Exercise Ch. 06


Rogue smiled as she entered the kitchen. Hank did wonderful work. Now she'd just have to find some way to keep herself busy while Forge made the necessary alterations to her room. She helped herself to a vanilla yogurt, then put it on the counter and got a spoon from the utensil drawer.

"I see you and Remy got out of dishwashing duty today." The sour note was struck by Jubilee. Rogue turned to see the teenager leaning in the doorway, a small pout on her lips. "The bet still on?"

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Yes."

"Then you're free for the get together today. We're watching 'Fried Green Tomatoes' and talking. Girls only. You know?"

Hm. It seemed innocent enough, and at least with women, her current difficulties shouldn't get much worse. "When is it?"

The slim girl shrugged. "Jean can't make it till eleven. We're starting the movie in the study den. Bring all the goodies you can."

Rogue gave an abrupt nod. "I'll be there."


"So who're the top five X-men on your 'to-do' list?" Jubilee took a handful of popcorn and grinned at the scandalized shriek from Jean.

"You're not, you're not saying..."

"Sure am." She stroked a few kernels into her mouth smugly.

"You said it, sugar. You go first." Rogue's cheeks were a little red.

She pulled out a folded piece of paper from her pocket. "Let's see here. Number one is, of course, Logan." She looked at the others. Kitty blinked a little, Jean looked even more outraged, and Rogue was staring at her hands, looking kind of dazed. Oh yeah. They all had the Wolvie craving.

"Number two, Bobby Drake."

"Why?" Kitty rested her head in her hands.

"Why not? He's nice, funny, and he can really move." She read on, more rapidly. "Number three, Remy; number four, Sam Guthrie, and number five, Forge." She winked. "Your turn, Kitty."

Kitty crossed her legs and closed her eyes. "Logan, Kurt, Angel, Piotr, and Avalanche." She opened them. "Next."

"Why Kurt AND Angel?" Rogue sounded a little confused.

Kitty tried to sound casual. "You know, not everyone gets to have a demon and an angel..." Her voice trembled slightly.

"Your turn, Jean!" Jubilee called.

The redhead frowned and crossed her arms across her chest defensively. "I love Scott."

"So? Everybody has someone else they'd want if they were free, right? Who's yours? Your number one's Scott for hot, sweaty lovin'. Who's next?"

Jean gave the eighteen year old an exasperated look but thought for a moment. "Scott ... Warren ... Logan ... Hank ... Sean."

"Sean CASSIDY? He's like so old!" Jubilee snickered a little.

Jean kept her cool. "He's experienced."

Rogue was all squirmy in her seat. "And how about you, Rogue?" Jubilee noticed her wriggling and gave a nasty smile. "You okay?" She'd hoped to cause Rogue a little pain today. (Keep trying to put me off, will she ...) The thought tickled through Jubilee's mind as the woman gulped.

"I'm fine, all right?" She scowled at Jubilee. "Remy. Logan. Jamie. Piotr. Hank. No more questions."

Jean turned bright red and whispered into Rogue's ear. Rogue stiffened, then leaped up and ran out of the room. Jubilee nearly strained her neck trying to listen in. "What'd you say to her, Jean? Huh? What'd you say?"

Jean closed her eyes. "Nothing important."


"You're projecting, Rogue." Three simple words. Even with Remy gone. Even with only women around, she was going crazy, desperate for release. She bit deep into her lower lip, worrying it. She had to find something to do to make it through the day. She couldn't survive like this. If her plan didn't work, she was going to have to surrender.

She went outside and stretched. Jogging. That would be a nice, safe activity. She began running around the side of the mansion, relishing the feeling of muscles expanding and contracting, when she stopped dead.

She hadn't asked Jubilee what the men were doing. She should have.

They were swimming in the pool outside. Tight muscles, broad shoulders, flashes of intimate places outlined in brief trunks filled her mind as she stared in horror and desperate, aching need.



"What the hell's wrong with her now?" Bobby Drake stroked over to the side of the pool and pulled himself out, splashing Hank in the process.

The man was relaxing in a deluxe pool chair he had designed for himself. He languidly pushed a button and a fan turned on, helping dry the fur Bobby had splattered with water. "I'm certain I would have no idea, Bobby."

"Sheesh." Bobby walked over to the cooler and grabbed a beer. "No reason to yell at us for having fun just because she can't have it. I don't yell at her when she has a date and I don't."

Hank's smile was broad, wide, and relaxed. He closed his eyes and put his sunglasses on. "I believe the yelling will stop soon enough once Remy gets back."

"Good." Bobby pressed the cool can to his forehead and then popped it open, staring after Rogue as she fled. "I don't know how much longer I can take either of them."


Remy sleepwalked back into the mansion at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. Why had Piotr decided to enter a drinking contest against the Thing, anyway? That meant Remy had to stop drinking far before he wanted to so he could drive home safely, and then he'd had to endure the metal man's attempts to sing all the way back home. Beatles songs with a thick Russian accent were almost unendurable. Not to mention unrecognizable. Without bothering to turn on a light, he stripped to his skin and got into bed, asleep before he could pull his covers up over his body.


Rogue turned and stretched, bumping her hand into her dresser and knocking her gloves, as well as something heavy, off onto the floor. "Damn." She bent down to pick them up and paused. Her yellow gloves laid next to a thick gray remote control. Had she taken the DVD remote from the den again? Jubes and the rest would be ticked if they couldn't watch the movie they'd gotten.

No, wait. This was her remote. She grinned and tapped the power button.

Forge had set up both her bedroom and Remy's with cameras and monitors. The output from her room was going to go directly to Remy's, and the output from the cameras in his would come to her monitors. She could see the man himself, sleeping soundly, naked and white against his black coverlet. This was going to be fun once he woke up. He would see numerous images of her, doing ... wait. He was stirring. She got to her feet, stripped off her nightgown, and began doing some aerobics naked before the cameras.

There was no way he could resist. She was going to enjoy watching his reactions to her little show.


A group of X-men were gathering in the television area to watch Dark City this morning. Bobby Drake was already seated in a chair by the door, Hank and Kitty had claimed the couch, Scott was on the floor next to the couch, and Jamie and Rahne were on the love seat.

Jubilee squished between Hank and Kitty on the couch and sighed happily. She was finally going to get to see Rufus Sewell in another movie. He'd been so cute in Cold Comfort Farm! Hank flicked the remote and a picture came up, but it wasn't the usual church or ranting preacher that came up.

It was Rogue's room and she wasn't doing anything in there that had anything to do with church or preaching. She was fully naked and going through exercises that made the men in the room twitch. Remy could be seen on a monitor behind her, gaping as she started doing jumping jacks, her muscled buttocks contracting enticingly.

Jubilee didn't try to turn the movie on. Rogue had refused all of her attempts to get information out of her as to how her wager was going. This was pure blackmail gold. She did, slyly, start the VCR taping in the background while the men gulped and the women watched in silence.

Jean-Paul stuck his head into the room, smelling of fresh lavender. Frowning, he bent down and asked Bobby, "What are you watching?"

Bobby cleared his throat, his eyes not moving from Rogue's breasts as she did some arm stretches. "Rogue."

Jean-Paul nodded and turned to go.

"And Remy."

Within two seconds, Jubilee was deposited in Bobby's lap and Jean-Paul was seated in her old place, between Hank and Kitty on the couch. "Hey!" she protested feebly.

Bobby put his arm around her. "Get comfortable. Stay a while."

She relaxed and watched the continuing action. It wasn't like she minded getting closer to Bobby.

Oo. Remy was reaching for his cock. She leaned forward, bright eyes gleaming with interest, as Scott muttered for Remy to resist it and Kitty chortled in glee, clapping her hands in delight.


Dieu. Rogue was a beautiful figure of a woman.

Awakening, Remy did not question at first why Rogue's image confronted his sleep-swollen eyes. He simply watched, amazed, ecstatic, and hungry for her. He followed her with his eyes as she moved from one exercise from another, stretches to kicks, swelling hard at her mere image. His hand crept up to his right thigh, his thumb nearly brushing his twitching penis before he remembered he should not.

Trembling, he put his arm back at his side. It had been enough, however, for him to question why he was seeing her at all. He also noticed a slight pout on Rogue's face as she got on the floor and spread her legs wide. He tried to think about it as his left arm betrayed him this time and stroked over his lower abdomen ... she was bending to stretch, a sly smile on her face ...

He threw his arm back behind his head and panted with frustration, but his mind was finally clear. There should not be large wall monitors in his room. He should not be able to see Rogue. And she plainly could see him, which also should not be happening.

So. She decided to go after him this way, hein? Well, two could play this game, and Remy was eager to show her all his good sides, too. He relaxed, closed his eyes, and stretched his arms over his head, pushing his hips up from the bed as he did. He kept his eyelids cracked open, just a touch, and saw her quiver as her eyes looked upward to keep track of his reactions.


In the den, the shouting and cheering rivaled the noise level there had been for the last Super Bowl. Rahne, Kitty, and Jubilee were urging Rogue on to victory, Scott was in tears of laughter that Remy had caught on and was howling on the floor (as red as his visor), and Hank, Bobby, and Jamie were cheering for both players alternately. Only Jean-Paul was silent amid their cries and yells, a wondering, wistful look on his face as he watched Remy stand and give another terrific, terrible full body extension that showed off his well-muscled thighs and stomach as well as his throbbing genitals.


Oh, God. Remy was posing again. This time he'd decided to turn around, back to the camera, and bend over the bed. His ass clenched, he looked back over his shoulder wickedly, and she couldn't stand it any longer. She gave up pretending to stretch and stood, glaring at the camera. "Remy, wouldn't you say this has gone on long enough?"

He turned and sat on his bed. "Oui, chere. You ready to call it quits?"

"If you are."

He considered it for a moment, then inclined his head gracefully. "I think we have a tie."

"I'll give you fifteen seconds to get ready."

Remy blinked. "Chere, we going to need at least..."

She ignored the sound coming from the screen, turning and hurling herself full-force at her window. The glass shattered and she flew outside, sun glinting off the minute fragments of glass in her hair.


Remy sighed and opened his window, finishing his statement despite Rogue's inability to hear it. " ... five minutes." He pulled on his boxers and felt the air as she swept in and landed on his bed.

"You doing the wrong thing, sugar." She gave him a daring, dangerous glance.

He bent over and tossed her a sweatshirt. "Put this on, chere."


He got closer and murmured, "Cause for what Remy got planned, we gotta do a little traveling."

She threw the shirt on without further questions and followed him out of the room.


There was laughter, cheering, and loud gasps as Rogue took the dive out of her window. There were moans of disappointment at Remy covering up and Rogue putting on his shirt. But when the two mutants finally left Remy's room, everyone froze and there was utter silence, broken a few seconds later by a cry of "No!" from Jamie, Kitty, and Jean-Paul in unison.

Bobby suddenly pulled Jubilee off his lap and practically ran out the door. It took everyone else a few seconds to realize that if Remy and Rogue were leaving, they might be heading to the den or near it, and that they probably shouldn't let on that they'd been there gaping at them.

Jubilee made sure to remove the tape from the VCR, the last to leave the room, a puzzled frown on her face. Should the VCR have stopped recording before she got to it?


Jean-Paul zipped to his room, the videotape in his hands. He had taken advantage of the confusion to grab the incriminating Remy and Rogue tape and replace it with a blank one from the box above the machine. He hummed contentedly, imagining the horrified, startled look on Jubilee's face when she realized someone else had taken it.

He happily turned on his TV and slipped the tape in, muting the volume and getting comfortable on his bed. Soon, he was deaf to anything other than pleasure.


Remy pushed Rogue, protesting and laughing, through the halls and down the stairs to the Danger Room. On the way, they ran into Scott, who blushed furiously and kept his red gaze firmly on the floor after that first glance, and Kitty, who gave a big grin and a wink in Rogue's direction.

"This better not take too long, swamp rat, or I'm droppin' you in the lake," Rogue threatened as they nearly tripped down the stairs.

Remy pouted, his red eyes swirling with mischief. "If you don't want Remy, chere, just say so."

She tried out a glare, but knew it lacked force when his pout became a wicked, lusty grin. She sighed. "Are we there yet?"

"Almost, chere." Remy's grip tightened as he opened the door to the Danger Room monitoring station and pushed his lover inside. "Just gotta do one more thing." He stopped as he saw Logan far below, lazily tearing the throat from an assailant and yawning. "Okay, two."

"Two?!" She wanted him now, not ... oh. The petulant thought Does everyone have to know what we are doing? flickered through her head as she conveniently forgot her public attempts to tease the rapscallion she desired.

Remy turned on the microphone and called down to Logan, who hadn't even broken a sweat, as two ninjas began stalking him. "Hey, there, homme. Mind if we take over?"

Logan, his characteristically garish costume unmarked by any of the combat, growled, "Who's 'we'?" as he knocked the ninjas' heads together. He cocked his head and spared a glance at the monitoring station as Rogue blushed and said, "Us."

His bright blue eyes wandered from Rogue, whose blush intensified, to Remy. Logan then nodded once, crisply, and intoned, "End program." He then pulled a cigar from the pack in his belt and lit it, speaking into the air loudly as the room changed back to normal and he headed for the back door. "About time some people got some things over with and stopped bothering everyone else with their damned fool bets, ain't it? Kids don't think about how they affect everyone else with their balderdash."

His complaints followed his thick form out the door as Remy chortled and Rogue gave her irritating man a real glare this time. "Now what?" she asked, impatiently tugging at the sweatshirt, wishing she could strip it off and ride him now, damn it.

Remy nodded. "Gambit lambda alpha." The room below began to change as Remy pulled her out of the room by her left elbow, after a quick brush against her right breast that had her panting for more.

"Men," she sighed as she ran down to the Danger Room with him, hot and eager.

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