tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 05

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 05


Becky McDonald lay back on the sun lounger. The turquoise waters of The Caribbean and the white sandy beach were a stones throw away. She was naked. The private bungalow occupied by the hotel manager, her lover, was tucked away in a corner of the complex and very private.

Becky had got used to the life now, her fellow, Dan was kind, thoughtful and best of all very horny whenever Becky was around. The sex was the best she had ever experienced. Add to that, his son Jack was a bonus, filling the gap that being unable to have children had created. All this and in Barbados as well, life doesn't get much better than this thought Becky as she sipped her ice cold drink, allowing the condensation to drip from the glass and slowly roll down the valley between her breasts, causing the nipples to stiffen of their own accord.

As Becky relaxed in the warm sunshine, her mind wandered to Wetherfield. It would be cold now, snowing possibly, "good," she said to herself, "I hope it freezes the bitches tits off." The bitch of course was her sworn enemy Tracy Barlow. Becky smiled to herself, looked out over the tropical sea and said, "whose got the cream now Tracy?" and slowly, still with a smile, dozed off to sleep.

The dream came quickly. Becky was not in paradise, but in prison. She was alone in a cell, when the door opened and a stocky female prison officer entered, closing the door behind her. Becky flinched, she knew what as coming.

"On your feet McDonald," the officer barked. She was in her forties, not very attractive and very butch.

"Oh come on miss, why me?" asked Becky

"Because I say so, you will get your reward."

Becky's reward would be a few ciggie's, which were like gold dust in prison.

Becky reluctantly stood and slipped the skinny vest she was wearing over her head. She stepped up to the other woman and taking her face in her hands, kissed her full on the mouth. The woman's tongue thick and course found Becky's and began to twirl around it. As they kissed the officer undid Becky's bra and exposed her breasts. Dipping her head she began to suck hungrily on the nipples, while Becky stared blankly at the picture of Brad Pitt she had on the wall of her cell.

The officer then tried to pop the button on the waist of Becky's jeans. But instantly Becky grabbed her wrist. "Not today miss, time of the month, its messy down there, wouldn't want blood on our hands now would we?" Becky was not on her period, but the thought of those fat ugly fingers toying with her was quite repulsive.

After slobbering over her breasts for another few minutes, the officer simply stood, dropped a few cigarettes on Becky's bed and walked to the cell door. As she left she turned and said, "you have a new cell mate this afternoon, someone you know."

Becky pondered in her dream, who the newcomer could be.

At 2.30 her cell door opened. "Here you are McDonald, a new roomie for you."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," said Becky as she saw Tracy Barlow standing in the doorway.

"Hello Becky, must stop meeting like this." replied Tracy with her trade mark smirky expression .

"No way, get that bitch out of here," screamed Becky. The officer ignored her and slammed the door shut.

The two girls did not speak. Tracy eventually had to use the toilet that was in the corner of the cell, After she had finished her pee, she wiped herself with the rough paper supplied by the prison.

"God that's disgusting," said Tracy.

Becky felt sorry for some reason, and lobbed a soft toilet roll over, "here, but only one sheet, that stuff is like gold in here," was all she said.

Tracy wiped herself in front of Becky, showing the triangle of brown pubic hair. Becky had previous lesbian experiences in past prison sentences, and a plan started to evolve in her mind.

That night after lights out, Becky climbed down from her top bunk and slid in beside Tracy.

"What do you think you are doing? you crazy bitch," exclaimed Tracy.

"I am going to fuck your brains out, you stuck up cow, and show you who is in the driving seat around here." with that Becky forced her mouth onto Tracy's. Never having had a lesbian encounter, Tracy twisted her head to avoid Becky's mouth, but Becky grabbed her chin and held her lips firmly on Tracy's trying to force her tongue into her mouth.

Tracy tried to fight her off, but Becky had the upper hand and pinned her to the bunk.

Letting go with one hand, Becky said "Lets she what Stevie boy found so attractive shall we?" as she ripped open Tracy's pyjama top, revealing her breasts. Immediately she grabbed Tracy's wrist again, taking control.

"Hmm, not bad, seen better seen worse, wasted on you though," sneered Becky as she looked down on her enemy.

"At least they could feed kids, the kids you will never have," retorted Tracy

"You mean to suck on like this?" said Becky lowering her lips to Tracy's breast, sucking deeply on the nipple, then biting it, not hard, but enough to bring a sharp yelp from her new cellmate.

Tracy relaxed, despite herself she was starting to enjoy the encounter. Becky biting on her nipples reminded of her ex Charlie, who had done the same thing.

"Why don't you go the whole way and lick my pussy, bitch," Tracy said quietly.

Becky needed no further encouragement and quickly removed Tracy's bottoms. Spreading her legs, Tracy anticipated being eaten out by a woman for the first time, even though it was a woman she detested.

Becky was equally confused, how could she be doing this with a woman who had tried to destroy her life? But animal instincts were powerful and Becky wasted no time in covering Tracy's pussy lips with her tongue.

"Oh god that is good," shouted Tracy as she felt Becky's tongue enter her, lick the inside walls of her vagina and the tip flick against her extended clitoris. Seconds later, fingers entered and began to weave magic circles inside her, she felt amazing, her orgasm was not long in coming.

She filled Becky's mouth with her juices, Becky lapped them up, marvelling at the amount Tracy had produced, then began to lick and finger fuck her enemy again.

As she made love to Tracy in her dream, Becky's hands were stroking her breasts and pussy as she squirmed on her lounger by the sea.

Back in the dream, Becky reached into a drawer and produced a large vibrator, which she switched on, its purring sound echoed around the small cell as Becky introduced it to Tracy's hot, sticky and inviting pussy.

Moving the object, in, then around the vagina, then in again was driving Tracy wild, she was screaming with pleasure as Becky plunged the vibrator deep inside her, whilst at the same time pinching the nipples on Tracey's now very tender breasts. The combination of pain and pleasure was overwhelming.

Suddenly Becky stopped. She withdrew the vibrator, rubbing off the excess moisture on Tracy's pubic hair. She then climbed back into the top bunk.

"Night," she said almost casually.

"You can't leave me like this, I am so up for it, please Becky come on, you were incredible, no-one had made me come like that, ever, please come down and fuck me." implored Tracy.

"Fuck off bitch," and with that Becky awoke.

Dan was standing beside her lounger, "bad dream?" you were tossing about like a demented fool,"

"God it was awful, but strangely satisfying, but lets not talk about my dreams, when my dream man is here in person."

Dan said, "I have ten minutes before the next meeting, time for a quickie?"

Becky, unzipping his chino's said "God, don't you ever get enough?"

"Not when you are around, my angel,"

Becky eased down his pants and boxers, he was standing hard and long, the bulbous head just begging to be sucked. Becky grabbed his arse and pulled him closer to her, opened her mouth and let his cock slide in. Her hand working the skin, she began to give him one of her special blow jobs, the kind that sent his heart racing.

After a few minutes she lay back on the lounger, spread her legs and invited him to penetrate her. He obliged, sinking into her and then with her legs wrapped around him settled into a happy rhythm, until they came together.

"Fuck Tracy Barlow," Becky said lowly to herself. "I hope she rots in hell,"

"What was that?" asked Dan

"Just thinking of an old friend, I managed to fuck up this afternoon. Now off you go to your meeting, I will want some more of this later." Becky said, sucking off the last remnants of his sperm from his limp penis.

"Fuck Tracy Barlow," she thought as she looked out over the blue water, content with just another day in paradise.

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