tagMind ControlGift of the Goddess Ch. 02

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story involves male/female regular sex, and mind control. Enjoy!


Jonathon gritted his teeth as Olivia made another snide comment as she walked out the door of his office.

That woman was REALLY getting on his nerves. Ever since he, Dana and Robert had returned from Greece, and the office had found out that Dana and Robert were now together, Olivia had been horrible. Constantly sniping and mocking him for losing his girlfriend - not that he was sensitive about that anymore, he'd definitely gotten his revenge, but for some reason the way Olivia conducted herself just really got under his skin.

One time... just one more time and he was going to do something. He hadn't used the powers that had been bestowed on him since getting revenge on Dana and Robert - something that amused him greatly since he still saw Dana looking at him every so often, as if trying to remember something. It always made him grin.

But Olivia... that needed to stop.


Jonathon was about to walk into the break room when he heard Olivia talking to someone, she was laughing and saying, "Maybe it's because he just has too small a dick!"

"Olivia, that's awful!" he recognized Kay's voice, a very attractive and sweet woman in the office that he was starting to find himself rather interested him. It completely incensed him that Olivia would be talking to Kay about him like that! And he KNEW she was talking about him, Kay's next words just confirmed it, "Whatever happened between him and Dana, that's really none of our business. Besides," and here her voice dropped to a low murmur which he couldn't hear at all.

Then Olivia laughed, "I doubt it. I mean, he's not half bad looking, he's got a good position in the firm, makes good money, treated her well, why else would she ditch him like that?"

Jonathon was completely red in the face from Olivia's crass description... he didn't know why Dana had decided to cheat on him either, but it wasn't any of that bitch's business! And he really didn't like hearing some of the thoughts that he'd had when it happened coming out of her mouth.

"Maybe they just didn't fit," Kay said firmly, "Anyway, I need to get back to work."

Looking around, Jonathon quickly ducked into a broom closet. Peeking out, he saw that Kay was leaving but didn't see Olivia anywhere. She must still be in the break room. Quickly leaving the closet as soon as Kay was out of sight, Jonathon stepped into the breakroom.

Olivia looked up and saw him, a wicked gleam coming to her eyes, but then... she started to feel rather strange as she looked at him. She hadn't been lying when she'd told Kay that she thought Jonathon wasn't half-bad looking... but for some reason, looking at him now, she was finding him incredibly attractive. So attractive, in fact, that her mouth was practically watering just looking at him... and as her nipples rubbed against the nubby silk of her blouse, she realized that they were hard.

"Hi Jonathon," she said non-chalantly, but then blushed as he looked at her and his eyes caught the sight of her nipples poking through her shirt. Quickly she sat at the table, holding her coffee in front of her and squeezing her legs together. What was wrong with her?

Jonathon smiled, "Hi there Olivia."

Even his voice made her shiver a little, and she realized that her pussy was getting wet. She had never found him all that attractive before, but right now she was having an over-whelming desire to jump him, right here in the break room! Flushed, she pulled her blouse away from the front of her shirt. To her annoyance, he didn't even seem to notice the way she was looking at him, or care that her nipples were hard!

When his back was turned, she quickly undid the two top buttons of her blouse, making sure that plenty of cleavage was showing. Without even thinking about what she was doing, Olivia stood and walked over to him, letting her breast brush against his arm. It was as though a sexual electric shock went straight through her nipple to her pussy... suddenly she didn't know what to say.

"Yes?" Jonathon turned towards her. Suddenly he seemed incredibly close to her... she was staring up into his eyes. She shivered, feeling as though there was a wash of heat and lust spreading over her body...

Jonathon smiled as he recognized the look in her eyes... her body's impulses were totally under his control, and a good portion of her mind too although he was being subtle enough that she would never realize it. Rather than doing things totally out of character, to her it would just feel as though she was uncontrollably horny!

The man was so close to her... Olivia found herself suddenly going up on her tip toes, her lips pressing against his as her hands gripped the front of his shirt.

Jonathon pulled his mouth away, feigning shock, "Olivia, what?..."

She pulled him back into her, pressing him against the counter in an almost sexual frenzy. Olivia didn't know why she had to have him, but she did... NOW, right now. Pulling up her skirt as she kissed him, she then reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his swollen dick.

Gasping at the size of it, Olivia moaned, and turned around, lining the large head up with her wet pussy. She backed herself onto the dick. Jonathon was almost amused, he hadn't thought that he'd inspired that much lust into Olivia's body... perhaps she had a secret attraction to him anyway which had just furthered her actions.

And she did have a tight wet pussy...

Jonathon leaned forward, digging his strong hands into her shoulders as he ploughed the rest of his dick into her. Olivia moaned and unbuttoned some more buttons on her blouse, reaching into it to pinch her nipples hard as the huge shaft stretched her pussy open. She was completely on fire, feeling like a nymphomaniac, wanting to feel him deeper and deeper inside her body.

They fucked, hard and fast... Jonathon controlling her mind and body so subtly that Olivia didn't even question her slutty behavior or the fact that she was getting rammed from behind in the break room. He also extended just enough of his awareness out to keep anyone from coming near the break room... although he wouldn't care about Olivia's humiliation, he wasn't sure what repercussions it could have for him if they were caught.

Even if she was backing onto his dick like a truck in constant reverse.

Olivia pinched her nipples as the first overwhelming orgasm crashed over her... her knees went weak and it was just Jonathon holding her up that kept her from collapsing to the floor from the sensations. His balls kept slapping against her clit, keeping her body humming with pleasure as she rode the waves of her first orgasm. They had barely subsided when she felt the growth of another orgasm.

Completely surprised, Olivia moaned and wriggled, gaining her stance again and pushing back against his thrusting cock. She'd never cum more than once during a sex session, and she definitely hadn't expected Jonathon to be the kind of guy that would be able to bring her this kind of pleasure!

But she didn't know that he had a lock on her mind and body, keeping her stimulated and randy even though she'd just reached a high level of fulfillment.

Olivia squealed as he stuck her like a porker, her second orgasm taking her breath away... and STILL he continued to pound her from behind!

Her second orgasm didn't even really finish before she started shaking all over from a third! And then Olivia realized that she was having multiple orgasms... she had just enough time to be surprised before she was completely lost in a world of lust and ecstacy.

Jonathon slammed into her, feeling her tight pussy grip him its hardest yet, and he groaned as he unloaded frothy cum into her pussy. However, he wasn't at all worried about getting the bitch pregnant, despite the goodly amount of cum that was filling her hotbox; another gift from the Goddess of Love. He would sow his seeds only where he wanted.


When Jonathon left the break room, Olivia was still bent over the table, flushed and gasping from her pleasures. White cum was starting to drip down her thighs, and her skirt was still up around her hips.

Seeing Brady, the dorky intern whom he knew had a crush on Olivia - for all that she treated him like crap - heading on his way to the break room, Jonathon just smiled and sent back a tendril of lust to Olivia's mind. Just enough that when Brady stepped into the break room, she wouldn't be able to help herself from getting fucked one more time... even if Brady wouldn't bring her to the heights of pleasure that Jonathon was capable of. It was one more little humiliation for her... and Brady was a good guy anyway.

Later, when Jonathon saw Brady again that day, the 22 year old college student seemed to have a permanent grin on his face. Jonathon grinned back.

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