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First Day


Today is my first day of work and I'm so nervous. I want to make a good impression so I take extra time with my hair and makeup and choose a conservative skirt suit. To make myself feel pretty, I slide on a matching lace bra and thong set along with four inch stiletto heels.

As I arrive at the job, I'm greeted at the door by one of my co-workers named Mark. As our eyes meet, I feel an instant attraction. My pulse starts to pound harder and my breathe catches but I do my best to hide my reaction.

As Mark leads me through the store, I find myself sneaking glances at him when he's not looking. He's about 6ft tall, 200lbs with smooth chocolate skin and beautiful lips.

I can barely concentrate on what he's saying because I'm so busy fighting my attraction to him and I can feel my panties getting damp whenever we accidentally brush up against each other.

After Mark shows me to my office, he leaves me to get settled and closes the door. I don't have much to unpack and soon find myself at loose ends. I've been aroused since I met Mark that morning and I find myself dropping into a fantasy about him.

I close my eyes and picture Mark coming into my office and closing the door behind him. He tells me, "Sandy, I hope this doesn't offend you but I've been attracted to you from the moment I met you and I think you feel the same way".

At first I try to deny my attraction but he looks down and notices nipples poking through my bra and realizes that I'm excited by him too. He comes around the desk, leans over my chair, and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips.

His lips are so soft and I lean forward trying to deepen the kiss. He gently bites my lip and pulls back causing me to moan in frustration. "Shhhhh" he says. "I want to make sure we're not interrupted" and goes around the desk to lock the door.

"Stand up and take off your suit, I want to see your beautiful body." I stand up slowly and start removing my suit. He sucks in a deep breath when he sees my matching bra and panty set. "Leave on your heels and remove the rest of your clothes." I slowly slide my bra and panties off, taking my time and teasing him as I bend over.

"Now sit down and put one leg over the side of your chair, I want to see your hot little cunt." I sit down and put my leg over the chair. By now, my pussy is so wet and swollen from excitement that Mark can see it from across the room.

"Play with your nipples." I lightly pinched my nipples between my fingers and roll them around before leaning over licking them, all the while maintaining eye contact with Mark. Each twist and lick of my nipples shoots a bolt of pleasure down my body and made my pussy even wetter.

Mark starts breathing heavier and tells me to play with my pussy. I lick my fingers and lightly touch my clit. I start massaging my clit, pulling my lips apart, and sliding my fingers up and down my slit. As I pleasure myself, Mark starts removing his clothes and comes around the desk.

He falls to his knees in front of me "I've wanted to taste you since I met you" and slowly licks my clit. Knock, Knock, Knock. My eyes fly open and I realize that I'm sitting at my desk with my skirt hiked up rubbing my clit through my panties. Before I can straighten up, Mark opens the door and sees me.

His eyes get big, and then he smiles and locks the door behind him. "I see someone is being naughty her first day at work." I'm so mortified at being caught that I can't even speak. "Would you like some help taking care of your problem?" All I can do is nod. "Turn around, bend over, and spread your legs."

I do as he says and wait with baited breath to see what he does next. I hear some rustling behind me then suddenly Mark smacks me on the ass with his belt. I jump from the sting and he pushes me back into position. "You've been bad and need some discipline." He continues to spank me until my ass starts to burn, then he leans over and starts kissing and licking the pain away. "Does this make you hot" he whispers and I nod my head yes.

He slowly pulls down my thongs, pulls my butt cheeks apart, and licks my asshole. I shiver from the pleasure and fell myself getting wetter. He turns me around and pushes me into my chair. "Spread your legs, and let me see you." He smiles in appreciation when he sees my nude pussy and starts licking my pussy.

As he licks and sucks on my clit, I feel my muscles tightening up and start begging him to please make me cum. He sticks two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass while licking my clit and sends me over the edge into an orgasm.

As I come down from my orgasm, he stands up and takes off his clothes. Seeing his tight body makes me hot all over again and I'm ready for another round. I drop to my knees in front of him and grab his beautiful black dick.

He's about 8 inches long and very thick and I can't wait to taste him. I lick pre-cum off the tip, mmmmmmm tastes good, and wrap my lips around the head. I lick up and down his shaft while playing with his balls. I start sucking his dick while moving my head up and down and squeezing his ass.

Mark grabs my hair and moves me even faster. As his balls tighten and his dick swells, I stick my finger in his ass and send him over the edge into an orgasm. His hot cum squirts into my mouth and I moan around his dick. I love the way he tastes and can't get enough. I swallow every drop and lick him clean. I'm so hot from sucking his dick I feel like I could cum again just from that.

He lifts me up off my knees and sits me on the desk. I look down and see that he's still hard. He steps up to me and rubs his dick over my clit. I'm still sensitive and it feels so good. He slowly slides into my pussy, stretching and filling me to the max.

He starts out with a slow, smooth rhythm and increases the tempo until I'm biting my hand to keep from screaming. He feels so good that I'm about to cum, and then he pulls out. I moan I in protest as he flips me over to my stomach.

He reaches around my body and starts playing with my clit while slowly sliding his dick into my ass. I've never had anal sex before and think about protesting but it feels good so I decide to see how it works out.

My ass is well lubricated from all my pussy juices and his dick slides in smoothly. As he begins pumping into my ass, I feel him hit a spot I didn't know about and my climax starts building up again. Just before I cum, he sticks two fingers into my pussy while squeezing me around my neck. I explode into orgasm and stuff my hand into my mouth to keep from screaming.

After we get dressed, we agree to meet in my office again next week for another session. I think I'm going to enjoy working here.

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