tagRomanceCyber Fun Ch. 03

Cyber Fun Ch. 03


*Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, and helpful hints. Please comment! I'd love to hear how well you think I'm doing or how I can improve.*

Rob's hand cupped her mound and his fingers eagerly stroked the wet material. Working it aside and running his fingers over her tender flesh, teasing her and coating his fingers with her slickness. He brought his face back up to hers and watched as her body arched towards his as he slid one finger then two into her soaking hole. He pumped his fingers into her for a few moments then withdrew. Holding her close he moved her over to her bed, and laid her down on the full blue comforter. Moving quickly he removed her jeans and the thong she wore then removed his own jeans and boxers and added them to the heap that was forming on her bedroom floor.

Red bit her lip looking over his naked figure and blushed as she eyed his hard cock as he kneeled between her legs. She looked back up at his face and saw him grinning down at her. Red knew that look deep down that he was up to something, and it was confirmed as he placed her knees over his broad shoulders and brought his head down to her pussy and looking straight into her eyes began a gentle teasing with his tongue. As his tongue touched her heated skin Red grabbed at the black metal piping that served as a headboard and moaned loudly as his ministrations continued.

Rob's eyes never left her face as he teased her clit with his tongue. Gently at first he teased her, then sucked her tender flesh into his mouth, eliciting a loud moan from the red head. He began to stroke her pussy with his fingers as his mouth continued its gentle teasing, slowly inserting one finger then a second into her hole. Pumping them in and out slow and gentle at first but picking up speed and becoming more aggressive, Red responded by pressing herself down and rocking into him making him go deeper into her wetness. As his fingers pushed into her, Rob sucked on her clit and nipped it slightly, as he did Red screamed out her climax thrashing herself onto his face and shuddering.

Not wasting anytime Rob brought himself up to face level with her, bringing her legs up with him so they rested on her chest opening her up completely to him. He kissed her with ferocity and plunged his rock hard cock into her quivering pussy at the same time, muffling her moan with his mouth. He began thrusting hard and deep into her, pulling out almost all the way and slamming deep into her again and again his balls slapping against her rear end.


As Rob kissed her, she tasted her cum on his lips and had no choice but to kiss back as he pressed his mouth onto hers and forced his tongue through her lips as she moaned. Getting lost in his kiss, he had slammed his hard cock into her waiting pussy, filling her completely. She could feel her orgasm climbing as he pressed himself into her, freeing her mouth from his she gasped for air as his tempo never ceased. "Ooohh God baby! Fuck me, oh my god!" escaped her as she came hard on his member.

Never letting up on his thrusting till she had started to come down from her climax, he pulled his still hard member from her and rolled the exhausted red head on to her stomach. Resting her head on her arms she started to doze but he still had other plans. He lifted her hips and pushed himself back into her. Not being as gentle this time he gripped her hips, pressing his fingers into her white flesh. Red repositioned so that her body was at an angle, and her head rested on her forearms breasts rubbing against the comforter.

Rob moved his hands from her hips and grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly. His thumbs and index fingers pinched and pulled at her hard nipples, as his cock continuously pound into her from behind. His breathing quickened as he felt his climax begin to grip him, he moved his right hand down to the red heads clit and rubbed it with expert fingers. He felt her quick intake of air as he played with her, feeling her own climax building again.

Red screamed her third orgasm into her pillow, as she felt Rob's cock spasm within her hot walls. He held himself within her as his cock drained and slowly softened inside her. He quit his fondling of her clit and pinching of her nipples as he emptied his load into her. He pulled himself off her sweat-covered body and laid on his back next to her, Red rolled over onto her side and snuggled against his heaving torso and they drifted off to sleep not bothering with pulling the comforter over their naked forms.


Red's eyes were closed as she pushed her fingers into her drenched pussy as Rob described his fantasy to her. His husky voice over the phone drove her mad as she reached her orgasm, wishing more and more that he were with her and not at his own home.

"Oh god mama that's hot, yeah cum for me! Let me hear you scream." Came over the other end of the phone. "I'm so hard right now mama. I'm pumping my hard cock just thinking about you over there touching yourself."

"Ooohh, mmmhhhmmm." Was her only response as the image flooded her head of him, sitting naked in his room, pumping his hard cock with those large hands.

"I'm cuming, you're making me cum." He grunted into his receiver as the thick ropes of cum shot from his member.

As soon as she was able Red spoke in a hushed voice "Wow, that was amazing. I'm still not going to be able to sleep though."

"Why's that?" he said chuckling, knowing fully what her answer was.

"I want you in my bed. I want you so bad, right now." Her voice almost pleading as she voiced her need for him to be by her, taking her periodically throughout the night, it made her hot all over again just thinking about it.

"We'll see, not tonight though. Just try to get some sleep mama, I'll call you tomorrow." He said, his voice getting husky again as he listened to her and hung up his phone.


Red hung up her cell phone, and glanced at her computer. She closed out the picture of Rob's naked torso and shut it down. Red slid out of her jeans and t-shirt, removed her bra and dripping panties, and put on her boxers and tank top that she slept in. Mumbling to herself, as she grabbed her hot pink vibrator from a drawer, " I knew this was going to be a long night." She settled onto her bed under the large comforter and pushed the pink member into her dripping snatch, hoping that she'd be able to quench her horniness.

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