, this would be easier than she thought.

He was sitting at his desk immersed in stacks of papers when she came in. Although his brows were furrowed she noticed that it was only in concentration. Slowly coming in she closed the door quietly.

But, her movements didn't go unnoticed because Ben had set down the paper he had been reading and was intently watching the young student before him. Her long blond hair had been pushed haphazardly off to one shoulder, her cheeks, and her lips were flushed.

Smiling he allowed her to come to him. As she stood before his desk he stood and came around to greet her. "Mr. Torres. . ." Susie started but he quickly inserted, "Ben, and you are Susie." He noticed as she sighed her heavy breasts peeked above the neckline of her tight shirt. Taking control of the situation his smile faded. "Take your panties off." Susie's mouth dropped open for a moment. "And if you keep your mouth open I will be forced to start training you right away to please me."

Slowly Susie slipped her now drenched thong off of her and let it drop to the floor. Ben retrieved it. He frowned, "This is not even real panties," he stated. "Tomorrow you won't wear any," he finished. Susie nodded her head slowly. Ben walked around and up behind her. Pressing her ass against him he put his hand down her shirt and grabbed a nipple. Pulling at it he whispered huskily in her ear, "I am going to fuck your sweet little pussy hard right now. Then when you cum, I am going to fuck your ass. After that I am going to brand your body in such a way so that you know who you belong to." "Who do you belong to?" he growled as he pulled her skirt up.

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