tagErotic CouplingsC'mon, Fuck With Me! I Dare Ya!

C'mon, Fuck With Me! I Dare Ya!


TheEarl and ShockChick (aka Tatelou) combine to bring you this delightful bit of PWP collaboration. Plot? What Plot?

If you're looking for something with a bit more plot, then TheEarl's stories are here (http://english.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=100231&page=submissions) and Tatelou's stories are here (http://english.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=243440&page=submissions). Otherwise, enjoy the show and don't forget to leave feedback.

* * *

<My teeth nip down on your nipples, my tongue toying idly with your bar. My hand presses against your other breast, moulding it with my palm, squeezing and caressing you. My tongue rolls around her aureolae, dragging across the so sensitive skin before my lips fix around her nipple, feeling her shudder as I suck at her. My hand courses her body, skimming across her flat belly to brush over the shallow rise of her hips, fingers grazing across the inside of her thigh as she presses herself to me and I...>

<...feel my body react. The muscles twinge with each touch, each hungry suck. The insides of my thighs quiver as they feel your fingers there. I press my body to yours, urging you to explore me, to take me closer to where I want to go. My hands cup your arse, pulling you closer to me, and I feel your hardness...>

<...pressing against your thigh. You shudder again as my fingers brush against you. My hands entwine in your hair as I kiss my way up to the base of your neck and I pull your head back as my teeth nip at your skin, lips pressing hard against your throat. You gasp at the sudden sting and I take the opportunity to run my hand up the inside of your thigh, sliding up, then pulling away, fingers circling closer and closer, yet never quite touching as much as you want, as much as you need me to. Your chest heaves as you breathing hitches and I pull back on your hair again, this time fixing my lips to yours, plundering your mouth with fierce kisses, devouring you with passionate intensity as your hands...>

<... pull on you, grab at your back. My fingernails dig into your soft, young skin as your kiss envelopes me, brings me nearer to that place I need to be. One hand goes to the back of your head and my fist clenches around a handful of your hair as you pull on mine, forcing my head back further, opening my mouth wider. Our tongues hungrily work together as I moan into your mouth, transmitting my want, my need, as you tug at my hair, pulling me down...>

<... pulling your head back as I shift my weight, tipping you off balance before my leg sweeps around, throwing you back onto the bed behind you. You gasp with surprise, our contact breaking momentarily as you fall, but your grip on my short hair pulls me down on top of you, crushing you slightly. Your hands run over my body and I grab your wrists, pinning them above your head, pressing you to the bed as I kiss you again, our passions animalistic now. You bite at me, snaring my lip, struggling fiercely against my hold, despite never wanting to get free. My free hand wends its way down your body again, resuming its explorations between your legs and you groan as a finger slides over your pussy lips, your hips rising as my finger approaches your clit, your every motion driven by sheer lust. Another groan escapes your mouth as...>

<...I feel your finger enter me. I buck and struggle beneath you, as the conflicting feelings of loving the sensation of being restrained, versus my desire to feel your body, fills my mind. I want to tug at you, pull you further into me, feel your naked skin press harder onto mine. I wrap my legs around your back, locking my ankles, opening myself up to you even more. I moan and gasp into your ear as your teeth bite down into my neck again. Lust has control of us now and we don't fight it, we let go. "Fuck me!" I say, "Just fuck me," but you don't, not yet, you want to hold me on the edge, teasing my body, tormenting my mind. Your hand tightens it grip on my wrist as, with the other, another finger enters me, finding my spot. I let out a growl and you know you have me when...>

<...I feel your reaction to my movements. My fingers rock in and out, ever so slowly. It's not fast enough for you and I can feel you struggle against me, trying to force me to take you. The sounds of your throaty breathing are getting to me and I feel myself spasm as you let out another breathy moan. I press onto your spot, teasing myself with your groan, loving the feeling of your breasts heaving underneath me. I kiss you again, allowing myself to press against you as our bodies entwine. My fingers slide in and then out, tips gliding over your lips to toy briefly with your clit. You shudder underneath me, my reward another moan and I know that I have to take you. You're overwhelming, a primal force overruling my mind, something animalistic that has taken away any sentient thought. All that is left is my desire. I have to have you. You can see it...>

<...and my eyes widen in expectation when I realise you are going to take me. I let out another moan as I feel the head of your cock brush against my expectant lips. You hold me on the edge of primal need for a moment longer as your cock presses down on my clit. I growl at you, all that matters to me now is that I have you inside me, I want nothing else. Your mouth pushes down onto mine and my passionate response tips you over that very edge you held me at. In one smooth motion you lower your hips and push into me, sliding into my wetness. I gasp, you moan. I want to grip your ass and push you into me, deeper. I want to consume you, but you are strong, your hand holds my wrists in place, despite my writhing and hissing beneath you. I bend my knees and dig my heels into your ass instead, forcing you down. Your weight almost overwhelms me, crushing my breasts, making my rapid breathing difficult, but I have you, and you take me...>

<..., my every exhale marked by a half-audible 'Oh.' You writhe underneath me and the sensations send tingles down into my thighs, a warm heat spreading out from my core. My head rocks back and you take the opportunity to take your revenge, teeth biting at the side of my neck in retribution for the delicious grip I hold you in. I cry out, a wordless moan of pleasure and for a moment, the dual sensation of your teeth and your hot pussy overwhelm me. My grip loosens for just a second and...>

<...I pull my hands free, my wrists throbbing from the memory of the tight grip. Without hesitation I wrap my arms around you, holding, pulling on you. We are one, our bodies completely entwined, undeterminable from the other. Your arms push under me, your hands finding my shoulder blades, then further up, to the gap between my shoulders and my neck. We move together, pushing in and out, in perfect sync. You stare into my eyes as what looks like a grimace forms on my face. I open my mouth and let out a scream as the building orgasm explodes deep within my core. I hold the stare as I ride the intense waves of pleasure. You thrust into me, incessantly, and you let out audible grunts. My orgasm makes yours impossible to hold off, as you...>

<... hold you tighter, my fingers digging into your back. You pussy tightens around me again as another spasm rushes through you and I can feel waves of heat rushing outwards, flooding my lower body with heat as tingles gather in my thighs. You shudder in my grasp as I hold you tighter, feeling my orgasm rising, flooding my body, filling me until I cannot take any more, then rushing out, my release coming in bolts of pleasure, surge after surge wracking my body as I empty myself into you. Our bodies press closer together as we finish, both of us shuddering in the last vibrations of our climaxes...>

<...We are both breathing hard, as your body loses all tension and I feel all your bodyweight on me now. I love this crushing sensation, this final closeness after our release. I clench the muscles deep within me a few times, relishing the feeling of you still inside me. I continue to hold you and you me, neither of us wanting to move, to break the most intimate of contact. I feel your breath in my ear, which relaxes me further. My internal muscles still pulsate and the delicious heat continues to radiate as we both come down. I feel the wetness between my legs spread and I squirm, loving the feel of it down there. I stroke the back of your head, in a tender gesture, still not wanting to let go...>

<...I hold you just a bit tighter, luxuriating in the feeling of your warmth in my arms. I shuffle slightly to envelop you more fully and kiss you again, this time a gentler kiss, lips brushing against lips, your tongue running softly against mine as we both come down from our highs.>

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