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Generating Emergency Power


It has been months since my first ride along and after many more I find that I can't even pass a police car without smiling. Of course there are many that know me well enough to smile back!

In my hometown there is a special group of men and women that I heard about and wanted to know more. Our Airport Police Department is not only that – they also serve as Firefighters – Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters. I had to see what it took to be willing to not only face the dangers of fires but also the challenges of being a Law Enforcement Officer as well. I called my trusty friend at the PD and he helped me set up a ride-along.

As I was told more about them I realized how hard this had to be. These men and women learn not only to be a Firefighter – both the ‘regular' fires and aircraft fires and rescue. But then they go to the Police Academy and are expected to know and understand all the statutes and laws. It would be nice if stopped there but it doesn't; there are also FAA regulations and a huge amount of knowledge about aircraft, hazardous materials, water rescue (we have sea-planes that fly in and out of our airport) and emergency medical training. I decided that these were some truly special people. I see why they can get a little angry when the public refers to them as Airport "Security" and unknowingly places them in the same league as fat rent-a-cops. But the majority of the public will never know how much is expected of these dedicated Officers and how much they give for their community.

Before my ride-along began I had been impressed but by the time it was over I was truly amazed. But then perhaps the officer I was assigned had something to do with that.

I went prepared. I chose a short skirt and left my panties at home of course. After all hadn't that dispatcher and I decided that they were pretty over-rated?

The officer I was given was assigned to the "patrol" function that night which meant that he had to do checks of the perimeter fence and the secured areas of the airport. He was an outgoing and friendly guy that I liked immediately. He gave me a tour of the field, explained about driving on "controlled surfaces" and gave a fairly continuous dialog about Tapleys; NOTAMs and other things that I never had a clue existed. Then he explained about the importance of the secure areas and exactly how September 11th had changed their job forever. Not just with the new security measures but also with the addition of TSA – the Transportation Security Administration that I had found a pain the last time I had traveled – I told him so.

He laughed. "Yes, I think they are a pain in the ass and it is really too bad they are necessary. But I don't ever want to lose 415 of my brothers and sisters in one day again."

I agreed. I had fallen in love with all the men and women that I had dealt with since I started this inquiry into the Emergency Services fields. I wouldn't want to see them hurt in anyway and could see myself wanting to defend them.

After talking to him about the subject I was beginning to feel like I might not get to have as much of an exploration as I had hoped for that night. I had been shamelessly trying to get his attention by crossing and uncrossing my legs. I knew that tops of my nylons were showing and after all the squirming I had been doing my skirt was so high that I was pretty sure that you could almost get a peek at my pussy. I thought I had caught him looking a time or two but wasn't really sure. I had pretty much decided to write him off when he surprised me with a question.

"So my buddy over at City PD says you are pretty wild. Is that true?"

Now could I possibly lie to a cop? Nah – "Well, I have been told that…" I responded.

"Really?" he asked drawing out the word.

I smiled.

"You know he also told me that you were pretty forward…"

"Well I do want to suck your cock."

"Well, that would definitely qualify as ‘forward' in my book." He laughed. "But it would be my guess that you have already done that in a patrol vehicle haven't you?"

"I have actually gotten quite good at it."

"Well, that is certainly something to be proud of."

"There are only two things I have trouble with – the console," I pointed to the switches and knobs for the siren and lights, "and the gear," I said and indicated his Kevlar vest and utility belt.

He looked a little puzzled, "I understand the console and the gear is restrictive but…"

"Well, actually," I laughed. "It wasn't a restriction. – I got a bruise on my face from the magazines." I said as I pointed to the spare magazines for his handgun.

"Ah, I wouldn't have thought of that…"

"The shotgun rack caused a bruise or two from one vehicle." I continued. "I have learned about a lot of other obstacles. I'll be happy to enumerate if you like."

He smiled. "Sure, fill me in while I take you some place where you won't have to worry about such things."

"And then you can ‘fill' me in?" I couldn't resist.

"Yeah, then I will definitely ‘fill' you in." He smiled.

I told him about the hazards I had encountered in the many places in the Fire Station; from the dirt on the top of the trucks to the bumps and bruises from the other places that were obviously not made to accommodate that particular exercise. I enjoyed watching his face as I told him about my trip to dispatch, explained the obvious lack of privacy and then explained that it had made it all the more exciting. The thought of getting caught had crossed my mind throughout each encounter but I felt like it added to the thrill. The biggest frustration I explained was getting interrupted.

"Getting interrupted?" He asked.

"Yes, by the phone, the radio and even a tone-out at the fire station."

"Oh," He said. "But my guess is that you worked around all that?"

"Oh, I'm good at working around a lot of things." I smiled at him. "Anything to get the job done right."

"Well, you certainly seem determined to satisfy."

"Yes, definitely. But I certainly don't argue when someone wants to reciprocate."

As we had been talking he had driven through several electronic gates and had crossed what I was pretty sure was a runway since I heard him talk to "ground" – which I assumed meant ground control. Then he looked over at me as we stopped at a small building that was painted with large orange and white stripes.

"Nice color scheme." I said.

"It makes it more noticeable for the aircraft and the tower." He said. "This is the emergency generator for the field lights. Would you like to take a look inside?"

"I'm up for pretty much anything."

He smiled and we got out of the vehicle.

He unlocked the door to the building and we stepped inside a small room dominated by two large generators. Or at least that's what I assumed they were. I looked around and wondered about his promise of fewer things to worry about bumps and bruises from.

He pulled me over to one of the generators and lifted me onto the flat section that covered the front of the generator itself. It put my pussy level with his face. I smiled. Well, that made things very easy. I scooted forward so that my butt was right on the edge of the flat metal, then scooted my skirt up so that my clean-shaven pussy was easily accessible.

As I leaned back onto my elbows he pushed my knees apart and used his forearms and elbows to hold them there. Then using his fingers he began to explore my pussy. I could already feel the juice running out of it, onto my ass and down the side of the generator to the floor below. He teased me by exposing my clit and flicking it gently with his fingertip. I watched fascinated as he slowly stroked my clit and pussy with his rough finger. He rimmed my hole and gathered the juice on it then moved his finger down to rim my ass. It was driving me crazy and I told him so.

He looked up at me. "What do you want?" He asked.

I was confused – wasn't it obvious? "I want you to eat my pussy." There, I can't get much more straightforward than that.

He ran his finger back to my clit and pinched it between his thumb and forefinger. I sucked in a breath.

"Where are your manners?" He asked.

"Please?" I asked. My mom had always said that you usually get what you want if you ask for it right. "Pretty please?"

He used his fingers to expose the most sensitive part of my clit and touched it with his tongue.

"Oh, God!" I moaned and leaned back so that I was lying over the top of the generator with my hair hanging over the other side.

It seemed that was all the encouragement that he needed. He used the tip of his tongue and teased my clit then slid his rough tongue down and drove it into my hole – burying his whole face in my pussy. He slid his tongue up to my clit again and began to suck on it. As he applied suction he pulled my clit then released the suction and pushed his face against me again and then he repeated the motion. I could feel the new growth of whiskers on his face rubbing against the sensitive areas of my pussy. Then he pulled his face away and used his fingers to rim my hole. He thrust two of his fingers in to the hilt, which almost made me come.

I was panting and begging but he slowed his assault.

He slipped one finger in my ass and then put his thumb inside my pussy. With the other hand he exposed my clit and ran his tongue over it a few times which made me squirm again. I lifted my head up and looked down at him.

"You have an extremely tasty pussy. Did you know that?"

"I like it." I smiled.

With that he smiled and dove back in. He sucked my clit and nipped it with his teeth. His tongue fluttered over my clit and I twitched reflexively with each stroke. Much to my disappointment he removed his finger and thumb.

"Oh, no…" I moaned. "Oh, God please." I have mentioned that I get a little religious during sex haven't I?

But his next onslaught left no room for those kinds of random thoughts. His hot mouth seemed to be everywhere at once and the combination of the cool metal, the new position and his flawless execution sent me higher until I knew I was about to come.

"Oh, God, I'm coming." I moaned and went over the edge. With impeccable timing he thrust two of his fingers into my pussy just as I came and I thrashed around a bit trying to get away from his mouth as it continued to torture me. It was amazing. Perhaps even one of the best orgasms I had ever had. (I told you I liked this guy immediately.)

I levered myself up on my elbows and looked down at him. He looked up at me and kept his mouth over my clit, sucking gently and then removed his fingers. I expected him to stop but he continued teasing me. He kept my legs spread apart when I started to bring them together.

Now, I have to admit that I am usually a ‘one orgasm' kind of girl – after all most guys only have the attention span for two – theirs and mine and sometimes not even mine. So I wasn't expecting him to continue. But he did.

He started the process again. Sucking and using a rhythmic motion that reminded me slightly of me sucking cock. Only the target was much smaller. He repeated what he seemed to have decided were the most preferred of his earlier moves and I started to feel a second orgasm coming and told him so. It was then that he pulled me forward and helped me down. I was puzzled but went with him. He backed me farther into the room.

"So you like how you taste?"

Instead of answering I showed him by kissing him deeply then running my tongue around the outside of his mouth.

He smiled. "It tastes good, doesn't it?"

I smiled back and licked my lips.

We had reached a spot on the generator that was low – about my waist level and I realized what his plan was. But I couldn't stand it. I had seen the evidence of a large cock in those pants and I wanted it in my mouth. So I reached for his zipper and started to expose it.

"I really want to suck your cock." I said as I freed it from his pants. "Are you going to let me?"

"What guy could refuse when you put it that way?"

I smiled. "Not too many that I know of."

As I knelt down he reached back and produced a small blanket and presented it to me. It was one of the ridiculously small ones that the airlines hand out. I put it under my knees with a smile. It was more than enough padding – or at least more than I am used to. What a considerate guy.

On my knees I licked the head of his cock and tasted the salty pre-come. As I swallowed him I felt him brace himself against the generator. I slid his impressive cock in and out of my mouth driving it deeper with each thrust until I could feel it touching the back of my throat with each penetration.

Sucking cock always gets me hot and having been worked up already I could feel the wetness as it ran down the inside of my thighs.

He gathered my hair into one hand and used it to help set the tempo. I held the base of his cock in one hand and used the other to draw his balls into my mouth. I sucked on them, then returned my attention to his cock. As I worked it in I teased it with my tongue and as I pulled it out I dragged my teeth gently across the sensitive skin. With each thrust I could feel his legs trembling and I knew I was bringing him closer. I smiled to myself because I was looking forward to swallowing his load.

Using my hair and shoulders he pulled me to my feet. I looked at him with disappointment and confusion. Had I not been doing a good enough job?

"Trust me." He said as he turned me and bent me over the generator.

Before I had a chance to figure out his plan he thrust his cock into my incredibly wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and drove his cock in farther with each thrust. I came just as he thrust it into me and ground his hips into my ass for the last time.

It took me a while to recover.

"Oh my God," I said drawing out the words. "That was amazing."

"Thank you," he said as he rubbed his hands across my ass.

"I think I understand now how the airport ‘generates' emergency power." I smiled. "I love knowing the little inside secrets."

He slid his thumb down between my cheeks to my asshole. He pressed against it and I felt my pussy respond.

"Wait till you see how we use the piercing nozzle to hit the hot spots."

I couldn't wait.

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