tagMind ControlControl Ch. 05

Control Ch. 05


Josh had quite a day at the jeans store and when he met up with his mom he was ready to go home. It had been quite a day.

“I am going to take a shower and relax,” Julie said to her son as they arrived home.

“Okay Mom.” Josh’s hormones never seemed to lessen so he decided to use his invisibility and watch his Mom again. He thought, “You will no longer be able to see me.”

Julie wondered where Josh had suddenly gone but was too tired to worry about it. She just wanted a long hot shower and to relax.

Josh followed her into her room and watched her undress. He liked his mother’s body as he stood staring at her nudity. He wondered though how she would look if she shaved her pubic hair like many of the girls on the internet. “Why not,” he thought to himself. “Mom, while you are showering you will shave all the hair around your pussy,” he thought to his Mom.

Julie had the strangest feeling. It felt as if her pubic hair was dirty. Lately Julie had been having some strange feeling but she suddenly had the desire to shave her cunt. Julie had often trimmed her pubic hair for bikinis but she had never considered the idea of shaving her pussy bare. As she entered the shower she grabbed her razor.

Josh could not see into the shower very well but he did see his Mom’s freshly shaven pussy as she open the shower door. It looked great.

Julie walked into her bedroom and stood before her mirror. She felt very odd looking at her own bald pink pussy. “What could I have been thinking,” Julie pondered as she felt the sensitive skin she had just shaven. “I had better put some lotion on or else I will have problems wearing my jean,” Julie thought as she walked over to her nightstand to get the lotion.

As she began to rub the lotion on her soft skin around her pussy Josh sent another thought. “It feels good when you rub yourself.”

Julie felt her hand soothing the irritated skin but also felt more than that. She felt the rush of sexual desire that she thought she had loss when her husband left. She felt the intense sensation of her clit responding to her own fingers. And responding it was. Julie fell back on her bed and let her fingers take over.

Josh watched as his Mom lay back on the bed and rubbed her pussy. There she was lying in her bed with her legs spread and Josh loving the show.

Julie could think of nothing but the pleasure she was feeling. She began to cum without any help from Josh. He had simply been the stimulus to excite Julie’s own repressed sexuality. Julie was now perfectly capable of handling the rest.

Josh pulled out his already hard dick as he watched his mother perform on herself. He had already cum once today but was going to shoot his wad again. As he pumped his dick he shop and nice glob that felt on his mother’s thighs. She was too consumed in her own rapture to feel anything as Josh finished his own pleasure.

As he left the room Julie was continuing to enjoy herself. Josh sent a message, “You will not noticed my cum on your legs,” and left the room with a smile on his face.

Josh was rather content and spent the rest of the evening watching TV wondering what the next day would bring.

Josh was not a bad kid but his knew power was having an effect. He could just about have anything he wanted from people and so far none could resist. This type of power obviously would have a dramatic effect on one’s personality. Josh did not really think about this as he drifted off into a restful sleep.

Julie also slept very well that night.

Josh slept late the night morning. His mother had already left for work since she had to work the breakfast and lunch crowd. Josh prepared himself breakfast and thought about what he wanted to do. As he sat there thinking over the past few days he found his cock rising in his pants. In the past he would have masturbated there and then but now there were too many other options. Josh was brought back to reality as someone began knocking on the front door.

Josh walked to the door wondering who would be visiting them. They seldom had any visitors. When he opened the door he was greeted by Mrs. Wilson. She was the wife of the minister of the Church Josh and his mother attended sometimes.

“Hello Josh,” Mrs. Wilson said as she stood on the porch. Mrs. Wilson was in her late 30’s but still looked good. She was blond and fit and trim. Josh could not help but notice her breasts but quickly raised his gaze to her eyes.

“I was hoping to catch your mother regarding our upcoming women’s retreat,” she said.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Wilson but Mom already left for work. I hate you had to drive out here for nothing.” Josh replied.

“That’s okay; I’ll catch her at the restaurant.”

As Mrs. Wilson began to walk back to her car Josh had an idea. He projected the thought, “Mrs. Wilson you will do whatever I say. You will not question anything I ask. Do you understand?”

Mrs. Wilson suddenly stopped and said, “Yes I understand”.

“Come in the house.”

She walked in and stood by the couch.

“Sit Down!”

Mrs. Wilson sat down and looked forward with a calm content expression.

Josh stood there a minute considering what he wanted to do. Then he wondered aloud, “Mrs. Wilson what is the strangest sex thing you have ever done?”

Mrs. Wilson looked thoughtful and replied, “I went to the Mall in Carver and walked around without any panties. I then let a few men catch a glimpse of my pussy.”

Josh was surprised since Mrs. Wilson was very much a minister’s type wife.

“Do you like to let men see your pussy?” Josh questioned further.

“Yes, I love to both men and boys see it,” she answered.

“Let me see your pussy right now,” Josh commanded.

Mrs. Wilson pulled up the long dress she was wearing and to Josh’s amazement she had no panties and there was her hairy pussy.

“Do you like to rub your pussy, Mrs. Wilson?”

“Oh yes I love to do that. The Reverend loves to rub my pussy and my asshole.”

“Ok, rub your pussy right now.”

Mrs. Wilson had quickly moved between her legs and she sighed as her hand touched her clit. She slowly began to manipulate her clit and her hips began to move as she rubbed herself.

This time Josh was beyond himself. “Do you like to suck dicks, Mrs. Wilson?”

“Oh I love to suck the Reverend’s cock.”

Josh pulled his dick out and said, “Here is my dick. I want you to suck it!” Mrs. Wilson turned and moved her head toward Josh’s dick. She continued to moan softly and rub herself. She licked the head of Josh’s dick and then began sucking it. Josh began to fuck his minister’s wife’s mouth. It felt great and he could feel a large gush building up in his balls. Mrs. Wilson continued to rub her now very wet pussy and Josh could contain himself no longer. As Mrs. Wilson continued to suck his dick, it erupted in long streams of cum shooting into Mrs. Wilson's mouth and throat. She coughed and as Josh’s dick moved out of her mouth his cum went all over her face. Mrs. Wilson continued to smile and now began to moan loudly as she neared and tremendous climax. Josh having finished his watched in amazement as Mrs. Wilson had one of the best organisms of her life. Even after she slumped down exhausted she continued to follow Josh’s instructions to rub her pussy.

Josh finally noticed this and gave her permission to stop.

Mrs. Wilson sat back on the couch with her legs spread and her pink wet pussy exposed for all to see.

“Did you like that Mrs. Wilson?” Josh asked.

“Yes very much,” Mrs. Wilson replied in a calm matter of fact tone.

“Okay, I want you to remember what a fantastic time you had. I want you to remember your pussy felt great. However, I want you to forget everything else that happened today. We simply had a very nice chat. As you drive away I want you to think about my cock and how it might taste. You will become very excited by this thought even.”

Mrs. Wilson simply nodded in agreement.

“Now go in the bathroom and clean up and you may leave.”

Josh watched from the couch as Mrs. Wilson went in the bathroom and composed herself. She then walked back through the house and out the door. As she got into her car she thought to herself, “That Josh is such a nice boy.” Then she drove off. As she pulled out on the highway she suddenly thought, “I bet his cum would certainly taste sweet.” Mrs. Wilson was very upset by this thought and could not believe how wet her pussy had suddenly become at the thought. It took great effort to keep her hand from moving down and rubbing her pussy to the thought of Josh’s cum. Mrs. Wilson did manage to drive home but that night the Reverend got one of the best blowjobs he had ever had.

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