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Frozen Treats


Last week James came home from work tired and frustrated. He fixed us some dinner and we sat quietly for about fifteen minutes before he spoke. When he did his voice was low and nervous.

"I have to go to Baton Rouge for a week long conference. I would like for you to come with me," he said softly.

"When are you going?" I asked.

" It's a week and a half away. We leave on Wednesday and return the following Thursday," he explained.

"You don't look thrilled about this," I confronted him.

"I'm not! I don't want to go. I have three seminars to give and four that I must attend. Can you get away and join me. I don't want to do it without you there," his eyes pleaded with me.

"I can only promise to check my schedule and let you know what's happening. I'll let you know tomorrow evening.

We dropped the subject for the rest of the night because I could see it was weighing heavy on his mind. We watched the Grinch that Stole Christmas and laughed tangled up in each other's body. Then James carried me to bed and licked me to sleep.

His tongue is so fabulous. It knows all of the secret places that I love to be touched. He started at my toes and sucked them each one individually. Then he traveled up to my open pussy lips and inserted his hot lingua into the flowing juices. Licking deep and hard he pushed it into my sugarwalls and somehow hit the center of my G-spot. Warmth flowed through my legs as fluids spewed into my box.

In and out his tongue fucked my wet pussy. I could smell the pungent odors of my cunt when he lifted his mouth to mine and kissed me hard on my lips.

"Mmmmmm, I like it when you share me with me," I whispered in his ear.

I felt his little dicklett grow hard and it pressed against my stomach as he kissed me repeatedly. I reached down and let my fingers explore his ridge and the precum that was leaking from its tip. I lifted my fingers to my mouth and licked the precum off of them. "Oh you taste good too!"

I rolled over and took a condom out of the nightstand. I handed it to James and he put it on his cocklett. I then spread my legs and ordered him between them. He knelt there and massaged my clit as my pussy spewed juices preparing for penetration.

When he had my clit hard as a rock he took his dicklett into his hand and stroked it to make it as hard as he could make it. He then inserted his sleeved prick into my wet muff. He pumped his hips toward mine and within a few minutes he ejaculated into the condom.

His weight lay lightly on me and he rolled over holding onto the condom so that not a drop of his thin cum would spill on the bed or me. He bent over and rolled it off his tiny dick and handed it to me. He lay next to me and opened his mouth.

I stuck my finger into the condom and took some of the still warm cum onto my fingers. I stuck my finger into his mouth and had him suck his cum off of it. He did and then licked his lips.

"Is it good?" I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, it's a bit salty tonight, but I like the taste of it," he explained.

I handed him the condom, "Good! Now you drink it all then kiss me deep so I can taste you," I directed him.

He took the slim filled pouch and opened his mouth. I watched as his tongue entered the balloon like receptacle. Then he took the closed end and squeezed the fluid out of the pouch and down into his throat.

James leaned over and covered my orifice with his and I tasted the sweet salty cum as his tongue entered my mouth. My tongue went wild licking the thick substance off his tongue and tasting him inside me.

His hand slid to my clit and he massaged it while he kissed me. Then he slipped off of my lips and traveled south to taste my fluids as they once again filled my cunt.

Slowly, James licked and sucked my box making sure that all of the needy places were paid attention to and satisfied before he moved to another spot. My clit became hard and demanding.

I reached to satisfy her and my hand was slapped away. I lifted my head off the pillow and stared at James with an 'how dare you' look in my eyes. With a sheepish grin he calmed my anger and his head dropped to my wanton clit. His teeth gently nibbled on her tiny head and fire ran down my legs and deep into my belly. His fingers ran in and out of my still wet cunt and the fire was kindled over and over again. He was so diligent that he soon brought me to orgasm two more times.

My limbs were limp and my legs quivered uncontrollably. He lightly lifted the sheet over my naked body and crawled beside me. His arm encircled my waist and my eyes closed.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of breakfast eggs, Canadian bacon and English muffins along with hot coffee and strawberries. All served on a tray as I sat up.

I took a bite of my muffin and looked up to thank him. I saw the concern in his eyes.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Will you check today to see if you can get off to go with me to Baton Rouge?" he pleaded.

"Yes, James, I will check my schedule and if I can I will call you as soon as I know," I promised.

This seemed to give him some relief. I could not understand why he needed me to accompany him. He had never asked me to join him on any other trips he made and he went on several every year.

"James, why is this trip different from all the rest you've been on?" I questioned.

"Because the directors will be there judging our performances. I just don't feel comfortable for some reason this time around. I just need your support. This new director is a real bitch and I think she's out to get me," he finally spewed out.

"I will at least try to be there on the days you do your seminars, if that's all I can do will that be sufficient?" I asked.

"Yes, if you can be there on those days I can handle the rest of the seminars," he conceded.

"Okay, I promise to call you as soon as I have everything checked out. And thank you for this wonderful breakfast and last night. I think we both needed that." I said.

He smiled and leaned over to kiss me. Then he went to the bathroom and I heard the water run in the tub. I finished my breakfast and rolled off the bed. As my feet hit the floor he was leading me into the bathroom.

He helped me into the tub and with a soft cloth he washed my back and then my arms and legs. Cautiously he ventured between my legs, watching my eyes for any slipups he might make. I let him off easy and I could see the relief in his eyes.

James washed my hair and then left the bath. He came back with two warm towels and helped me out of the tub. He wrapped one around my hair and the other he used to dry my body.

When I walked into the bedroom he had laid out my clothes for the day. As I put my makeup on James died my hair and brushed it out for me. We walked out to our cars together and a new day had begun. He kissed me good-bye and I promised to call him as soon as I had an answer.

First thing on my agenda was my schedule. I checked it and found several days free. I called James to verify the days he had seminars. They were Wednesday, Thursday and Tuesday.

Those days were good for me. I was able to help him over this uncomfortable time. I could hear the relief in his voice as I verified that I could make the trip.

"Do you think you could find us a Bull down there for at least one night?" I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am, I will start searching as soon as I get home tonight. You will be fulfilled I promise!" James said.

That evening, when I arrived, home dinner was on the table and wine was chilled. "What are we celebrating?" I asked.

"The relief of knowing that you will be there to help me through my seminars," James smiled. His blue eyes sparkled like sapphires. It felt good to see him relaxed again.

"I even called Ryan and he said he could be here tonight if you were in the mood," he informed me.

I was on the way to the bedroom and I turned around and went to kiss him. "Thank you, I do need that tonight," I said then went to change clothes.

Dinner was much more relaxed than the previous night. James laughed and told jokes and he was himself once again. He made me laugh and we played with Tabasco, our cat for at least an hour having her chase strings and jump for milk carton rings.

Then James ran my shower so that I could prepare for Ryan. I shaved my legs and pubic area while James washed my body. He had laid out a sexy red mini skirt and three-inch stilettos with a see through red gauze blouse.

He had changed the sheets and put soft yellow bulbs in the night-light. There were bottles of ice water on the nightstand and an ice chest with beer in it for Ryan.

As he dressed me he fussed over my hair and wanted m y makeup to be perfect. James kept touching my face to smooth out a smudge of lipstick or a clump of rouge. I finally had to shoo him away.

Fortunately, the doorbell rang. He quickly put on his boxers and went to the door to let Ryan in. Before he left the room, though, he demanded that I sit on the bed. I hadn't seen him this nervous in weeks.

I sat there waiting for them to return. I heard their voices down the hall. They were making manly sounds of greetings and smelling one another to make sure the area was secure.

James came in the room first. He took me on his lap and lifted my gauze blouse to display my firm breasts. When Ryan entered he looked up at him and said, "Welcome Master Ryan, I want to offer you my Mistress for the night. Look at her beautiful breasts. Would you like to suckle them for the night while I am your obedient slave?" James asked humbly.

"Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm!" Ryan said as he shook his head. "I want to fuck that lovely woman of yours all night long. And I want you to be sure that I have everything I need to please her and make her happy, something you will never be able to do." Ryan replied.

He walked over to the bed and knelt in front of me. He pushed James hands away from my full bosom and sucked a nipple into his mouth. In and out of his mouth he pulled her and finally lifted me off James' lap and threw me onto the bed.

I smiled as he bent over me and his hot lips covered my mouth. His tongue forced its way through my open orifice and our tongues danced with welcome and lust.

His hands explored the ample fullness of the tit that was in his hand. He squeezed to analyze its abundance then his mouth left mine and pulled the breast into it once again.

Fingers pinched the other nipple and then slid down to my stomach. He circled my belly button and then went to my smooth wet pussy. His digits slowly separated the folds of my vaginal lips and the silky fluids covered his fingers as they dove deep into my womanhood.

As his body moved closer to mine I felt the weight of him and his hardness as it grew from his loins. I reached for it and he slapped my hand away. These men were getting bold, I thought, always slapping my hands.

I pulled my hand away and let him control the situation for a while. James had positioned himself at my feet and was rubbing the soles of them to relax himself and me. I felt him pull my legs apart just a small amount enough for Ryan to move his legs between mine.

Ryan took control moving between then only after he had removed his shoes and jeans. He crawled up close to my paradise and slipped off his shorts. His abundant nine-inch cock fell flaccid from its cage. I reached for it and started stroking it gently.

He moaned as my fingers outlined the thick head and frenulum. I felt his legs shake. I licked my thumb and forefinger and massaged the frenulum gently. His knees buckled and he feel on top of me.

I smiled as his lips found mine and his tongue darted deep into my mouth. His kisses were wet and hot. His passion growing with each touch of our lips. I looked to James and he crawled between Ryan's legs and started massaging his scrotum.

"Ohhhhhh," Ryan sighed as James kneaded the lose skin that held his seed.

Ryan found, once again, the moist folds of my vaginal lips and sunk his thick fingers deep with her walls. In and out he pumped his hand as fast as he could building pressure and issuing fluids to make it comfortable for him to enter me.

I felt the thickness of his cock as it grew on my stomach. James had exchanged his fingers for his mouth and was sucking the sac in and out of his mouth. The heat had flowed deep into Ryan's genitalia and his prick reached it potential.

He pushed James off him and took his tool in his hand placing its head at the opening of my love canal. He circled it as a lion would its prey before attacking. I felt the circles on my hot wet skin and his head dripped precum on my lips.

Once James had moved away, Ryan thrust his mighty staff deep into my open doors. It slammed hard against my vaginal walls and filled my pussy with fluids and pleasure. "Ohhhhh, Mmmmmm," I moaned as he filled me with is manhood and brought pleasure to my limbs.

My breast shook with the force of his body slamming into mine. Ryan bent his head and sucked my left nipple into his mouth and nipped at her causing pleasurable pain to shoot all the way to my clit.

I arched my back and my legs twitched.

James reached his hand between our bodies and pinched the head of my clitoris as my back arched towards Ryan. I drew in my breath the let it gush out of my lungs as the warmth of my delectation washed over me.

Ryan rose to his knees, his hands on my shoulders his prick sliding in and out of my liquid pussy and James' fingers stoking my clit. Fire burned throughout my loins and my breast were stones of lava. My arms shook and I could not see for the sparks of light shooting from my eyes.

Time passed in a blur when finally I felt the splash of Ryan's thick cum as it filled my wanton cunt. His body convulsed and his head fell to my breasts. His breathing was heavy and sweat dripped on my chest and rolled over my side.

James could see that I was having problems breathing so he helped Ryan roll off of me. He quickly took the spent cock into his mouth catching the last of the pulsating cum. As soon as he finished cleaning Ryan, James came to me. He brushed the hair from my face and kissed me softly on my forehead.

"Mistress, what is your desire?" he whispered close to my ear.

"I want you to clean me then bathe me. I'm hot and sticky, do it quickly!" I demanded.

"Yes, Mistress, as you wish," he said and crawled between my throbbing legs.

Within minutes, the thick fluid that was running down my butt was cleaned and a cool cloth was placed there to soothe the burning from the tears in my skin. Then I heard the water running in the tub.

I glanced over to see what Ryan was doing. His eyes were closed and the rhythm of his chest was constant. He had fallen into a peaceful slumber. He would be out for a while.

James returned and lifted my limp body off the bed. He carried me into the bath where he immersed my being into the warm water. With a soft cloth he squeezed the soothing water over my back and shoulders. He wiped my face and neck and kissed me faintly on the cheek.

After he lathered my skin and rinsed the soap out of my hair, he lifted me out of the tub and sat me on the toilet on a warm towel. He found the lotion in the pantry and smoothed it all over my trembling muscles.

Ryan walked in just as James finished his massage. "I was wondering where you went," he whined.

"Just cleaning up," I smiled. "You put a beating on my delicate body!"

"Sorry baby, I was just so horny! And you have the greatest pussy I have ever had!" he confessed.

"Mmmmm, yeah, it was a good fuck! But now I'm tired and achy. I need to rest. Why don't you take a shower? James is going to fix us a snack," I told him.

"So I will be sharing your bed later?" he smiled.

"Of course, the evening is young. This is just a short break in the action!" I teased.

James reached for my hand to lead me back to the bedroom. Ryan turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower. James laid a fluffy towel on the toilet for him then escorted me back to the bed.

"What would you like to snack on, my Lady?" James asked.

"Hmmm, good question. What about some fruit, crackers, with some kind of sweet dip and maybe some cheese, that should be simple enough. Probably should fix some sandwiches too; I'm sure that Ryan will want more," I directed.

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied and walked out.

Ryan came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and jumped on the bed. His hair was dripping, he leaned over me and splattered my face with cold droplets.

"Where's the food?" he asked, "I'm really hungry now!"

"James should be bringing it soon," I told him.

"I sure have missed that velvety pussy of yours, baby. I won't stay away so long next time," he promised. "While we're waiting for the boy, why don't you slip those pouty lips of yours over this hard shaft of mine?"

"Mmmm," I moaned then licked my lips. I open ed my mouth wide and covered his thick head with my hungry mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," Ryan sighed. His eyes rolled back in his head and his hips plunged toward my face. His cock slid deep into my throat.

I swallowed hard and took a breath then sucked on his prick like a baby on her mother's nipple.

Ryan's large hands went to the top of my head and he assisted me by pushing down and then lifting my head to a rhythm that matched his hips. His shaft went deep into my throat then to my lips and back again.

"Baby, you do that sooooo good; lick that head ahhhhh," he whispered.

I pulled hard on his cock then pulled my lips to its head. I nibbled there lightly then my tongue found his Frenulum and I played there for just a short time. Just long enough to make his legs twitch and his toes curl.

"Oh PLEASE! I can't take it ba---beeee! You are driving me crazy…. I can't breathe!" he cried.

I smiled at the fact that I could make him beg me to stop.

He released my head and fell back on the bed. I crawled up on my knees and slid my mouth all the way to his pubic mound. The head of his dick planted deep in my throat. I sucked hard on the shaft then stopped.

"Agggghhhh," he sighed as he closed his eyes.

Sucking hard I moved my head up and down on his cock. He sighed and moaned and his hips rose and fell. He reached for my breast and squeezed my left nipple. Fire rushed through my clit and my body shuddered.

"Yeah, baby, I know you like my stuff! Suck it good!" Ryan whispered since he could hardly breathe from the aroused state he was in.

I sucked harder and my hand went to his balls. My fingers rolled them around and then they squeezed them lightly. I could feel his seed swirling around in them. I pinched them a little more and tried to push the sperm into his shaft.

"Oh, that's so good; make it happen baby," Ryan cried as his fingers wrapped themselves into my hair.

I released his cock from my mouth and grabbed it with my hand. I slowly pumped the shaft from the head to his pubic hair. Each time I went up and then back down I quickened my motion and tightened my hand. On the up stroke I sucked his head. On the down stroke I squeezed his now tight balls.

I felt the passion rising on the underside of his prick. I sucked hard on his head and ran my hand up and down even faster. The thick cum was making its way to freedom.

I reached up with my free hand and squeezed nipples, which were now hard as small pebbles.

"Oh my god, woman!" he yelled as the geyser of hot fluid gushed through his rod and into my hungry mouth.

I quickly swallowed his warm seed but it came so fast that I couldn't handle it all. It overflowed onto my chin and down to my full breasts.

Ryan's hands dropped from my shoulders and fell limp onto the bed. When the flow slowed I allowed his empty tool to fall from my quivering lips.

He rolled over on his side. The muscles in his legs and arms trembled uncontrollably. His breath was short and he said nothing.

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